Saturday, October 17, 2020

Let Me In

I do not like being hated by Canadians.
This saddens me so. You see my blogs, you know my love of Canada. 

When cable was introduced in the early 70s in my hometown all my cable channels were Canadian. I was ensconced in Canadian talk shows (Alan Hamel and Alan Thicke) Game Shows (it's how I learned the letter Z(ee) was actually Z(ed) up there) Shows that introduced me to a kid named Michael J Fox before he came to the US.

My music was from there as well. Because they have to play a percentage of Canadian music on their airwaves, I heard so many more bands in rock 'n roll that I wasn't exposed to yet or ever exposed to while living in the U.S.
All my trips were to go play in Canada. Ballgames, weekend getaways, shopping trips with friends, concerts and of course what I wrote about on Thursday - The CNE. (throw in a few hundred fishing trips for Rick as well)

It was never like this. People were always nice to us. People asked a lot of questions at times but we never minded. We were happy guests in their wonderful land.  I recall a trip in the 70s while we were in line for gasoline in the US due to a so-called gas shortage. We were now in the Toronto area getting gas and these 2 young men also getting gas for their vehicle saw our PA plates. 
The one said, "Hey you're from the states? Are the lines as long as we see TV?" 
Yes, they are, unfortunately!
They shook their heads and said, "Fill up before you head back. Have a safe trip!" And off they went smiling and waving at us. Today we'd be run out of town and certainly, with no gas fill up.

Once in the 90s Rick and I got caught in a surprise rain storm. We were running as fast as we could and getting drench! A couple on their covered porch yelled at us to come up to their porch and wait it out. We did just that. We chatted and they said, American eh? 
I guess our accents (what accents?) They had chairs and we all sat a spell and shot the shit under their covered porch.
The woman who lived there brought us all out some pop and we made new friends.  The clouds broke as fast as they arrived and we thanked them a million times for their hospitality and left. How nice right? That won't happen again. 

Angry that the orange ass in charge has done this to us.
Will we ever be able to return? Not likely while he is president.
If so will they treat us like shit like we do everyone now that Mango Mussolini is in charge?
God how I hate that evil bastard.


Misadventures of Widowhood said...

He's made the whole world question who we really are collectively and if he's reelected, we won't be able to deny that we are a nation who accepts a man with such low standards of civility and stability to lead us.

Jamie Ghione said...

Mango Mussolini--that is a clever and accurate way to describe our current president.

It' said...

It's not just Canada. I had an interesting conversation with a patient on how much French people hate Americans. I guess it depends on if you're a tourist or not because I have friends that moved to France 4 years ago, and seem to love it.

One bad apple spoils it all, huh? One person goes and does something stupid so all Americans are stupid? Is that how it works now? Perhaps that is how it has always been. I don't support this "all or nothing" mentality ~ it's nothing but an excuse for being a hater.

I think I might be naive, but I still believe that love is the answer.

Arkansas Patti said...

It is depressing that others think we have the same values as he does. I guess we are really earning the title of the Ugly Americans by allowing him to continue. Hopefully in a few weeks we can work to rebuild our reputation.

Olga said...

It is a sad situation. My son lives within ten miles of the Canadian border and is mourning the loss of being able to go there to bike. I know that he at least once has gone into technically Canada via kayak. He said he turned around to head back and looked at the U.S. and all he could think was "not my country." Sad that one man can do this to all the rest of us.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

"Not my country" is exactly how our household feels Olga. Having never imagined I could feel this way, it is not pleasant.

Mike said...

That was an interesting story about Canada. But not surprising.

Mary said...

Your last paragraph says it all. I have never truly hated someone until him. I despise him.
I watched a wonderful show on MSNBC call The Way I See It about the WhiteHouse photographer going back before Reagan up to trump. It is fabulous if you can find it on maybe’s long but will make you proud and sad at the same time. The takeaway for me was how fast this country has changed from decency and hope and rights for all to the Hitler wannabe and the cult that so adores him.

It is profound what has happened and so just three years. And you ask how and I believe this hidden, under the rug cult, must have been with us all along, but just not out in the open. And they have been unleashed. It’s almost Biblical.

It’s no surprise we are hated or laughed at around the world, for what other country could possibly elect such a monster..
If he is re elected, it will be the end of America as we know sad..
Sorry for the rant. It just really upsets me.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Mary, I get it!! I recorded The Way I See It. It was powerful, made us cry too. God I miss that man. As for Pete, I love him and follow him on Instagram and thats how I found out it was free to watch Friday night. I think it should be mandatory viewing for all.

Cruisin Paul said...

Peg as you know I'm Canadian. I have friends who hate Trump and some who love him. I hate the way he has taught some of my friends to hate me just because I don't like his methods towards humans. To them I'm not suppose to see the anger that he shows towards anyone other then him. I'm disappointed in my American friends who love Trump because they don't like me because I don't like him, Trump. I'm a Canadian but I don't like Trump because he has turned my friends away from me. I will always care about my American friends people like you and Jean and even those that love Trump. My cousin Tony who was a Democrat passed away two years ago and he told me that there are good Americans and there are bad Americans just like in Canada but remember we are all God's people RIP Tony. Keep safe Peg and just know that I as a Canadian love Americans even though they frustrate me at times. That was a joke my wonderful American friend.

Cruisin Paul

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Paul, ❤❤❤😆

RO said...

I visited Montreal many, many years ago for a Comedy Film Festival by Showtime and had a blast. The people were so friendly, and many thought I was actually Canadian/French(lol) There were a few moments that I thought I'd move there because of the writers, weather and kindness. I've heard mixed tales but I'd like to think if you, me and Rick decided to visit, they'd want us to hang out no matter what because all three of us are just so awesome.(lol) Sending you lots of hugs, RO

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Ro, that is a bit unlike my Montreal experience. But glad you liked it. very European to me didn't you think? Of course they'd love us if they didn't throw us out of the country before they found out. :-)