Tuesday, September 21, 2021


Posting from phone. Bear with me, I find this difficult.

We closed yesterday. Rick is in a lot of pain. Seems like it would be no big deal but it seems to be a very big deal.  He has a bone bruise and severe strain. His ankle is still pretty colors and very swollen. He walks funny with this issue and that is causing him pain up to the back of his knee.
He barely slept Sunday because he said his leg has a heart beat. The meds they gave him do nothing. He got 6 pills and it cost us 26cents. That was a first.

We got to the our new house for our walk through.  Everything was fine. The sellers agent was there and said she'd leave the keys on the counter. I saw Rick walk to the counter assuming he was getting the key, as the other agent talked to me. 

We head to the law offices to close. I asked Rick for the keys. What keys he asked. I said to the house. He says in Dad mode like I'm an idiot child, "Margaret We get keys at closing."
I remind him they signed earlier because they had to close on their new home and the agent gave you the keys. Oops he left them on the counter so we are locked out of our home. Damn it. He was so cranky from pain we did not drive back there. Why are men such babies? Remember when I had a torn meniscus and walked a dog several times a day, climbed stairs, sometimes on my butt?  I bitched about pain but did what had to be done. Oh that is so not my man. He is miserable and will be damn sure everyone around him is in a form of pain along with him.  Even if it only a hangnail, damn it, his hurts more than anyone has ever hurt.  I don't get why 'they' think men are stronger than women. Only in muscle mass, truly nothing else. Poor fellas.

There is a machine that shows others what menstrual cramps feel like. A man puts this on and screams in pain and yells to turn it off. He puts it on the woman and he says you aren't going to survive this and he puts it on the same number. She says, you can turn it up this isn't really bad cramps. The men were shocked. Have you seen this on social media?  If Rick had menstrual cramps he'd jump off a bldg. But I'd love him to experience it so he would understand what a big fat baby he can be. Boy, now that's mean of me isn't it?

This morning when Rick gets back from the lake with Izzy, we have to see if we can break into our house or call a locksmith. So all that painting I planned to do yesterday did not get done. 😔 oh well. Every room in the house must be painted. The hall bath is a loud ugly green blue turquoise. It's dark and it's awful. Rick said at walk through, "we must paint over this color". 
I laughed and said,"OH, I plan on it!"

The truck arrives with our things on Wednesday. TV/Dish arrives on Thursday as does our lousy yet expensive cable internet. 
Because I live at the southern tip of my new city, no fiber optics for internet yet. We have no choices at all. Spectrum cable or nothing. Spectrum I know sucks because I know a lot of folks who have it and complain. Far slower to what we've had for 20yrs.
Here in the hotel the internet is so slow. Using my firestick to stream sometimes it stops like it's 1997 and it's buffering. We don't wish to deal with that. We shall see.

I will miss the man here living on the 2nd floor. He is so happy. Every morning he walks out of his apartment singing. Every stinkin' day! 
He has a very good voice and on Sunday he was singing Sam Cooke. 
He waves and leans over the 2nd floor railing and says good morning young lady and pretty dog. Izzy wags her tail and they are both happy in that moment. He says this in such a happy sing songy voice. You can't help but to smile.  Every day. 
I look forward to him as I sit in the courtyard with Iz having my morning cup of Joe. Yesterday it was Rick out there and he said, good morning sir and pretty dog, where is the young lady? (Young, cracks me up) He chatted with Rick and said he loves seeing us each morning. Rick told him we were leaving Wednesday.
He was bummed but that's what living here is all about. He moved here for work and he is looking for a new home.  

In 30 days we have met interesting folks from around the world. 
As nice as all this was for what is was, I am so ready for my bed, my own pillow, a sofa that is comfortable and channels other than football.
My God, football is everything to these people. 
I am reminded frequently that this Yankee is living in the south.

Gee, that may be a few blog posts🤭


Julie H said...

I hope Rick is feeling better soon. Sounds horrible having to deal with that haha. I know ALL ABOUT the sick man pain.

Misadventures of Widowhood said...

I didn't see the cramps stuff on social media but I did see a similar one with giving birth contractions. Guys couldn't believe it.

I am so glad I'm leaving Spectrum behind with my move. They are the ones giving me so much trouble with porting my old number to my new cell. Now they claim the number was deactivated years ago yet they've been charging me monthly to use it for 15 years now.

Linda said...

Welcome to the country!

BootsandBraids said...

I was LOL at the man screaming in pain on the cramp machine, then thinking the woman couldn't take it. For your sake, I hope Rick feels better soon :-)

Barbara said...

Dang, that black cloud will just not move from over yalls head. I'm excited the closing is behind you and once your furniture gets there and you get a good nights sleep in your own bed, I hope everything will look better. Hope Rick gets back on his feet properly in the very near future - like tomorrow. Hang in there.

Arkansas Patti said...

I really think men do have a lower pain threshold. That was their punishment for not signing up for the birthing chore. But, it does give women job security. We will always be needed to take care of the men.
Love that singing guy upstairs.
Hope you have your own pillow soon.

Mike said...

Call a locksmith and have him change the key while he is there.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Rick was able to get in the house and thats scary! He just slipped this plastic thing and juggled and door opened!! We could not paint, no ladder. Got a washer dryer today which will arrive in a week. Leave hotel in am for delivery of stuff of which we have absolutely no room for😁

Mr. Shife said...

Give your balls a tug, Rick!
I shouldn't make fun because I have been whining about my ailments lately and Mrs. Shife is about sick of me.
I hope he feels better soon.
Congrats on finally closing on the house.
Great news.
I also wanted to let you know that we watched "Vacation Friends" because of your recommendation and laughed a lot.
It certainly wasn't high brow but it did the trick for us when we needed some laughs.
I about peed myself when John Cena said "Permission to shit my pants, Captain."
Oh my. It about killed me.
Take care.

Mike said...

OK, don't change the keys. Time for new hardware. From a locksmith. The good stuff.

Cruisin Paul said...

If Rick was in that pain the agent should had given the key to you. Oh well a fun thing you can write about it when you write your book Peg. LOL. Is Izzy relaxed yet?

Cruisin Paul

Olga said...

I have had so many locked out incidents in my life I can really sympathize. My daughter calls me a key slut -- not sure exactly what that means, but if it's being careless with house keys I'll have to admit it is true.

bluzdude said...

Similarities between me and you/Rick, Part 785:
Weekend before last, while down in FL taking care of Mom, I slammed my lower shin into a pipe that was sticking up out of the ground, like an inverted "L". Let me tell you, the pipe had no give at all. I ended up with a massive bruise just above my ankle, plus a couple of gashes.

The swelling went down after a few days but there must have been bleeding inside because the side of my foot with the arch looked like it had been dipped in indigo ink. It's dissipating now, but now my ankle hurts more than the site of the impact. The body is weird.

Also, I wanted to mention that I tried out Kiziks after your recommendation, and I love them. So thanks for that. (I intend to wear them a lot, once my foot stops being swollen.)

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

OMG bludude that sounds bad. You and Rick are a pair. Ouch. I am so glad you like your Kiziks. I tell everyone Rick loves his and I will be getting myself a pair some day. Hope you feel better soon!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Mr. Shife, I am glad you liked the movie too. Just a silly fun movie for escapism! and we walk around saying lines as well so that was funny to me.

Mike, we got in so easily with this move we knew we had to get new locks. :-)

Paul, Oh I agree with you but now we know we need new locks so I am looking at the positive. Too easy to break into! Poor Izzy has moved 3 times in the last month. She just got used to the last 30 days in a hotel and now a new place with so many boxes she doesn't know where to walk. So no not very relaxed yet.

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