Wednesday, April 14, 2021

A Delight

A delightful young woman called last week.  (Nicoletta)  
I was making the booking and asked for her last name. She said it, I typed it. 
She said, do you need to know the spelling? I told her I didn't think so but let me spell what I wrote for you.  She said how did you do that? I told her I was good with Italian surnames.

She had an accent. She has lived in this area for her husband's job for quite some time and they are getting ready to sell and change their life 180 degrees. They are way too young to retire but the rat race has gotten to them. The pace of life here and the stress are also contributing. She said the pandemic made them reevaluate their lives and what they wish to do with their lives. 
She was so excited telling me this I thought I'd go with it. She was a pleasure to talk to.  

I normally have a difficult time with accents but hers was all too familiar. 
I understood her. She asked if I spoke any Italian and I told her I understand a lot more than I speak. I only speak in bad words. She laughed and said, "Well those are important to know too."  Then she asked which "bad" words did I know. 
Oh, I laughed and said that may not be appropriate in this setting. She begged me to go on. She was having fun she said. So I said a couple and she said, "Boy you weren't kidding and you have the pronunciations down for not speaking the language. You must be able to speak it."  

I explained that I grew up with a mom who used a lot of Italian. Normally when she didn't want us to know what she said. Or when she was swearing. 
I learned another phrase when my mom dropped a Lemon Meringue pie straight from the oven to the floor. 
Oooh, that was a lot of Italian that day I told her. Nicoletta laughed. 

She wanted to know so much about me. 
I told her this was about her bathroom. 
Oh if I call back can we just chat? she asked. I told her it was unnecessary. 
She said she didn't wish to get me fired. So I went along. She wanted to know if I knew what region my family was from. If I pronounced something well she was so excited. It was like she was my Italian tutor. 
I got the impression she was homesick, which is why I was still on the phone with her. 

She asked if there were things I missed and couldn't find here as far as food. 
Oh hell yes!! 
We discussed the poor Italian food choices in this area I live now. 
Oh, how she understood. I said but every chance I can get to Arlington I go to the Italian Store. She moaned. She knew. We discussed the candies we could buy there that we had every year at Christmas growing up. She said she got them there every holiday too. But she felt it was missing a great many things. I know, but it's something I told her.

She and her husband will be opening a Bed and Breakfast in the Italian Alps. 
I asked, "Will you be George Clooney's neighbor?"  She said, "not far."
She later in the day sent me a link stating this "this is where we will be in a few months" Gorgeous right? 

She shared so much you'd have thought we were long-lost friends. 
The more she spoke the more I felt like this young woman was just homesick. 
She was a delight and not rude or mean or a condescending man so I was thrilled to be speaking with her. She had me chuckle when she asked about food. She asked if I knew that Italy was in the EU and all countries in the EU can not have GMOs, fake wheat-like in America, no hormones or steroids given to the animals that are eaten.  I did know that it was like that in Italy but did not know that was part of being in the European Union. No wonder their simple rustic food tastes so much better. It's real food. Or what we in America call Organic. 

I finally told her while I loved talking with her my voicemail light was blinking so I had to go. She thanked me for taking the time to talk with her and helping her feel less homesick. (I knew it!) 
She invited me to come to stay at her BNB when I retire. 
I told her it was a bucket list but not sure I'll ever get there. 
She told me she was sending me more info and that she will bug me until I get there. Somehow I don't doubt she will. 


Misadventures of Widowhood said...

It's it fun to connect to a total stranger that way. The pandemic is making us all take those opportunities when we are in the right setting like on the phone, no germs involved.

Jamie Ghione said...

Interesting story.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Jean, I think you are on to something. The pandemic is making us all feel isolated, add in a dose of her being homesick and it is the perfect storm. She took way too much of my time but I enjoyed every minute of it!

Jamie. thank you

Cruisin Paul said...

It's so wonderful to enjoy the Italian life. I miss all of the Italian that I had in my life since my parents and grandparents have died. I've tried to keep of the different foods but my parents didn't leave me any receipes to enjoy and since I wasn't taught the language when I was young, I feel lost. When I hear two Italians speaking, it brings me back to my past with my grandparents. Those were the days. Ciao Peg.

Cruisin Paul ( Paolo )

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Hey I get that Paul. Listening to her talk was like listening to my family members who have all passed now. Did you get your vaccination yet? I knew you were waiting.

Arkansas Patti said...

You deserved her after your bout with the Neanderthal before. But she also deserved you who gave her the time, listened to her and gave her a sense of familiar. Hey, the B&B sounds like a plan to shoot for.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Patti, aw, that plan that never comes to fruition for me.

Julie H said...

Well that is so nice! I love when I have a connection with customers. One of the reasons I never want to apply for the job that is considered one up from mine (but doesn't pay more) because they don't work with the customers.

Linda said...

There is something about you that is so accessible and approachable. I spotted it from the start! What a treat and, perhaps, a new friend.♥

Mike said...

You should ride this high for as long as you can. The next problem that calls in, just think Nicoletta... Nicoleeeeettaaaaaa...

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Julie, it was a nice change of pace around here.😁 I would do most anything not to work with customers - trade ya.

Linda, ah my friend you are so nice to me! I don't deserve you!♥

Mike - I may have to just use her name as a mantra to calm me down. Like Mmmmmm in meditation. 😋

Abby said...

Isn't it fun to meet someone you instantly feel a connection with? So much better than your "I wanna talk to a man"!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Abby, it sure is!!

It' said...

Isn't it funny when you get into a long conversation with someone that has nothing to do with the work? I guess it happens to all of us who spend lots of time talking to people on the phone. I've had a few conversations with people like that, it's always fun. But since I have an office full of people around me, I always have to cut it short before I'm ready.
She sounds lovely. You should go to Italy, or at least keep the info around in case you decide to do it!