Wednesday, September 30, 2020


 Aah, I'm in a good mood today? Know why?  Because I didn't watch no stinkin' debate last night. My blood pressure is fine. I did not jump into any toxic waste last night. 
My husband was mumbling and I said, see ya! 

I watched playoff baseball.
I was happy because...

So the NYY  won and the Marlins are lookin' good. I'm doing good today.
You should have tried it.

I saw enough of the memes to know it was a class A shit show.
I also saw some comments from my friends in the UK. Boy, are they laughing at us!  Great isn't it?

But for those who need a palate cleanser here is a good one!

I saw a meme from Sully? Remember the pilot? He is begging us to vote the turd out of office. He too I bet was republican before they let the KKK take over the party. 

Here are some things I saw after my game was over. I laugh when all these people are shocked that he lies about EVERYTHING. Where ya'll been the last few years? 

I'll end on that disgusting last one.
America has gone to hell. 
Now I understand people older than me are saying they are ready to go, nothing good is going to happen next. 
I so get it.

My elders fought in WWII to eliminate racism and hateful dictators like him. 
And yet, ya'll let him back in. Each and every person who votes for him votes for hatred and you too are a racist. Don't need to sugar coat it. 

I had a real ahole tell me they couldn't vote for a dem because they will keep abortion. For the love of God that is so fucking stupid. If you don't wish to have an abortion - DO NOT GET ONE.  
But that isn't it, you know and I know, you are racist if you vote for him.
Period. End of Story. No exceptions.  Look in the mirror.

If a monkey ran against him I'd vote the monkey.

Monday, September 28, 2020

Can we embed videos anymore?

Attention Class. I am going to discuss a couple of things I don't want to discuss again. Got that? 

First, you all don't listen well at all. Tsk, Tsk,.
In my post a couple of days ago I mentioned my lifelong issue with my photos. I asked that none of you do that b.s. stuff with telling me I look fine or good or cute or whatever adjective. I was NOT fishing for compliments and I asked you not to do it. You did it.  Don't do that anymore. This is why no pics of me are to be found. (but thank you none the less)

I also am going to explain a bit more of this mold toxins/toxic crap. 
But allow me to tell you I got a great lymphatic massage on Thursday night. The inflammation in my body is off the charts and we need to remove it. 
She got everything moving. My muscles that turn to stone shocked her. 
She said, "you must be in so much pain." Ya think? 90 minutes with this woman was fabulous and painful. But the fabulous outweighed the pain. 
I think insurance is paying for this because it was part of the treatment. We will see.

Die off  - it seems no one really googled this. Once you begin a regimen/protocol for the killing of the parasite, toxic thing, whatever it is, you get your body fighting back. For me it is mold. When my husband the ole toxic/toxins of Lyme he went through this too. He began his medications and his body was fighting back. He felt far worse than ever before. 
That is what is happening to me. 

You do get better, but first, you will get sicker. As the treatment attacks the mold in my body the mold retaliates by releasing toxins in self-defense. This friggin' mold thinks it has a good set up inside my body and it doesn't want to leave as much as I need it to. 

Mold/fungi release mycotoxins They are what cause our symptoms and make us sick. The more mold you have in your body, the higher the number of toxins that will be released. These come out like flu-like symptoms and every other symptom you have had with the illness is magnified. 
I was so sick on Friday I closed down until 1pm.  In 14 years I have never done this even after surgery. I was so sick I did not work. I had a fever, I couldn't leave home because I needed a bathroom nearby for both ends, I could barely walk. Everything on me hurt from my hair to my toes, including my elbows? WTF?  Detox on this is no joke!

I was in bed Friday while it was still light out. I awoke Saturday to feeling so much better. Let's hope we are done with that. Although I do know things will be fine and they will increase some things again so it may happen again. It takes 6-12 months to rid yourself of this mold! 6 - 12 months!

So I am doing okay. I imagine I will be so-so or worse for a while. 
Same old, same old. Then I hope one day to awake from this mold nightmare and be done with this.

Lastly, I don't think I told you where we found the mold.
I got a bug up my ass a couple of weeks ago to clean all the lower cabinets. Outside and inside. I pulled pots and pans out and cleaned everything and put them back nice and neat. The last cabinet I saved was under the sink. 
I got everything out and saw water in the back. I cleaned the black on the cabinet while wearing a mask for covid to save more inhales of mold spores. I bleached it. Where is this water coming from is what I couldn't understand. I starred it wasn't leaking. How can that be? 
I waited for Rick to come home before I put in the new shelving I purchased for this cabinet. 

Rick found that the faucet had a very small leak. Since Rick can't get his shoulders under the sink well we called our plumber who we have a service agreement with - and Thank God!  He came out and show us the tiny hole in the faucet causing this link. He had to saw the faucet off it had rusted to the granite. Now if you looked at the base that sits on the granite it was clean there so I never saw a leak. When he got this off we saw the mold inside the faucet. So all I was drinking was mold water, cooking with mold water. Hence why my inflammation number should be at 2000 and mine were over 18,000. 

I asked the plumber if they needed to remove more piping to remove mold. He said no and gave Rick and me a reason. A reason I didn't understand. Rick tried to explain it to me. Still didn't get it. So I asked him to humor me and replace that pipe etc. He did and he showed me - no mold. It was all in the faucet, mostly neck. But he replaced that pipe and I was so okay with paying extra it since I wanted to know for certain even though he and Rick felt it was fine. I am dealing with this illness. Humor me, boys. And that they did. The plumber was so nice he didn't charge us for the new pipe, he said, you've paid enough. How nice was that? 

So now that we found the mold. Thanks to what Rick calls my cleaning issues. I feel like I can get better eventually, I hope. But at least now I know this is for certain mold. As I told you all I couldn't for the life of me understand the mold being in my house and how wouldn't I see it? Now I know! Neither of us saw it.

So I don't want to bore you with more illness stories. I really don't.
No one wants to listen to people complain about their illness. 
I know I don't want to be that person. Some days it so helps to vent and I will. But in the meantime, I hope to not talk about it more than that and bore you all to tears. Want you to still come around. 

In the meantime, I have enjoyed watching these boys (twin brothers) hear music for the first time. (Since I can no longer insert the video I had to try to link it for you. hate blogger) 
These 2 were not allowed to listen to secular music while growing up. A year ago they began this channel. I saw them on Kelly Clarkson. After that Rick and I had to watch a few.  People recommend a song for them to listen to. They crack me up. They don't have a genre they only listen to. They listen to everything. After watching several they seem to love 70s rock. They adore Queen and Freddy's voice. They love RadioHead and Pink. So it isn't just rap and that was so nice to see that they like so many versions of music. They are cute. I can't fathom not knowing Santana or Rob Thomas. I think in this video they think Rob Thomas is Santana.  I watched them watch Jimi Hendricks for the first time. They said they heard he was considered one of the great rock guitarists. Then when Jimi plays with his finger, behind his back, his tongue etc they flip out. They paused it and said, "is this real? is he faking it?" My goodness was that funny to us.

The first rock song they ever heard was Aerosmith's Dream On.
Oh my, when Steven hits the high note the brother on your left gets very excited. The rock ones they like were Queen, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi to name a few. They never heard of Stevie Wonder. So it is kind of cool to watch they react for the first time. 

Just Sayin'


Friday, September 25, 2020

Damn Pictures.

I seriously don't have many pics of me as I told you because I hate having them taken. I walk away when I see folks with a camera. I have always been this way. 

My Uncle Bob would follow me in the 70s and 80s with his damn camcorder. I would run out of the room and he would torment me. He drove me mad. So if I did look at him it usually was with a tongue out or making a face. Once I flipped him off and he was so taken back that he laughed and dropped the camera. But it stopped me from having my picture taken.

Here are some that I have.
I can't go back years then I will frighten them when I show up.
In March with shingles and hiding them but this is bed head.
This may have been 1 year ago in VA Beach with friends
I'm the brunette if you didn't know. (not a lot of white showing yet, just a little)
This was my visit to Vermont a year 1/2 ago I believe (I'm bad with the dates)
This photo is dreadful!
Rick and Me at his daughter's wedding but this was 4 or was it 5 yrs ago? We've tried to block it out. Now divorced. But it's me and the Big Guy. This photo that was taken is sure blurry. Maybe I look better blurry.
While these are not great by any means they can see I am not tattooed on my face or pierced on my face which is obviously something they don't want since they asked twice in two different ways. I am certain they were concerned about my face and size. So they can see my face and that I am chubby. Come to think of it you don't see big people on tv do you? So that may stop this from happening. Now my hair color is a bit different but not so much different from the shingles pic.

Pix sent, questions sent, they have all the info that they asked for so now I sit and wait. As she said in email and on the phone. Stand by they will be in touch when something comes up that I fit. 

So I don't think anything will come of it. But it's done. Whew.
I should take an ugly photo every year - just one, so I get people off my back.

Now to other less me-centric news -.

Our new windows will be installed on the 1st of October. Thrilled that it is happening before the company is arriving. I really was worried they said it would be the 23rd of October originally. That is the date company arrives. I just didn't want all the chaos when people are coming you know?

My fireplace replacement insert is back-ordered so it may be awhile. I was hoping we'd have it before it got cold. The other morning I would have loved it to just take the chill out. But by afternoon it was 80. Just 49 in the morning. Brr...

Do any of you watch The Masked Singer? 
I went upstairs to bed very early. I was laying in bed and the remote was across the room. I just didn't wish to get up. Talk about lazy. So it stayed on this darn channel until I fell asleep. Rick of course was downstairs watching TV.  

The owls are Clint Black and Lisa Hartman. I will bet the house on that. 
The other 2 remaining, sun and popcorn, I just don't know.
Any guesses out there for the Sun and Popcorn? My guess for the Sun is Debbie Gibson. But I wouldn't bet on it. Would love to hear now that I am watching this stuff what you all think.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Tease? OH All the boys say that!

We believe it was a year ago.
We both recall sitting on the sofa watching a DVR recording of the Rachel Ray show. I recall there was something we wanted to learn to make.  During the show we were watching "they" said to write in about how RR has changed your life or something you saw on the show that made an impact. 

Rick said, "you should tell her how you never cooked and now you do and it's because of her show" 
I doubt she gives a shit honestly Rick.
They just said they wanted something like that.
Yeah, that's not for me.
Did she not make you less fearful? Did she not teach you how you could substitute for your celiac? Do you not always rave about how she makes this so unintimidating?  
Yes so?
So write the letter. As he handed me his laptop.

I fired something off quickly without thinking much about it. I thought he was a damn fool. I wrote as he watched and read it. I laughed and hit send.
No biggie. Never thought about it again.

Yesterday was a very very bad day for die-off (google it) I hurt from my hair to my feet. Everything hurt more than normal. I had GI issues, a headache that would make a migraine seem like a walk in the part and on and on. Rick got home at 4p
I went downstairs to say hi and he knew the minute he saw me. He told me to quit work. I said I have an hour to go. Screw it he tells me. Sit over here with me. Talk to me.  

So I sit on the sofa and basically just ugly cried. He feels helpless and I feel bad making him feel like that. Normally I push and push and push through it all. I couldn't yesterday. I just couldn't. So I had a meltdown. 
Not proud but it is what it is.

He, of course, doesn't know how to fix it and God love him this man needs to fix it all. All men do. I know that. 
He poured me a glass of wine. I didn't want it. He suggested I smoke some pot to stop the nausea. I didn't want it. Finally, he convinces me that is the answer to all my ails. I do it. It takes the sharp edges off and slowly the nausea diminished.
My phone rings and it's another damn spam call. I see the number and just let it go to vm or spam hell.  I am telling Rick I am so sick of all these calls asking about medicare, insurance, need a new car, who am i voting for? Argh! He laughs.
The phone immediately rings again.
Damn it I'm answering this jerk and giving him a piece of my mind.
Hello is said but not in my normal chipper voice.
Hi, my name is XYZ and I'm the Segment Coordinator for the RR Show.
Okay, paranoia just set in.

I was balling my eyes out and in severe pain and now I listen to my husband and take a couple hits and now I am having to sound normal to talk to the RR Show.
God, why did I listen to him? 

She asked about my letter to the show. I had no recollection then it hit me and I said was that from last year? She said it was indeed.
She wanted me to expel on my learning from RR so I did a bit. She asked a lot of questions. Then she asked if I have ever been on TV before. I said a few times on a local show on a local Fox station. I had a business that they highlighted frequently and I was a guest on that show 2 times. 
She asked if there was a celebrity doctor on would I have any questions for him/her? I said depending on the topic I am sure I'd have one. I added my husband thinks that is all I do is ask questions so I think I can help you there. She laughed.
(yes rick thinks I ask too many questions all the damn time - how do you learn?)

She went on to other things then asked my age. I was honest, damn it. Then she asked if I had any facial tattoos or facial piercings. No, that is so not my style I tell her, free of tattoos all over and only my ears are pierced.  She asked if I could send photos. I know if they see hideous this won't go further. 

Now I never let people take my photo because I hate seeing them. So now what? 
I can't send something from a year ago can I? Now that I have covid hair.....color almost out but not there yet. I fear what they will think. Oh, why the photo?!  Remember when I had shingles on my eye and I took a photo with my sunglasses on? Think they will take that? HA. Just kidding I know they want to see this ugly mug. !@#$!^!!$!@#$

I have to send a couple of questions and the photos by the end of the week.
She ended with, nothing is set in stone, but I would love to stay in touch for when an opportunity arises!

So there you have it. 

When I was on the phone Rick looked at me with a puzzled look. I am certain it was because of some things said. I turned to my DVR and hit RR and pointed. He said, "for real?"  I nodded while listening to this woman.

He told me I sounded fine. I swear to God I sounded like a nut job and worried I came off weird. I was paranoid. Note to self - don't listen to your husband and take some hits to relieve pain, because you never know who will call you!

I doubt this will amount to anything but it was an interesting end to one of my worst medical days ever. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

This Happened.

I have a lot on my plate right now. A lot of balls in the air so to speak.
There is so much I want to share with you but just don't have the time.
I will leave you a teaser....The Rachel Ray Show called me last night.
Not at a good time either so I hope I didn't blow it.

More to come...

Tuesday, September 22, 2020


Izzy The Wonder Dog is quite the attraction in our development. Because she is so well behaved that makes her get noticed. I had a lady stop me on Sunday and ask if this was Izzy. I had no idea who this was but maybe she's met Rick when he was walking her. I said it was, have you met Izzy? She looks up at me because now she is loving on Izzy and who can blame her, she said nope, just heard about this dog from my kids and my husband. Then she asked me, how do I get my dog to walk next to me and not use a leash like you do? Training. 

We got her at 5 months and she had already learned to sit, stay, and heel by the breeder. We took over from there. I honestly believe most of it is the dog. She does not want to displease us. Then we said our goodbyes and went to the curb. Izzy automatically sits until I say she can cross. Then I said, "okay you can cross" and she steps off the curb and crosses. The woman yelled, "Yea, shit like that!"  I just waved and laughed.

Every day the diva known as Izzy goes swimming to a large pond that has benches and fishermen, mostly little boys and girls. They all love Izzy. If they are fishing Rick will not throw her bumper to fetch so as to not disturb the fishing people. But sometimes they stop and come over and want to fuss over her or throw the bumper. Little kids love to watch her dive for fish. The other day a 4 yr old boy laughed so hard I wish I had my phone. His giggle was infectious. 

You see Izzy got a fish, she came up with it in her mouth and then she realizes what she has and spits it out and then sticks her tongue in the water almost like getting rid of that fish taste. For some reason, the little boy there with his dad thought that was the funniest thing he's ever seen. He wanted her to do it again. Izzy obliged but each dive she came up empty. He then asked his dad for a dog. Uh oh. 

This little boy then asked to throw the bumper. Didn't get far, 2 feet if that. Izzy grabbed it and took it in the water. The little boy began to go into the water and his father stopped him. We all had a good laugh. Then the little boy told his father, "I think we really need a dog Dad"   Good thing dad doesn't know where we live!

When Rick and Izzy went swimming yesterday afternoon look at what was on the sidewalk in front of the pond? How fucking cute is that? You may need to blow up but best I could do here.
We have no idea who put it there. 

Of course, we assume a kid but who knows.  Rick took this photo so I would be able to see if in case it washed away before I got up there. They even drew her bumper that she goes after. 

The other day we noticed the guy across the street sitting on his porch with his wife. They both tipped their wine glasses to us and we waved.
As we were leaving the man came over. We have never spoken to them before. They see us and they wave because they are always watching Izzy swim. 

The man came over to say they were moving soon. (he got 30k over asking! more on that in another blog post) 
He just wanted us to know that he and his wife have enjoyed the hell out of watching our dog daily. They make it happy hour. How funny is that? Rick said well you could have included me you know. 

The man told us his favorite is when she "talks" back to you, we find that hilarious. (we see the humor if it wasn't us too!) He went on that after a bad day at work or dealing with life's shit I sit on the porch in my rocker and just watch your dog be so damn happy and it just makes me smile so thank you. 

Okay, how nice was that? But he had to add, we notice how frustrated she gets when your wife brings her without you because she doesn't throw it as far. The man continued, how it made his wife laugh like crazy when she realized what your dog was so upset about. Ok, I laughed too of course because I know how frustrated she gets because I can't throw it across the big pond only 1/2 way. She literally makes a sigh of disgust and a look that makes even me laugh. So I understood why this woman found it so damn funny. Glad we were able to entertain you both. 😀

This dog is infamous in the neighborhood. People we don't even know, know her for whatever reason. It's kind of funny and it makes me happy that she makes so many happy. But she's old now, she's stubborn and she is not a fan of little dogs anymore. She used to tolerate them but now they just annoy her. I find that funny to be honest with you. This little pug puppy was jumping all over her as she laid in the sun and it just didn't want to stop annoying her. She wanted Izzy to play. But Izzy is almost 12 and she doesn't want to play like that. This dog was climbing on her and Izzy just laid there and let her go. But then the little dog nipped at her nose and Izzy gave a low growl. The little pug jumped back, looked at Izzy, and then walked away. I guess she learned Izzy was an old curmudgeon and just didn't wish to play. I felt bad for the poor pug. I picked her up and played with her and Izzy wasn't even phased. Wasn't jealous. I think she was just thrilled that no one was bothering her, allowing the queen of the neighborhood to just lay in the grass soaking up the sun on a beautiful fall day. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Blogger sucks big time now!

I can no longer revert to the old blogger. No longer an option.
I can no longer leave anyone comments.
This morning I tried on  Mr. Shife's blog post and it told me to clear my cache and cookies and restart.
Did that. It did nothing but take my time.
So I assume unless blogger changes you will not hear from me in the comments.
I have tried 3 browsers as well. Same issues on all of them.
I hit the preview button and it told me my blog was not to be found.
So as I write this I have attempted to change the font 6 times - doesn't change
I have attempted to preview and it tells me I don't exist.
Typing this on a new post only gives me 1/4 of the page. That's fun too.
I am walking away now before I hurt my computer.
I now dislike blogger as much as Mango Mussolini.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Don't Panic

Nothing, nada, just work, work, work.
I am overwhelmed with things that need done and not enough time.
If I hear one more person tell me they are bored I will bitch slap them into next week. You have been warned. 
I haven't been bored in 15 years. I long to be bored.

I attempted to comment using 3 different browsers on Olga's blog. 
I get a few words in and the page flashes and it goes away. I give up. 
I am going to walk away and try to adjust my mood. No, I'm not drinking. 
I am going to take Izzy outside to the woods or something. Fresh beautiful cooler air may just be what I need.

It's fall today. I love the weather in the '70s. LOVE it! But I fear the hurricane may give us some remnants of that icky weather.
Then again how will I know?

Friday, September 11, 2020

Ah, we found a moment to laugh....

Last night I hear Rick tell me while in the kitchen he was shitting.
I turned my head so quickly and asked, "what did you say? Why would you tell me that Richard?"

He was laughing and standing at the kitchen island.
He said, "Is this one of those times you didn't hear me correctly?"  

"I think so. Say it again." 

He began to laugh, then cleared his throat and told me the story and then "it was sickening." 

Then I laughed and shared what I thought he said. Ooh did that ever make him laugh. He said, "that explains why you turned around so fast to look at me. Oh my God woman you're nuts. The look on your face was priceless"  He is really laughing now.

"No, not nuts, just deaf, I said, well the pandemic didn't fix my hearing so at least I got a laugh today. I thought you were telling me you were pooping your pants" 

"Margaret I really don't want you to get a hearing aid until after the pandemic. 

We need the laughter."

I told him I wrote about that just yesterday.

So I'm good Rick knowing you are not pooping in the kitchen in your pants.

Alls good Margaret. 

So there you have it, a typical evening in our home.
And more importantly, nobody pooped their pants!

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Is 2020 over yet? and other random thoughts

I really, really want 2020 to be over with. 

Remember when you could come here to laugh?
Rick and I were talking about all the laughter missing in our home.
If you laugh,I mean a real belly laugh daily you notice when it's gone.
For 33 yrs this man has made me laugh out loud every day. 
Even when we were just friends and he lived in PA and I lived in OH. 
We spoke on the phone every day and we never failed to have laughter. That has always been us, 'lots of laughter.'

About the 4 month mark, it began to dwindle.  Rick was getting tense about everything. I begged him to stop the news. To download this news app and read enough to keep you informed but don't watch hours of the toxic Mango Mussolini.  It only makes him feel worse. The toxic waste of our new world is heavy and it seeps into your pores until you can't shake it. Rick was now like I was before I quit the news - depressed and it felt like a very heavy blanket of shit on your body.

One day he was so bad I told him I was banning the news if he didn't figure out a way to be informed but not live in the toxicity. I reminded him of something he would say to his daughter about being around toxic people - walk away, leave, don't get sucked into their toxic waste.
I told him this will kill you or I will. (hey it got a laugh out of him)
Rick removing himself from all the toxic waste has been helpful. But our home isn't filled with as much laughter as it's been for the last 3 decades. 

We had a customer call us to cancel over the holiday weekend. I do not answer the office phones on the weekend when they ring. Just because it's in my home does not mean I must work 24/7. That was hard at first because we needed business starting a company and a phone call to me was money. But I have learned to let that go! 😁  Labor Day Rick checked voicemails and emails. There was a call and an email from a man we were to see on Monday. He was canceling.

You see his son just left for James Madison University. He was there 4 days. His roommate got Covid-19. 
They sent his son home to be tested and to quarantine.
The school sent all students home after 4 days and over 1,000 covid-19 cases.
So this brain trust sent this kid home, to infect others in his family and who knows who else in his travels. Does this make sense to you?

Why wouldn't you lock down the school and treat them in some building there to quarantine and to get medical help? Why send all these sick or even non-systematic sick kids home to infect/hurt their family? What logic is there is that thinking?
It sounds like something Mango boy would do, not people who should be more forward-thinking and smart. 

We were thrilled that this family called to cancel their appointment. They could have been Fox viewers and believe it is no big deal and lied to us. Rick can't get this with his pulmonary issues because he won't survive. So I was so thankful and appreciative that this family called us and told us this. I am certain Rick will do something nice for them, be it something free or a discount. He was so thrilled they were nice enough to cancel. I hope this young man doesn't have it or his family. 
I think we have to assume all kids will miss a year of school until there is a vaccine because nothing is working. In the meantime, we could use some young strength if they need a job until school starts!

The dog is still not quite herself. The one medication slows down her urge to go but when she does it has gone from water to pea soup. How is that for a lovely image?
Working and running every time I hear her awake from her nails hitting the wood floor I run downstairs. I just don't want more accidents. I slept on the sofa and we were out walking and doing her business at midnight and 3 am. Since she can no longer climb the stairs quickly one of us has to be down here. I got the short straw. I would never make Rick do this and then go to work physical labor. I can have my butt dragging all day and if I'm lucky as she naps I get work done. Not ideal but hopefully soon she will be back to her old self. God, I hope so because I am so tired. I told Rick I remember when my fantasies were sex-related now they are all sleep-related. This is my new life.😞

I had a dental appointment Saturday morning. You know that is the day Izzy had me up at 2am with her vomiting. My appointment to get my new crowns and to remove my temps was at 9am Saturday morning.

I got a text from the dental office and I confirmed as they requested by texting them a YES. I got 4 of these over a matter of a couple of weeks. Then I got 2 emails asking me to confirm, which I did. Then on Thursday or Friday I can't recall, I called the office to see if I could push it back an hour and to discuss why I paid $161 dollars more than what my dental insurance says I should have paid. 

The person who answered the phones said I couldn't get in Saturday at any other time. So I said, Keep it, I'll be there. She said, Good we can discuss the insurance issue when you get here because we have not gotten the statement from Delta Dental yet. Okay, see you Saturday.

I walk in Saturday morning and they canceled my appointment.
I asked why. 
She said we tried to call to confirm and you never called us back.
She began to repeat this and I told her - no I heard your words but I don't understand.
I explained how I confirmed by 4 texts and 2 emails and how I called Friday and we discussed my appointment and before I hung up she said, "See you Saturday"
So why the heck did you think I wouldn't be here?
Because you didn't answer your calls.

I asked her to call me right now because I swore I didn't get a call from them.
She called me. My phone did not ring but it showed a blocked call from 'POTENTIAL SPAM  LISTING A CITY WE DO NOT LIVE"  
I showed her this as it was on my screen. 
She said, "I wonder why it says that."  
I said I get a lot of spam. I have it set to block all spam. So I never got those but the 7 other messages I did confirm as well as speak to someone so you had no right to cancel my appointments without my permission. Why send me all this stuff that becomes like spam itself after the first 2.  I kept replying even though I was annoyed so you didn't think I wasn't coming. Too bad you couldn't have done the same. 

I go back in 2 weeks. I was LIVID. Rick asked when I got home if I gave them hell. I said not like you but they knew I was pissed and I will not be coming back after my new crowns.  I think what makes the situation even worse for me was the flippant attitude of the young chirpy who was so snarky and dismissive of me. (Rolling of the eyes, hands-on-hips, young twit was the straw for me)
I like the convenience of this being in my development but this is bullshit. They borderline harassed me with texts and emails all the damn time. 
Then they cancel me. 
This did not add to the laughter quota at my house!

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Dog Weekend

Saturday we were hoping to get all these things accomplished.
We made plans. That was the first mistake.
Instead, I awoke at 2am to a dog that needed to go outside.
She got outside and vomited.

Now with a lab that happens from time to time. But it hasn't in years.
So I don't think a lot of it at that time.
Then at her normal time to walk she vomited again.
Then after a very light breakfast, she vomited again. She was very clingy to me so that always tells me she doesn't feel good.

I find it so odd that she loves Rick and will be his shadow and ignore me when he is around. But if she is sick she only wants to be around me. Just like a human child and they want their mom. Funny even with a fur baby.
So we sat on the floor and she puts her head in my lap and I just rub her.
She would dose off and then vomit.

I called our vet and they were swamped they told me to go to the ER.
So Rick and I got her in the car and drove to the ER. This place is an ER on one side and an internal medicine and surgery dept on the other. This is where Izzy had her two ACL Surgeries.

Upon arrival, we were to call them. We did. They told us it would be an hour wait and they would come to get Izzy.
Humans were not allowed inside due to Covid.

So we sat in the car. We decided to let her walk around the building and maybe we'd sit on the bench under the big shade tree. But getting Izzy our of the car was a real fight. She began to tremble. She knew where she was and did not want to budge. She moved so far to the one side of the back seat that I got out slowly from the passenger seat while Rick was trying to coax her and distract her.
I slowly opened the back door and grabbed her and then Rick ran around to help me lift her and get her out of the car. Once out she was fine. The two love birds went for a walk.

Shortly after the ER called my cell. The doctor wanted to discuss what was happening with Izzy and why we brought her in. When we were done a Vet Tech came out to get Izzy who refused to budge. I told him if you allow me to walk her to the door she won't fight. The Tech gave in and just let us walk to the door where she went in happily. He turned and said, "you know your dog"

Rick and I sat in the car waiting to hear from them. I got a call and they were getting our dog insurance info and then the Vet got on the phone and said they wanted to take Xrays for a blockage was I okay with the cost. I said yes, go ahead.  We sat and waited some more. Then Rick started the car and I asked where he was going? He saw a Wendys across the street and got a small vanilla frosty. I had a taste, it was yummy. I think it is real ice cream. (Then again it could be since I haven't had real ice cream in a while it may not be and I was just thrilled having "ice cream")
Then we went back to the ER parking lot and waited.
Finally, I get a call from the doctor who fills us in. They can't find anything wrong with her. No blockage and everything looks good and they gave us a bland diet to follow etc. We got there at 11am and it was now past 3p. We were there a total of 4+ hours.

We came home and we boiled some chicken for her. We stopped at the store on the way home to buy white rice we only had brown and the vet said no to brown rice only white. That night Izzy had a bland diet that she actually loves.

Sunday morning she was slow but everything seemed okay. We were called by the ER to check up on her. She was lethargic but bugging us for food and to go swimming. I was against the swimming but no one listens to me so off they went. She didn't vomit so I thought she was fine but little did I know. Upon following up with the ER Vet they suggested we not allow her to go swimming (told you Rick) and to keep her on the bland diet.

Monday we were having our neighbor who never leaves his home to come over for breakfast on the patio.  I was so busy all morning making food that Rick had her. He came back from a walk and told me her stools were loose.
Rick gave her some melon in the morning at breakfast against my wishes. Then last night he gave her regular food mixed in with the chicken and rice against my wishes. He thought he could slowly give her food that way. But he gave her a cup of food which I think was way too much but maybe not. I am not a vet.

At 2am Tuesday (today) she woke up and Rick took her outside and she had explosive diarrhea.  Then I got up when they got back. I just felt something was off with her. Didn't see her, no indications, just a gut feeling so I got up.  Rick wouldn't notice much at any hour but especially at that hour - he is not paying attention to what he is doing. I know him. If she was sick he would say she seemed fine. He's done it before. Unless a woman was naked or the house was on fire, he would see nothing else. And I'm not certain about the house on fire.

I came downstairs and she was in her bed looking at me. I went over to her and touched her head. She laid back down. I was in a t-shirt and underwear. I brought down pants if I had to go outside. I walked over to the sink and realized my dining room window shades and drapes were wide open so everyone can see straight through the house and me standing in my underpants. So I walked into the dining room without turning on the lights. As I reached for the cord to pull the shade down I stepped my heel in something wet. I hopped to the light switch - it was diarrhea. Great.
I hopped into the powder room & stuck my foot in the sink and washed up until I could shower. Thank goodness it was just the corner of my heel!  I then proceeded to clean up the carpet and the mess. Never does she vomit or poop on a cheap rug - nope only the wool one that costs hundreds to clean. WHY?

After I cleaned everything up I went over to her and loved on her for a bit like she likes when she is sick. At 4:15a she RAN to the door again and I hustled my butt behind her. Explosive poo again.
I called the ER this morning and they said it could just be giving her the food that caused this. They told me to call my vet when he opens and if they couldn't see her bring her back to the ER. (I hate ER prices!)  I then called my Vet at 7am when he opened but they were booked solid but they could get her in today at 5p but he was going to try to call me before that.  She is now going every 2 hrs. We can't get her to drink water and she has to or she will get dehydrated.

So here it is Tuesday morning. I've been up since the wee hours dealing with a sick dog then at 8:15a the plumber shows up. My office phone is ringing as all this is swirling around me.

Last night we got a call in the office and then an email from our 8am appointment. His son was at James Madison University and his roommate got covid.
After 4 days of school and over 1,000 cases, they sent everyone home for now.
Our customer said that his son was sent home to be tested and quarantined.
They did not wish for us to show up and I am most thankful they shared this with us and did not lie about it.

Having a last-minute cancellation worked out well. I was happy Rick was home this morning while I am answering phones, talking to the plumber and he can deal with the explosive poop for a while to help me out.
His 2nd appt is not until 1p and then 2 quick estimates after that. So his day is a short one and I am most thankful because it will help me a great deal.

Our main vet who Izzy and I are both smitten with called us back. He and I went over all the tests done. He thinks it is just running its course. I am leaving for his office to pick up some medication. One a probiotic for her food so all this stuff isn't clearing out her good flora and mediation that will act like Imodium.  I can't wait to get that one in her!!

I am also most thankful for doggy insurance.
This visit was $862. and some cents!!
I have a $250 deductible and they pay 90% of the rest. So that is most helpful.
Thank God for credit cards!
If I go to our regular vet today as a follow up that bill will also be on this deductible so they will just pay the 90%. I say it all the damn time, Rick was right, he wanted to get dog insurance and I thought he was full of shit. Now, not so much. Each ACL surgery was over 4grand. I paid $250 and they did 90% and I did 10%.
The insurance original cost was less than a bottle of wine a month so it was so worth it.
The secret to doggy insurance is to get it when they are young. We could never afford it on an adult dog. But we got it at 5 months and we've had one increase in 11.5 years so it is now up to $27 a month now. This dog is expensive but she's also a part of our family and we would never let her be in pain and not do the surgeries or ignore her vomiting and diarrhea. The price of having a dog.

I hope she gets better because I really need some sleep!
I just want my sweet Izzy girl back. Sad Puppy Eyes are not fun to see.

Saturday, September 5, 2020

I'm in heaven


I found this on Prime!

Now before Rhoda & Mary there was Ann.

I was 10yrs old when this started and 15 when it was over. Her life was what I
wanted. Living in NYC, having this fabulous wardrobe, boyfriend and life. Her father was a bit like mine in the sense that he didn't think a nice young woman should live on her own especially in NYC.

Of course, then there was Mary, I was older now and boy this was my dream, a career, friends, great wardrobe and great apartment.  As I have always said, I so wanted to be Mary but I realize I am Rhoda. 😉 I just can't rock a head scarf like her.

I have to go watch a couple of episodes, have a another cup of coffee and just enjoy the innocence of life.  (just the opposite of today)
Sometimes I just need to run away mentally.

Have a great holiday weekend !!

Friday, September 4, 2020

Brad Pitt

I wish I could snap out of the funk. 
I am very busy and that helps.
Then again I'd like to crawl under the covers until February. Then I may look up and see that it's groundhog day and just go back to sleep. 

In the ongoing saga of my home falling apart, I share a nice experience....sort of.

The man who came to look at our stove last night was such a hoot.
My experience with this man went like this.
He called me and I was outside watering the plants. Rick told me as I walked in that my phone rang. I asked why he didn't answer it. 
He said I didn't recognize the name. Oh brother. 
I had a feeling it was the repairman so I grabbed my phone and see a name I could not pronounce. I called it back but no answer. 
Then I got another call from the same number so I answered and he said, "I just missed your call, who are you?"
I told him I was returning his call and asked who he was. 
He laughed and said, "I'm Brad Pitt from XYZ Star Appliance. I am heading your way and I should be there in 5 minutes." I responded with, Brad you can come by anytime."  He laughed. I told Rick I can't wait to see Brad Pitt at my door. 

He arrived at 5:15 and I was thankful Rick was home. His accent and then a mask made it difficult for me to understand him. 
Rick was our interpreter. He is so good with accents. 
Rick did everything correctly on the stove btw so it wasn't him at all.

Brad Pitt turned on the stove and it worked. WHAT?
We have turned it on every day and leaving it to go to see if it will ever heat up.  
It never does. Yesterday morning I tried it again. I turned it on, I went upstairs and did my hair and came back down and nothing! 

The man walked in and turned it on and it worked. Just like that. OMG.
I felt like an ass.
He said something of which I finally could understand with the mask and accent -"Didn't you turn it on?"
No, never thought of that mister appliance man. 
Why of course, yes, we turned it on several times and again this morning. 
It was left on for 30 minutes and when I came down it was not heating. 
Then he asked, "did you put your hand in the door or open it?"
Now I am ready to slap Brad Pitt. What kind of idiot do I look like?
Then again I must look like one big one for him to ask me these silly questions. I told him I did put my hand in the door and I opened it - no heat!
He shrugged and just said, "well, it's working now" and he laughs.
Oh brother.

While he was here we asked how to take the bottom door apart so that I could clean the glass where things were stuck between the two glasses making it look like I never wipe down the front of the glass. Our next step was youtube to see a video on how to take it apart but since he was here I asked. 
He said, "Oh it will take 2 hrs. "   So I will plan 4 then. :-)
He showed us how to take off the door, what to unscrew. Clean, let dry and he said REALLY dry.  (isn't the word dry enough here?)
Then he showed us how to put it back together and done. He said the dry time is important and that takes most of the time. He was shocked that we would do this and he said you are saving yourself a minimum of $500. Oh yea, I'll clean my own oven door for $500!  He told us no one wants to do this. I told him I bet halfway through we will say the same thing but we want to try. He said I would, it's not difficult just time consuming but my company will charge you for my time.  

So that was a free visit albeit an embarrassing one.
When he left I asked Rick because he was hovering over the poor guy, Did he touch or turn something that we are unaware of? 
Rick said no he didn't do anything more than touch the temp and hit on.  
Rick said he was embarrassed but thankful it was free.
It's like when you take your car in and it stops making that noise.
I admit Free does indeed make me feel better about the total embarrassment.

This is the only company in town who will work on LG's.
I can't understand anyone who comes to repair anything LG for us. 
The first man was Asian and he smiled so much and kept bowing and I smiled back but as far as I could tell he could be saying I have a pig face and I am an ugly wench. And I smiled through it all. He was lovely but I had difficulties with hearing and the accent is all. 

The second man was also Asian but his English was easier for me to understand and he was as nice as the first man. 
Now to this Brad Pitt, I would say he was of some middle eastern country.  He was so darn gregarious. Upon opening the door he was standing there with his black face mask looking all ominous until I said hello.
Then he had the biggest grin I could tell by the crinkling of his eyes. 
He put his elbow out and we touched elbows. 
The Pandemic Handshake you know. Rick get that all the time too.

He just walked into the house like he owned the place and walked over to our oven where Rick was standing he said, " So you broke this huh?"
Rick looked at me and back at him and said, "Margaret did you say I broke it?"
Before I could answer this man is laughing and said, "no, no, I'm just joking but you are awfully guilty"  
He was a stinker and he and Rick had some laughs.
Over what I had no idea because I can't hear well and I can't understand accents well. But he was funny with the things I did hear. He teased us big time. I don't blame him, what a waste of his time. Rick tried to tip him for his time and he said, "No sir, I appreciate you appreciating me but tell my boss I'm great and that is more helpful."  Okay then. We did just that after he left. We also made sure to ask if we should tell them it was Brad Pitt who was our technician, he said, of course, the women in the office will know it's me - and he winked.
His name came over my phone, not even close to Brad Pitt but how nice to have a friendly funny man show up for a change. And it was FREE!

I think I must use my oven this weekend. 

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Part 2 of Home Improvements

Well, I finally got someone I was happy with for my fireplace.
I called - he answered. He was patient with all my questions.
All is good but I feel as though I should say, for now. 

But we ordered a new ventless glass insert that was modern. 
I was thrilled. Rick picked it out and it was the same one I would have chosen so that was excellent.
One of the other companies who told us it was unfixable told me it would be double the cost. This was not double the cost it was the same exact price. (actually $200 less to be exact) 
It's been ordered and it will take 4-6 weeks. 

Last evening around 5:30 a company that told me to leave a message actually called me back. I thanked them for calling me back but in the meantime, I explained that someone I called picked up the phone and we ordered our new fireplace insert and made arrangements for installation. She was not happy. She asked why I didn't wait for a return call when we have used them us the past. I explained to her that you came out and told us it could not be repaired. You told us to get the insert we wanted was $3000 or more. To get the ugly insert just like what we have was $1,600. . She said, "yes that is true" 
The person who called me back today could give me what the same modern style we wanted for $1,400 and that is installation - everything, so I had to go that route. I am selling and I am trying to fix the things that need fixing before putting it on the market. That is a savings of $1,600. That's big to me.

Then she asked, is this because I wasn't answering the phone? I said not directly. I mean if you had answered I may not have searched further, however, the price to pay for getting another colonial insert as I have been told by you previously $1600, that is $200 less than what you quoted and we are getting exactly what we want. So it was a combo of all 3, you didn't answer, you couldn't give me the style I really wanted for a reasonable price and it was a tiny bit less in cost to get what we wanted so we can enjoy it before we leave. 

Then as nice as can be she told me she was sorry to lose us as a customer. I said never say never, things may not work out you know? She laughed, apologized for not answering the phone and that was that.

I know this company is a mom and pop like us. I know this woman is the wife of the man who comes out here all the time. I also know from speaking with her over the years for service to our fireplace that she works from home and doesn't sit by the phones. I have called in the past and it has taken me a week to get a response. So how did I know this day it would only take her 7 hrs. So she was doing whatever she was doing and she missed a sale. I am rather glad because I wouldn't have kept going all day looking for someone to help us. I saved money so I guess in the end it was good that no one could help me. 

Oh and btw, the window company, the plumber and the fireplace folks I got - NONE charge to come out to assess the situation or estimate. None! So there Mr. Company charging $200. Go take a hike.

Rick installed a new top to our oven. The old one somehow got cracked and then it became foggy and difficult to see things so I ordered the part. The 2 door range is not cheap and the realtor said if we could fix the top it would show better. Okay. Rick insisted he could do this why spend the money. BUT - Since then it has not worked.
It looks like this only different buttons but you get the picture.

He watched videos and he insists he did everything correctly. He has pulled out the range several times thinking maybe he had to do this. But nothing changes.  So now we have no oven so I don't think it was exactly done correctly. We will see because I am having a repairman here today between 3-7p. The original reason the oven didn't work was ignitors if you recall that post. I did get it fixed though our home warranty and now this. I don't think it is the oven - I think it has to have something to do with Rick's handy work. 
The home warranty company is coming today, if it is the same thing no charge. If it isn't then $100. So it's worth it to have them see what Rick did. Thank goodness for home warranties and I don't pay more than $100 for service. Whew.

Our windows will be repaired and defogged in about 2 weeks. They are repairing the screens to 3 windows as well and will be picking them up right after labor day to begin repairing the screens. I am just thankful they can do all of this without having to get new windows. That would be far more than we could do especially right now.

The plumber is arriving on Tuesday to install a new sink faucet and to stop the leak under the sink. 
Everything under the sink was removed so I could install this new sliding "thingy" to hold items under the sink in an organized way as well as make it easy to retrieve because they will slide out. 
And yes, Thingy is the professional name written right on the box. :-)

When I began moving things to clean out under the sink we felt the water once I got everything out and we cleaned it thoroughly we put a bucket under there. Rick attempted to see the issue, swore like a sailor and grunted and groaned to get out from under the sink and then swore one more time.   

We have a service agreement with this plumbing company that fixed us up after the major leak/flood. Rick can not under any circumstances do plumbing. That is his kryptonite. He can't even fit under the sink. He has to move in a way, almost sideways to get his shoulders in the opening. He is convinced the reason why all the plumbers are short is because they fit better. 

I made fun of him when he said this but my dad was a master plumber and he was short and all the plumbers we've ever hired have been men on the smaller side so maybe he's on to something. 

After the fireplace, sink, windows everything is complete to sell our home.
(I hope)There should be nothing found on an inspection that would slow us down.  We hope. We can enjoy all these things until spring/summer.

If I have a tip for you all it would be this. Do not buy LG appliances no matter how fabulous they are. I LOVE my fridge. I would get the same one again. BUT no one can fix LG's. It's difficult to find someone who is willing to work on an LG. I called 14 before I found 1. My home warranty company only gave me one choice and it was the same guy I found too. When we bought this part for the stove to do it ourselves I asked the man why no one wishes to work on LG. 
He said they are difficult and frankly a pain in the ass.
That was his complete answer so there you go. I laughed when he said it but he asked me why I didn't buy American. I said if an American company could duplicate my fridge I'd buy it instantly. I probably won't buy another LG for an oven again or anything for that matter but I'd buy this refrigerator again in a heartbeat.  He kept telling me they look the same. I had to explain why the look isn't what sold me it was the features and size of the fridge.

I honestly hate spending all this money but after this it's all done.
Now to begin the purge. I wish Maria Kondo would stop by to help with that overwhelming job!  Calgon Take Me Away

How's that for an old person reference?