Friday, January 14, 2022

Fun Day

All the locals here have their panties in a twist because we are to get freezing rain. I am not sure why this is a big deal when the high that day is 41. That tells me it will melt. The rest of the week it's mid-40s.   
A neighbor asked, "Did you see all the conversations on Next Door? They say to stock up on essentials, isn't this for a 24 hr period? Why are they all in a tizzy?"  

Rick and I agreed that is just what they do in the south so listen with a grain of salt. We have underground power lines so power should be fine and while trees falling is an issue we are aware of it being an issue because of the weather people talk about it non-stop. The man moved here before us from New York state. (I want to say Rochester or possibly Syracuse area) He said he's never seen anything like this. Rick said, "Welcome to the south. If it isn't sunny and humid they panic. When we first moved to DC it was the same thing"  
The man said, "so global warming should make them happy"  
We laughed and went on our way. (we were walking the dog, and this is how we have met most of our neighbors)

Not having sidewalks and walking at night is crazy. Izzy has a collar we use at night that lights up a fluorescent green light. Rick wears a fluorescent pinny as well so he is seen. But we find it a tad bit too adventurous for us. I wish Izzy didn't need walks. And the fact that she has never ever had a yard to go in she won't do it in our yard. God knows we've tried. Pee yes, but nothing else. 

Another thing we've noticed here is the news. The anchors are 12 or 90. Nothing much in between. Because this is a small market I would assume the 21 yrs old are using this as their first gig before moving on and up. 
But the thing we laugh at is that there is no news here and yet it's on all damn day. They say the same thing over and over again. 

I had the TV on while painting one day. Noon news. Same as the news cut-ins from the Today show. Nothing new happened. Then from 4p to 7p is news. Each one is the exact same thing. WHY? Nothing happens here. It's a sleepy town of less than half a million people. Sure a crime here or there or a fire. Usually, racial related because I am in the south remember. But otherwise - NOTHING. Most of the time they spend it on national news. 

If something urgent were to happen they could cut into the programming. 
In the meantime, if you want national news you have cable news like CNN etc. Why must we have hours of news? 

Living in DC the local news was national news. We would have some hometown issues addressed but for the most part, our local news was your national news. But being that the metro area is 6.5 million it is certainly different from this area. But we still don't need 4 hours of news no matter where you live! We do not need to have all this negative shit seep into our psyche. 

We have had some real giggles with some of the anchors here locally. 
One young woman was dressed in the morning like she had just come from the club. It was such inappropriate dressing that Rick noticed. He just sat down with his coffee when he said, "Oh my, do you think she just rolled in from a night out, this is her walk of shame outfit?"  
I laughed and said maybe it is. She is super young and super cute but never ever dresses for the job, she dresses like she is a stripper. 
Wrong job.😉You'd think the station would help groom her. 

Do you know that in travel school I had to learn how to dress, shake hands and all this crazy shit. Travel school not only was what I wanted to learn, the GDS, or computer systems used in the travel industry, but I had to endure flight attendant shit, learn aircraft and sitting and proper dressing etc. Silliness that I am certain is not part of your AA degree in travel and tourism any longer. Rick being in HR used to tell me about people who dressed poorly in interviews. Some he wondered if they were too broke to buy a nice jacket or dress/pants for the interview or they were clueless. As I told you once a young man had a brand new sports coat on for his interview. He had a tag on the outside sleeve. Rick didn't know if he knew it was to come off or he wanted it there to return the jacket after the interview. He told me that it distracted him and he so wanted to ask him. Finally when the job interview was over, it was his 2nd. The young man was offered the job by Rick. 
Then Rick mentioned the tag on his arm. Rick said when I was your age I didn't know what I am about to tell you (lie to make him feel better) but that tag on your sleeve should come off if you are keeping it. But if you need to bring it back leave it on.

The kid said, OMG I didn't know. He was a kid from the foster care system who was able to get into college but no parent or adult could teach him this. He thought it was like the tag on the back of his Levi's. Rick said if you are keeping it, you'll want to remove it. If returning leave it on there.
The young man said, "I was keeping it. But even more so now that you just offered me the job!"  Rick interviewed a lot of kids out of college and he was always teaching them things. (like the girl with the sexykitten email address remember that one? oh my)

In my hometown I recall at the end of the newscast in the small print below it would state the clothes courtesy of such and such a store. That told me that this channel gave her a budget for clothes or in exchange for advertising she got clothing help. (when I had a business we did trades with the CBS, ABC, NBC channels in exchange for advertising dollars)

While we are on dressing we began to DVR a show that is on at noonish called My Carolina. It shares what is going on in the area. We have gotten a lot of good info from this and fun things to visit and do. But the two hosts dress badly. Again Rick brought this to my attention. I didn't wish to say it out loud. I said that it could possibly be pandemic-related. Maybe they used to dress better and wash their hair but they too are in pandemic clothing. 
Rick laughed at me and said, "yes that's it, their dirty hair is because of a pandemic" How are they able to stay in front of the camera. It is no exaggeration to say their clothing has a place but in front of the camera it does not belong. A county fair perhaps. Hanging with your friends, not even nice enough to wear out to dinner or go to a club. The 4H would work with their attire. 

Rick is correct they both sometimes have such greasy hair it is gross. Yesterday the one had on jeans that stopped above her ankles but not evenly. Perhaps having one leg one length and the other 2 inches longer is a new style I am unaware of. It looked like she just did a remote at a pig farm. Her jeans were filthy. Her socks out of her boots did not match, perhaps that is a new hip thing, I don't know. One white, the other blue. She was wearing nothing blue so as an old gal I assumed it was a mistake but it could be a new fad. 
Her shirt looked like it had been pulled out of the laundry basket so she could wear it. It was so wrinkled it was almost funny. I've done that in my young days. But I would then either iron it or put it under a sweater. 
Their clothing is so bad you can't help but notice. As I mentioned yesterday Rick is not observant at all but he comments every time he sees them. He finds their dirty clothing and dirty hair and unkempt appearance to be detracting from listening to them. He makes me laugh about this.

Is this because we are old? Is this because this is a small town/city? Is it pandemic related? Is it because we live in a city/town that is far less sophisticated than anywhere we have ever lived? (not counting hometown) 
Inquiring minds want to know.

You can't blame the anchors or young people if their station allows them to look like that on camera. But if they wish to move up would they use these reels to do so? Because I don't think that will help their cause to get beyond this little town. 

There was a young man I'd see locally doing field reporting. When I first moved to DC Metro I thought he was so young and cute. Then he made it to the local news anchor but at 4am. Then he made it to anchor on the local evening news. Then next thing I know I saw him on The Today Show. He made it. But it was the show that is on before the regular Today Show. Now I see him on NBC all the time in anchor positions. He made it to the big time. But when he was working locally he was always dressed for the part. In the field if he was interviewing someone after a storm, he'd be dressed in storm clothes. When he was on a 3am he was in a jacket but no tie. When he made the Today show he dressed in a suit. 
As my close work friend would tell me, dress for the part you want. I never forgot that. 

I think it is just the lack of sophistication here. It's all-new. The city is growing leaps and bounds and I think in 10 years the population will double and it will be a million people here. Because most are coming for the higher education type jobs in the medical field, IT, research, google, and amazon. Most are no longer toiling in the tobacco fields & the area is changing quickly. That is what upsets the locals in my hillbilly county. We Yankees. Now the new folks moving here can be from Texas but if you can put a sentence together without a double negative, you are called a Yankee. 

It was stated in a local real estate magazine that in the last 10 years the home prices have risen 98%. We saw a lot of that when we spent a 1.5yrs searching homes down here. By the time we could retire it was an entirely different realty market here. The average home price here was 225-250K when we started, when we could move it was now 400K+. 
I look forward to the growth for the fact that more sophistication will come and fewer guns. But it's still North Carolina. I don't expect miracles.

In the meantime, I wanted to give a shout-out to Barbara who suggested Rick look into making a yarn bowl. Neither of us knew what that was. So Rick googled it and said he had some wood that had warped or something and he could use that to practice & try to make this. I saw some of it yesterday. He wasn't finished yet. He was struggling with the loop for the yarn. But when it's done I'll show you. It's a good practice piece for sure. Not something he'd sell but something to learn from.

Sun is shining and it will be warm no matter what locals call it. Right now at 11:22am it's 50 degrees. I think that is swell for any day in January. 
I'm off to go play in this warm city and enjoy Friday Fun Day. 


Julie H said...

I see an Etsy store in Rick's future ;)

People just don't dress up for anything anymore. When I went for the job interview in the office where I work the girl who interviewed me was wearing spaghetti straps, jean shorts and flip flops. I was shocked and that was 15 years ago.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Julie, yep (re: etsy)
I can't fathom where you can apply for a job like that except at the local ice cream shop in the summer at a tourist attraction.
But the west is also very laid back compared to the east as well.

Arkansas Patti said...

Julie is right. Etsy would be fine and you could take care of shipping and handling:)
As for the ice storm, we are facing one here also. My prep is to make sure batteries are charged, laundry is done, and hair washed. Otherwise my years in Florida keep me prepared on a daily basis. Hope your threat is all over caution.
Your TV sounds like fun to watch.
Stay safe.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Patti, it's going to be in the mid 40s now they are saying so how much freezing can be done? Time will tell. We have a halo for the house so if we lose some power we've got that. We have water and wine. :-) I was buying groceries and saw the shelves bear so for a lot of essentials that thankfully we don't think we need. Hope you are just fine this next couple of days.

Olga said...

I was tutoring a high school student some years ago and helping him complete school assignments. One time he was to repond to an ethical dilemma -- you live in Florida and know about hurricanes and stay prepared with food, water, you bought a generator. Your neighbor does not take such precautions. When the hurrican comes and the power is out, the neighbeor comes to your door and asks to use your electricity. So the kid wirtes he would let the neighbor charge his phone so he could contact his family but he wouldn't let him do something like plug in his coffee pot because that is not essential. I thought to myself, this kid knows nothing about what is essential in life.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Omg Olga that's true.

Sheila said...

I had a friend ages ago who was going after his first job after getting an associate degree. He had very little money so he found a suit at a thrift store, took it to someone for a little alteration, bought a new shirt at Sears and borrowed a tie. I always thought that was pretty smart. He got the job.

We, too, see the news people in our 300k city go from here to Portland or Seattle and sometimes on to national. Kind of fun to see who advances.

Cruisin Paul said...

Hey Peg, could you explain to this dumb Canadian what a "Rick wears a fluorescent pinny."

Cruisin Paul

It' said...

In dentistry we don't really dress up. The last person we hired for the front desk (and the new one who is being castigated after 4 days on the job) wear scrubs. That way they don't have to spend money on clothes for work. I would if they didn't look like pajamas on me :-)
I would like to know what TV channel news station you're watching ~ I'd love to stream it and see what you mean...surely it's not that hookery (haha a new word) is it?

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Yvonne, oh it is. I'm not exaggerating. Like I said, if Rick noticed, it is in your face. I'd love to wear scrubs as my uniform, comfy as hell.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Paul, I will look up a picture to show you. Stay tuned.

Mike said...

"She is super young and super cute..."
Ummmm, what station is that? Just curious.

Abby said...

I've seen some "questionable" outfits from female news anchors, but what do I know?
My boss interviewed a woman last week to join our team. She wore slacks and sneakers to the interview, but interviewed well and got hired. The place is pretty casual, and I'm glad she'll be joining us. But I always dress up for an interview.

Julie H said...

Peg, at a Government office of all places lol