Wednesday, June 29, 2022


I figure since I must be still why not be still at the beach? 
Laying around is not a dream for me so Rick made a suggestion.

He is taking me to a nearby lake at their beaches. He said if I have to lay around why not go to the lake and put my chair in the water and get some sun. Rip the boot off and put my toes in sand and water.

I reminded him that I'm not to go in the sun for prolonged periods due to the meds burning me. He said, "wear a hat" I laughed and said, "yes, let's go!!" I'll bring my cover up if I'm getting too much sun.

So we are going to pack some fruit and drinks and head to the beach Thursday. Originally we thought we'd just go Funday Friday but realized it's a holiday weekend and we don't want to deal with crowds so we think Thursday will be less busy. We shall see. Today is very overcast and rainy so 'they' say it will be nice tomorrow, but 'they' are guessing so we shall see.

Then when this whole nightmare (foot and eye) is over we must go to the shore. The Outer Banks are calling me. But for now this will do. I know this is our first trip to a lake or beach in 13yrs with out our water dog. It's gonna hurt.

I am taking time off until Monday. Time off you say? You don't do anything Peggy. As the Bill Murray character says in 'What About Bob?' 
I am taking a vacation from my life. 😁
If you do hit the link to watch this, the lake they are on is the lake where our lake house was. Not bad scenery, right?

Enjoy your holiday. 
*Happy Canada Day on Friday to my Canadian readers.
*Happy 4th to my US readers. Be safe.
See you after the holiday.


Mike said...

Be safe.

Bobi said...

Enjoy your trip! You deserve it!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Mike. Backatcha.

Bobi, where am I going? Oh the vacation from my life... if only.

Arkansas Patti said...

Have a wonderful vacation from your ailments. Close your eyes, soak that foot in the water and drift away.
That was a lovely lake you lived on. Reminds me of one I grew up on. Miss it.

Linda said...

Will this be your first trip to water without your beautiful companion? I hope you see her and are able to remember all the good times (and not that time she went in the poisoned water). Take good care my friend.

Julie H said...

Have fun, don't get burnt!

Olga said...

Have fun. BUT take care in the sun!
My honeymoon was to the Outer Banks and we made a second trip there several years later. It definitely has a special place in my heart and memory.

It' said...

Sounds lovely, and I hope you enjoy the sand and sun! Be careful....we came home from our wonderful trip, only to discover we are positive for covid. I am glad that we didn't get sick until after the vacation though. I'm sure we were exposed at the Grand Canyon ~ there were people there from all over the world.

bluzdude said...

We just came back from 4 days in Ocean City MD. The best part of being on vacation is that you have permission to do nothing. If I just sit around and read a book at home, there are all these other things I could be doing. But on vacation? All clear to loaf!

Hope you enjoy yours as much as I did mine.

Taja said...

Enjoy your vacation from your life!

I think that many, if not most, of us would benefit from something similar!

...Taja 🏜️

Pippa said...

Clearly I meant delurk not delude. Sorry.