Monday, May 10, 2021


I firmly believe there should be a place to review customers.
Boy that would make them behave. 

Customers have Yelp, Google and Angie's list, etc. 
Customers even say well, if you don't do this then that won't help your review.
We will not be bullied by reviews. Period. 

But I honestly think contractors should have a place where they can go and review customers. I would see that Nancy is a major difficult person and trouble maker and I could avoid working with her if I so chose. Just like any reviews you take them with a grain of salt. But after you see that Nancy has 5 contractors saying the same thing it's a red flag you need to stay away from her.

Sounds crazy right? But today after dealing with a Grade A horrible human I just thought it'd be a good idea. Especially when a contractor working at her home said he would NEVER work for this @#$! again. I laughed and said you too?
He saw our work and called me to get some pricing for a job he will be doing beginning next week. He had all the same issues with this woman that we did. 
He was just vomiting stories to me without me saying a word. 
I felt vindicated - it wasn't just me. All the same issues, her M.O. apparently. 

What is funny is Rick is at the end of his rope. He was so tired of her bitching he said if I give you your money back you have to promise to never call us again. When he did this I about fell off my chair. That is sooooo NOT like Rick. But it shut her up and she got what she wanted even if she didn't ask for it. We just wanted her to go away forever. To me it was worth it. It was a small job. A major headache for 3 weeks but the smallest of all the jobs we do. 
I admit it felt good. Boy, this retirement is bringing 2 different people out of us isn't it? 

This woman told me I was talking to her like her peer. She shouted I AM YOUR CUSTOMER. Now after 4 weeks of her crap I said, "Oh so you wish to talk down to me then."  It went over the airhead's head.  I honestly don't know what talking to her like her peer meant. I mean she asked a question and I answered. Not like I said, Nancy c'mon I've told you this three times you fucking airhead"  No I said, "sure we can go over this again and I did...." Then she said I was talking to her like a peer. I did not know what that meant. It was professional and very much not familiar. I do believe she wanted me to be afraid of her. I was not afraid of her. She was a realtor and dumb as a box of rocks and a Grade A bitch and liar. Why would that make me afraid of her? She lied about everything, thankfully I had it all in email. After seeing the email she still said she never wrote that. Who did then? She said I don't know maybe I've been hacked. She was serious like I'd buy that. OMG. I think she thinks I'm as dumb as her.  You either laugh or kill her. I had to laugh, unfortunately. 

Hours later a plumber called who was working at this home site. Saw our work and asked if we could do an estimate at a job site he's been at when not working for Nancy. We made arrangements to go to this location for an estimate for tiles etc. 
Then he said, "This woman has been a walking nightmare for us, how about you?"  I just laughed. I mean it could have been her brother in law and they were testing me for all I knew. He said, "by your laugh, you know what I'm talking about." 
He told me he would be done on this day and he hopes to never ever see this witch again. Again I laugh but I did say, "I think you're safe, doubt she will haunt you."  He said, "Wanna bet?" Again I just laugh.

I honestly think if we could review the Nancy's and Bob's then they may behave better. But then again the way people behave today who the hell knows.

Here's to this week being calm. 


Olga said...

My late husband used to say the same thing about customers!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Olga, I am not surprised. The pandemic didn't make anyone nicer that is for certain!!

Mike said...

I thought contractors did have a 'private' bad customer website. Off to google I go... "contractors bad customer list" Lots of sites.

Arkansas Patti said...

Think you may have found a cash cow if you can figure out how to do it. Wouldn't it be nice to warn a problem customer that if they keep it up, the whole conversation is going on Peg's List for all contractors to see and hear.
Otherwise use the ones Mike found.

Misadventures of Widowhood said...

People can be such pricks when they are spending money. I could match your your contractor stories with bridezellia stories.

Julie H said...

We used to be able to do that on Ebay but they took that away. Sad. I also had a customer that was a PITA that another place also was complaining about lol.

Tik Tok people are always hunting people down and letting their employers know what asshats they are.

Susan Kane said...

What a terrible business woman!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Mike, what did you find?

Patti, it would if only I were that smart!!

Jean - oh thank you! If they put that much energy into the marriage there would be less divorces.

Julie - wonder why they took that away. I imagine all the buyers bitched. It should be a secret sign in not for anyone but the vendors.

Susan, yes she was. I wouldn't hire her for anything other than cleaning my shoes.