Friday, April 9, 2021

Glad this week is over

It's been a helluva week.

I must have eaten something I shouldn't have although I can't fathom what it could be it set me off to have a severe attack of diverticulitis.  
Then if that weren't enough I thought I'd add in a dose of who knows what to cause severe fatigue, fever, chills, body aches like I've never had before, and a wicked headache. 

If I didn't know better I'd think, hmm, symptoms to my first vaccine shot. 
But here we are 19-20 days later. Could it be? 
Someone says this functions with your metabolic system. 
Mine is on stall, so is that the reason it took so long? 
(I am not being flippant, this is a real issue for me and my metabolism) 

I was out of this world sick on Monday and Tuesday. 
I slept from 6p to 6am and felt so tired I could barely function. 
My eyes just hurt. There were hours where I just laid in bed with my eyes closed because they hurt.  
It was all I could do to get out of bed to use the bathroom and crawl back to bed and I'd be wiped out.  

So I was convinced I got covid somehow. I only go to the grocery store and doctors' office and I wear 2 masks. I do not live in one of the 5 states with their cases going up. So how the hell could that happen? Is Rick a carrier and brought this home to me? But wouldn't he be sick?  

I have to say all the symptoms were horrific. But the fatigue is so off the charts. 
I have never experienced anything like this before. Monday I couldn't sit upright at the desk so I just didn't. I put my head down. If this is like the flu, it's not a flu I've ever had thank God. At work, the clock did not move and I just wanted the day to be over. As soon as Rick got home I was in bed.  
Then just like that, I am fine. 2 long days of that fun. I awoke on Wednesday and I no longer had a fever or any of those symptoms. Healed! 
So it obviously was not Covid. 

My tummy pain did not go away of course along with all that entails but the awful symptoms were gone. But now, here it is Wednesday and I was to get my 2nd shot.  Will they even give me one after what I just went through?  

I had no fever and I was feeling fine. So I decided to go and tell them and see what they say.  When I mentioned this to the pharmacist giving me my shot Wednesday she said, "Oh no, you'd have symptoms within the first 2 days."
I told her, no you don't. I told her Rick got his 6 days after his 2nd shot.
She didn't believe me. She swears we both got the flu.
You know the 2 day flu. Sure.
Then she proceeded to take my temp 4 times.  I had already had my temp taken as I entered the store. I had no fever. So they felt it was fine to get the 2nd vaccine.

By evening I had a very sore left arm, which I did not have the first time.
So sore I could barely lift it. Touching it was out of the question. The person who gave me my shot this time didn't do it as well as the first one because I felt this one. By 7p I had a fever again and the same symptoms. I was in bed shortly thereafter. 
Oh goody, I had a 1/2 day of feeling good and here we go again.
I can't express enough the unyielding fatigue. The body aches were so bad all my fingers hurt. It was so bizarre and equally awful. 

I recall after my mom died I got mononucleosis. I got so tired and I slept a lot. (personally, it was depression but my family would never have thought that! her mother died, get up, make your father dinner, don't be lazy, the laundry needs done, and get your sister dressed for school!)
But being sleepy from mono was nothing like this fatigue. I recall when Tom Hanks was on a talk show addressing how Covid affected him. 
He said he took a walk to the kitchen and he had to sleep for hours.  
I get that now. I may have only had the symptoms of the shot but the fatigue is no joke!!  You've been warned. I truly felt that if this was Covid I'd rather die. 
I actually don't even remember much from those 2 days. 

Friday morning it's all gone. The fog has lifted. I now have a baseball size lump on my arm. It itches like crazy. So I suppose that too is another side effect.
I should have been in a trial. They could have learned some stuff from me. I am also glad I got the Pfizer vax. I know my sister in law who works in medicine was adamant that Rick and I try to get that one. "They," say they are all the same. 
I don't know if that is the case or not just as I don't believe you get side effects only within the first week. I am proof that is not true. 

I hope none of you have any of the side effects. I am thrilled so many are getting vaccinated. Our state is open to all now. Yippee. Each county had a set up through the VA Dept. of Health.  After the 1st 2 groups got theirs at that location they opened up pharmacies along with the VA Dept of Health so it went quickly. 

I read this week that nearly half of the new US Covid infections are in just 5 states. Oh, you know who they are too - Michigan, Florida, PA, New Jersey, and New York.  I was surprised Texas and Arizona weren't in that group but thrilled they were not!  Sadly I have to go to PA for a quick up and back trip for my mom and she has an unvaccinated person living with her.  

I met a very nice older woman standing in line behind me yesterday who was also waiting on her 2nd vaccine. She was holding a lot of items. I said that I think they snake us through the store just so we'll buy things. She agreed and her arms were so full of things she had picked up along the way. I asked if she would hold my spot and I'd run to get her a cart. She said she would so I ran to the front of the store and got her a shopping cart. I looked at the baskets and thought, no, sometimes those can get heavy and she may not be any better off - get the cart for her. 
She was tiny and frail looking. 
Rick asked me why didn't she go get one. I said it would be like if Grandma C was holding them - would you have done the same? Yes. That's why. 

You would have thought I bought her a car. She was so nice about it. 
No biggie I told her she just looked like her arms were overflowing. She said they were but now I can just shop more because I don't have to hold them. She giggled. She reminded me of my grandmother she was so cute. When I came out of the room where I received my vax she was standing there with her cart and said good-bye to me. I said, "Oh they make you stay for 15 minutes." 
Well, that excited her, she said, "ooh good because I haven't been to the Easter candy sale aisle and I know my grandkids would want something."  
I laughed. I honestly assumed her grandchildren to be in their 50s but I didn't say that. Then again they could be and who doesn't want a chocolate bunny even if you are 50. 
I'd have her adopt me for a chocolate bunny.


Jamie Ghione said...

I woke up early Monday morning to check for vaccine appointment openings in my town and scored one for the following day. It was a long line and a while before I got in. I was taking to someone who was waiting behind me.

It was the J&J, the one-dose vaccine. I felt a little tired in the days that followed. And my arm was sore where the shot was injected.

Julie H said...

Sounds like when I had my "respiratory infection" when they didn't have covid tests yet although I had coughing to go with mine. I was so tired and my eyes hurt like hell.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Jamie - glad it hasn't happened to you.

Julie - hmmm....could you have had covid? But then wouldn't others in your home have been sick too? Either way I wanted others to know it doesn't just happen in the first 2 days. If you didn't get it in the first two days doesn't mean you won't. I hope no one else does it is the worst thing ever.
I've had 5 back surgeries, shoulder surgery and knee surgery. I'd do any of them again with all the pain that goes with it never to have to feel what I just went through again!

Mike said...

Claudia and I both had the Pfizer. No reaction to the first or second shot. But I did hear where "they" say if you have a reaction you'll have more immunity. You lucky duck, you!

Rian said...

Sorry about your reaction, but I do agree with you about it not necessarily happening within the first few days. I think depending on your immune system, the time may vary. My DIL who unknowingly had Covid when she took the first vaccine (no fever), said the fatigue was like nothing she had ever felt before...

Olga said...

Oh darn! And here I thought I had the Pfizer side effects poster child thing locked down. I had them all except the sore arm, but I should have known better than to go up against you! I actually am now wondering if my reaction was affected by having had Lyme disease a couple of years ago. It was not fun but it didn't last and I am supposed to take comfort in knowing my immune system is working well.

Misadventures of Widowhood said...

Whatever caused you to be sick, that's a bummer!!!! Other than be very sleepy after both my shots, I didn't have any other reactions. Sleepiness last a few days.

Abby said...

Sheesh, Peggy. Well, I wondered where you were this week. Glad you're feeling better, but who knows if it was a delayed reaction? Sounds like that fog and fatigue thing my coworkers and I had a few weeks after our 2nd shot, but that lasted a little under 24 hours. I still trust the vaccines, but we're technically still in the experimental phase.

Arkansas Patti said...

Phew, glad I didn't read this before I got my shot. I did have a similar reaction a couple of years ago with the heavy duty flu shot but not quite as bad as you. Your symptoms sounded like my neighbor's who was the first in our area to get Covid. Brutal. Like Mike said, it probably means you got the best protection with lots of antibodies. Hope all the torture is done and you are quite safe now. So glad it didn't last more than 2 days.
That older lady you befriended sounds like you were good for eachother.

Julie H said...

I wonder if I did have it. EVERYONE at work was sick but no one at home got it. They could have had it and not known though I guess.

Mary said...

I’ve had both (Moderna) and exactly one week later of the first one,I developed big rash area on the injection arm that itched some. Gone in two days. Had chills first night after number two, then all gone.

But I have a friend who got shingles after three weeks of number two and three weeks later from that, she got some other rash all over her torso. Her allergist said she thought it was an over stimulation by her immune system. She does occasionally give hives in her life, so she’s prone to that kind of thing. Could have been coincidental...she will never really know. She had never had the shingles vaccine...

I know no one that has had a serious reaction and I’m so glad I got mine. I have actually been out to eat in a restaurant now, which I love to do!

Suemn said...

Sorry to hear about your reaction to the vaccine shot. I just completed the 2 weeks following my 2nd Pfizer vaccine shot and the only reaction I had was after the 2nd shot. Yes, the extremely painful left arm:) I had my shot around 8:15 a.m. and by bedtime, I didn't want to lift my left arm. Still, I waited until the wee hours of the morning before I took an ibuprofen pill and that did the trick. No more pain after that one pill.

Cruisin Paul said...

I'm so sorry that you had such a reaction. I spoke to my doctor Thursday asking him about the shot reaction. On Friday my wife & I had our shots, the Pfizer and the only reaction we had was a sore arm. I hope that will be all. Get well my friend.

Cruisin Paul

RO said...

My goodness, sounds like you suffered a nightmare, and then to have to actually work while it was happening! I agree that it seems like your body had a bad reaction to those shots, but thank goodness it's over and you're feeling much better. Like you, I'm all in for that chocolate bunny!(lol) Sending lots and lots of hugs, RO

It' said...

So glad to hear you are feeling better! I was sick last weekend, and I wondered what it was too ~ severe body aches and a fever that spiked at 103.5. But it was all over in a bit over 2 days. It may have been a cold, but I've never had a fever with a cold before, nor have I had body aches. I was just happy when it went away.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Yvonne, I thought i just was sick but it was gone in 2 days and my dr said it was side effects. So just because one doesn't have any in the first few days doesn't mean they won't show up. I was also told to only take Tylenol not ibuprofen after the shot so I did take it a lot!

Linda said...

8 days after I had a single day of all those symptoms too. Every bone in my body ached and my joints felt like I was 95 years old. Woke up the next day and felt like nothing had ever happened.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Linda, yes the joint stuff was horrible. I kept thinking this is what it must feel like to have arthritis in your hands. I could not make a fist. Then poof - gone. It was wild for sure.