Thursday, June 23, 2022


I am a bit cranky and very warm. 

Yesterday it was a balmy 98. Our air was blowing warm air out of the vents but at first we did not notice. It was very late afternoon when we were aware of it.

At first I thought it was a hot flash, which the meds make me have. 
But no, because then Rick came inside and got incredibly warm. He went to the thermostat and saw it was 82 at that point in our home. (5p) Yuk.

As the day/nite went on it sure didn't get any better. I have short hair and my hair was wet and I was inside. 

Rick and I were picking tomatoes from the garden after dinner. He thought I was walking back to the house but, nope. I grabbed the hose and sprayed him from behind. He yelped and jumped and then turned around and said, "Do this side" 
Then he soaked me with the hose. We were like children out there laughing and spraying each other with water while fully clothed. Ooh it was cold but it felt so good.

We came inside after squeezing the water out of our clothes. When we got inside we stayed in those wet clothes for a bit and sat on beach towels It felt good since the inside of the house felt almost the same temp as outside.

I called a company that everyone on the Next Door App recommended. I knew they were closed but I thought if I left them a message maybe they will be able to come tomorrow. Rick laughed at that. "No way we will get someone that fast"
But I had to try.

This morning at 8:22am they called. We can have someone there between 12p-5p. Ok!  Then at 10a they called to say that someone canceled and could they come in 15-30 minutes. YES!

This wonderful young man came and figured it all out. This kid was someone Rick would meet on a jobsite and try to steal him to come work for him. He was professional, personable, and very knowledgeable.  When it was more (as in the problem not money) than what we thought, he explained and showed us the issue. Because we agreed to the service call/diagnostics cost he wanted us to know this part would be additional monies. We said we most certainly understood and thanked him for explaining.  He was and is a great representation of how a service professional should act. I called the company to tell them so. I also left a review naming Jonathan.
Rick and I were just so impressed by him. 

He and Rick shared a few stories about going into people's homes. They were laughing about the people who won't answer their door but will peek out the window and they called you, but won't let you in. Jonathan was shocked it happened to Rick and his men too. He said in all honesty I thought it was because I'm a man of color and on their porch. Rick said nope they did it to me and 2 of my men who were white so it's people Jonathan, they are nuts!!  Jonathan said,"For some reason that makes me feel better"

He is gone now and the air is strong and coming back. I can't wait until it's cool again in here. Tonight we are going to sleep really well.

How do people survive this heat and humidity without a/c? I am sure some have to.
I am so blessed to have it!!


Mike said...

Don't leave me hanging! What was wrong!

Susan from the Pacific Northwest said...

I love it when a service person is excellent. I'm glad you had a good experience, and now you have someone to add to your list of contacts. Good for you adding the review, etc.

Plus, I'm glad you got your AC going again.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Mike, I dunno. Ask Rick. 😊

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Susan, me too!

Mr. Shife said...

People are indeed nuts. Can confirm.
Glad you got the A/C up and running and enjoy that cool air.

Jamie Ghione said...

It got a little cooler last night as thunder storms began.

Arkansas Patti said...

Sooo glad he got you fixed. I had a similar problem only my A/C just wouldn't shut off. It did a fair job of cooling--80's. My guy was able to patch it and they are building me a box to handle the intake air. Since his patch is working perfectly, I'm low priority but that is OK by me. Let them get the people with no A/C first.
Good idea with the water hose and kind of fun.

Abby said...

That's the problem with service jobs - dealing with customers! Jonathan could equally leave a favorable review for you if that was a thing.
Glad you got the a/c back up to snuff.

Linda said...

I can totally see the two of you with your water fight. *smiling from ear to ear*

Stay cool my friend.


Misadventures of Widowhood said...

Good service men is sure a blessing isn't it.

Julie H said...

How awesome! It is so hard to get someone that has good customer service these days.

It' said...

I am so relieved to have a repair/service person that makes you feel taken care of. The kid who fixed our dryer was awesome. So glad to hear you didn't have to deal with a hot house for too long!
I did have a bare bones Toyota w/o air conditioning...this was in San Antonio, and it was no fun at all.

Barbara said...

I can remember being in grade school and having the attic fan going to keep us cool. Mother said we were one of the first to get central air on our block. How did we live? I blame not being any smarter than I am on not having air conditioning in school - ever. How could anybody learn and retain when they were wilting in the seat.