Thursday, November 30, 2017

It's long ....sorry. But you asked.

I have been asked by quite a few to write about how I met my husband Rick. 
I swore I had already done that but I couldn't find it. 
I spent way too long looking so...
If I did, I apologize and you sure don't have to read this again. Look away.
But if not, here is a little story about Margaret and Rick.

In 1987 at the ripe old age of 30, almost 31 I lived alone in a 2 bedroom flat that had this great sunroom. It was a Friday night and I had just returned from buying paint.
I was planning to paint these old wicker chairs that my Grandmother had given me for use in my sunroom. I put on some old clothes and cleared out the sunroom with the exception of the chairs and a bookcase that was going to be repaired I began to paint away.  

I turned on my stereo and poured myself a gin & tonic and began my Friday night of painting and fixing up my sunroom. I was deep into what I was doing and I thought I heard my doorbell. Between me being in the zone while working and the music blaring I wasn't certain. 
I turned down the music and waited to see if it rang again. It did. 

I ran down the stairs to the door and saw 3 of my girlfriends holding food and a huge bowl of something. 
My first reaction was, "what are you guys doing here?"
Melanie said, "an intervention" I laughed and told them to, "c'mon up"

As I cleaned up my mess in the sunroom the girls were scurrying around the apartment getting glasses and plates. We all sat at my dining room table. I asked them why they weren't all out having fun.  
I mean they were young and single and it was Friday night, they are not normally home on Friday nights. They said that was the exact reason they were at my home.
I was confused.

Sitting around my dining room table was an enormous bowl of what is called Strawberry Slush. They also brought cheese and crackers etc. I finished my gin and tonic and joined the girls with the Strawberry slush and then we put it back in the freezer to continue to be "slush". 

Linda began with, "Since you broke up with Barry you never want to go out. You are painting for heaven's sake on a Friday night. 
You stay home all the time when you aren't flying all about for work. 
You need to move on, you need to date again, you need to get out there. 
Sleep around have fun" she said. 
Before I could give my rebuttal, Melanie said her piece as did Connie.

They were making me laugh. I explained what I thought they already knew. I had applied for a new job and had several interviews now with this company and it would mean leaving this city. I did not wish to date or get involved with anyone because I am moving.

They proceeded to tell me how wrong I was. The more slush there was being slurped up the funnier they got. They pointed out that it could be 6 more months before I leave town (true) so why not date and have fun?
No strings, just play, have fun they said.

Then Connie throws the newspaper on the table. It was done so dramatically that it was funny. 
They opened the paper to show me this new section of the paper that was called, Rendevous Ads. 
This was basically an old fashion dating app. 
For you young 'ens these were personal ads. 
I read some of the ads and said there was no way I was doing this.
The only people who will answer will be prisoners or losers or both.

Linda said, "Wanna bet? What do you wish to wager?"
Before you know it all 3 of my girlfriends threw a $10 on the table and said they would also buy me Chinese dinner at my favorite House of Hunan (before celiac)
If I met someone great I owed them this money and dinner and vice versa.
Oh, I was certain I would win. These women were nuts.

They wanted me to write an ad right then and they would mail it to be sure it was mailed. Apparently, all the correspondence is sent to the newspaper where you are given a box number and you pick up your responses at the paper. 
It all sounds so outdated now doesn't it? (But better than the Hater app)

We poured more slush drinks and began saying things out loud of what it should say. These women were way more into this than me. And damn they were funny. Some of the things they were throwing out there to say we all knew I'd never say but they were all so damn funny! Disgustingly filthy as well but funny. 

Finally, I realized that I don't have to date any of them, I'll write this if you stop bugging me.
So I wrote one. I wish I could remember it all but it was a bit funny.
They grabbed it from me and mailed it when they left. The rest of the evening was just all of us laughing, listening to music and drinking strawberry slush.

I actually forgot about all of this until a week later I was notified I had mail from the newspaper. I called Melanie and told her I was going to pick them up Friday after work, why don't you guys come over and we'll read them.  I'll get a pizza and we'll make a night of it. She rounded up the women and the fun began.

We sat around my table reading these letters. I received 44 in the first batch. I was told by the woman at the newspaper this was a lot for one person to get the first week. She said it like I should be thrilled. I was not thrilled. I felt rather creeped out by this. 
(I got another 38 the following week, that is a lot of losers right?)

I had the 44 letters and opened the first one and read it out loud. We laughed our asses off. Oh my goodness, these were funny. One from a man who wrote with pen on construction paper that had crayon drawings all over it. BUT he had no kids he wrote.  Several from prison. The return address gave that away. Nope. 
There was a pile of NO's but we also wrote something on the envelope to remember, like 'construction paper'.  That was all I needed to remember what idiot that was. Oh, there were nice letters that bored me. A couple sent pictures of their penis. Seriously does any man really think that a woman wants a picture of that? If you don't know that by now, the answer is NO we do not. 

By now we are all reading them. I could write stories about some of the letters alone. (yes I still have them) But if someone was interesting to me then they went in my pile with a comment. 
Example: comment here after reading letter/comment after talking on the phone.  
Plane boy got this - Flies planes/full of himself, he needs to date only himself.  
You get the idea.

Melanie read a letter and said, "hey Margaret if you don't want to date this guy I will."  She handed me the letter. I read it and said, "Ah ha, a sense of humor.  I'm keeping this in the good pile. (#3)
Out of 44 letters the first week there were 3 I liked. 

I called the first 2 and the conversation flowed. I would ask if they wanted to meet for a drink or whatever it was I felt comfortable with. It was not going to be a meal or anything that long.  Then I would say, "this is a blind date and if after one drink you find this isn't a good fit for you just say so and we move on. Will that work for you?" All said yes. I was giving them an easy out if they thought I was gross.

I met the first man and boy I didn't like him one bit in person. After 1 drink I said I wanted to leave and that this wasn't a good fit for me. He followed me to my car. I was parked in front of the restaurant and under a street light thank goodness. He tried to plead his case. Look, that is even more unattractive. Just say nice to meet you and move one. But he wouldn't. I got in my car and was thankful I did not tell him where I worked or where I lived. On the envelope for this guy, I wrote a big Hell No after my initial comment and he was moved to the no way in hell pile.

After that, I decided to be in a more public place so I chose the mall.
There was a place called the Brown Derby and their bar was nice.

I met the 2nd guy there. I figured if he was creepy I could just get lost in the mall and he wouldn't find me or my car. He was very nice, a bit boring, but very nice and good looking. On his envelope I wrote he would be a great guy for another woman.   He was just too sedate for me.

I called the 3rd guy and because it was a Friday night I figured he wouldn't even be home but I'd leave a message on his machine. 
(remember answering machines?)   
I was shocked when he answered and I said as much, "I didn't think you'd be home tonight."  He said, "Then why did you call me?"  
That made me laugh because he had a point there. 
We talked for 2 hours. 
Yes, I wanted to meet this one. We didn't appear to have a lot in common but there was just something about this guy. 

His envelope read so far, 'sounds too good to be true/must be ax murder.'
He went on to explain that he never reads the newspaper but he was new to this city and when he walked to the corner store for some junk food he just grabbed the paper. He thought I was funny and because it made him laugh he felt he had to respond to this.  So we made plans to meet at the Brown Derby so if he was an ax murderer I could run into the crowd at the mall.

He got there ahead of me and was waiting for me at the bar. I knew it was him because he told me what he would be wearing. You all know I couldn't do that because I would probably change clothes 10 times before I knew what I would wear. (and I did)
I remember his black and teal sweater and black pants. Ah, the 80's. 
He had a drink token waiting for me and I saw him hand it to the bartender as I sat down and I was greeted with a Tanqueray and tonic, my favorite other than wine. 
He remembered that from our conversation. Nice touch buddy. 

Oh, my gosh was I nervous. I had not been nervous with any of these gentlemen. I felt in control and if I didn't like them so be it. But this guy was cute. This guy was different. He was smart, funny and did I say cute? We moved to a booth and had peanuts and drinks and laughed and talked. The rule with each guy was ONE drink and if we didn't wish to stay it was okay to just say that. So when the waitress came over and asked if we wanted another drink we both paused. Apparently for longer than normal because she said, "hey it's a big decision, think about it and I'll be back"  That made us laugh and #3 said, "I'd like to stay, would you?"  
I was thinking stay? I'd like to take you home and jump you mister. 
But being the lady I am I just said, "yes, I would like that too."  
We stayed until closing time. 

I broke my rule and allowed him to walk me to my car. Hey, this girl was looking for a kiss.  He walked me to my car and pointed out he was parked behind me. Then he said, "I don't have your number so I hope to hear from you so we can do this again. I really had a nice time. Good night." I got in my car and watched him walk to his car in my rearview mirror. OH MY GOD, I wanted him to kiss me but he was a gentleman. He was a damn tease! 

I went home and called my sister at 1:00 am her time and said, "I think I'm in trouble, I could really like this one."  She laughed and asked me what happened to "just dating for fun and fooling around until I leave town?"  I know, I know!

I had mentioned my job to him and a trip I was taking so when I called him a full week later he said, "I didn't think you were going to call but remembered you saying you were flying somewhere so I was hoping that was the reason it took you so long to call me."  He said it like he was an old friend just busting my balls already. I liked that. We saw each other that week 3 times. 

I moved 2 weeks later and we decided to stay just as friends. And that is what we did until we didn't. 😊

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Here we go again.

Matt Lauer is the latest
Anyone getting tired of this?
What is wrong with these men?

Back in 2001, I worked on a team with all men.
Half of the men were gay but all were my friends and coworkers.
When we were on work trips I sat at the bar with the guys and laughed and joked along with them. I can't remember a time they were ever out of line. But looking back I think I am not bothered by a lot of things that were said where today it would make everyones head explode. 

One evening sitting around a table at a bar in our hotel we were all sharing stories. I told the guys my "theory" (as I believe I have shared here in the past)
The guys LOVED this theory. You could see their minds going over women they knew. It was fun and funny. We all went home and Joe emails me and said, "hey my wife and I were at the beach this weekend and when she gave me a hard time looking at this woman walking into the ocean I told her it was research to see if Peg was correct." 
He then shared my theory with his wife and she found it funny but true. So the both of them began to do this. He wrote and said "Thanks, Peg, I got to look at women at the beach without my wife getting mad."  
That made me giggle. His wife is now a friend of mine and she still talks about this. She too was not offended.

My theory is that this will work on white women only. 
There is that 5% that this will not apply to. 
This theory does not work on Women of Color or Latino women.
If God gave you a cup size bigger than a C (at your fighting weight) you generally have a flat butt, not a bubble butt. 
If God gave you the coveted bubble butt you have much smaller than a C cup.
If this woman has both, she bought one of them. 

Now look around, you'll see I'm correct. 
I fall in this category as do all of my friends. 
Now, I have a sister who is in that 5% exception to the rule. 
The little freak is pretty, has booty and boobs. 
Yea, after 4 sisters it was perfected on the 5th. 😉
In todays world that is enough to be fired. Whew thank goodness I wasn't.

Then some time during my tenure we had a recurrent training class over a weeks time in Chicago. Our instructor was named Paolo. Paolo was from another company training us on negotiation skills. 
My whole team was in this class. All men and me.

Now my sales team received a very nice bonus as a team when we all closed all accounts. Normally our bonus's were based on our work and we received them indiviually. But this was in addition to our personal bonuses, this was a team bonus and if one person on the team had not closed all their accounts by the deadline no one got that bonus. The holdout right now was me and 1 client in Queens.

In the class Paolo asked for some examples of things we all were dealing with our contracts. I brought up the one I was having difficulty with. 
We all discussed options, asking if I did this or that. 
All of us were at a loss honestly. 
Then one of the guys pipes up, "Hey isn't this the guy who is always hitting on you? Didn't he ask you out or something?"  
"Yes, he did but I told him I was married. But he continues to be a big flirt." 
Then another one of the guys said, "C'mon Peg take one for the team."
That comment made us all laugh - loudly. 
Then we went right back to our instruction. 
A comment, laughter, and back to work.

At the break, Paolo took me aside and asked if I was okay. 
I answered yes, why?
He brought up what the guys had said about taking one for the team. 
I then realized he was looking out for me and making sure I was not offended. 
I thanked him profusely for protecting me and looking out for my welfare but I thought it was funny too. I explained that I work with all men and if they step over the line I have told them so and they apologize and don't do it again. But in all honesty, it really has never been an issue. Only once by a new guy and that guy got canned for another reason. But not only did I speak up so did the rest of my team. He received the wrath of myself as well as all my "brothers"

I love these guys it was not offensive to me, not one bit. 
I expressed to Paolo that I hoped he didn't find it offensive. 
He smiled and said, "well honestly it was funny but I was worried about you."
I thanked him again and said, "I'm a big girl and I say what I need to say when I need to say it. If it had offended me, you would have had no doubt trust me."
He just said, Good!

Now I realize in today's environment that comment would make heads explode.
People would have been fired. 
I did finally close that deal in the nick of time and we got our team bonus. 
The day we received them I wrote to the guys in a group email and just said, "You're welcome"
They just all laughed. They knew I didn't sleep with the guy but it was just a fun team joke, at least to us.

I am torn on how I feel about all this political correctness.  
It is not to be confused with real sexual harassment. 
I honestly believe they are very different. 
But I am finding that I am probably the only one. 


While on the topic of dating, marriage, and all that jazz.

On Sunday night Rick and I were watching Shark Tank.
If you didn't see it there was an app being pitched called Hater.
Hater was a dating app.  Sounds lovely thus far, doesn't it?

How Hater is different is you are matched with people who hate the same things as you. As opposed to finding what you have in common with another person such as being vegan or skiing etc.
You find your soul mate because you both hate something or a lot of same things.
Supposedly you are more compatible with people who hate the same things as you. That made me go Hmm.....

Now when he was talking about this I paused the television and said to Rick, "Really we have come to this? We are all so hateful that we like this idea?"  
He said, "well give it a chance, it may work"
But the more this went on the more I got upset.
Then finally a light went off for me.
Why not?

I have my deal breakers too. We all have them. I just don't call them hate.
I would never date a cigarette smoker, a hootin' tootin' glueless gun lover, a Red Sox fan, a Scientologist, a religious fanatic, a racist or a person who voted for trump. (that is the same isn't it?)  Maybe it's because hate is so strong. Would I hate a red sox fan? No, it's just a game. But I still wouldn't date/marry one. It would wreak havoc in my home. 😏 Would I hate a trump supporter, hell no, hate is too strong, but there is no respect there so why date? So you get my drift. 
(no he does not get capitalized)

That got my Big Guy and I discussing things that were deal breakers. 
We pretty much have the same things. But there are things he hates that I don't and vice versa so we may never have been matched. But then again there are things he likes (fishing) that I certainly don't. So as the night went on I was sort of getting it now. All I could think of was, thank God we met at a time when I wrote an ad and he answered it because he thought I was funny. Whew. 
Ah, the 80's.

By the time Mark Cuban had invested his money in this app for this guy I was beginning to think it may work but something still just doesn't feel right to me about this Hater app. The name? I can't put my finger on it but something for me is amiss. I asked Rick why it bothered me and he just laughed. Ah, thanks?
Your thoughts?

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


I am the Grinch.
I am most annoyed by all the Christmas music as I do my grocery shopping. Aargh.

I wish I could go to sleep and wake up on January 2nd.
It would all be over. But I can't,so I bitch. See how this works?

I bought my stepdaughter and son in law a gift for Xmas this past summer when I saw it. I just knew this would work for them in their home. They have a game room and bar where they host lots of parties with their friends so we knew this would be perfect. But now they are divorcing. 
So since he is keeping the house I am now sending this gift back and have to start all over again.
If there is anything I hate more than Christmas it is shopping. I would rather have my eyes poked with a stick than enter a mall or shopping plaza. But 'tis the season.  Yippee.

I went to her Amazon wish list hoping to find it filled with goodies. 
There were a few things on the list that we bought them in the last 2 years. So I am assuming he is getting this in the divorce. (Alexa) Damn. 
I decided I wasn't buying this item again. I see a lot of household things on her list that she already has so again I can only assume this is to set up her new home when she can move.

I still don't know how she lives with him during this time. She complains about the fighting, the bullying etc so why live there?
This past weekend she had to work on Friday. She spent Thanksgiving with her mom which is just an hour away from her in Indiana. 
Then she came home after work on Friday to find her in-laws and stepchildren all there at the house when she walked in. She said it was an 'awkward surprise.'   I just couldn't do it, could you? But what I am about to say you all, will probably make you all think I am an awful person but I share none the less.

I feel this is all about greed and it rubs me the wrong way. 
She explained further to me this week that if she leaves the attorney told her she could lose all alimony. 
The thought process on this according to the attorney is that if she moves out her soon to be Ex and his attorney can see that she can live on her own with the money she makes. 
But the reality is she can live on her own with her own money.
She did it for years before meeting him. She traveled, she had a nice place (rental but still nice and not 'lesser than' at all!)

Let us not forget that she lives in a city that is not expensive to live in, Columbus Ohio. 
Second, while she doesn't make the 225K her husband does she makes 60K and that is certainly liveable in Columbus Ohio. 
Not as if she lived here.

So to me, she is living with him for money only. Hard to feel sorry for that. 
I even said as much by asking, "So you are putting yourself through this misery of yelling, fighting, and uncomfortableness to get money from him?" 
Yes was the answer, however, she tried to make it sound noble. 
I can't see the noble in this anyway.
I find it grossly greedy. But being step mommy I did not share that. I just asked why she feels she needs his money? Is it to live or make him pay for being a shit head? I did not get an answer to this, she just laughed.

Look I don't believe in alimony when you are young and can work. 
She has no children that he has to support. 
She has a car payment and they split the mortgage on their home which he is going to buy her out. 
So why the hell does she need alimony? 
Could it be so that she is kept in the manner in which she has become accustomed? 
Sure there won't be travels around the world a couple times a year as they did.  Tough shit, work, move on and do it yourself. 
She used to take a couple of trips a year, just not as lavish, when she was single.
Honestly, I find this so offensive in so many ways.

Look if she has kids, sure take some money to help with raising the kids.
If she had been a stay at home mom, yes she needs alimony.
But she has always worked. We put her through college. So she has no other debt but a car payment. If that is too big, get a lesser of a car. 
(She has no credit card debit either) 

How would we all feel if the tables were turned and he was asking for this money? If she made more money during the 4-year marriage but he certainly made more than enough to support himself. 
Would we find it as acceptable for him?  I don't think so. 

I remember when I was going through my divorce at age 27. 
EVERYONE wanted me to take his money for alimony. 
I never wanted alimony and refused, my family and friends tried very hard to convince me that I was wronged therefore I should take his money.
My parents made it a point to sit me down to try to convince me of this.
My best girlfriend kept telling me I'd regret it.

I didn't see it their way. 
I was an able body young woman who could work, I didn't need his money.
Yes, I was now very broke and had to move in with my family for awhile before I re-entered school. But there was no way he was paying me to live my new life.
No, if he didn't want to be married to me,  fine. I will move on without you.

Was I broke? Hell yes, I was broke.
I worked several jobs to save up so I had money to live on while in school.
I went back to school and had a job before graduation in my field.
I was damn proud of myself.

We split things right down the middle. Everything was fair.
Silverware for 12? I got 6 pieces he got 6 pieces. I am serious we did this right down the middle. Gifts from his family went to him and vice versa. 
Gifts which were given to me specifically by his family I got to keep and vice versa.

We actually sat on the floor and went through 400+ albums and made two piles, one which was mine and one which was his. In all honesty, that was the most difficult thing we split. I felt that some were mine and some he felt were his and we then made a pile the middle of his and hers to deal with later. Ones I wanted, he offered to make me a tape of it. Funny huh? Now we don't listen to albums or tapes. 
So all that arguing meant nothing. 

I am proud that I moved on and did not ask for his money.
I couldn't have lived with myself or hold my head high if I had asked.
I was young, childless and had no reason to take anything from him or any man.(okay, other than dad who helped me a few times)
I wish I could have taken his family because boy I so loved his brothers and mother. (yes, not the father who always said I wasn't pretty enough for his son)
But I did it and I know my stepdaughter can too. She is childless and has a good job as an occupational therapist with a promotion on the horizon so more money. 
So explain to me why she needs his money? 

Monday, November 27, 2017

Holiday Hangover

This is your first-holiday hangover for the year.
This has nothing to do with wine or gin or anything that could give one a hangover. But a holiday hangover. You know you'll have it after a holiday or two.

I have had a stomach thing going on for about 2 weeks. Some days it felt like knives were being inserted into my abdomen and twisted. Damn Gary brought his baby in the office and then told me the next day the baby was sick. Gee thanks. 
Oh, this was a fun one. I couldn't be far from the bathroom and fun things like that. But it took a turn last week. I ate Imodium like m&m's and went on with my day. Then Friday it hit me at 2:30 am.  Oh did it ever hit me.  I prayed I would feel better by Saturday morning when we were to leave for Virginia Beach. No such luck.  I just couldn't fathom going out with our friends in VA Beach. I hated to cancel so we postponed it and said we'd do this after the holidays. 

My holiday was lying on the sofa, running to the bathroom, sleeping, watching some television. I also watched Rick eat all the Thanksgiving food and pie. Yes, he ate a pie. And then says, I can't lose any weight. 
I just shake my head. I made a smaller than normal pumpkin pie because I knew he'd do this even though he says, "we can freeze it" (no you can't, it will separate)

One day I felt that if I got showered, dressed nicely and did hair and makeup I would feel better. I came downstairs and Rick complimented me and told me I looked nice. I felt like shit. I managed a smile. 
We went to a town where he wanted to show me some things. 
I thought that was easy and I could handle it. Wrong. 
It exhausted me and I just wanted to come home, rip off my bra and crawl back into bed. We took a turn that was off the beaten path and we saw some restaurants. He asked if I wanted to have lunch. I thought I could eat. But where? A Celiac can't just eat anywhere. 

We see a Chinese restaurant and I said, "you know better, soy sauce galore"  We saw a chipotle and I said how about going there, I can get a bowl there. No, Rick wanted something different, somewhere we don't normally go to. I can't do different.  He saw a burger joint. Okay fine, I am sure I can get a salad there. Nope. Not one damn thing I could eat. 
The burgers without the bread were even off limits. They were loaded with crap. It's scary how much crap is in a burger unless you make it yourself. I mean it should just be meat and seasoning, right?  
Why is there wheat and barley in a burger?
The milkshakes weren't even real ice cream. So unless I see the ingredients I am not chancing getting sick. I've been fooled by that in the past and not falling for that again. He asked if I wanted to leave. Yes, I wanted to go home but I said just the opposite. I knew he would love having a burger. So Rick had a big ole char burger and fries that smelled better than they tasted he said. 
I had water and I had a Lara Bar in my purse. 
I just wanted to go home and I was really trying to be a good sport. 

When we got back in the car he asked if I wanted to stop at the winery that was on the way home. Oh, heaven's no! That is when he finally got it, I did not feel well. We came right home and as I ripped off my bra and put on my warm pj's and sweatshirt he was getting me some lunch. He made homemade soup a few weeks ago and we put some in the freezer. I was thrilled when I found he had thawed it out and gave me a bowl of his awesome chicken soup with MY crackers. 
Aah, this is all I wanted. 

I ate my delicious soup while sitting on the sofa wrapped in my blanket and I was happy as hell. I stayed there until bedtime. I awoke Sunday feeling so much better. While that is good that meant I had to go back to work. 
I began to think I was going to be nauseous again just thinking about having to go back to work after all those days off.

While Gary's baby is adorable I want Gary to keep him out of here because he is not ruining my Xmas too. Yep, Gary got sick too. 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

I'm going to be doing things that have nothing to do with this holiday but will make me be out of pocket to the blog so...

I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Beverly Hillbillies.

Last night out of nowhere my crazy husband asked me what the lyrics were to the Beverly Hillbillies.  Really? This is going to be our high brow discussion this evening? He said, C'mon Margaret I can't think of that first verse and it's bugging me. Apparently, it was only the first verse he needed and he had the rest as he sang it to me to prove it. 

Okay, people, this made me laugh. Are these the deep things going on in his mind when I ask, "Whatcha thinkin?"  And when he says Nothing, I imagine it must be shit like this now.  Oh, my he makes me laugh, whether with him or at him, I'm laughing.

Sadly I do indeed know this song verbatim as he figured, so I sang it and then there we were singing the Beverly Hillbillies theme song loudly together and laughing.

I have a sad life don't I?  I guess after this incident in 1995 he's realized that if I say I know it I must know it.   You just can't make this shit up.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Random Items

**Am I the only one who finds Pink's Cirque de Soleil routine a drag?
Honestly just sing woman. If I wanted to see gymnastics I would go to that show.
Besides it is highly doubtful she is singing while upside down anyway.
She is coming here in spring and I did not buy tickets because it will just be the Cirque de Soleil show which I wouldn't even go see when I was in Vegas. I don't enjoy it. I like to listen to her sing but not interested in this whole routine.

Can you imagine John Lennon doing that? Or Linda Ronstadt? 
Please, just sing or leaving the singing to people like Adele and join the circus.
Okay, I'm done venting.

**Rick is meeting a contractor Monday for another job at a hotel in Arlington.
It is only 250 rooms but still would be nice while we are residential slow.
The last hotel we finished this summer was a helluva ride as all commercial jobs are, but we forget all that after we get paid. It is sort of like childbirth. The pain is horrific and then this little person is in your arms and you forget how awful it all was and will even do it again...tee hee
I hope this comes to fruition. That would help make this time of year a bit more bearable. Besides, that money could allow us to go to California in February to visit his newfound sisters. Now that would be nice.

**Izzy went to the vet yesterday. She lost another pound and they said 1lb in 2 weeks is too much weight. Boy, you can't please these vets. She has been on the same amount of food and treast since July 1st. She exercises so much they said that they want us to give her more food. Then we'll go back and she'll have gained some weight and they will yell at us. Izzy is almost 9yrs old. I think if she stays at 73lbs that is damn good enough. They wanted her at 75 then said 5 more. She loses a pound and they say not so fast. We decided yesterday that we've had it with vets and her weight. She is what she is and we aren't going to stress about this anymore. She is not fat. She is at the weight all 3 vets wanted her at from the beginning. The poor dog is built exactly like me. Small from the waist down. She is an English lab and they are all barrel-chested and so that makes them look heavier but you can see her ribs when she lays down. So to me, that isn't fat. You can't count my ribs unless you press on 'em. :-)  We are not going to stress just give her the food and live life.  And she still stinks, just less so. Poor girl. They don't know why. I can't bathe her too much or it removes the oil from her skin/coat. I think it's the water she is swimming in because it gets to her skin but it doesn't get on her coat which repels the water.
So we may need to change her "swimming hole" She swims until it freezes over and I don't think that will happen this year. We are in for a mild winter according to the weatherman who lives in my house named Rick. He says the squirrels don't lie so I believe him. Silly ole Margaret.

**Bella Rum, your site said I could no longer get on unless I am signed into WordPress. I signed in and it still wouldn't let me. BikinFool has WordPress and I have such issues getting in each and every time. So it is either WordPress or you have blocked me. If you have that is fine, but please tell me how to do that so I can do the same to a person that isn't you. 😄  Here is the response when I click on your email.
This site is marked private by its owner. If you would like to view it, you’ll need two things:
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If you already have both of these, great!
Happy Monday!

Friday, November 17, 2017


Rick has begun acupuncture and to our delight, it is really working for him.
His shoulder has been bothering him for about a year now. He was to have an MRI last week but acupuncture has proven so good that he canceled it.

His shoulder kept him awake. Keeps me awake too because he can't suffer alone in the wee hours, the poor big baby. His shoulder has limited movement. His shoulder would bark after doing certain types of jobs. 
I know this because he can't suffer in silence. Ever.

I'm dealing with Betty (mass in my eye) and he says the other day. You still getting headaches and having trouble seeing? See what I mean? I do not complain 24/7 like him. Hell yes, I am still in pain and having trouble seeing you big goofball, hence the next doctor's appointment

I digress...
I suggested Rick have acupuncture because it really has helped me in the past. 
He poo-poo'd me until a few weeks ago when he was bitching about his shoulder pain - again. I said nothing. He said, "what? I get no sympathy?"  I told him hell no, do something about it or quit bitching.
He laughed and said, I know, I know. So imagine my shock when he asked me to book him an appointment with the "needle doctor" as he refers to her.  Since I do his work schedule I looked at when he was free and set it up right away before he changed his mind.

This young woman trained in Asia as well as here in the States. She is amazing.
Rick had his first treatment on his shoulder and a few needles elsewhere where his arthritis bothers him. After the first visit, he was a bit sore but didn't notice a change until the next day. Then the day after that he was amazed how he could move his fingers without trouble or pain and how his shoulder was feeling so good he forgot it was hurting the week before. He has been going now once a week for 4 weeks. He can't believe the difference. He is pain-free for the most part. Some of his arthritis is there but not debilitating or so painful he can't stop thinking about it. That is all new and a wonderful relief.

This next week he won't be going because she will be out of town. This will give him a good idea how he will feel after a week of no treatment. Then he will go on a maintenance plan or go only when he needs to. They will discuss that at his next appointment. 

The cost of the MRI  with him not having reached his deductible was far more than these 4 appointments have cost. It is $80 per visit. 
He is now sleeping soundly, not complaining of pain, not popping any drugs. 
I love it as does Rick!
He told her that he canceled his MRI and she said she hears that a lot when it's not a tear or a big injury. She said all the right things explaining how this is not a replacement for a torn rotator cuff or whatever - all of which a normal person would assume. But I guess she had to say all that to protect herself too.

The only time acupuncture has hurt either one of us is when they put the needle in between your finger in that fleshy part. Yea, that wasn't a good one.
But after done, you don't feel it. You must lay very still though once the needles are in you. Rick and I both always fall asleep on the table. Before you know it the hour is up and she is coming in waking you and taking out the needles. It always felt like it was only 10 minutes. But the best nap ever! I love a good nap and acupuncture naps were always the best for me. 

I highly recommend this over drugs. Unless of course, you like your drugs then by all means - pill up. I don't do well with drugs. Percocets can make me see things that aren't there. Vicodin makes me break out in the worse case of hives you'll ever see. So I need alternatives and I am so thankful we found this woman.

Last night while cleaning up after dinner I twisted funny from the stove to the island. I heard a pop. I froze. God when you're old and things pop fear sets in.
I moved slowly and said I think my back just went out. Rick grabbed a sewing needle on the coffee table (yes I was hemming a skirt) and came towards me and said,"c'mon I've seen it done before let me at it."  61 going on 12 I swear.
Funny boy is not touching me with a needle. 
Then he reminds me that sex could "throw" my back into place.
So tell me Rick, why do all of your suggestions involve sex?

I told him this was sexual harassment and in this current climate in our society that could be enough to sue you or for you to lose your job mister, or both!
He came towards me to hug me and said, SUE ME, FIRE ME, GIVE IT UP WOMAN.
Oh, my God, I was laughing so hard. 
Yea, being self-employed I can't fire him and damn it he has nothing for me to get once I sue. I'd get his bills. I fear I'm gonna have to give it up ladies. 

Thursday, November 16, 2017


I've been receiving emails and text from my cousin, Madeline, with pictures of my mom and my mom's family. 
My cousins on my mom's side I don't see so often.
After my mom died that side of the family didn't come around as often as before.
Madeline's mother did not like the fact that my father remarried and would never give my stepmom a chance. I guess he was supposed to stay single for the rest of his life. My father was only 41 years old when his wife died. Too young to stay single forever, at least I think so.

Anyway, when her mom died she got the brunt of boxes of photos and photo albums. Some are documented with names and some are not. She never went through most of them until recently. She sends me these old people photos and asks if I know them. I normally don't. But we have made some headway over the last couple of months. It's actually been kind of fun, I wish we lived in the same city. As Madeline said, we could be drinking wine and laughing together while doing this. Exactly.

What we have found so funny is that this picture of my Grandparents (our mom's parents) is that they are younger than us in this photo and they look so damn old.
This is truly the only time I've seen this woman smile. We are assuming this photo is before 1956. Because the man in the photo died before I was born. So this woman below would be somewhere between 45-50.
I think I look a bit better at 61. They ate better food, so why do they look so old?
Then there was a picture that I can't seem to get off my phone and into my computer to show you. Anyway, it's my mom. It absolutely positively proves to me that my mom suffered from hyperthyroidism. 
My sister Pam and I have thyroid issues. Pam was hyperthyroid and she had to have treatment via radioactive iodine therapy. She had all the classic signs. Then several years later it reversed and went to hypothyroid. That is a common occurrence. Because this is normally hereditary I talked to my sister about mom. We realized she had so many of the symptoms but back in the day I guess she was not diagnosed. 

The photo my cousin sent didn't even look like my mom. Her eyes were puffy and her face was a bit full ( that kind of swelling we all deal with with a thyroid issue not cared for properly) She also had a protruding thyroid gland in her neck.
That protrusion along with all the symptoms we remember her having but none of us knew any better. They were just mom's "thing" like the sometimes trembling hands and the weight loss and infertility etc. 

No one has photos anymore. Everything is on your phone or computer.
I like having photos to hold and look at. I am thinking of getting a printer that will print off everything on my phone. Or find an app to do it. I have a ton of pix in my cloud and I want them out of there.  I don't want to hold my phone in someone's face. I prefer to hold the photo. Besides after we're all dead and gone, no one is going to have photos. You know those big photo boards they have now at funerals? That will be long gone unless of course, they have a table of cell phones.  HA.  I don't think they are going to pass around a phone. Is that old lady thinking? Perhaps. But I'm an old lady, but thank goodness I don't look as bad as my Grandma up there. 😛

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Morning Appointment

I had a morning appointment with a dermatologist at 9:20am today.

I get there at 9am because I had to do paperwork I was told.
No such doctor/group listed on the office directory in this building.
I go out to my car and call them. 
I am holding a copy of the email they sent me with confirmation of address and phone number.

The woman answers and I state that I am in the parking lot at such and such and before I could finish she says, "I told you it wasn't there anymore" 
She said this with such anger it shocked me.

I told her that I wasn't told they had moved and in fact, I am holding a printed copy of the email confirmation sent to me with the address. She said, "No you are not because I told you when you made the appointment we moved." 
Apparently, the confirmation email was a figment of my imagination.
I also had amnesia about her telling me about the move. She may have in all honesty but I sure don't recall that. 

I did not wish to debate this because it wouldn't have mattered so I just said,"I am afraid I'll be late could you give me the address of where I am now to go?"
She gave me the address and if I didn't get any lights this could be only 5 minutes away. Of course, I got lights. After parking, I RAN inside so snarky receptionist didn't give me more grief.

Now the whole reason I was going is that I had a "freckle" on my back that has been there for years. I only know this because Rick informed me. Then one day he said it was turning a very dark color/almost black and I should have it checked. So I made the appointment. If my shirt was off, Rick was always wanting to see that thing. Which is a nice change from only groping my front I must admit. 

Last night I asked him to point to it on my back so I know where the hell I'm telling her to look. He said, "oh my God it's gone. it's just normal again and in fact nothing is there - no freckle, just nothing" Okay did it just disappeared? Now I can't cancel because they will charge me $50. So I figured I would go anyway. I figure I will talk to her about Fraxel which I am very interested in but fear I can't afford it.

So I get to the new office and I am rudely handed some papers to fill out. Then she said she had to take $75 because I have not met my deductible. 
(I don't have to reach my deductible to see her so why is she asking for money?) 
The first paper she gave me asked why are you here? 
That got me thinking. 
I asked the unfriendly young woman at the front desk how much it would cost if I had canceled. I explained that the reason I was here was for something I wanted her (dr) to see and it went away on its own while I waited for my appointment. She said we wouldn't charge you since it is your first time here. I said, "Then I cancel" and put my hand out for my license, insurance card and debit card that she asked for. 
As she handed me the cards, I gave her my printed email. She asked, "What is this?"  I said, "it's the email you sent me after I made my appointment. It has the wrong address on it, you may wish to check that and have it changed" That is all that was said. When I left she was reading it.

So no body exam - I've got Rick, he's good at a full body exam and I don't have to pay him.