Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Next Door

Do any of you use the NextDoor App? Phone or on the web?  
Well, I do, and let me share with you my discoveries of this app.

Boy, there are a whole lot of people who want to vent and bitch. 
Guess they don't have their own blog like me.🤣

I get email notifications when something new pops up on the Next Door app.
If you don't have it, think of it like Facebook just for your neighborhood.

Where I currently live I signed up for this many years ago. 
It used to be, "hey anyone knows a good plumber?"
"Hey the new SR Bar opened, the burgers are good but the wait staff is so new and a bit slow, but give 'em a chance the food and ambiance were great."  Just nice neighborly things. 

As the years progressed it took an ugly turn. 
It's a location that resides all 'Karen's now. 
Paranoid of everything and anything others do is wrong. 
Oh my goodness the silly things these people freak out about.
  • "OMG there was a person that looked suspicious over on Donovan Street and I called the cops"  I don't know what happened anyone know? Then it all begins, the fear gets everyone. Hide your kids and animals. Weeks later in small print, it was just a contractor walking from his truck to the back of the neighbor's house where he was working on their new addition. This lady thought someone looked suspicious but never followed to see where he was going. Just her neighbor's yard to work on that big addition you could easily have seen if you had looked out your window instead of calling the police. She did say he was dressed poorly and his clothes were dirty. So the contractor wasn't in a suit and he was getting dirty. She has never seen anyone work before apparently. Poor guy had to stop to talk to the cops and that had to ruin his day/week.  
  • Then Karen got her panties in a twist because there were 8 yr old juvenile delinquents throwing rocks on their driveway and sidewalk and they could poke an eye out - but then it took an ugly turn - parental shaming, bad parents, did anyone call the cops? did anyone stop to yell at them?  You'd have thought those little kids were selling crack on the school grounds, carrying weapons, bullying and hurting other kids. The parental shaming was sickening. The poor kids were playing with rocks in their driveway and the sidewalk in front of their house. This feed went on for days and each day it got bigger and the parents were just shy of being tarred and feathered in the public square. They were just kids 8 to 9 at the oldest. On a warm spring day. Playing outside with rocks. Yes, that is worth getting everyone in a tissy about. 
  • Then we got a pandemic and it was daily chaos. I turned off all notifications. It was nuts. People saw this person wearing a hoodie, or this man was walking between the houses. (it was a meter reader) I couldn't take it anymore. Oh, and the hoodie-wearing delinquent was a young woman who was cold and put her hood up. She apologized for scaring this person. I saw her photo. She's as tall as me and about 100lbs. Scary as hell.  I don't want to read their petty issues. We live in an area where no one locks their doors and nothing bad happens but they fear everything. Oh my God, the sky is falling!
  •  Someone's mail was delivered and the box was empty. So now he is all about killing the mailman. He is convinced the mail carrier took the golf club he got for father's day and then taped up the box and gave him the empty box. This feed got long and wide and just when I thought I'm turning this off is when this happened. I got as far as postal employees giving their two cents. It was ugly and I shut it off and deleted our account.
Today I got a notification from the NextDoor App for the neighborhood where our lake house was located.
Here are their topics today. 
  • Hey, the storm blew in 2 Adirondack chairs into our cove, if you lost yours on your dock these might be it - and the picture is inserted.
  • Just had new pilings driven for a new dock. I highly recommend XYZ company, they did a helluva job and fair price. insert phone number
  • Hey, that new restaurant allows you to get there by boat. It was superb. The wait staff was great and the food was excellent. And you can't beat the view!
  • Any try that new high-speed internet they've been talking about around the lake? I need something other than cable or satellite. Any advice?
This guy got lots of replies. I had to read them because this was a huge issue when we had a home on this lake. Internet was so slow down there.
No one got mean. No shaming. There was teasing of this one man, Bud, who we all know, complaining about the speed. Another man told him porn was good on slow internet too. Oh, that got everyone laughing. No shaming, no gasping, no one being offended, it was all in good fun. Just a lot of smiley faces. (Besides Bud is 80.)

So I keep reading the NextDoor App at the lake but I don't anymore where I live. C'mon, can you blame me?


balanced a.f. said...

I'm not at all familiar with such things, but it's a shame how things have gotten these days. Some of the news clips are crazy ridiculous the way people are behaving. It's almost sickening.

Olga said...

I never signed up for those neighborhood apps. I have an anti-social reputation but so be it.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Balance, It is crazy ridiculous how most people are behaving!

Olga, hold on to that reputation. It will serve you well!

Cruisin Paul said...

You are a very interesting person Peg. That's why I get a kick with you. You make my day. I don't have that app, I got you. I always smile after I leave your blog. Have a great day my friend.

Cruisin Paul

Misadventures of Widowhood said...

I get the NextDoor app and it's filled with similar complaints but some useful warnings like a rash of car break-ins. Mostly I keep it for the lost cats and dogs post and back before Levi died I wanted to able to post if he ever got lost. My back yard nature strip seems to attract a lot of cats who like to hunt mice so when I see one I always check NextDog to see if it looks like a lost cat someone is looking for.

People do get their panties in a wad about the stupidest things sometimes. My favorite are the once who complain because a car in parked on the street...always looking for a sinister reason.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Paul, thank you Paul! 😁

Jean, oh my goodness the car on the street!! It happened to Rick. The neighbor was having a graduation party and they had a lot of company. Rick parked 2 blocks away. I saw the post and the photo of our car. I had to write and say this is legal to park there and we just had to park 2 blocks away because of a neighborhood party. Honestly, we have become a bit paranoid. Good to be cautious, but it is going way to far now.

Jamie Ghione said...

I haven't bothered with apps ;like this and don't think I will.

Bobi said...

Wait, y'all don't lock your doors? I live in a small town/rural area and we have never not locked our doors. I'd be terrified to live with unlocked doors, I guess I'm weird.

About the mail drama: everyone should sign up for Informed Delivery from the post office. Free daily emails with pictures of all your mail. I love it.

Abby said...

Oh sheesh, I've got nextdoor bookmarked on my PC, but most definitely do NOT have the app on my phone. I defnitely don't want nextdoor notifications! Ours is similar to your first example, especially since the pandemic times.
It can be a handy resource, and I do get emails in the case of a missing child or at-risk adult. That's enough.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Jamie - good call.

Bobi - we lock them when we go to bed at night.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Abby, I think the app itself is useful in a lot of ways. But as is normally the case, some nut job ruins it for everyone.
Because we lived 4 hrs north of our lake home for 10 years there were situations where this was so handy. Like after a storm and I knew the power was out so I could contact someone to go check on our house. Or when the lake levels were dangerously high after a bad storm. I would then call the neighbor and get his help if needed. So I see all the good it can do. But you know there is always a Karen unfortunately.

Mike said...

I'm on there. But if I see a thread starting that's a bizarre complaint thread I hit the 'no more comments for me' button.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Well by golly I never saw that button - oh well it's been deleted.

Julie H said...

I live in a little community and we have a couple facebook groups. One is a neighborhood watch one and it goes a lot like that. I left at one point when they were wanting to verbally attack people for fishing in our lake if they weren't with a member. I was like dear God you people need to lighten up.

Arkansas Patti said...

Your actual neighborhood sounds a mess but that lake one sounds really helpful. I'm sure that was the original purpose of the app. It must make you wish you still had that lake house.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Patti, oh you have no idea how much I miss my old life. Oh well. I had it and some never do so thankful I got to enjoy it while I could. And yes that was the original intent of the app.

Rian said...

Peggy, we have that Neighborhood App and it's great when the power is out, someone's lost their pet, or want to warn the neighbors about a scam etc. But some treat it like Facebook and go on and on about things that are irrelevant... acting like high school kids... complaining that a feral cat has peed on their lawn, or a wild duck has landed in their pool, etc. Really? These may be inconveniences, but hey, that's life. But there will always be people like that. All I do is read and ignore.

It' said...

I quit the Next Door app when we began to get notices of people asking for money. The first one, I noted it and moved on. Then there was another, and another. I feel bad for those that were having financial hardships. But using Next Door as a venue just didn't sit well with me, and I didn't see it stopping, so I deleted the app and unsubscribed.