Sunday, September 19, 2021

I'm Connected for a Minute.

 Hi. Did you miss me?  I'm typing as fast as I can before this internet kicks me out.

Tomorrow we close on our house. Our stuff won't be here by tomorrow so a few more days in the hotel. Aaaaah. So a few more days at the hotel.
In all honestly for what this is, this is a nice place. It's called Stay APT suites.

The bed is too soft and the toilet seat is oval and my ass isn't. Those are the only things bad. Oh and the lack of things in the kitchen but they probably thought we'd eat out more. 2 forks. 3 spoons. 4 knives. So when we did get something at Chipotle's I kept their plastic forks and have been washing them. 
We love the courtyard and sit out there a great deal with Izzy and just because it's nice in the evenings. The people around us have been nice and of course because of Izzy we meet lot of people who mask up and ask if they can come see our dog. The kids especially. There is a man 2 doors down from us who has 2 small dogs. But they see Izzy and go bananas. She just lays there and stares at them and the man asked how we trained her to be so chill. We said it's the dog, we got lucky, even with all our training, we think it's just the dog who has a great temperament. 

The laundry room and gym are connected and very nice. We do not have to pay to do our laundry and that is great. But due to Covid they are not cleaning our room daily or weekly. So I've been stripping the bed and washing sheets and towels myself. Because Izzy swims and rolls around in sand every day my floors are gross. So I borrowed the vacuum and broom so many times they said I could keep a vacuum in our room. One day there was so much sand we couldn't be barefoot. So I swept and vacuumed. But they really need washed. They thanked me today for caring enough to do it myself. Well I don't want to live in a pig sty just because it's not my house. 

Here are a few other things that have happened over the last week.

Rick twisted his ankle so badly it was all kinds of pretty colors. We went to Urgent Care today. When it happened he said it was no big deal but each day it feels worse. Urgent care was walkable if he could walk. 

We got there and I stayed in the car with the dog. He text me, "They can't be this nice can they?"  Now I wasn't sure if he was being snarky/sarcastic or they were doing something to him I may not have wanted to know. When he came out I found out it was due to them being so nice, friendly and helpful. Again, not something we ever got at urgent care. We always felt like we were just annoying the hell out of them.

This nice stuff is odd. The only time since being here for 21 days is that only one customer service company was rude, indifferent, and not helpful. I thought I called northern VA. It was Duke Energy (my new electric company) They couldn't have been less nice. Sadly I'm familiar with that kind of service. When I called our water company, went to the post office, called the DMV, everyone was so pleasant. It takes you off guard and isn't that wrong? Shouldn't that just be how it is?

But not everything went well....

We shopped a lot at a grocery store named Harris Teeter.  The one in our neighborhood was fine enough. But the deli dept. was horrific. They chatted and paid no attention to the line forming to buy deli products. When you ordered let's say 1lb of black forest ham, they would stare at you. Then say, "ham? what kind of ham?" So you repeat 1lb of black forest ham. They get the ham and then say, 1/4 of a pound?  No, 1lb of black forest ham.
I had this dance with each product be it cheese or meat. It was frustrating. They never paid any attention.

So imagine our surprise when I went to the deli at a local Harris Teeter and the girl asked what I wanted I said 1/2 lb of genoa salami. She said anything else I said, Yes but do you want to wait until you do the salami. She said, No I'll remember. So I rattled off the amounts of salami, turkey and ham and cheeses I wanted. She looked me in the eye while I spoke. She said okay. And then she did them all without asking again and she did them correctly. Rick and I looked at one another like we were witnessing a rare species. I said to Rick, "She is a unicorn"
But then we stopped this week at another Harris Teeter and the guy was like a normal employee. I asked for something and he said, "Aah, I'd have to go in the back for that, there is none up here."  I said, "Okay"  He said, "you're really going to make me go to the back?"  Being a bitch, I said, "No, I'll stop at Wegmans on my way home"  He just stared at me. I know he wanted to call me names. Screw him, it's his job to go to the back and get what they don't have in the deli case. I did leave my empty cart and went to Wegmans.

Still struggling with lack of street signs, which I also mentioned in an earlier post, then add to that the trees that are everywhere. I was going to get my Rx at Walgreens and I followed the GPS. There is no way I would have thought to turn where I turned because all I saw were trees. Dense trees.
I was certain it was taking me the wrong way. But sure enough behind all those trees was an enormous plaza. There is no way you'd see this from the road. Everything is hidden behind trees. It's pretty but if not from here it doesn't help. I am certain I am passing all kind of things of interest but we can't see anything but trees. Add no street signs and this will be a difficult place to learn as quickly as others.
An adventure I suppose.

The other night Rick made a dinner of this and that in the fridge. We had a chicken breast that he cut into small pieces and made this sauce and he had onions and peas etc. Think the inside of a chicken pot pie. It was yummy I might add. He put his over pasta, I just had a bowl of the yumminess.
This was Tuesday's dinner.
Last night Rick was sitting in the chair, me behind him on the sofa.
He says to me, "Have you seen the peas?"
Me: We ate them remember? They're in your belly.
Rick turns around in his chair and is staring at me with one eyebrow up as if I didn't remember.
I continue to babble on, "Remember you made that chicken dish? Like a pot pie without the crust? 
Rick begins to laugh.
Again assuming why he's laughing I say, "I can remember some things you know and I stick out my tongue" I think he's making fun of me.
He got out of his chair and he holds my face in his hands and says loudly, "HAVE YOU SEEN THE KEYS?"

OMG, I felt like Emily Litella.
We had a good laugh. Which after these last 3 weeks we so needed.


Mike said...

When you get to your new house you're going to have to live stream 24/7 for at least the first month. You could get quite a following. You'd be famous!

Cruisin Paul said...

Yes I miss you all. I began to worry again especially Izzy. As far as I'm concerned, you are important to all of us, You are famous to many of the bloggers. I'm glad that you are all back. Sorry that Rick twisted his ankle. Pretty colors are nice. Sorry about that. Get well soon. See you soon.

Cruisin Paul

Abby said...

First of all, YES, I've missed you. Happy closing!
HA! "Have you seen the keys?" Yeah, we at them...

Arkansas Patti said...

Of course you were missed. Needed my fill of Rick and Peg. Hum that sounds like a fun sitcom.
Izzy really is an ice breaker isn't she? You could rent her out to single guys. They would pay to walk her.
When you leave that place I hope maid service gives you a nice tip.

It' said...

Of course we missed you ~ I was hoping you were moving in and simply didn't have time to post. I have a terrible sense of time, as Romeo constantly reminds me. We've even had arguments over stupid shit like how old the wiper blades are on the car. I'm always sure I'm right, and always discover that I was wrong, and sometimes really wrong :D
Good luck with the closing.
I would have given the deli guy the stink eye and said "I'll wait", 'cause that's the kind of person I am when someone asks me a really stupid question. I might have even gone to the store manager for a little chat. The only way things change is when someone makes a complaint. Well, hopefully!

Julie H said...

My daughter worked at Harris Teeter in NC for a bit but got fired when they did a random drug test (weed smoker).

When we were there we kept taking these toll roads. One time we did it 3 times because we kept messing up lol.

Linda said...

I always miss you! and POOR Rick. That is no damn fun. Here's to moving in.

Misadventures of Widowhood said...

Moving is such a pain. But glad your new area seems to be friendly.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Mike I think I'll pass. I don't need fame, just money.😅

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Paul, thanks!!

Patti, you are so right about the single thing! Pretty women are always all over Izzy and Rick always said he should have a dog when he was on a tip!

It's, I wish I had done that!! I too considered going to Mgr but I was tired and just left a review instead.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Julie, yes I took a turn and got on a toll road instead of my turn to hotel. Rick made that mistake our first week too.Thankfully the most expensive toll I've seen is $.76. That would have cost me $3+ at my old home so I just laughed it off. In VA pot is legal so can they still fire you? Was that the issue with my bad deli folks?? LOL. Thank God they never drug tested for win or gin. I'd have never held a job!!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I meant wine Julie. Hate doing this from phone.