Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Felony or Publicity?

I've been watching all this shit storm swirling around all the rich parents paying people to get their entitled dumb children into college.
I find it amazing how these people behave. Because they are only reporting the 2 actresses on TV those are the only 2 I can comment on. But something tells me that the other entitled rich white folk with dumb kids will behave the same.

Let's start with Felicity Huffman. She admitted what she did, apologized to everyone as you can see below. She also walks into the courtroom looking embarrassed with her attorney. And says nothing else.  Now that is behaving properly in my opinion only. Even if she has no guilt she is not showing up waving to the crowd like this is a big event.  Here is her apology if you haven't already seen it.

As I have said before. Most parents want to help their kid and those with some funds get tutors to assist with their grades, working with them for their SATs etc.
Most parents first thoughts aren't gee, how much can we pay to get them what we want for them? Would more do this if they had the money? God knows my parents wouldn't have even with the money. I know that as sure as I am sitting here typing this. It actually makes me giggle. There is just no way my father would give us much and he had the money. We always had to work for it. Sometimes we got help, but we had to show we were working for it. I think I wrote her about the time I told him I knew he could afford it. He said he could but I couldn't so I better save my money. Yep, he was always making us learn a lesson and I hated him for it until I was in my 20's. 😊

To the flip side is Lori Laughlin. She flipped her coat over her shoulder and gave an over the shoulder pose for the paparazzi. Rick was with me when we saw this on TV and he said, Oh my God she has no clue, does she?  
She then waved to the crowd, signed autographs and then waved as she walked into the courthouse. Does she even know this isn't an award show? You're an actor, act like you are contrite.

Her daughter tweets the most disgusting entitled things that I would love to slap the makeup right off her face. 
I would be so ashamed if this was my child! 
The "Youtube star" is upset that her advertisers have dropped her but she tweeted recently that she got some back and will be back to number 1 once the dust settles. Nice.  Clueless just like her mother.  The apple didn't fall far from the tree. They laugh and they smile like this is publicity and any publicity is better than none you know!

In Lori's defense perhaps she feels acting like nothing is wrong is her public face and she has to do this. She can't be real, only a public face for the cameras. Then again, she could just be clueless to the real world. 
I honestly feel that an adult should know that this behavior if seen by the judge, could certainly impact her as well as the court of opinion. 
So on so many levels she just seems clueless to me. 

I also don't think either of them will get jail time. But I wish they would. Especially Loughlin who's list of offenses is a mile long compared to Huffman.
I don't think Huffman got mail fraud and money laundering but I could be wrong. I have not seen their complete list of offenses.

Ah, rich white people. Amazing aren't they?


Susan Kane said...

There has to be other parents on the roster. And it is shameful how Lori Laughlin has behaved. Absolutely unbelievable. Her jail sentence should be higher than it will surely be.

At least Felicity Hoffman sincerely displayed sorrow for this.

Rich white women with supposed power. Arrgh.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Susan, I am not sure why you isolated the rich women, when rich men are far worse in my opinion but I get it, I suppose it was because we were talking about women. :-)

Misadventures of Widowhood said...

Lori Laughlin is a better actress than I dreamed possible. Until this scandal I thought she was an upstanding person of high moral fiber. How wrong I was. The way she and her daughter are conducting their selves just invites a judge to slap her hard and she deserves it. Felicity, at least, seems sincere and to truly understand how much trouble she got herself into. But I'd like to know how this is any different than a rich person like Trump buying a building on a campus to get their son a spot on their campus and we know that kind of thing has been going on forever.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

It's not a lot different Jean except for mail fraud, money laundering and a few other felonies.
Rich people have been doing this for years. But this group finally got busted. yee-haw.

Abby said...

I agree, Peggy. Felicity Huffman at least seems to know how to properly carry herself. Lori Loughlin's smiling and autographing make me want to slap her! I hope she gets sent to the big house, I really do.
And I know that, even if my parents were rich white folk (they weren't), they would NEVER pay for me to get something I hadn't earned. That's just awful parenting!

Olga said...

I have two children who I love like the air I breathe and the beat of my heart, but they are not extensions of me. They are their own selves and follow their own paths over which I have no control. I have to wonder if too much money makes people stupid.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...


Olga, that is exactly what Rick said.

Mike said...

Most rich people think they are entitled to whatever they can pay for. No matter what it is.

bluzdude said...

What I want to know is, where are the husbands in all of this? Did they not know their kids were being bought into good schools?

I haven't seen any coverage on this sub-issue but I assume that it was the wives signatures on the check or forms or something. Still, nobody is talking about the husbands or any of the co-conspirators who aren't TV stars.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Bluzdude, Lori's hubby, the designer Mossimo is being shown with her and has been arrested and charge with same thing. Felicity's hubby has not been arrested and while journalist have asked why no one will say

Annsterw said...

My parents taught us to work for everything and that everything has a consequence...just like Susan's parents appear to have done. My parents did not even give us money for school - they helped us take out loans...in our names....to be paid back when we finished and got a job! Now-parents just pay for school. I am very grateful my parents taught me the hard lessons so I can survive on my own today! Annster's Domain

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Yes, Ann everyone should have the fun of having your school loans until you are the ripe old age of 35 like me. Nothing better than barely able to pay your rent and they call because you are 2 days late. Oh I remember those days in my early 20's. As I wrote, I hated my parents at the time when my friends all got everything. But now I am grateful. Besides dad was right, yes he had the money, but I didn't. I loved that line....now. :-)

Barbara said...

Felicity's apology is one of the best apologies I have read/heard in a long time. An apology should say I am ashamed and sorry. I did wrong. Lori's actions do not say that. Felicity's action does. And more importantly, haven't they learned a lesson from Trump who cannot speak in full sentences or a sentence without I/me in it. You might graduate from an Ivy League School but if you sound as stupid as Trump, everyone will think you bribed your way through.

Julie H said...

I've only loosely been following this but I think it's pretty stupid on the parents since obviously Olivia was doing fine with her social media. College education can get you something but there are a lot of out of work college educated people too. I think part of the problem is that everyone promotes college is the only way to go. Everyone pushing for the 4 year college and it's SO DAMN EXPENSIVE. My daughter went for 2 years and didn't finished and she's in all kinds of debt.