Wednesday, July 28, 2021

All is Well...sort of.

I'm sorry I got a message from Paul worrying about me.
I am fine. That's a lie.
But I will be fine.

Sold, going to Raleigh, doing a lot of things right now, and no time to share.
I promise I will though.

Some memes I found quite funny this week - 
I loved this - it's so very true. This team sucks on all levels this year. It's so bad I found this funny too!

Ya gotta love Colin. 
To those who are not lucky enough to have a Wegman's, it's a fabulous grocery store!
Now, this would prove to be interesting.

This is us once again sitting in our car - can you tell how thrilled Izzy and Rick are?
Each time someone came to see the house we'd have to leave. After a while, it's like where do we go? We sat up the street a block and watched people go in and out.
doesn't she look happy here? LOL

This for some reason made me laugh. I know a woman who wears weird hats like this and it so reminded me of her. It's also something she'd say to someone else wearing something odd.

Happy Wet Dog. She's a cutie even at 12.5 yrs old. ♥


Julie H said...

Yeah for selling!

Arkansas Patti said...

Wasn't worried about you. Knew you would be super busy with selling, finding a place and moving. You have my sympathies.
You know you can't fool Izzy. If the car isn't moving, this is not a ride.
Colin cracked me up and if the Yankees need new ways, we will be happy to show them the ones we use on the 30th. That should be an interesting series.

betty said...

Congrats for the house selling! Best news I heard all day. I always did like Ernie, especially how much he loved his rubber ducky.


Barbara said...

What? Just "Sold". Ok, you're in a whirlwind and I'm sitting here bored and wish I knew everything about it. You'll share when you have time, I know, but dang, a day without Margaret is like a day without sunshine.

Mike said...

Now all you have to do is find someplace to live!

Mary said...

Is that sign for real?…Basilicas…a restaurant in Va?
Congratulations on selling…

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Mary this gut was on tv. He's an asshole. Its in Huntington Beach CA. This would not happen here. He thinks if your are too stupid to understand then you can't come in. He was a piece if work. of course he will get covid and almost die and he will change his mind. You know how the dying find God...same idiotic thing.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

'Guy' it should read above.

Cruisin Paul said...

I'm happy that you all are doing well Peg. I know it pressure moving but like a friend said to me " everything will work out at the end ". My question is " when is the end?" We'll see but we'll succeed you and I. See ya then,

Cruisin Paul

Olga said...

Hurray for a sold but it's gotta be a hectic time!

Misadventures of Widowhood said...

That waiting up the street is the pits! I thought I was done with that but the people who's offer I accepted are from out of state and asked it they could through the house today before they head back home. Realtor said it would look bad to refuse. So here I am again. Had to declutter the counter tops all over again.

Abby said...

Thanks for checking in!