Friday, September 30, 2022

Time for Lasagna

It's already Friday and I've been M.I.A. Busy week.

First off this is our first hurricane. It will be 'just' a tropical storm they say when it hits us later today. Rick and I think from the sound of it, it's just like a nor'easter without the cold temps. (different direction - I know - don't write to me)
High winds, massive amounts of rain, and the locals are in a panic. 
We shall see if we didn't panic enough.

We are all charged up. We have remote control candles charged. We have batteries for the flashlights. We have food, tp, liquor, batteries, etc. 
Now all of you who have been around this blog for any length of time know that we found it wildly entertaining when the DMV (DC, MD, VA) got 2 inches or more of snow. Hell, even an inch could make them interrupt your shows to talk about it and tell you the cancellations. We would just laugh. 
Never amounted to anything. But this is not something we've experienced so we just don't know enough to be completely frightened or completely cavalier about it all. 

Now it is all about the rain here in North Carolina. 
New area, new weather patterns to learn. How bad is a hurricane when you live inland? The way they are going on it's gonna be scary.
The NC shore is being hit hard. We are in the central part of NC so we will get what they are referring to as a tropical storm. It sounds like rain and high winds but we are not having hurricane winds here thankfully. Everyone is so flipped out that we keep thinking, should we be more panicked? 
They would know from living here if it's going to be bad. But they make everything bad here so what do we do? Are we prepared? We sure think so. We will find out, now won't we?

This morning,(Friday) the Today Show and GMA was preempted to talk about the weather. Only weather. They say the same thing repeatedly, and I would think that would drive them insane! 
It drives us insane.

So what did I do when it was normally my coffee & early morning tv time?
I made lasagna for Rick. I mean that's normal at 7:30am, isn't it?
It's cold right now  - not really - but compared to the hot and humid and high 80s it is only 70 today and wet. Ole Ian made the temps drop and to me, that is a nice break. To these new southerners, it feels chilly. So I am going to cook food for Rick that is warm type food. Stew, Chilli because they can be frozen and reheated and still be yummy.
But now he has been begging for lasagna so yesterday I made sauce. Today I'll build the lasagna. He was out in his workshop yesterday and came in the house around 4p to use the bathroom. On his way down the hall, he screamed, "My God it smells good in here - Spaghetti Sauce?" 
I yelled, "yep" 
Him: "Anything else?"
Me: "Nope." 

When he came out to the kitchen he asked with such disappointment in his voice, "no lasagna?"
"Oh I heard you and I saw your note on the grocery list so yes, I am making you lasagna! You spoiled baby. Who could miss your subtle clues in my purse and on the blackboard?" The man-baby clapped his hands and actually said, "Yeah"  like a cheerleader. 

I never have loved lasagna.  I do not hate it, but I don't get excited like everyone else.  After I make this and Rick eats it, I then cut it into slices that fit those gladware plastic storage pieces, This way each one is a serving size for Rick to pull out of the freezer when he wants some. (ok, serving size is all relative. This I think would be 2.5slices for normal people) If he doesn't eat it all he will put it in the fridge for later but he normally eats the whole 2 slices. 
I am hardcore trying to diet so I am going to make him a bunch of stuff because I will be inhaling air only for a while. This way he has quick and easy meals, besides he can cook better than me so I just helped him out and made things I could make.  
In the meantime, if you have any recipes for air or water send them my way. 😉


Unknown said...

Wow, I am the same way with lasagna...I will make it for family but eat a very small amount. I would rather have the bread sticks and salad that I serve with it.

I hope you are prepped enough for the storm, at some point you have to ask yourself when it is enough and not too much?

I live where there are tornados and there is only so much you can do. I will confess to liking to watch the storms from my sunroom; Something that is not recommended but I am just drawn to.

Stay safe and if you lose power you can always play toesies with Rick.

Julie H said...

When my daughter lived in that area they had one good storm that knocked trees down in all directions so she couldn't get to work. That was the worst of it.

Hopefully your power doesn't to out for days and you have to eat all the lasagna in one sitting ;)

bluzdude said...

I'm with Rick on this one... lasagne is the best!

Arkansas Patti said...

I lived in central Florida. Charlie, Frances and Jeanne back to back drove me out of Florida to Arkansas in 2004. Had a ton of tree damage (wooded property) and couldn't get cleaned up before the next one hit.
If you are prepared and don't live on the coast, usually the worst thing is the days without power. A generator is a good investment. Stay safe and keep those lights on.

Cop Car said...

Any dish that takes more than one or two steps is too much work for me, the I-hate-to-cook woman. Until his dementia became a prominent thing in our lives, I fixed little casseroles for Hunky Husband to warm for lunch, whenever he felt like eating. Now, he needs (or perhaps I need) the structure of a sit-down meal at lunch.

It takes a while to adjust to new climate/weather patterns. What is horrific in one area is ho-hum in another, and vice versa. Hang in there. I hope you keep power so Rick can warm his lasagna.

Cruisin Paul said...

Lasagna, my favorite. Lucky Rick. So this is your first hurricane. I'm glad where you're at right now and not in Fort Meyer's. I feel so bad for these people. It may take years to get back to normal.

Cruisin Paul

Barbara said...

Hope you had an easy time of the hurricane. There is something called the dirty side where you get the most rain and flooding. Don't forget if you do not have a gas oven, to keep food on hand that can be opened and eaten when the electricity is off (electric can openers won't be working). I also buy a jug or two of water to keep in the pantry and then use it for coffee-making after hurricane season. If you have a gas stove one of those old-time coffee brewers work great. A hurricane and no coffee is no fun.

Misadventures of Widowhood said...

Stock some drinking water and fill your bath tub up in case power goes least you'll be able to flush with a pail. The Water table where you live is important and how fast the rain will perk down in the ground. Better to be over ready than not ready enough. Be thinking of you two.

Mike said...

I was thinking of you on your big flat lot that is below street level. How does your lot handle water? Does it drain good? This could be a big test.

It' said...

Lasagna sounds wonderful....maybe I'll make some soon, but I'm planning on tacos tonight, one of my all time favorites.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Unknown - my husband loves to watch storms too. You two are crazy! :-)

Julie - if you read the next post you know we were fine. Just high winds and side ways rain.

bluzdude - c'mon down, we had left overs. :-)

Patti - yep on the generator.

Cop - I learned with my father who had dementia that eating is not something they will think about or do on their own. He always said he wasn't hungry but if you put it in front of him he would devour it as if we were starving him. The dr said that element of the brain is just not processing hunger.

Paul - lots of leftovers c'mon down.
Tell them in customs you are coming to get lasagna that would be funny.

Barbara - no to the gas stove. Sadly everything here is electric. No gas lines in the area - weird right? We survived with no power outages or any damage!!

Jean - good tips!

Mike - our yard is sand. We had to ship in dirt to make a garden. Everyone here has a sandy yard. We think it sucks but it proved to be okay with all the rain. no standing water anywhere!

Yvonne - I'd take tacos over lasagna any day of the week. Especially street tacos - not the hard amerian shells. But either way I love tacos.