Tuesday, August 3, 2021

This and That

A couple of things regarding the Olympics -

Why don't we celebrate all colors of medals? Why only gold? We could never even win bronze. What those kids have gone through to get there, the work, the sacrifice, the pressure, and bronze isn't good anymore? Is this an American thing? Must it be gold or die? Come on we can do better!

Rick and I were watching the women's floor exercises in a dark room in silence. After this incredible amount of flips and twists and lands on her feet, I say quietly, "oh hell, I could do that"  Do not say this to your spouse as he is drinking something or you will have to clean up a mess.

Why do we focus on Simone and not other women in all sports? Why do we care if some fat guy in his recliner thinks she's a quitter? He never even started.

Why must women be scantily clad in gymnastics but men can wear shorts? Why can't the women? Same with volleyball. The rule is sexist and dated! The fact that the committee tells you how much of your arse should show is ridiculous. When I read that my head exploded.

Boy, these kids look young 😁 don't they?

Because we are leaving this week we wanted the key out of the box on our front door. I do not wish to have people in what is still our home while we are gone.
During this ordeal, I have had the following things happen. Nothing here is bad but I'm not happy especially #2.

1. Two large scratches on my dining room table. Prior, it had no scratches. (when the inspector was here and they made me leave)

2. A long cylinder-like ceramic vase from my friend when she was in Greece with an antique letter opener and scissors in a leather case sitting inside of it - ALL missing from my desk. (missing? someone knows where it is)

3. A ceramic homemade vase that my stepdaughter made for me, broken by the inspector. I used it on my desk because I thought it was pretty and I filled it with pens/markers etc.

So we asked the realtor for the code to get our key out of their combo box that is still on our door. 
Matt (realtor) would answer everything but that in an email. 
So Rick tried today. Matt the same thing to him. Then Rick asked why the stall? He said he was trying to get the termite inspection done. Rick said then if it can't be done before we leave, then when we come back. He still wouldn't give him the key combo. Rick then chose to call instead of text. 
Rick said, "I'm a bit suspect of your hesitation on giving me my own key back. Do you plan on going through our home? Do the buyers plan on returning or something? What is your concern and why do you think our key to our home needs to be in there after the sale?"
He gave Rick the combo and the inspection is tomorrow. Honestly. Rick felt he was still hesitant but if he told us a reason why we may have said okay leave it there for your use. But he didn't. It was weird. There is nothing I like about realtors, even ones that are better than the first one. I have yet to have one that has been stellar, honest, trustworthy, etc.

Each time we left the house I was told to remove items I didn't want to be stolen. Ah, that would be everything in my house. 
I was told to take out my 'designer' bags or purses that cost a lot. 
My target bags and cheap bags could stay. Okay, that is only 4 bags that were high end so that was easy. Remove all jewelry. So my jewelry and purses went into Rubbermaid-type boxes and had to go into our car each time we left. I did not wish to have to do that again for this trip to Raleigh. You can understand that, can't you? I was bringing out to the car several containers each and every day. I never felt comfortable leaving them in the car all day/night either. Geez.

I took a photo after I put my stuff back out on my bathroom vanity.
It's disgusting, right? You're horrified and would never buy this place, am I right?  Oh, the horrors, makeup brushes, and a toothbrush - you pig you!

In all seriousness, the realtor and stager said I could leave the glass out.
Ewww. The glass isn't for me to use it's the charger to the toothbrush. I suppose I could use it but it's the charger as well as a glass so I just use it as a charger. We both do because Rick has the same only in purple. 

Would this big mess stop you from buying this home if you had seen this?
Would the toothbrush gross you out so badly you couldn't buy the place or finish the tour? (I was told that exactly)

Here are a few more memes 'cause I have to run - 

Now, this first one is something that I think should be in all bars/restaurants. Each place could have its own name of the shot. I think back on my 20's and I would have felt better knowing this. I once was stuck in a bathroom too fearful to leave. 
A girl I had met just a few minutes earlier saw me upset and helped me, without her I do not think it would have been a good outcome! Rick once said when he was old enough to realize that women spend their life doing things to protect themselves and having to always think about such things, it shocked him. He was also shocked he never realized it....you know until he had a daughter. Isn't that normally how it goes? But they do get there, at least one hopes they do eventually if not taught. 

I just love this. I am not a Thelma and Louise gal but it sort of reminded me of that.


Do you know how many years it has taken me to learn this? Oh sure,  I knew it but to practice it. Still a work in progress but far, far better!

This was sent to me by my hubby the other day after being a Cranky Ass Pain. The stress of this move has been a real bear for us. We are doing the best we can but some days not so great. This made up for it.


Misadventures of Widowhood said...

I can't believe how much stuff of yours got broken or stolen! I was lucky to have a file cabinet where I lock up anything of valve so I didn't have to pack stuff in my car when I left. I also couldn't wait until the lock box was off the house and my realtor didn't give me any push back on it. I don't blame you for being suspicious as to why your guy didn't want to do it.

It's.a.crazy.world said...

I would be livid about the damage and missing items. Does the realtor say anything about it when you told him/her? Or are they going to make you file a claim with your insurance? In the case of the key, I might be tempted to have the doors re-keyed (we had to do that once after son #2 lost his key YET AGAIN). I wouldn't feel at all comfortable knowing that someone could come in when you are out of town ~ nuh uh, no way, Jose. Especially when they've proven they don't give a shit about you and your belongings.

Good luck, Peg and Rick.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Jean, the more he avoided that question in an email the more concerned we were. We had said file cabinet but it was loaded on the POD...not too smart of us.the pod is stored. Oh well. The thing from Greece is a sentimental piece as were the items in it. Those were a gift to Rick from his Grandmother. If one saw them they'd probably say, oh those aren't expensive. But to me it's not the money, its the sentiment you know?

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

It's- We only told him today after he was not giving us the code. We have our key now!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

But ladies would the toothbrush make you grossed out?

Misadventures of Widowhood said...

The tooth brush wouldn't gross me out but I hide mine because I was worried someone would use it. The last time we listed a house it was pretty evident that someone had sex in our bed. Now that was gross so you can see why I was worried about my tooth brush being used after a quicky.

betty said...

What you have on the counter in the bathroom now wouldn't have bothered me. I'm glad you got the code. Weird he didn't give it to Rick without a hassle. Raises red flags for sure! Now I'd be worried if a key wasn't made of the key in there but then I'm a bit paranoid. Wow with missing items and broken items. Really are people that crass to steal like this? And to break something and not try to atone for it. Accidents happen but people should be accountable for any damage sustained.

I heard one of the Olympic gymnast teams (I want to say Germany but I could be wrong) went with a one piece leotard with long legs in protest to the typical gymnast outfit. I was just happy the girl from Arizona (Jade can't remember her last name) took the gold in the floor exercise for gymnastics.

Good luck with your trip to Rayleigh!


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Eww Jean. That's awful. They told me to take out the knives, my jewelry and those certain bags. So apparently this is not a rare occurrence.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Betty, yes I saw that as did other countries who went to see if this was a rule and were upset that they were never told this could be. We may see those in the future. The woman from Jamaica just said she wanted the option. Especially during certain times of the month. I think that is reasonable. She spoke of worrying about tampon strings etc. I get that

Mike said...

I can't believe stuff got stolen. The realtor is supposed to stay with the people they are showing the house to. Unless the realtor stole the stuff.

When you sell your next house before your move to Missouri, put some cameras up inside the house.

Olga said...

Oh, good grief! I kind of blame HGTV for all the emphasis on staging these days. (Personally, sterility is deceptive.) But breakage and theft!?! What is wrong with people?

Cruisin Paul said...

Sitting here in Canada and watching American TV ( NBC ) all we see and hear is gold winners. What about the silver & bronze winners? Yes, it's an American thing. I guess if you don't get a gold you useless. All I hear is USA, USA,but what about about all of those hard working Olympians who didn't win anything. As far as Simone, it's a shame that the other girls who did so well but wasn't really shown as well but only NBC talked about Simone, that's a shame.
Scantily clad women in these sports, are we looking at what they can do in their sport or their bodies? What bothered me the most the fact they would show their little shorts up their butts. What's that got to do with volleyball.
Being a man I like to see a beautiful woman but not their private parts and butts all the time. Respect.
The Sense of Humor meme is most important especially for me. Thanks Peg.

Cruisin Paul

Arkansas Patti said...

I am stunned at the stolen items, broken ones and scratched ones and what is with him not giving you the combo to get your own key?
Was also stunned when they censured the beach volleyball women in shorts and not thongs. Once more, what is wrong with people?
Absolutely loved what Rick sent you. A balm for all the crud you had been through. He is a keeper.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Mike who the hell knows. It was on my desk and now it's gone.

Olga, yes hgtv has ruined it for realtors and buyers and sellers. The inspector called my realtor when he broke it and sent a photo. Like what could I say? Off with your head? It was a gift. It was homemade, it was not expensive so to them it was no big deal. And it's okay but when you add it all up it rather pisses me off.

Paul, I knew it was an American thing. I love the backstories of all the athletes from all countries. (the Canadian woman who got a zero on her dive - I felt so badly for her!!!)

Patti, he told me the other day he was too tired and old to leave me so I am stuck with him. :-)

Julie H said...

That inspector needs a talking to wtf!

I would have taken a hammer to the key thing. Also WTF.

Bobi said...

I've been telling my husband for years when we sell this house, we will move everything first and then sell. It's been years since we sold a house and things were different then,but I hated the idea of strangers in our house.
Fast forward to today's appalling behavior and I'm even more convinced that's what we have to do. Of course, last year when I sold my mom's empty house, someone stole an antique doorknob! And the inspector was a piece of work too, left lights and fans on, water running and the door unlocked! I too, have a low opinion of realtors but the one I used to sell my mom's house was a total sweetheart and went above and beyond. She's definitely one of a kind.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Bobi, a home that is empty takes twice as long to sell. I'd take out everything you own but some furniture if that is a possibility. This last realtor is very nice but I just find them all doing what they want for their pay,not necessarily listening to anything 'you' say. Oh well, almost friggin' over.