Friday, January 21, 2022

Friday No Fun Day.

This is for Jean.  This kicked back from the email I attempted to send.
This is the puzzle I am referring to. This is it completely done. If I hadn't sent it to Rick's sister to do when Lockdown happened I'd send it to you. I found this online so you can always buy it online. ( I love that there were no square corners.) This was a fun puzzle that we did over a weekend. Harder than you think but fun nonetheless. The foreign money didn't make it any easier since I don't speak any other languages when you'd get a piece with just a word. 

Yesterday was a damn fine day. First locked out. Then I made the trek to Costco and to Walgreens to pick up an Rx. I hate Walgreens here. They are so inept. I waited 40 minutes in the drive-through because there was no place to park in the lot. I drove around the store 3 times. No available parking spaces. So I got in this very long line and SAT. I am not a patient person so that drove me crazy. 40 minutes is unacceptable. But Izzy was happy to be in the car far more than me.

Then I went to Costco. I honestly think that all Target's and Costco's should have the same layout in each of their stores. So if I go to Target in Minnesota it should be the same as the Target in Raleigh. Yes, I am aware there are superstores which are larger but again, they should be the same superstore in every city. Costco should do the same. They build the same sq footage building why must they change the layout in every damn city? 
I so hate that. I knew my store inside and out. In this store everything is backward and what isn't backward is just in a very different place. And the products are different. I looked for something Rick likes and couldn't find it anywhere. I asked someone and they said they don't carry it. 
The Costco employee asked, "did you get that at Costco before?"  
Yes sir.   He went to the computer to look. 
Nope, it is not something we carry. Okay weird.
I am finally getting home and Ms. Izzy has been with me and she is trying to get out of the car. She slipped, twisted her leg, went down on her face. I grabbed her and tried to stand her up. Her left front leg she didn't want to put down on the ground or put weight on it. Oh boy, I thought this day just keeps coming at me. It is pouring and I'm out in the driveway trying to get Izzy to walk. I call Rick to come out and help me. Izzy walked (limped) to the 2 steps and just looked at us. Damn. She's 77lbs. I can not lift her. Rick got her up the stairs and she came inside and laid down. Talk about guilt. Geez, I felt bad. I sat on the floor and rubbed her belly and her leg. She at least wagged her tail. But I knew she was hurting. She seems fine now but a bit limpy. She could have sprained it. 
We will wait and see I guess. Not that we can go anywhere anytime soon.
Everything around here is closing early. I'm sure tomorrow everything will be just closed.

We are getting a storm. 1-3 inches of snow and ice. As I stated it's been raining all day. It will change tonight to snow and ice. This one will hit us from the looks of things. We have food, wine, games, and tv. We'll be fine. Power shouldn't be an issue even though they mention it every 10 minutes on the news. Our lines are underground so I don't think we will but you never know with my luck of late. 

I look forward to the snow. I want to snuggle on the sofa, watch some movies I've been wanting to watch. And not work on this house. Rick is up for the snowstorm too. Any excuse to be lazy is how we are seeing it. We both have such issues with just doing nothing. It feels lazy but damn I think I could become accustomed to being lazy. I think I can get good at it. 
If that damn guilt wouldn't rear its head I'd be fine.

I'm going to enjoy this weekend if it kills me....and it may 🤣😂
Hope you are dry and safe wherever you are!


BootsandBraids said...

Nothing serious with Izzy, I hope.

Cruisin Paul said...

You know Peg, my Costco in Windsor, Ontario is the same Costco that I go to and every time I go they change things. That pisses me off. It takes me so much extra time time get what I want.
I hope that Izzy isn't hurt that bad. Still no snow for us. I guess climate change is really there because usually we would have had a lot of snow by now. Enjoy your weekend.

Cruisin Paul

Arkansas Patti said...

Callie did the same thing jumping out of the car at the vets. At least she had perfect timing. He said she had a sprained wrist (didn't even know dogs had wrists). I babied her for a day, lifting her on to the couch and bed and the next day she was much better. It healed quickly though I'm not sure she didn't milk it for the attention. Hope that is all that is wrong with Izzy.

Annsterw said...

oh no! Stay safe if you have bad weather on the way!! I hope Izzy is okay!! HUGS

Mike said...

Did your luck change yet?

Mike said...

I almost forgot, Costco! I got an item at my local Costco and then they quit carrying it. I just go online and order it. As long as you're over a certain dollar amount ($??), it's free shipping.

Julie H said...

I agree on the stores! I go to my grocery store in 2 different cities and they are almost the same but like 2 aisles are flipped. Why? Why do they need to be different lol.

It' said...

All grocery stores change things around now and again. It's their way of preventing you from running in and out. Stay awhile, look at all the other goodies you might enjoy! And we certainly hope you spend a little more. Our Costco will stay the same for ages, until that day you go in and discover they moved a lot of things around. It has been awhile since they've done that, so we probably ought to prepare ourselves.
I certainly hope Izzy is ok in a day or two. When Sioux had done that same thing a time or two, Romeo started lifting her out. But, with a dog that weighs over 70 pounds, that's pretty tough.

Abby said...

Aw, I hope Izzy's doing better.
We had an ice storm last week - not typical for Colorado. Hampered everything.
Stay warm and lazy!

Hope Springs said...

I know it is supposedly a marketing scheme to get us to walk past everything in the search for something that was in a different spot last week, but it's annoying to have everything moved around all the time. And I completely agree with every Costco having the same layout. So frustrating.

I just watched the last episode of After Life last night. Since so few people here seem to have watched it, I'm curious about your take on it. It's definitely ambiguous.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I just may talk about it.