Sunday, September 26, 2021

Grab a Beverage, It's a Long One

Things you need to know or be reminded of when you read this post.
1. I have a couple autoimmune diseases. Stress will make them flare up big time so the pain I am referring to is just the normal stuff I deal with, no need to panic.
2. We moved in on Wednesday. Movers left our home at 3pm
3. Rick is directionally impaired and sometimes doesn't even listen to the GPS. He is stubborn beyond belief and directionally impaired. He doesn't have to ask for directions, he'll get there, a week, a month, but damn it he'll get there.
4. Rick NEVER listens to most and always says, "I don't remember you or them saying that. He NEVER pays attention, at least for long unless it's sexual. Oh then he can focus, but I digress... I suggested he be tested for dementia one day after he did this 5 minutes after I showed him something and he told me he has never seen it. He has been like this since I met him in 1987, but it has grown and seems worse or he is just getting too damn lazy. I think it's the latter.
5. Rick doesn't think things through. Oh I don't mean like at work or when he is working with wood or things like that. For example if you were packing say for 30+ days in a hotel before you could have the rest of your clothes don't you think you may put in a couple of items for cooler weather that is coming? I heard you women say yes. Rick never thinks like that. I saw that he didn't do that and I put in a sweatshirt, a nice long sleeve shirt and his jeans. Imagine how delighted he was that he had those at the 55 degree 6a walk. :-) 
6. Streets signs are as rare here as snow!!

I have been unable to sleep due to pain. Friday night I feel asleep in Rick's chair because it was the only place that didn't hurt too badly. I have not slept more than 2 hrs a night. Rick left me there sleeping in his chair since I was actually sleeping. He and Izzy went to bed. I awoke at 10:30p. I took a couple of Tylenol and went to bed. But the pain while lying in bed was too much, so back to the chair I went.

Now I am fully awake. I put my headphones on and watch tv so I don't wake Rick. I fall asleep around 2a. I recall this because the show 'Mom' was coming on and I thought oh good something to watch that won't take mental effort. I awoke at 2:15a and honestly thought I had slept for hours. It was like this all night.

I finally dosed off around 5a. Izzy woke me at 6:30a. I was really hurting that morning and I was hungry. Nothing but condiments left in the house. I asked him about the Sheetz he saw the other day. I asked him if he would fetch some eggs and sausage or something for breakfast and I'll shop for us later?  He said, "Sure it's only 5 minutes away" 
Did you all hear that in blogger land only 5 minutes away!

Rick and Izzy hopped into the car. It was somewhere between 7 and 7:10a. Izzy loves a car ride and she ran to the car without morning poo or breakfast. I thought he was crazy and said so and he said, "It's only 5 minutes away Margaret, I got this."

I brush my teeth and get ready for my day. I make myself some coffee and cuss at all the damn boxes that I swear are multiplying at night.  As I enjoyed my coffee I see Rick's phone on the coffee table. Oh Oh. Well he said it was only 5 minutes away. He knows where it is.

TWO, yes 2, hours later I am freaking out. I'm pacing. I text my dear friend Katie. I needed to talk this out. I just knew he was lost. But then the dark shit enters your brain like what if he's been in an accident. His license says our old home and he doesn't have his phone so the paramedics couldn't see the name "wifey" in his phone contacts. He could be at a hospital and they can't find next of kin. I mean all that crap goes through my head. Then I remember that Izzy is there too and her collar we had made with stitching of her name and Rick's cell phone number. If one was smart enough one would hope to call that number and I'd answer his phone. That at least made me think, then no news is good news and the dumb shit is just lost.

Rick can't find his way out of a box. So with no google maps on his phone who knows if he is still in North Carolina. Then I remembered a conversation we had in the parking lot at the hotel. His maps on his phone were behaving strangely. I said you know the Garmin GPS that we used to use still works perfectly and it's in the console right here. I showed him. 
He said, "Okay but my phone will come back."  
That made me feel better for a minute because I thought he may not be lost, but wait he probably won't remember that conversation from a whole week ago. I know him. The ass is probably in South Carolina lost with a friggin' GPS in his car. 

All I know for certain at this point is that we are close to 3 hrs now that he's been gone and I am seriously flipping out. If he does come home I figured I'd be the one to kill him.

At just past 10 he pulls in  - 3 hours later! (It's only 5 minutes away)
Izzy instantly got out of the car and pooped on the front lawn. Poor dog. When I got close to him I hit him. I asked if he realized how worried I was. He knew and he apologized. I hit his arm one more time before I hugged him. Just because.
Then I heard what happened and then found it typical and that he's safe and home.

He really thought the Sheetz gas station/convience store was on the same corner as CVS and Walgreens. I said it is, but you have to turn left.  He laughed so I knew he did not turn left. He went north into Raleigh, turned around and went south to Clayton (south of us) then 40 more minutes south west of that. No where near our home!  He was frustrated as all hell.

He saw another Sheetz so he went inside and asked "the mouth breather" (his words not mine) if they sold maps. 
He tilted his head like the RCA dog (yes I'm that old - google it) and just said, "maps?"  Rick explained what a paper map was and he replies, "I have no idea what you need man"  
Okay, I must make a turn here in the story. 
I never used an abacus but I knew what they were. WTH is wrong with young people?
Rick left the mapless store and saw a man at the gas tanks. 
He asked him hiw to get to the main street before you turn for our house. The man walked him through it. For once, Rick, who never ever listens completely and fully, did listen to ALL the instructions this time. 
He got home and I asked, "why did you not use the GPS in the console?"
He just stared at me as his mouth dropped open. 
I asked, "do you remember our parking lot of the hotel conversation about it?" He answered yes sheepishly. Then he laughed so hard he had tears. Then he called himself an ass and I said I didn't disagree. 
He said, "Oh God, I am never living this down am I?" 
"No sir!" 
"OMG the gps was in the damn car, duh. I'm an idiot." 
"You get no agrument from me Rick"😁

So there ya go. No street signs, Rick never listens, He also can't find his way out of a paper bag so this makes for an adventure that none of us wanted him to take.
But he did get eggs and breakfast was good!

Thursday, September 23, 2021


The computer is somewhere in this sea of boxes somewhere in a room or, garage. All rooms full as is that big garage. Anyone need furniture? I'm having a big sale!

Where's Waldo?...err  I mean Rick . Last night we went through so many boxes and did not find our utensils.  We were hungry and exhausted. Rick cut up veggies with a utility knife. I had washed some take out plastic forks and Rick laughed at me. But, he was not laughing when we needed to eat. 

The list is overwhelming. Today we will attack the kitchen, even if it kills us. And it may. But by bedtime we hope to complete the kitchen. 

Must get back to it all. Those damn boxes are not unpacking themselves. If you wish to stop by to help I'd sure appreciate it.😁

Ooh, one thing. We have no room for our patio furniture. Only the table, chairs and grill. So we put the sofa on the front porch for now. Rick and Izzy sit there in the morning. "The stoop" to her. This morning I sat for 10 minutes and neighbors walking by waving. One man said, "welcome to the neighborhood. We'll talk!" And he continued on his walk. Very friendly folks down here where it's slow, green and today fall like. High only 77. Yeah!! And I'm out of a hotel and it's all good...or will be!

Tuesday, September 21, 2021


Posting from phone. Bear with me, I find this difficult.

We closed yesterday. Rick is in a lot of pain. Seems like it would be no big deal but it seems to be a very big deal.  He has a bone bruise and severe strain. His ankle is still pretty colors and very swollen. He walks funny with this issue and that is causing him pain up to the back of his knee.
He barely slept Sunday because he said his leg has a heart beat. The meds they gave him do nothing. He got 6 pills and it cost us 26cents. That was a first.

We got to the our new house for our walk through.  Everything was fine. The sellers agent was there and said she'd leave the keys on the counter. I saw Rick walk to the counter assuming he was getting the key, as the other agent talked to me. 

We head to the law offices to close. I asked Rick for the keys. What keys he asked. I said to the house. He says in Dad mode like I'm an idiot child, "Margaret We get keys at closing."
I remind him they signed earlier because they had to close on their new home and the agent gave you the keys. Oops he left them on the counter so we are locked out of our home. Damn it. He was so cranky from pain we did not drive back there. Why are men such babies? Remember when I had a torn meniscus and walked a dog several times a day, climbed stairs, sometimes on my butt?  I bitched about pain but did what had to be done. Oh that is so not my man. He is miserable and will be damn sure everyone around him is in a form of pain along with him.  Even if it only a hangnail, damn it, his hurts more than anyone has ever hurt.  I don't get why 'they' think men are stronger than women. Only in muscle mass, truly nothing else. Poor fellas.

There is a machine that shows others what menstrual cramps feel like. A man puts this on and screams in pain and yells to turn it off. He puts it on the woman and he says you aren't going to survive this and he puts it on the same number. She says, you can turn it up this isn't really bad cramps. The men were shocked. Have you seen this on social media?  If Rick had menstrual cramps he'd jump off a bldg. But I'd love him to experience it so he would understand what a big fat baby he can be. Boy, now that's mean of me isn't it?

This morning when Rick gets back from the lake with Izzy, we have to see if we can break into our house or call a locksmith. So all that painting I planned to do yesterday did not get done. πŸ˜” oh well. Every room in the house must be painted. The hall bath is a loud ugly green blue turquoise. It's dark and it's awful. Rick said at walk through, "we must paint over this color". 
I laughed and said,"OH, I plan on it!"

The truck arrives with our things on Wednesday. TV/Dish arrives on Thursday as does our lousy yet expensive cable internet. 
Because I live at the southern tip of my new city, no fiber optics for internet yet. We have no choices at all. Spectrum cable or nothing. Spectrum I know sucks because I know a lot of folks who have it and complain. Far slower to what we've had for 20yrs.
Here in the hotel the internet is so slow. Using my firestick to stream sometimes it stops like it's 1997 and it's buffering. We don't wish to deal with that. We shall see.

I will miss the man here living on the 2nd floor. He is so happy. Every morning he walks out of his apartment singing. Every stinkin' day! 
He has a very good voice and on Sunday he was singing Sam Cooke. 
He waves and leans over the 2nd floor railing and says good morning young lady and pretty dog. Izzy wags her tail and they are both happy in that moment. He says this in such a happy sing songy voice. You can't help but to smile.  Every day. 
I look forward to him as I sit in the courtyard with Iz having my morning cup of Joe. Yesterday it was Rick out there and he said, good morning sir and pretty dog, where is the young lady? (Young, cracks me up) He chatted with Rick and said he loves seeing us each morning. Rick told him we were leaving Wednesday.
He was bummed but that's what living here is all about. He moved here for work and he is looking for a new home.  

In 30 days we have met interesting folks from around the world. 
As nice as all this was for what is was, I am so ready for my bed, my own pillow, a sofa that is comfortable and channels other than football.
My God, football is everything to these people. 
I am reminded frequently that this Yankee is living in the south.

Gee, that may be a few blog posts🀭

Sunday, September 19, 2021

I'm Connected for a Minute.

 Hi. Did you miss me?  I'm typing as fast as I can before this internet kicks me out.

Tomorrow we close on our house. Our stuff won't be here by tomorrow so a few more days in the hotel. Aaaaah. So a few more days at the hotel.
In all honestly for what this is, this is a nice place. It's called Stay APT suites.

The bed is too soft and the toilet seat is oval and my ass isn't. Those are the only things bad. Oh and the lack of things in the kitchen but they probably thought we'd eat out more. 2 forks. 3 spoons. 4 knives. So when we did get something at Chipotle's I kept their plastic forks and have been washing them. 
We love the courtyard and sit out there a great deal with Izzy and just because it's nice in the evenings. The people around us have been nice and of course because of Izzy we meet lot of people who mask up and ask if they can come see our dog. The kids especially. There is a man 2 doors down from us who has 2 small dogs. But they see Izzy and go bananas. She just lays there and stares at them and the man asked how we trained her to be so chill. We said it's the dog, we got lucky, even with all our training, we think it's just the dog who has a great temperament. 

The laundry room and gym are connected and very nice. We do not have to pay to do our laundry and that is great. But due to Covid they are not cleaning our room daily or weekly. So I've been stripping the bed and washing sheets and towels myself. Because Izzy swims and rolls around in sand every day my floors are gross. So I borrowed the vacuum and broom so many times they said I could keep a vacuum in our room. One day there was so much sand we couldn't be barefoot. So I swept and vacuumed. But they really need washed. They thanked me today for caring enough to do it myself. Well I don't want to live in a pig sty just because it's not my house. 

Here are a few other things that have happened over the last week.

Rick twisted his ankle so badly it was all kinds of pretty colors. We went to Urgent Care today. When it happened he said it was no big deal but each day it feels worse. Urgent care was walkable if he could walk. 

We got there and I stayed in the car with the dog. He text me, "They can't be this nice can they?"  Now I wasn't sure if he was being snarky/sarcastic or they were doing something to him I may not have wanted to know. When he came out I found out it was due to them being so nice, friendly and helpful. Again, not something we ever got at urgent care. We always felt like we were just annoying the hell out of them.

This nice stuff is odd. The only time since being here for 21 days is that only one customer service company was rude, indifferent, and not helpful. I thought I called northern VA. It was Duke Energy (my new electric company) They couldn't have been less nice. Sadly I'm familiar with that kind of service. When I called our water company, went to the post office, called the DMV, everyone was so pleasant. It takes you off guard and isn't that wrong? Shouldn't that just be how it is?

But not everything went well....

We shopped a lot at a grocery store named Harris Teeter.  The one in our neighborhood was fine enough. But the deli dept. was horrific. They chatted and paid no attention to the line forming to buy deli products. When you ordered let's say 1lb of black forest ham, they would stare at you. Then say, "ham? what kind of ham?" So you repeat 1lb of black forest ham. They get the ham and then say, 1/4 of a pound?  No, 1lb of black forest ham.
I had this dance with each product be it cheese or meat. It was frustrating. They never paid any attention.

So imagine our surprise when I went to the deli at a local Harris Teeter and the girl asked what I wanted I said 1/2 lb of genoa salami. She said anything else I said, Yes but do you want to wait until you do the salami. She said, No I'll remember. So I rattled off the amounts of salami, turkey and ham and cheeses I wanted. She looked me in the eye while I spoke. She said okay. And then she did them all without asking again and she did them correctly. Rick and I looked at one another like we were witnessing a rare species. I said to Rick, "She is a unicorn"
But then we stopped this week at another Harris Teeter and the guy was like a normal employee. I asked for something and he said, "Aah, I'd have to go in the back for that, there is none up here."  I said, "Okay"  He said, "you're really going to make me go to the back?"  Being a bitch, I said, "No, I'll stop at Wegmans on my way home"  He just stared at me. I know he wanted to call me names. Screw him, it's his job to go to the back and get what they don't have in the deli case. I did leave my empty cart and went to Wegmans.

Still struggling with lack of street signs, which I also mentioned in an earlier post, then add to that the trees that are everywhere. I was going to get my Rx at Walgreens and I followed the GPS. There is no way I would have thought to turn where I turned because all I saw were trees. Dense trees.
I was certain it was taking me the wrong way. But sure enough behind all those trees was an enormous plaza. There is no way you'd see this from the road. Everything is hidden behind trees. It's pretty but if not from here it doesn't help. I am certain I am passing all kind of things of interest but we can't see anything but trees. Add no street signs and this will be a difficult place to learn as quickly as others.
An adventure I suppose.

The other night Rick made a dinner of this and that in the fridge. We had a chicken breast that he cut into small pieces and made this sauce and he had onions and peas etc. Think the inside of a chicken pot pie. It was yummy I might add. He put his over pasta, I just had a bowl of the yumminess.
This was Tuesday's dinner.
Last night Rick was sitting in the chair, me behind him on the sofa.
He says to me, "Have you seen the peas?"
Me: We ate them remember? They're in your belly.
Rick turns around in his chair and is staring at me with one eyebrow up as if I didn't remember.
I continue to babble on, "Remember you made that chicken dish? Like a pot pie without the crust? 
Rick begins to laugh.
Again assuming why he's laughing I say, "I can remember some things you know and I stick out my tongue" I think he's making fun of me.
He got out of his chair and he holds my face in his hands and says loudly, "HAVE YOU SEEN THE KEYS?"

OMG, I felt like Emily Litella.
We had a good laugh. Which after these last 3 weeks we so needed.

Sunday, September 12, 2021


I'm struggling to write here in the hotel with this lousy internet and lousy Surface Pro. It's an old machine (laptop) and boy it shows. 

Last night Rick and I put on a silly movie. I was not in the mood for anything deep or heavy. I saw a movie call Vacation Friends. I did not recognize anyone in the movie except John Cena. I don't know anything he's ever done other than wrestle. Wasn't he a WWE guy? I did not figure him to be so funny. But boy we found him funny in this.

I laughed so much during this movie. It is darn right stupid funny. John Cena is excellent as this guy who appears to be hapless but is far from it. The things he and his girlfriend say in this movie just made me laugh out loud. And said with such sincere straight faces. 

The woman who plays his significant other I had never seen before. She reminded me of Goldie Hawn or her daughter. She was very funny. Come to find out after the movie when we googled her that she is married to Goldie Hawn's youngest son Wyatt. Eewww.  Rick said the exact same thing about reminding him of Goldie or her daughter. When I told him who she was he said, "eww the dude is married to his mom"  Why go there Rick? However, I do get what he was trying to say. Funny silly movie and just what we needed. If you are looking for something light this is for you. It's on Hulu. And it is not for kids.

We brought our firestick to use with the hotel TV. We were hoping that would give us something to watch. And boy are we glad we did. There are not a lot of options. They do give you netflix and show time but it's been great having the shows we enjoy available. 

We watched Nine Perfect Strangers on Hulu as well. Nicole Kidman is so odd in this. I am not certain she's a good or evil. But each actor is perfect in their roles. I can't wait to see how this plays out.

So there you go. My days are like Ground Hog Day. Same routine until we can get in our home. It can't come soon enough. I bitched my home was so damn small but let me tell you being in 500sq ft for a month will make this seem huge!

Here are some things I'm missing living in 500sq ft -
  • A 2nd bathroom! This is by far the big one for us.
  • I miss a bedroom door. 2 large TV's and no doors. If I wish to come into the bedroom the TV in the "living room" is even louder back in the bedroom for some reason. Why no bedroom door? None on the closet either. Weird. It's new, it's modern and it is great for the most part. I am thankful.
  • I miss non hotel TV channels. Hell even a comedy central channel would be nice. Lots of sports channels and I only like baseball and none of them carry baseball so those 8 channels are not something we'd ever watch.
  • God I miss my remote control so I can rewind live TV to hear what the hell they said or to pause live TV. I've had that feature for 21 yrs so I can't tell you how many times Rick or I have tried to FF or ReWind. It's rather funny.
  • I miss a big bowl in the kitchen. Boy would this be helpful. They give you a kitchen and 3 forks and no bowls except very shallow soup bowls. Weird. I'd buy one but then I have more shit I don't need or I could leave it here. I may just get a cheap one at Wal-Mart and leave it for the next poor sap.
  • Oh how I miss my pillow. 
  • I miss my bed. This bed is way too soft. And neither of us like our old bed but this is way too soft and we wake with low back pain. Last night I got up and went to the sofa. Not exactly comfortable but this bed was causing me grief.
So there ya have it. Life is moving slowly at the hotel. We are a bit bored and want our stuff and to be settled. 

Well I'm going to try to see if there is something on 60 minutes that is not 9/11 related. 

Saturday, September 11, 2021


We all remember where we were when President John Kennedy was shot if we are old enough. We remember where we were when The Challenger blew up or Princess Diana was killed. And unless you were in a cave all week it's been non stop TV and radio coverage of 9/11.  We all remember where we were on that day as well if we are old enough. Sadly I am old enough for all of the above.

I am repeating something from 2010 where I discuss how thankful I was to be called home on Sept 10th or I would have been in lower manhattan. I am certain I would have been fine, however with no cell and no way to reach Rick he would have been a hot mess. He also was thankful he wasn't on the road that week which again, was out of the ordinary. We had some protection on that day let me tell you.

Here is my story.

FRIDAY, MAY 7, 2010

My Friday Thoughts

When my husband and I first moved here 10 years ago it got crazy right away.
I was not home much the 1st two years due to work. 
I worked from home or I was in NYC.
I was in NYC on September 10th 2001. 
I was standing on a street corner that afternoon about to cross the street when my cell phone rang. It was my doctors office.  I was having some issues. Okay a yeast infection that nothing over the counter could cure. 
The doctors office called to say they had a cancellation and that since I had asked to be notified if any opening arrived they were calling to tell me I could come in tomorrow Sept 11th at 8:30a. 
Did I want this appointment?
Yes I told them I'd take it. 

I was originally to stay overnight and had 2 appointments the next day with clients. 
Instead I now called Amtrak and changed my reservations.  As I sat in the back of the taxi taking me to my hotel I called my clients that I was to meet on 9/11 and told them I had to reschedule.  I then called Rick and told him I was coming home early. 
He was not traveling that particular week so he was thrilled I'd be home too.

The following morning was gorgeous and what we at our home call a Peggy Day. Blue skies, cool morning, lower humidity and just glorious. 
As I pulled into my parking spot the news interrupted the radio show I was listening to saying that a small commuter plane had crashed into the towers. (that's what they thought apparently at the time)
I immediately called Rick and said, That was not an accident.  The weather is perfect.
I was scared and he asked why.  I said I didn't know but something wasn't right. This was no accident I kept saying.
We talked for a few more seconds and I had to run into the doctors office. 
I walked in and signed in and asked, "did you just hear...." and before I could say anything they began talking about it.

There was a woman on her cell phone and a very large pregnant woman in the waiting room. The woman on the cell phone loudly screamed, "OH MY GOD THE PENTAGON HAS BEEN BOMBED." 
Which immediately had the pregnant woman scream that her husband and her brother work there.  It was utter chaos immediately. The doctor brought the wailing pregnant woman to the back. The woman on the cell phone screamed her phone went dead.  She and I were ushered into rooms and we sat there hearing all this stuff going on outside.  People running etc.  I grabbed my cell but it didn't work. I tried to leave but they wouldn't let any of us go.  I was now very scared.  I did get my exam which I recall none of and I could hear the pregnant woman crying in such a primitive way that it is forever embedded in me.  I will never ever forget that sound. 

I do not remember leaving there.  I remember seeing all the cars - the mass exodus out of DC to the burbs where the Pentagon and I were.  We were being directed on which road we could drive. I saw low flying helicopters and men in flak jackets and guns and I have never been more frightened in my life. I remember thinking this was a scene from a movie and not a comedy.  I was crying and I didn't know why.  My cell did not work.  Everything on the radio was confusing and each story was different.  It took me 2 hrs to get home. It is a 30 minute drive normally.  I wanted to speak to Rick so badly.  I just wanted to be home.

I walked into the house and he jumped up from the ottoman where he had been rocking back and forth while glued to the television. We hugged each other.  He told me he was not letting me go back to NYC. I told him I was never so thankful for a yeast infection which made us laugh. But seriously I was able to be home with Rick and not in lower Manhattan as I would have been. Now home, I, like the other few million of Americans I was now glued to the television.  Our land lines didn't work and our cells didn't work for a couple of days. 

The next few weeks here were horrible.  Neighbors who died or their family members were hurt or killed at the Pentagon or in NYC. 
We knew that we were blessed to not have any of our immediate family in this type of situation, but all around us were people dealing with this in their lives.

People that I was never allowed to know what they did for a living were no longer coming home and would never be at another block party with us. 
I remember saying to Rick that maybe living in the bullseye isn't so great, remember we had just moved here less than a year earlier. He laughed and said, "Is anywhere in America safe anymore?"  I didn't like that he was probably right.

And just as those tragic events calmed down we had an anthrax scare and we didn't get mail for awhile.  I didn't mind that so much because really my mail is mostly bills so I wasn't bummed.  But again another event that was pretty scary and I kept thinking, why did we move here?  Are our careers really that important?

Then just as our mail was back there was a sniper driving around killing people. 
Everyone was afraid to leave their home. 
People got killed while mowing their lawn, sitting on the bus stop bench and pumping their gas with a bullet to the head.  Doing everyday things and that was what made this more scary to me. The sniper didn't discriminate was shooting men, women, white, Asian, black and Hispanic. 
Every damn day people were being killed and we others were paralyzed inside our homes.
I remember Rick saying he had to get gas for his car because he had to go to the airport in a day or so.  I begged him not to go. 
Finally I said, "Okay but I'm going with you" 
He said, "Honestly what can you do if you are with me?" 
 "I'm going and if something happens I want to be with you." 
He shook his head but knew I wasn't staying home and he couldn't stop me.
We went to our gas station and he put the nozzle in the tank and then he jumped back in the front seat and we both laid down in the car. Honestly, I type this now and see how crazy that sounds but it was what everyone around here was experiencing. 
Then Rick had to get out to put the nozzle back into the gas station holder or whatever the hell that thing is called.  At that moment I sat up and he and I saw at the same time the man in front of us. 

He had pulled in and we watched him put on a motorcycle helmet before getting out of his truck. I guess he figured he wouldn't die if he wore his motorcycle helmet. Or it could stop a bullet. I don't know if it could but it struck me as a good idea and funny at the same time.
Once his helmet was on he got out, put the gas nozzle in the tank then jumped back into the cab of his truck and laid down. We looked at one another and chuckled and then realized that this was so ridiculous - this damn sniper has us all nuts and doing crazy things.

When the sniper was caught we all exhaled.  But I kept waiting for the next thing.  Thankfully there was none....well except another 4 yrs of W and the Iraqi war. 

Friday, September 10, 2021

Lake Day

When we first starting looking for homes down here we found that all homes only had electric stoves. Because no where we have ever lived on both coasts and in between ever had electric stoves. If they were around it was few and far between.

So I said to Rick I see a gas fireplace they can just run the line to a new stove. Realtor told us the same. But that was at another house. 
We found out at inspection that the fireplace has never had any type of gas to it and it was never used.
Rick and I looked at each other like, shit, now what? 

I imagine a propane tank as I used to see around the lake where we had a home. Couldn't get gas there either. Damn we hate cooking with electric. It doesn't cook evenly, it's hot, it cools down and you have never touched the dial. Just don't like it. There is a reason no restaurant has electric stoves.

We found this online. Not happy about this.  But add it to the list. I guess this is the reason why. I have no idea. Out of my skill set. πŸ˜€

   The U.S. Department of Energy lists North Carolina as one of the states       with no producing natural gas well, and no producing underground               reserves. The Southwest, primarily Texas and Louisiana, including the         Gulf of Mexico, holds vast reserves.
In the meantime we headed to Jordan Lake again today.
God Izzy couldn't be happier. She can't go for hours on end anymore. But it was just over an hour and a half. Then she sniffs around for awhile. She came home and crashed and slept for hours. She is now on a walk with Rick and she will come back and sleep some more. But her new routine has calmed her down, thank God. 

I took a lot of photos with my camera and a video. But I don't have the software downloaded on Rick's laptop for my camera photos. So I only have 2 to show you from my phone.

It was an absolutely gorgeous fall day. Sadly it will be in the 90s again by Sunday and forever. It rained about 3 inches yesterday and the humidity went down. It was only 80-81 today. It was glorious. We had to go run some errands and then we took ole Izzy to the lake. 

This picture is funny only to us. I took video of this on my camera but didn't on my phone. She gets under that hanging limb or two and she scratches her back there. She gets sandy so she shakes and then rubs her butt and her back all over that tree. It's funny to watch.

            These two are sickening.

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Do They Make Maps?

I'm old. I suppose that is the only reason I feel I need a map.
Yes, I know there are maps on my phone. Since being here I use that daily.
However I want a damn paper map!  Which you can only get online...maybe.

When I moved from PA to OH I recall receiving my two, two feet stacks of folders that were now my accounts. I was also given these red books which were actually maps/atlas. When I first moved there I studied the map so I could understand where this burb was in adjacent to that burb I had to go to next. It helped me to visually see where everything was.  I find that easier than just driving around. Knowing that Chagrin Falls was northeast of Solon helped me understand where I had to go vs just using a GPS today. So moving here and having no maps other than our phone has been a challenge for me.

I mentioned the other day Izzy has a vet appointment already on the 27th. She was to have her Bordetella vaccine (she is not an anti-vaxer) and then meet the new vet.  However since plans were made God made other plans and wanted to show us we can't make plans.  

If you recall me telling you on the date of our closing on August 30th we were actually homeless. We could not leave the dog at our empty house. We had to check out of the hotel and we decided that since we did not know how long this would take us we'd leave her at doggie day care for 2 hrs and her last visit. (boy they made a fuss and gave her parting gifts!)

She was there a full 2.5 hours. Since we've been here she has been out of sorts so we blamed everything on the move. We arrived on Tuesday and Friday she coughed while on a walk with Rick. But just one cough so we didn't think anything of it. Sunday she and I were out and about sniffing everything she could smell when she began to violently cough. She sat down and just kept coughing. It sounded like death or choking. I rubbed her throat to see if she was choking. (that actually worked once) She was a bit shaken so I sat on the curb with her for a bit. Then I stood up and said, "okay? ready?" She got up and we walked back. But by Monday she was coughing a bit more and at 2:30a on Tuesday she woke us up to a lot of coughing. She gets so scared when she coughs if it wasn't sad it'd be funny. She got out of her bed and came over to us for loving and comfort. It was cute. She can't climb up to our bed anymore and this one is very high I have to jump to get in,  so we go by her bed and just rubbed her belly until she fell asleep.

At 8am Tuesday morning I called the new vet. I said while we had an appointment with you on the 27th I think she may have kennel cough so can we get in far sooner but keep the 27th for all the regular stuff? She said," heavens yes let's get her here sooner than later, can you do 3pm today?"  YES!

Now this vet is in our new "hometown" but we our temp housing is on the other side of the city. So it was a 30 minute drive. We hear words like beltline, (like our beltway in dc I guess) 540, I-40 and 54.  AH. Where do these roads go? I know I-40 from my new home takes me to the city but the others? It's a crap shoot for us and we laugh a lot. Rick can't normally get out of a parking lot so it's usually funny.  

So as we are driving I say to Rick, "This is crazy that I don't know these streets yet."
Rick: "And you won't cuz they aren't marked"

Well that made me laugh. Seriously what is the issue with no street signs?
It reminded us of when we moved to Seattle and all the locals bitched a fit about all the new people moving there. They were awful to you if you asked directions. (seattle was hostile all the time, never met such cranky people) At least here if you ask they are helpful. But then Rick said, "maybe this is their passive aggressive move to make all the transplants go home. You know a more passive aggressive Seattle move."
Again he made me laugh but the way things are going it seemed to make sense even though I know that is not the case. Or do I?

We made it, she got her meds for Kennel Cough and they followed up with us this morning to be sure she had no issues. See you on the 27th for her bortetella. They did not wish to give her the vaccine while she was not feeling well so the 27th is still in play for her shot and exam. 

As we are driving home I see a Sheetz. (gas station) I say, hey let's stop there and see if like at home they have maps. I went inside and I didn't see them. I asked if they had them. The kid at the counter said, "maps? like paper maps?"  I said yes. He laughed and said, "no, do they still make maps?"  I shrugged and walked out in old lady shame.

Later in the day we went by another gas station so we stopped - nope.
Maybe they were all around us in DC because of all the tourism. There were a ton of  folded laminated DC maps showing metro stops and landmarks. But nothing but laughs at this gas station. We antiquated old farts. When we left there we knew they were making fun of the old farts. Yes we still prefer paper and pen too you young whipper snappers! Glad we didn't ask about a phone book. 😁

So last evening I blew up the map on Rick's Surface (laptop) and I am studying this. I asked yesterday if Garner was east of holly springs or north? ✋✋ I know, I know, it is north. 
So, you see I am now ready for my quiz. 

Oh and by the way, Izzy's vet bill was a third of what it would be up north. Thank God for small favors!

Sunday, September 5, 2021


This revelation occurred to me yesterday and I posted it on FB. 

'I just realized the suburb I just moved to has a smaller population than the entire 'development' I just left. Scary shit for this city girl.'

This morning we found a new lake for Izzy. She had a ball. We will go back there after the holiday because it got so busy around 10:30a we had to leave. But we got there at 9a so she had a lot of swimming in already.

After swimming we got back here and Rick really wanted to take a nap. He slept terribly. So Izzy and I went out to the courtyard. We are calling it the "stoop" so she understands what we are going to do. So, Let's go sit on the stoop Izzy and she runs to the door and I sit on a chair or sofa type piece of furniture while she suns herself to get dry and warm.

This is our courtyard at the hotel. We are first floor. When I made the reservation I made sure I could get 1st floor! No more stairs for an old dog and hubby who has issues with them.

You can see on the other end is the community grill. They really keep this clean. We were told many, many,many times that Izzy can not pee or poo on this astro turf. When the Mgr walked away Rick said, wonder if it's OK if I pee on it? I just shake my head.

Yesterday there were a good amount of children playing games in the courtyard. Everyone is friendly.All the kids know Izzy now and yell her name when we go out. It's cute. The majority are like us and are waiting to close on a new home.

Yesterday a man we met on our first day left the hotel. He was from where we are from, he bought a house here to retire. He and his wife stayed here for 3 weeks until the closing. He moved out as I said yesterday and he was so joyous. We will be the same way I am certain! 
We shared some stories about things we've noticed. It was nice to meet people who understand this.

Tomorrow is a holiday. 
All these days are running together a bit like ground hog day.

Saturday, September 4, 2021


 I am going to repeat some things because the same questions keep coming up.

1. I am not in my new home. I am in temporary/hotel situation until we close at the end of the month. Those photos in last post were of our hotel. Even my small new home is larger than this hotel. :-)

2. Izzy is not dealing well at all. Izzy has always been a very chill, mellow dog. She only barks if startled from a sleep. But first all the excitement and people in our home moving our stuff annoyed her and made her antsy. 
Then we got to our hotel for 4 days and she HATED it there. We did give her an extra CBD that the vet gave her for her arthritis to see if it would calm her anxiety. But not really. She wants to go "home" she doesn't understand the poor thing.
Then we drove 4.5 hrs to this hotel. While this is a tad bigger she is still not happy. This isn't her place. No sitting on the stoop. No seeing her dog buddies. We have tried swimming for her. We were asked to leave one place. We will try another tomorrow. She stares at us a great deal and neither of us can leave the room or she will come get us, even in the bathroom, and herd us back so we are all in the same place. She lays on Rick or my feet. If one of us gets up from the sofa or chair she wakes up and follows us. 

So I'd say she is anxious because her surroundings are not familiar or smell familiar. She has her dog bed from home and she sleeps there and with us in the bedroom. Otherwise she is now a velcro dog. She will not leave our sides. As soon as she gets comfortable in this place we will be moving her again. I feel so badly for her.

The vet heart doctor would not fill her medication before we left because she needed to be seen again. We have enough left for now. But we did make an appointment with a new vet in our new town. We were shocked when reading his bio that he did his internship under the Vet who we've had for the last half of her life. Who, I might add, we loved and hated leaving. He is from the town we lived in and has been a vet now for 15 yrs. So we are seeing him. His reviews were awesome.  All of her records have been forwarded so this shouldn't be difficult. 

So far service everywhere we have gone has been weirdly great. Even Sherwin Williams has been stellar. (Ooh he was cute too.) I went in to buy a paint deck. He gave it to me and I asked how much. He said it was free. I said, "Ah c'mon seriously"  He kept saying it was free. Finally I just said thank you very much, have a good day and I left. The last one I bought many years ago was $12. Sadly Rick took it for work and then left it with a customer. When I got in the car I told Rick it was free and he said,  "what did you have to do for that?" Nothing you pig. Maybe it was be nice to gray haired old ladies day.
But I digress, it's sad that one is shocked by personable people who wish to help you and that are pleasant and friendly while doing so. It's happened a few times and it takes us back. Weird. I mean I don't think all people are like this but it's been nice when it happens that is for sure!

In 1979 in Toronto Canada I went into a record store downtown on Yonge Street looking for an album called 'Secrets' by Robert Palmer. 
My (1st) husband had dropped me off in front and was looking for a place to park. I went into the record store and found what I wanted. I stood in line to check out. Two of the young men behind the counter offered to help me. Then the one asked, " have you heard this yet?"  I told him I had driving up here. He said with a big smile, "if you smile for me it's yours." What? I asked. He said, "c'mon give me that pretty smile and it's yours for free as he was handing it to me."  So I smiled a great big smile and grabbed the album. Before I left I said, "for real?"  He laughed and said, "yea, there's that smile." I thanked him a few times and left. When I got to my husband I told him what happened and he laughed and said, "you should have grabbed more"  HA HA. Well I made the mistake of telling Rick this story so now he always asks me what I had to do to get the freebies I get. I think it's because I am female. Only reason. Just like I have gotten out of tickets. One officer asked me to take off my sunglasses and when I did he went on about my eyes. I got a date and not a ticket. 
Sorry fella's you rule the world and my body I have to have some perks. 

Friday, September 3, 2021

Week 1 Down.

Garner is a suburb of Raleigh with a population of 29,462. Garner is in Wake County and is one of the best places to live in North Carolina. Living in Garner offers residents a dense suburban feel and most residents own their homes. In Garner there are a lot of parks. Many young professionals live in Garner and residents tend to lean liberal. The public schools in Garner are highly rated. 

This above is from 
This is my new suburb. 

We saw the house yesterday with the inspector. The house is solid! The house was very well maintained. How lucky are we buying this online and trusting our realtor and everything he told us was true? 
The house is very small. 
The house has a lot of older people things in it that will change. 
It will be a long process of work. The master shower is so small that Rick can only go in sideways because he is too broad. I have no issue. But until we can change it he can use the other bathroom shower or walk in sideways and barely move. :-) 

We received the inspection notice with all the pictures today. We are so freakin' lucky that this was such good news. 
The 3 things that were considered bad - 
1. A crack in our driveway that could be a tripping hazard. (we didn't even notice it and we notice a lot more than average) 
2. The Hot water tank is 14 yrs old. 
 3. There once was a leak under the sink so the floor wood under the sink had that damage. Easy to fix. No longer a leak. That was all the negative, so pretty damn good to us. 

What we found odd - the circuit breaker panel was outside. Who the hell does that?The realtor and inspector said most of the homes there were like this. 
Really odd to us. 

That room above the garage that I mentioned has plumbing and electrical going up there. So it shouldn't be hard to finish it out...someday. 
It's small and I can't say that enough. I had 36 cabinets in my kitchen and they were all full. Now I have just a few cabinets. Oiy Vay. What to toss? But the cabinets are very nice ones and they weren't painted they came this way. The backsplash is nice and the countertop in the kitchen and bath are the same. It is honed granite. Would not have been my choice but it's nice. 

The appliances we are getting because it's an estate sale. We got lucky. All fairly new and I like that they are all that new black stainless steel. Not a fan of the regular stainless steel due to finger prints etc. It was such high maintenance to keep it looking nice. Still no word on washer/dryer which in NC  does not convey. Another oddity to us. And still no word on the lawnmower. 
The house was still full of oversized furniture and things while we were there. 
So that's it. 

What do we do with our time? Today we explored the western side of Raleigh and western down town. We did laundry...I did laundry. Rick and Izzy sat in the courtyard enjoying the cooler weather. It was only 82 and had a breeze. Ida caused us to leave the high 90s and weren't upset. The courtyard is nice. This place is nice.
I mean it's not easy living in 500 sq ft so at least I'm getting used to living on top of one another. (trying like hell to be positive)  But overall this is a good location for us, it's nice, it's clean and it's comfortable for the most part. Besides it could be worse, we could live in Texas. 

Here is the kitchen/living room  - or 1/2 the place. πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

This is the living area. Yes it is messy here.

they give you two of these tv's. One this size in the bedroom.

I have attempted to show you all a video of the cute courtyard but this piece of crap laptop is not playing nice with me. Rick is always screaming about something when he uses this. I now understand!

Here are 3 things we have noticed since coming here so much recently and this week of living here.
1. Streets signs seem to be optional.  Not good for those of us that are new around these parts.
2. There are so many trees everywhere - even downtown.  We sure like that but it's odd for us because we are not used to that.
3. Besides cheaper real estate we had a good laugh when we saw a menu. Wow we can be fatter alcoholics here.
4.When you allow someone out in traffic, or allow them to pull in front, they wave and thank you. We haven't had that in a very very long time.

There is a burger joint near our temporary home. We pulled up the menu online and I read some options to him. After reading the one burger I thought he'd like I saw the price. I asked him to guess. He said, $15.95. I said nope. He said less? I said yes. He smiled and said, $12.95?  Nope. I finally had to tell him it was $6.49.  We laughed. The place got great reviews on yelp and the place is always packed and that is always a good sign at a restaurant. So I see a burger in Rick's future. I mean come on only $6.95 for a big bacon burger with the works and fries? 
Yep, alcohol is cheaper and so is food. We're in trouble.

Thursday, September 2, 2021

It Is What It Is

Writing this from my phone. Rick's Surface is old and shitty so this is another thing I don't like but must be grateful that I have a phone. 

Deal with it Buttercup.

We met the inspector at our house today. First time seeing it in person. Scary huh? 

It's hard to not be grateful for all I have in my life. I also know there are many who would be so lucky to be able to buy a house. So why do I only feel like I have gone backwards? 

I don't like going backwards and must learn how to deal with these feelings.

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

We are in North Carolina

Rick's Eye Magnets.

Here ya go....
Yes, Rick has issues. 
I hope to be back to writing tomorrow.


TUESDAY, JULY 10, 2012

Eye Magnets

Who the hell tells their wife this?

Last night we took a walk.
We saw a couple of neighbors and we all chatted for a good while.
This morning the following conversation ensued with my crazy-ass hubby.

Me: "Jackie sure is cute and she's smart and nice. I just don't get why she doesn't date more."(Jackie was bemoaning this last night)

" Yeah, she sure has a nice rack. When she bent over to pet the dog I looked down her shirt. I mean it was open and very visible you couldn't miss them. 
 She's got a good set of C's."

My coffee flies from my mouth across the kitchen.

"This is what you tell your wife? "
I can't stop laughing this man is crazy nuts.

"Well, who else would I tell? Besides she bent over I had too look."

"You had to?"

"Hell yeah, it's man code. You know those are eye magnets."

I just shook my head and cleaned up the coffee.

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Old Posts Continue - On the Road Today.

I love Halloween and that is what this old post is about. I did a bad bad thing. 😁

Well Halloween and baseball, see how I get that in there. I say below in October my team will be in the playoffs and World Series. I won't say that this year. 

From 2010 -




I love Halloween time or I guess the month of October

I love it because it means cooler weather. (today is only 75!)
I love seeing all the kids in their costumes.
Of course, there is the candy.
It also means my boys of summer are in the playoffs or world series. (hopefully)
Last night's game had me on the edge of my seat.…. I digress, this post is about Halloween.

The other evening Rick remembered something that I had long forgotten.
I thought I would share it with you because it is quintessential Peg in some ways and it’s a bit humorous.

We were living in my hometown at the time this happened.
What you really need to know is that Halloween up there where I grew up is normally very cold weather.
I remember one year having what I thought was the most beautiful fairy costume with big glittery wings. Oh, how I love those wings.
But of course, it snowed a foot and I was forced to wear a coat, hat, gloves, scarf, and boots.
I cried, oh how I cried. Seriously who was going to see my pretty wings I wailed?
So they took off my wings after my hissy fit and pinned them onto the outside of my snow coat. Lovely.  But it made the 6 yr old me much happier.

So there I was 25 years later back in my hometown after a company merger downsized me.
Rick and I were so excited that the weather was so nice.
You could actually sit on your porch and hand out candy.
We lived in a 2nd floor flat so the idea of not going up and down the stairs every time the doorbell rang and already being on the porch sounded like a great idea to us.
We put on our sweatshirts and filled our big bowl with candy, poured ourselves our favorite warm beverage. (hot cocoa w/peppermint schnapps) and waited for the kids to appear.

The kids came in droves and it was such fun. I just love the real little ones.
Rick and I always give out full-size bars and it’s cute that they get so excited.
One little boy yelled to no one in particular just to the block, “Hey they have big candy here!”
I’m still a kid when it comes to candy and I don’t think anyone wants a teeny tiny bar.
So we splurge on Halloween. (thank goodness for Costco)

The kids were slowing down. There were now only trickles here and there.
Then we saw a dark car with music thumping so loudly it made us look.
The car pulled to the curb a few doors down. These kids got out of the car.
Funny, they didn’t appear to have costumes on and I’ve never seen them around the neighborhood before. But I didn’t think a thing more about it because more cute little ones were on my porch wanting candy.

Rick and I were just sitting there sipping more hot cocoa with the candy bowl now in my lap. These 3 older boys who had gotten out of that dark car came up our stairs to our porch. At the same time as they said, "Trick or Treat" they put their hands right into the bowl of candy and grabbed at candy.
I slapped, well tapped, this young man's hand and as the candy fell back into the bowl I said, “Hey you don’t just grab candy young man, you wait to be given candy you have better manners than that now don’t you? And where is your costume, this is just lazy?”

The look on those 3 boys' faces was something I had never seen before then I noticed Rick stood up. I was thinking, What the hell is going on?  But I didn't ask. 
The first kid said, “thank you" after I gave him his candy and walked down the steps and the 2nd kid said nothing. I again stopped him and said, “what do you say?”
Rick barked, “MARGARET”
The kid looked at me and said, “thank you, ma’am.” I said, “you’re welcome
The 3rd boy said "thank you" smiled at me and then they all got into that car.
Rick is now pacing. I asked, “What in the hell is wrong with you?”

“For God’s sake, Margaret do you not know what you just did?”

“Yes, I do Richard I taught some teen boys some manners. Too damn old to even be doing the trick or treat thing in my opinion.”

“Oh my God, I pray our house isn’t burnt to the ground. Those were gang members Margaret.”

“Are you being racist? Why do you assume this?”

“Did you not see their bandanas? Read their tattoos?” "See the side of that car?"

“No, I didn’t really pay any attention to that.”

At this point in time, Halloween was officially over anyway so we grab our things and went inside.
Rick was so upset he was convinced that we were going to be killed or something. He was mumbling and pacing. 
He kept saying we will be targeted now because you slapped his hand Margaret what were you thinking? I kept laughing because honestly, it sounded ridiculous to me.   I don't know why but I felt it was going to be fine. But I knew this wasn't a joke at the same time.

I now understood the look of shock on the boy's faces I saw when I tapped the first young man. Rick and I assumed he was the “leader” from the looks the other two gave one another.
I also now understood why Rick felt the need to stand up. The big dog puffing out his chest.

Nothing bad ever happened to us. (thank goodness)
But Rick likes to tell that particular story of how I slapped a gang bangers hand and decided to teach them manners and etiquette on my porch.
He says that is a great portrait of his wife.

I’m not so sure of that but it is funny now that I look back on it.

Monday, August 30, 2021


Rick loves shoes but hates shopping so I buy him shoes and he is always amazed at how much he likes them. His Kizwik are his favorite because you don't have to tie or fiddle with them to get them on your feet. Hands-free shoes that are comfortable.
Heaven forbid he had to bend over.
See here - 

When I got him a pair of crocs he saw the box and said, "No, I am not wearing those!"  I said, "Open the damn box they are not what you think"
Then he wore them every damn day he liked them so much. He blew out the toes and got another pair after a few yrs exactly the same

Here is what happened when the boys were talking Shoes back in 2009.


Bromance a Brewin'

My husband has met this man while walking the dog. His dog is the cutest dog named Winston. Winston sort of reminds me of Ernst Borgnine. Like this one….

Winston wants nothing to do with our dog but that hasn’t stopped my husband and this guy from having a Bromance.

For some reason, this tickles my funny bone big time.

I honestly think if you heard this exchange outside my office window. 
You would never know it was between 2 men.
Big macho men no less. Both big in stature, over 6’2” and over 200lbs.
Neither have that metrosexual look like this fella.
My husband is walking Izzy in his crocs that look like a pair of slip-on canvas loafers.
These are the shoes.

The exchange goes like this.....
Winston’s owner says, “Hey those are great shoes.”

Rick says, “Yep they are so comfortable too, can you believe these are Crocs?"

"Get out really? "

"Yea, I know I thought Crocs only came in those ugly plastic kids shoes.""Me too. Where did you buy these? "

"Online. Actually, my wife got them for me – she knew I would love the croc insert and she was right. She loves her croc flip-flops and they sent her a coupon via email. These are not like wearing shoes at all man."

"Do they come in other colors?"

"Oh, yea, other colors, and styles. They have a lot of shoes that aren’t those ugly plastic things."

"I have to check into those. Online you say?"

"Yep online - just google it. Like I said my wife did it."

"We should get together over a couple of beers."

"Yea that sounds great! "

"Great and then maybe you can tell me where you got your hair cut."

Okay, the last line I just made up, because seriously this whole thing is so funny to me.
But the rest of this is the real deal - I mean seriously who could make this shit up?

I met his twinkie wife while this was going on.
She seems very nice but very young. She is a school counselor.

So it looks like we’ll be getting together the four of us to throw back a few and to discuss my husband's shoes.
Which I might add I bought without him knowing and made him try them on.
Now I can’t get them off him! Gee maybe Crocs could have him do a commercial for them.

Oh, this whole thing just makes me smile.