Monday, September 26, 2022


The hurricane is supposed to hit FLA on Wednesday. Then we will get some tail-end stuff Th-Sunday. Rain, rain, rain. I'm excited about it. The rain is needed, the cooler weather is wanted, and it won't be dangerous hurricane stuff, just remnants. So that's this week's good news.

My cousin reached out to me because she has cancer. She just finished her rounds of chemo and radiation. But she still has issues and is spotting so they did an MRI, which is clean, and she is waiting for her PET Scan. She moaned about chemo, the cough, losing words, the pain, the freezing cold, the fatigue, the metal mouth, etc. Because she had cervix cancer they did internal radiation. She said that was very very bad. Honestly the poor thing.

She just ran into a close friend of mine and she asked my friend if she had spoken to me. My friend shared what I was going through. So she called me. (they live in my hometown)
We talked a lot about this journey and at the end of our call, she said, "I'm glad I found out about you because I haven't told anyone and it is so nice to vent, whine and complain about this whole fucking process. THANK YOU SO MUCH." 
I understood. If I couldn't vent here on the blog I don't know what I'd do. 
It was a nice call.
I just hope that she will be well. Aging sucks. My friend who has Alzheimers, my cousin with cancer, my stepmom with her knee replacement and other 80 yr old things. Everyone is going through something.
There was a person on the local area community website. A woman said they were new and looking for friends or info on wine clubs etc. I reached out to her through messenger. (Facebook) She then wrote back with a phone number. I called her and boy I liked her. She is from Massachusetts. 
If she hadn't told me I'd have guessed there or New Hampshire from her accent. 
I did say on the phone that I wasn't loving it so far but I just spent 6 months inside due to an illness (no need to share more) and that doesn't help. 
So we too are looking to meet some new friends. 
She laughed and said,"sometimes I go out and wish I had stayed inside." 
I thought, Hmm, could this be a friend? God knows I feel the same.

She said something about us getting together. I said that we can do coffee or drinks if you drink. She laughed and said, "oh please we drink, we'll meet for drinks"  2nd check mark that is good.
She was very friendly, she drinks, and is having serious culture shock. 
So far, on the same page. 
Then she said this, "why do you think everyone is so darn cold and standoffish here? I thought the reputation of southerners was warm and friendly. It couldn't be further from the truth. Sometimes it's actually scary how mean they are"  
I laughed and told her she was preaching to the choir. Check 3. I'm gonna like this gal I think.

Cathy was her name and she is going to talk to her husband and then contact me about the date/time/location. I can't wait. It can't be worse than that lady who accosted me in the vegetable department of Walmart. I even said to her, which made he laugh, "this is a blind date for the 4 of us so if you are feeling like we aren't your cup of tea, just say so and we'll move on. We are adults, we can handle it."  
Then she said, "I think I'm gonna like you so you are going to be stuck with me" 
We shall see, right blogger friends?

Here is something we are seeing. An election is coming up around these parts. A commercial came on and the man was mean-spirited, saying horrible things about someone who is apparently running against him. I thought he was even lying, and then he said fear-based mumbo jumbo. 
Rick said I don't know who he is or what party but I won't vote for him.

Then later there was a commercial for someone else. This person talked about their beliefs, what they wanted to accomplish and how they hoped to accomplish these things. It was not a fear ad or even mentioning the competitor in either party running against them. They were not screaming just talking. As for ads, it was not offensive, just informative.

So that made us begin watching them all. Rick would say, don't tell me the party I'll be able to figure it out. So if they came on he would close his eyes or turn his head and he'd guess. I'd google them and see if he was correct. He was 100% right in all of them. Sad isn't it?

So now we have begun to read about all these folks and their voting record if they have one etc. We want to do our homework so we make a good decision on our votes. But for now, we're muting all commercials. 

This is brilliant.


Misadventures of Widowhood said...

esMaybe if you hit it off you teo can start a wine tasting club. One of my blog followers does corker parties and they sure look like lots of fun.

Arkansas Patti said...

Looks like you both were checking off plus factors. She does sound fun. Hope her husband is as cool and fun as Rick.
Hope you don't get much from the hurricane. I am keeping touch with my Florida family--they are not concerned as they all live on the East coast. Hope all of you are spared.
When you move to a new place you really have to do your homework when it comes to voting.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Jean, yes we have looked for those type things. Mostly around here so far is more hunting that wine tasting.

Patti, she text a time and place to meet for drinks and as I am texting back Rick says, 'this feels like we're speed dating' well that made me laugh and I wrote that in my text. She wrote back, "Hey, hey, we don't go home with anyone on the first date" 😀So we shall see.

bluzdude said...

Good luck with your four-way.

No, wait...

Cruisin Paul said...

I was so scared yesterday morning my wife woke me up she said that her face and lips were frozen she said. She wanted the ambulance so I called them. Can you believe it Peg, it took 90 minutes for them to get there. By the time they came her face had gotten back to normal. After they left I wanted to cry. What would have happened if she would have had a stroke. 90 minutes, she could have died. I was getting more angrier as the day went on. Lucky she's doing well, had her blood tested and called her own doctor. Our Canadian system is not as good as people think it is.

Cruisin Paul

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Paul, oh God I'm so sorry that is damn scary!!!÷ I hope she is okay. I pray you get results quickly. A TIA maybe? My mom hadcsame thing happen but she was aline. Scared to bits. It was a TIA so now she is monitored closely so it doesn't happen again. I hope it's nothing and she will be yelling at you in no time.

It' said...

I do hope that Paul's wife will be well. That is pretty scary.

Finding friends after the move is not easy. Wishing you luck! I'm sorry that you have found that the people in your area are not friendly. When we moved to Eugene, we were immediately aware they don't like people from Texas or California.

I abhor politics. I find nothing about it interesting or good. If you do have someone running for office that seems honest and willing to make changes, they are corrupted by the system in no time, or end up leaving due to the same.

Julie H said...

The video! Too sad that is how women are treated a lot.

Hope this gal turns out to be a good one! Hopefully her husband isn't a weirdo haha. I've lost one friend to the weirdo she married ;)

I hate politics :(

Mr. Shife said...

Enjoy the cooler weather, Peg. Sorry to hear about family and friends having health issues. Hope everyone including you gets to feeling better soon. Have fun with your new friend. Look forward to hearing all about it. Take care.

Cruisin Paul said...

Peg, Mary Lou found out that her problems were dealing with shot called Prolia shot that she had to take. Every time she takes one, she has a problem but this time was scary. Thanks for worrying about her.

Cruisin Paul

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Paul, thx for the update. That is not a fun side effect! I hope she can find something that works for her with out these side effects. Glad everything is okay💓

Barbara said...

Good work on reaching out and meeting new people. I remember moving to Louisiana from Houston and it took me quite a while to find my tribe.