Thursday, September 29, 2016

Australian Accent

I work alone and from home. That is good and sometimes bad.
Bad, because my lunch hour consists of walking a dog and usually doing a load of dishes, laundry and or washing the floor. Bad because I don't get to interact with nice people during the day. Good, because, gee what is good about working from home so one can multi-task and do everything? Hmm...I guess it would be the lack of clothing and lack of a commute are the good things.

I deal with mostly entitled DC type A personalities who are rude, condescending and disrespectful. Imagine my surprise when I heard a friendly man on the other end of the phone yesterday. He was funny, charming and had the best damn accent.
As I told my girlfriend, he could be an ax murderer but his Australian accent makes me smile.

As we discussed some options for his 3 bathrooms he told me about his recent move here to the US with his wife. (I blocked the wife part out)
You see he just moved here to the states and was most unhappy with the workers thus far. Most didn't show up, most didn't return phone calls. The last one didn't show up until 11 and left at 1p and didn't finish the job so he fired him. He said that wouldn't fly in Australia. Hell, it doesn't fly most places, but it is endemic to this tiny place called DC Metro. If I had a dime for each call that tells me this type of story I wouldn't have to work anymore.

He didn't have a lot of nice things to say about we Americans. I told him to not judge all of America from the folks here. I too, am not from this area, but understand all of what he is talking about. I calmed him a bit and he continued telling me about his soaker tub that he needed us to refurbish. I needed the size to give him the price quote he was looking for. He said he was 6'4" and the tub wasn't really that big because he'd have to be a pretzel to fit.
It made a nice visual for this ole gal.

So I am envisioning a tall big man who is gorgeous with an Australian accent. You know sort of like Chef Curtis Stone. (insert swoon here)

When we do his 3 bathrooms I told the guys I want a photo.
Hey, I work alone and the men I do work with are old news.
A girls gotta daydream.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Ebay Sucks

I shop online but never ever will use Ebay.
I have never used it because to me it feels so slimy.
I can't explain it, it just always felt like it was not straight up.
And now I know why.

I ordered something from
Apparently, it went through someone at Ebay.
(Overstock did not share that with me at the time.)
I got the package and it was the wrong item.
Inside the box was nothing other than the wrong item.
You would think you'd find a paid shipping invoice. A receipt of sorts.
You would think there would be a company invoice showing what you ordered and the name of the person/company sending etc.
Nothing inside this box but the wrong item.

So how do I send it back?
There is a label on the box that says World of Tiffany.
Okay, that is weird but I call that number.
They say I have to call Overstock.
Overstock told me it was a reseller from Ebay.
Great. I have avoided Ebay for all these years and now I have to deal with them.

Dealing with Ebay is like going to an island and you are the only person who speaks English on that island. I speak to someone in an Asian country who just says the same thing over and over again. Then I get an email from some ya-hoo who tells me I should have just called him/her and we could have done a quick turn around. How the hell could I have contacted him or her when there is no name anywhere including this friggin' email? Oh, I was livid.

They have sent me 3 links for a return label. All links are broken. I even tried using other browsers. So I call Ebay again, they repeat the spiel they have to read in this foreign language called English. None of this spiel has anything to do with the situation but I fear they can't go off their carefully memorized script. Those are the English words they have learned. They don't know what they are saying and when I ask questions they panic because this isn't on their form. She said something to me in who knows what language and then disconnected me. I knew she was befuddled because this isn't standard. But if you don't know the language how the hell do you do the job? I can't go to Spain and work in customer service with my junior high Spanish. But hey an American CEO shipped their work overseas, what a surprise.

I will next go to the credit card company and stop this. Oh, they will fix this then won't they? In the meantime, I made a huge mistake by ever using anything that was eBay. I always felt they were this side of shady and my opinion now is no different.

Too Much Information.

I know, I know, where the hell have I been?

Well, I'm here but everything is upside down.
We are never slow this time of year and it's eerily slow.
We have a company that we are always behind in the field.
They do grout work and they are so busy that it normally takes 3-4 weeks to get an appointment with them. They too are so slow they are freaking out.
Is it the election? Who knows, but I hate it.

In the meantime, I am having some health issue, no big deal though.
I get an ultrasound next Wednesday. I can't believe I have to wait so long.
My instructions are to not have anything to eat or drink from midnight on as well as to not void as they say (pee) for 2 hrs prior to the test. They said I could come at 1pm for the ultrasound.
To not have water/drink from the time I go to bed until 1pm is crazy.
So I went for the 7:45am appointment. I am up at 5am so why not. Since one of the symptoms I am having is to have to this urgency to pee and large volumes....I know TMI....I would think they would be nicer about all this about asking me to not pee for 2 hrs prior to the test. Then, of course, I will have to sit for an hour before the test in the dr.'s office right? Oh, brother.  I will be the woman sitting in the lobby wiggling in my seat and hoping not to pee her pants.

The problem with me getting sick is Rick. First, he googles things he should not google. Then I have to pretend I'm fine until the last moment when I just can't. That was Sunday. I have had a lot of this pain all summer but thought it'd run its course but now getting far worse to the point of waking from pain. I am getting waves of nausea that are horrible and what I imagine morning sickness to be like. It comes on and stays a while and then leaves just like it came on - unexpectedly. So for those keeping score, severe abdominal pain in two places, nausea, constant urination, and fatigue. See why I didn't think there wasn't any point to a do about this? It's all generic and probably nothing. But then I remembered that I went to 8 doctors who told me nothing was wrong. By then the pain was so off the charts I went to see doctor number 9 and he removed the 6lb tumor from me.

Sadly on Sunday, I couldn't hide it much. It felt like I was having the worst menstrual cramps of my life and the pain is now in my back. (Remember I'm 60 so no menstrual cramps for me.)
I am eating Tylenol like pez and it is doing nothing.
I can't have ibuprofen because most have gluten. No sense in getting sicker.
I had a glass of wine but it didn't sit well so did not finish that.
Apparently, this is all that made Rick say, let's go to the ER.    
He made me call my doctor Monday morning. Damn.
I went Tuesday and after $345 I left with no pain medication and only a slip to get the ultrasound done. Why did I bother? Oh and I was scolded for my blood pressure. Normally I run around 110/60. Today I was 182/72. Yea, high but I'm in pain I would assume that would be the reason. She said we had to monitor that.
Who cares right now!  I was just there in August and it was 114/62. I think we can let this slide.

I will bet they will say there is nothing wrong with me just like I said above. It will just be something I live with. That is normally what happens so I hate going to the Dr. for silly things like this. You mark my words - they will find nothing and I will go on and Rick can just learn to deal with it like I have to.

Unfortunately, Rick gets on google and is convinced this is ovarian cancer.
For the love of God, he has to stop looking at the internet with my symptoms.
He has his panties in a twist on this now. He reminds me of my family history like I don't know anything about it. I keep telling him I do not have cancer, I do not have anything wrong and this too shall pass. He goes from zero to I'm dying in a split second. He is crazy. At best I have a slight infection somewhere. (my white blood count was very high) The man is driving me nuts. The internet should not allow him on any medical sites or allow him to put in symptoms ever in his life. If there was an app to keep him off those sites I'd pay anything for them.

So note to self, if ill, fake it, do not let your husband see you taking medication or bending over in pain. It's all good - smile, it will all be fine.  Takes as much engery to smile as it does frown and be miserable.
Does your spouse do this too?

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Shiney Hiney


Anyone watch the CBS 2 part series on the death of Jon Benet Ramsey?
I don't normally watch this type of thing but I did watch this.
The first night, only because there wasn't anything on that was holding my interest.
This grabbed me.

It was done so well. The way they reenacted. The way they had all these experts in their fields around a table discussing and some playing the devil's advocate. They broke each and everything down through science.
But honestly, they all came to the same conclusion, in the same way, the facts.

Then I saw an excerpt of a Dr. Phil with the son Burke being interviewed between part 1 and part 2 of the CBS show.
He creeped me out and I couldn't watch the whole thing. He had a creepy smile through the interview that was so inappropriate. Was it from being uncomfortable that he smiled at all the wrong times? Or is he just a creep? Just socially awkward? Either way, it was all wrong to me to be smiling while having this discussion.  I also found that on every question his eyes were darting and putting the whole face together there was something off to me.
So I didn't watch the full interview. It made me very, very uncomfortable.

But I sure did watch the CBS show. I highly recommend it. I have never really had an opinion of who did it. But after watching this I agree with these experts. It's sad that if this is true, the parents could have told the authorities and their son would never have been prosecuted. Worth watching if you can find it on demand.

To think that this little girl would have been 26 today. Seriously sad on so many levels. This has ruined the lives of a lot of people. That too was something I saw on the show. They even threw their friends under the bus. People lost jobs or quite. The DA had to be on the take. They feared the almighty dollar that the Ramseys threw around. It was oh so strange.

Did you see it? What were your thoughts?

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Got Nothin'

I know, I've been M.I.A of late.
Crazy busy with all kinds of things.
More on that later. But I had to post something today to get Poop off my header.

I saw this and so wish I could buy it for Rick.

I am sure you've all seen this one on FB but I do get a giggle from the small pickle. Yea, I'm immature. 

Saturday we got all snuggled in on the sofa. (me and the dog) and Rick in his big ole recliner. We each got our beverages (yes, not alcohol - gasp!) and hit play on the ole DVR to watch the movie Money Monster with George Clooney. I saw perhaps 5 minutes and feel asleep. Sitting upright in the corner of my sectional. Rick woke me when it was over. I didn't even know I was that tired. He liked the movie, I can't say obviously.  Then I went to bed and slept. I don't know what is wrong with me of late, I just can't stay awake. No matter the hours of sleep I get I am so tired. Not feeling like myself for about 3 weeks now. I keep thinking this will pass. Right now I just want to crawl into bed.

I have to get back to work. Very busy today.
I will leave you with this chocolate lab puppy - this to me looks like pure joy.
This makes me wish Izzy was still this young. 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Poo on TV

We got a new hopper.
For those who don't have Dish Network, it is a new "box" .

As we were flipping through the channels to see how different the look is now, I noticed this show. Really? Do we really need this?

Of course, it made me laugh and I paused it so I could show Rick.
He, of course, said, "let's tune in and see what it's about?"

Yeah, I don't think so.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Wheel of Fortune

I don't watch Wheel of Fortune
I find Sajak incredibly obnoxious so I don't tune in.
However, the last couple of nights Rick has had it on while I'm doing other things. I can still hear it though. I look over at him and he isn't even watching this insipid dribble, he is on his laptop.

The contestants are bad enough. All the jumping up and down and acting so foolish as though they have never been in public before. But it got worse for me.
Each night I hear the same thing, "Hi Pat. My name is...I am married to my handsome husband/beautiful wife, I have 3 perfect children."
It makes me want to vomit!!

Just once I would love to hear, "Hi Pat. My name is Sue. I am married to a raging alcoholic who has lost all our money on booze and gambling, I have a son currently in rehab for methamphetamines and a daughter who is on the pole. I need some big money Pat so I can run away."

Now that I would not only tune in for, I'd cheer her on!!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Honeymoon Phase

Our life has been a great deal of discovery of Rick's new family.
I am the mean one telling him to cool his jets, to lay back, to not be so eager that you can see the trees through the forest kind of thing.

He is not listening to me.
When he met his birth mom there was a honeymoon phase. But by the time he spent time with her, not just a visit, he realized she was not someone he wanted to be around. We then had to make it a point to distance ourselves.

I keep telling him that story to remind him to chill out.
Out of the 4 siblings, he found he has, 2 do not partake in their family.
Too much to share, but suffice it to say, it sounded like my family and it made me laugh. Ah, family drama and dysfunction.

These 2 want to come meet Rick. They write each day and talk, ask questions, share pictures. (he really does look and sound like his father) We would prefer going there since Rick has never spent much time in California except San Francisco which he did not like (neither of us did - it was like a very dirty Seattle) 
They asked if they can come in October. Busy month for us but I feel I have no right to say no. We are going to Florida for my annual cousin's reunion so perhaps I'll have to cancel our trip.

I was hoping for neutral ground but doesn't seem like that is going to happen.
Great, meet new people and have to entertain. Didn't I just have company where I had to cook and do all this entertaining shit? Aargh.

It's funny I have wished my whole life to not have siblings. I always wanted to be an only child. As a young woman in my 20's I would say that I wanted to marry a man who was an orphan - no more family drama. And basically, I did. He is an only child and his parents are both deceased.
It shows that I am the complete opposite of Rick in this situation.
I told him he could have my sisters. Damn, he wants his own.

I hope this eventually settles into something Rick and his new found family can handle well.  I so don't want to deal with drama. I don't want more shit in my life, I'd like less. I am trying to downsize my life and here it is getting bigger.

Can I just run away and live on the beach somewhere?

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Randomn Items

Wow have I been busy. But nothing in particular.
Had a great holiday weekend. A bit lazier than normal and I sure liked that.
Hope you all had a nice holiday as well.

Let's start with deaths shall we?
Phyllis Schlafly died this weekend.
I despised this woman. I know it's not nice to speak ill of the dead.But I spoke ill of her while she was alive, does that count?
I saw the funniest quote about her death on Twitter - 
'Let's treat her like she wanted women treated:
Mrs. John Fred Schlafly, Jr died today. '
That made me smile!

Now let's start with beginnings.
Rick "met" his 2 siblings over the weekend. He's no longer an only child. Imagine that. "Met" via phone and emails actually, not in person.
The person on saw Rick's message and she saw that they were related 99.97% or some such crazy high number.
She knew what that meant but neither of them said anything about being siblings.

She called Rick on Sunday late afternoon our time. She said her name and Rick looked at me and said, "Cheri?" I shrugged I had no idea. She then repeated her name and this time Then Rick went, Oh Cheri and looked at me with wide open eyes. At that point I remembered who Cheri was.
She said to Rick, "I don't even have a DNA match this close with my 1st cousins do you know how we are related?"  
Rick asked if she was sitting down and he told her.

She cried. He cried. It was wild. He hasn't stop grinning all weekend.
They talked for a very long time. A plethora of questions back and forth.
Then the emails started and the texting. This went on for 2 days.
It was so overwhelming to Rick as well as his new found siblings.
He has 3 sisters and 1 brother. They all have the same father.
They know that their father knew nothing about him just as he was told.
Hearing about his father was like someone listing things about Rick.
That was odd.

Nature vs. nuture has always been a discussion at our home. I see a lot of nature and nurture in Rick and I think that is pretty damn cool.

I don't know where this will go. They need to chill out for a bit and absorb all this. After she saw Rick's photos she cried. She said it was like looking at Dad again. I wish Rick had found him before he passed. If I didn't tell you, he passed from a fall at only 54 years old. 

They live in California. Couldn't be further away in the lower 48 could it?
Her father grew up in Orange County and said it was not the Orange County we know today.  They all grew up there as well. She said it was surfing and very rural and not the place for the rich and famous as it is today. All live in California but one lives in Utah. They are no longer in Orange County. They are in other areas of California. Cheri is near Big Bear Lake. I don't know specifics about the others.

I hope they get to meet. Once the dust settles we'll see. Rick surely didn't want to scare them or make them feel he wanted anything more than to know them. It was all up to them. He did not come on strong and even said as much. He will let them make the first move. They made comments about meeting so we'll see.
I'd sure love to tag along and go to CA but they may wish to meet somewhere neutral or come here. We'll see.

I spent my life wishing I had no siblings. It was always so noisy in my house. It was always chaos, drama, and I prefer calm. Then as adults, oiy vay, the issues. So I kept telling Rick to be careful what he wishes for this may be more than you want or need. But right now, it's been cool to see him so happy. He finally looks like someone. He has been telling me that since I met him. He wanted to find someone that looks like him. Well, he sure has. It's so darn nice for him.

The thing that struck me was that she went to on her fathers birthday to find she had a brother. Hmm...