Sunday, June 26, 2022


Ok I'm less cranky today. 😁
We did attend the art festival Friday night. It is not for us. Not the right clientele. But Rick talked to two vendors. One bought tables and charcuterie boards and did designs on them with epoxy and resin. She did not turn the wood. She told us everything we assumed the minute we got there.
But, you don't know if you don't check it out. It was free so no harm done except the walking in the ole boot.

I have a theory. Hear me out, then let me know your thoughts.

I've heard from several Dr s over the years that the majority of time when you hear a woman broke her hip when she fell it is not from the fall.
They believe the hip breaks and then they fall.

Well you may or may not know but steroids make your bones brittle and tend to cause broken bones. I was given calcium to help prevent that while on the massive dose. (You know that list of pills I take for the side effects of the pills I take)

As I told you in my post in May, I stood up from the sofa and I was about to sit right back down but my legs gave out. That has never happened before.  
Maybe it broke first when my feet hit the ground. (Remember my feet don't touch the floor when I'm sitting on the sofa) then the fall happened. It wasn't a big fall, it was right in front of a small coffee table. I hadn't even moved any more than standing and then beginning to sit down.
I really think it broke first causing the fall.
But what do I know?

I am done with steroids on the last day of June. It's this Thursday and I can not wait!! Not done with chemo yet but the steroids are almost done and they are the real devil.

When I was at the Drs having an X-ray, she didn't see a fracture. She could barely touch it without me yelping. I felt like a hypochondriac when they said nothing was found.  When I got home she called me to say that she was wrong. She felt that my pain made no sense so she reviewed the x-rays again along with the other Drs in the group. Then she called to tell me what they saw. She apologized profusely. I told her well it at least explains my pain and it's not in my head.  

The ortho she referred me to called Thursday nite to say they could get me in on Monday. To keep wearing the boot to stabilize until they see me. 

So now Rick won't let me do anything. You think it sounds nice, but it's not. He wasn't like this for the last 6 weeks and I reminded him of that but honestly he hovers like an old Italian Grandmother! Hungry? Need anything? Lemonade? Ice Water? Go out to your shop Richard and leave me alone. I had to tell him I'd call if I needed anything. Shoo!

I need to find something that keeps me moving. All this sitting and laying around is horrible. I cleaned bathrooms, kitchen, living room and put all Rick bowls, cutting boards etc in a HUGE rubber maid container. They were all over my dining room table. We were out of table space. I prepped dinner and made a dump cake. He came inside to lecture me to get off my foot. Mind you I can't eat dump cake and after he had some he said, "you could make this while sitting at the island couldn't you?"  When I said yes, I think it made him feel better. Like I would sit to make something. The goof ball. 

Now I've been on my feet and walking etc for 6 weeks. When I would say I think there is something more going on here cuz this really hurts like hell. He'd tell me it just takes time for a bad sprain to heal. Now he's acting like my father and Grandmother. 

Speaking of men. F--k the Supreme Court. Even if you think having a choice over your own body is wrong for some unfathomable reason - Just wait you're/we are going to lose more of our rights and liberties. One of em will get ya. This is all about control. 


Misadventures of Widowhood said...

My mom broke her back in several places just riding on a snowmobile so I can buy into the theory that a broke bone causes a fall not the other way around. Bones get brittle with certain medical conditions. My bones are porous and do for another infusion.

You need a sit-down hobby to keep you busy while you're healing your foot and eye.

Sorry the art show wasn't a good fit for Rick's woodwork. He'll find an Arts & Craft show that will be a good fit but probably not in time for this summer. The good ones are filled up a year ahead. Here in my city they have a Woodcrafter's Show in the fall that is for carvers, turners and builders. Everything from bowls, birds to tables. He should start now to look for fall/Christmas shows. Another idea is one a friend of mine's son does. He personalizes cutting boards for a realtor who gives them as gifts when she sells a house.

Julie H said...

Every time I sit still I fall asleep. I probably need a C Pap machine (and/or lose weight).

Arkansas Patti said...

Believe you break first then fall. I take steroids every day in my inhaler. Really should take more calcium. Thanks for the reminder.
I once broke my leg in an auto accident. It wasn't caught then but 10 days later. Hope your ortho can fix you right up. I had to do some physical therapy but have had no further problems. Wishing you the same.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Jean, I had a bone density test prior to all this. He was thrilled my bones were so good and of a woman 1/2 my age he proclaimed. So imagine how bad these steroids are! I do need a sit down hobby. Hopefully I can read a book soon. I may go back to knitting. :-) Rick didn't plan to do this in summer because he's not ready. He wants to find the perfect arts/crafts show as well as the selling he's doing on line. It's nice to find these towns and to explore our new area though.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Julie, what does falling asleep have to do with a cpap? Oh wait, because you probably didn't sleep well the night before?

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Patti, My calcium pill is a damn horse pill. It is large and chalky. Yum yum.
We were talking and I think there will be PT. It's not my foot it's my ankle that is broken or so this doctor says. We shall see. All I know is it hurts like hell and I"m walking funny. Today in the yard in my boot I was kneeling to pull weeds. I couldn't get up. I finally laid on my back and Rick turned around and I said, "Im a turtle on my back, give me your hand" That got me up .For some reason it wasn't that easy with this huge foot of a boot. Ah but it does make us laugh and I must keep laughing because I am bordering depression.

Abby said...

Falls and breaks, like chickens and eggs I guess. You need to stay off it so it will heal, you need to use it so it's strong. Such a conundrum!

Wow, that first image from France...
This decision is going to negatively impact us all - including men and us old ladies. No one's immune.

Mike said...

More good memes.

"All this sitting and laying around is horrible."
So you're in OCD jail! Be careful what you put on FB. You don't want to be in two jails at once.

Bohemian said...

I'm of the opinion the break probably comes first and then the fall. Bone density declines with Age and the ability to Heal also. I had a Friend who retired from the Medical Examiner's Office and she said most people who break a Hip die within 9 Months. That was a scary revelation to consider.

Grace said...

I fractured my ankle and tore the tendons and muscles and THAT was what was causing pain - the fracture was a hairline going horizontally up the back of the ankle. The x-ray done at the urgent care place didn't see it but my orthopedist did, and yes, several weeks of P/T. And still my left ankle (that knobby bit on the outside part of the ankle) always looks like a lump and when it is super humid it looks like a grapefruit is growing out of my ankle.

I take calcium plus D and yup, those suckers are huge! I had a dexa test last year and at age 75 my bone density was at the average level for a 30 year old (30 being the age they decided is the baseline). My husband is the one with osteoporosis. He fractured the head of his femur 3 years ago and after 2 infusions of Reclast I asked his doctor if adding calcium would help and she said "Can't hurt" so the next year he had a dexa prior to his 3rd Reclast infusion and his bone density improved so much that a third infusion was basically just a "Why the hell not, just one more."

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Grace, wow, that surprised me about the calcium pill and how well it worked.(yes I take D too) I'm concerned about muscles and tendons because of areas of pain so I shall see today at 3:15p.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Bohemian, Yikes! 9 months! Thankfully my grandmother lived 6 more years! As I stated my bone density prior to this was that of a woman 1/2 my age. So I am assuming the steroids are the reason just like my dr told me could happen.he makes me take calcium but didn't work did it? I can't wait for another bone density test in August. Just to see the difference.