Saturday, August 25, 2007

Where is the Outrage?

I have been reading the Washington Post this morning and seeing bits and pieces on the news about Michael Vick and the felony he committed.
People are truly outraged by the killing and torturing of these animals. People are protesting and asking for him to get the most punishment that he can receive by law. People are in the streets carrying signs about this. They were outraged enough to give of their time to protest this topic and that is what has gotten me fired up today.

Okay let me say this before I go on my rant....
I think that torturing of any animal, breeding an animal to kill or to put it simply- being mean to an animal in anyway is DISPICABLE! END OF STORY NO EXCEPTIONS.
(didn't Jeffrey Dahmer enjoy doing that?)

But where the hell is this outrage that everyone is giving over the animals when an agressive football player takes his agressiveness off the field to his home and pummels his wife, his partner, his children? Where are the protests then? Where is everyone when the wife/girl friend is shown with black eyes, broken bones and bruises on the news? Oh apparently that's okay as long as he doesn't kick the dog?

I don't mean that one is more important than another but I am asking why does the general public appear to think so? Dogs seem to be more important than people.
Are they the same people who let OJ get away with murdering 2 innocent people?
Can someone please explain to me why dogs will get everyone in an outrage enough to protest in the streets but not humans? And please don't use the excuse they can't defend themselves because that would be a bullshit answer.
Neither can a woman who is being pummeled by a man 2x her size or a child.

This just pisses me off. I love dogs. But my God why is this nation so much nicer to dogs than people? C'mon people use this rage to vent and protest the thousands that are being killed in this senseless war! Protest the agressive behavior of all who hurt innocent women, children and who cause hate crimes. Where are the protesters then?

I read some dumb ass celebrity (jamie fox) say that Vicks was a "brother" and that is done in the community? They were being too hard on him this was just dogs. HUH??? He is an educated man of 27 or so and went to college at Virginia Tech. He is not stupid. He knows right from wrong. Obvisouly not a nice person but that doesn't equate to stupid.
You commit a crime you do the time as the saying goes. This is a felony. You commit a felony you pay the consequenes.

Back to my original rant - Can someone please explain to me why dogs will get everyone in an outrage enough to protest in the streests but the torture or killing of a human being will not?

My Mantra

As of late I have begun to dislike people. Sadly this has become my mantra. I used to try not to be like this but it seems to be getting more and more difficult to feel another way. So I have decided to just succumb....I don’t like people – period end of story.

Ever spend time in an airport? Then you know why.
But I digress.....

I am not prejudice with my dislike toward people these days – just seem to dislike them all.
The other day I came home early. I had just walked into the house from getting the mail and heard the door bell ring while my hand was still on the door. There was a very nice looking young man standing at the door with another good looking young stud behind him. They were both dressed nicely and were wearing chains around their necks holding pictures that appeared to be an official looking badge type thing that they shoved in my face and began to speak so quickly you would have thought this was speed dating. He told me they worked for Unity XYZ (I don't want trouble so I will not reveal their company name here) and Unity XYZ’s idea is to motivate young people without means to learn on the job business skills by going door to door selling magazine subscriptions and receiving these points and these points would get them yada yada yada........

To me this sounded like something I saw on Dateline, 20/20, or 60 minutes - one of those shows. Because I have been scammed before I summoned the courage to say, No to them this time and I would not buy anything from them unless I checked them out online first.
I told them it sounded like something I had seen on TV. I would like to go online to verify and if this was indeed a positive role model company trying to help disadvantaged young people then I would be more than happy to order magazine subscriptions if they would give me a minute or come back.

Well you should have seen their faces. They both looked at one another and back at me as though they didn’t understand my language. I told them to give me time to check this company out and since they were in the neighborhood they might want to just stop back before they call it a day and I would buy something if it all checks out as they stated.
Then they asked for some cold bottled water. Hmm....appeared to be stalling for some reason but why? Or were they really thirsty and if so I couldn’t just say no it was hot as hell out there - I don't like people but I am not mean. I said I didn’t have any bottled water which in fact was true but I had just made some Kool-Aid so I gave them Kool-aid in disposable plastic cups and on they went.
I know I know - you're thinking sucker!!...and why does a grown woman with no children have Kool-Aid? Well, truth be told I always have rasberry Kool-aid in warm know for my gin!....a little trick from my younger very poor days when I was too broke to even go to the store to buy tonic and before I learned to LOVE straight gin chilled with 3 olives...hey old habits die hard.

I checked the website - it wasn’t even in English. I then went to BBB and there were complaints. AND SURPRISE -they never came back.
I told myself for days that they never returned because they were a BIG FAT SCAM.
BUT I have to admit my bleeding liberal heart thought perhaps these poor kids really could have used my lousy $20 subscription and for heaven’s sake I spend more than that on a bottle of wine. How awful can I be for heaven’s sake – I need to stop seeing the negative in people! Bad, Bad, Margaret.
So there I am doubting myself even after I saw the website thinking I MAY have been wrong and I should have helped them.

Well today I received vindication that I was right - I guess I dislike people with good reason. This was a big fat scam. My neighborhood watch and sheriff have informed us of many who did donate and after further follow-up by the sheriff’s department this is indeed a scam. A great many of the people here paid them money and lots of it. I bet they never see a magazine and if they used a check they have their account number. Yikes.

While I was feeling terribly guilty, thankfully I was right.
For some reason being right on this isn’t as rewarding as one would think.....I still dislike people but sometimes it pains me.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Oprah is All Wrong - 50 Sucks!

I am so sick of reading and hearing about how 50 is the new 30.
Or the 50's are fabulous. If the 50's are the new 30's are the 30 year olds only 10?

Who are these people? WTF are they drinking?
I am sick of Oprah telling me how great it is to be in my 50's. She's been spouting this ever since her big 50th birthday party. Well I am here to tell you...No it isn't Oprah.

Okay maybe if you have Oprah money and you can get it tucked, lifted, hair dresser go with you every where to touch up those roots, have a trainer follow your saggin' ass around and a chef to prepare your dietary needs and can afford any doctor or medical need available for anything that ails you then perhaps 50 is just splendid.

For the rest of we mere mortals it just plain stinks.
Don't tell me how these are the best years of my life Oprah. Hell no.
The 40's. YES. The 50's, Not so much!

Can we talk about how much it costs to just upkeep the hair color alone? I bet I could support a small country on this budget of washing away the greys every few weeks.

My husband goes to bed fine and wakes up with a sports injury. How the hell does that happen? I have had injuries this year that have only made my orthopedic surgeon happy.

As Nora Ephron wrote in her latest book her neck went when she turned 60.
I mean c'mon the neck? I now have that to look forward to issues with my neck? Oh goody.
I am still dealing with my sister asking me what the hell the lump was on the back of my thigh - Oh you mean my ASS?  I told that sister that I was buying my pants a size bigger to get my tits in my waistband and she about died from laughter. Aah jokes on her she may be 17 years younger but just wait those gorgeous pert titties are gonna fall baby!

Okay so I exaggerate here a bit but honestly it all stinks.
My ass isn't completely on my thighs... yet... because I do excerise but honestly it only helps to a's still lower than it should be for God's sake. And everything else is too.

Sure people tell me I look like I'm younger but so what, everyone does. I some times look at my face in the mirror and go, "who the hell is this person?" I used to be able to put on my eye makeup with out lifting my brow for help. I remember when I used to look at my reflection in the mirror and not avoid it. My how times have changed.

I don't bounce back like I did, I don't heal as fast, and sure as hell can't
recover from a few too many martini's or tequila's as easily. (damn it!)
Oh don't get me wrong the alternative is worse. That is not lost on me.
The good thing about being 50 is I no longer care what others think.
I no longer waste time and energy on people who are toxic....even family.
I can now say No when I really want to say No and can understand that saying No doesn't mean I'm a bad person but that sometimes you have to have boundaries.
I no longer believe in saying NEVER. I am old enough to realize that will bite you in the ass as soon as you say it.
I now understand that not everything is black and white - there is a helluva lot of gray out there. (and I'm not talking hair)
I understand forgiveness is about freeing yourself and nothing to do with them being right or what they did was right.
I now understand at 50 that sometimes people don't like you - their loss not yours you can't make them all like you - move on and only dwell on those that do like you.
I now know at 50 that dancing in your dining room spontaniously with your partner is some of the best things in life.

But I still hate being matter what Queen Oprah says!

Monday, August 20, 2007

My First Post

Here it is, my first blog entry.

My friends have been after me for some time to do this. I think it’s because they are tired of my emails to them with my rants, raves, observations and stories. They claim that is not the reason....guess I’ll never know for sure but here it is for all the world to see. It’s a bit scary I must say. Kind of like that horrific dream where you are walking down the street topless or naked. What? You don’t have that one? Okay then I just exposed myself to you all but I guess that is what this is all about isn’t it?

I was asked, “Why the name Straight up – No Chaser” ?
So I will explain.

I have a former co-worker who said to me one day after a customer meeting that she liked working with me because I was “straight up – no chaser”. To be honest at first I wasn’t sure how to take that. Was that an insult? I just had to ask and prepare myself for it to mean something other than my positive assumption just in case.

She told me that I didn’t mince words, play games, and that I was straight up no chaser – as simple as that and it was great to work with someone who didn't play games or tell you what they think you want to hear. So I took it as a compliment....but still with a slight bit of doubt in the back of my mind I must admit. 

I went home and told my husband about the comment and he burst into laughter. He said, “Boy has she got you pegged. I like that phrase it suits you very well....that’s one of the things that I love about you.”

So....when it came time to put something on the top of this blog I went with that.
Since I don’t play games, always say what I mean and mean what I say unless I know it’s going to hurt someone then I don't say it all - that is me.
So there you have it, this is me - In all it’s glory and ugliness.

I hope you enjoy the ride with me.