Sunday, August 14, 2022


Happy Sunday blogger buddies.
It's been a very weird week for me.

Grab your favorite beverage and sit back and read a chapter of my week.

Let's start with Thursday. 
My husband wanted to go grocery shopping with me. 
That is always a nightmare. We spend way more if he is with me.
It was too hot for him to be in his workshop so off to the grocery store we go.

Rick is putting things in the cart and me taking them out. (he put in cookies, and junk food and then tells me he wants to lose weight)

"We just don't need miniature marshmallows right now Rick." 

The child known as Rick whines, "but why you love them?" 
"Yes in my hot cocoa. It's 99 degrees I won't need them until winter."

"okay but I think you'll be sorry."

"No, I think I'll survive, what do you need them for?"

"Nothing I was grabbing them for you. See how good to you I am?"

Oh my God shopping with him is crazy.
Why buy 1lb of that meat when you can get 4lb? 
I must remind him that there are only 2 of us Richard.
"Yes, but I could make this and that and this.....and off he goes.

"Yes, but we also need to pay this and that and this eye is a huge payment c'mon! This is already going to be $300.00 c'mon."

"Oh okay - oooh look they have that ice cream you like and can never find."

I go around the corner muttering to myself, 'JC, this is why I don't bring you, please!' 

Honestly, the man is not someone who understands a budget. This new way of living hasn't caught on for him. 

After we load up our car Rick now says, "let's go get some lunch next. what do ya say?"  I say that sounds nice but we have food in the car. So we go home and unload the groceries. I take off my shoes and he says, "No I'm taking you to lunch and I want to stop at the Raleigh Farmers Market, remember?"  
Oh yes, we did decide to go there after shopping. Ok, forgot. I put on my shoes and we leave again.

When I say farmers market I know everyone thinks a farmers market of a few vendors type thing. So not that way.
Here is the grounds. We sadly can spend hours here.
It is huge. There is a restaurant across from the main market. 
It has a big ole pig out front. (we should have read about this place before assuming what it was!!)

Now we have learned since moving here BBQ is their state food, if not officially it should be. That is all we've heard since moving here, Carolina BBQ. Rick has said each time we go past this and enter the market, we must go try their BBQ pork. Because if I haven't told you before Rick's favorite 4 letter word is PORK.   We assume since the big pig is out front it must be BBQ pork. You know what happens when you assume right?

So we do our business at the farmers market and head across the street or the left side of the photo and go inside. I about died.
All the wait staff is in overalls. I am befuddled. 

Then as we are seated I say to Rick as if he heard the thoughts going through my head, "Oh I get, farmers market, overalls, farmers, fresh to table. Aah. cute, okay. I get it." 
Rick laughs as only someone who has been with me for 35 years and knows the conversation in my head and says, "I wondered why they were dressed like that, makes sense."

We are seated at our table and menus are handed to us. OMG. It was either biscuits or fried food. There was one thing only on the menu that I could eat. They serve veggies but they fry them. Gosh, it is going to take a while to become southern I see.  There was nothing I could eat that wasn't smothered in biscuits (wheat) gravy(wheat) or fried veggies (flour/wheat) 

Rick doesn't care much for fried food other than chicken and he will never eat a biscuit so he was so bummed out. 
But he does love himself some great fried chicken so he was hopeful.
We felt weird just leaving now even though we wanted to, we had ordered a couple of beverages and chatted with the server by now. But this menu while large was just a heart attack waiting to happen. 

There was a house salad that sounded dreadful but it was something for me. It was just a bit larger than a half dollar. So that was my lunch.
It was every bit as awful as you'd think. I wanted a vinaigrette dressing. 
He (server) didn't know what that was. He did share that I could have creamy dressings and while not a fave I did a creamy Italian that was basically salty vinegar. Should have done ranch. Oh well. 
I asked for it on the side to be a pain in the ass and he said, "oh everyone does" as if he heard the dialogue in my head to make me feel better. 
This way I only had to use a tiny bit and it worked. Our server was a very nice young man and he was so helpful. But the food...ick. 

Rick got fried chicken & fried green tomatoes. 
He said the chicken was dry and not so great or flavorful and he was so disappointed. He said KFC is far superior. The fried green tomatoes were the best he's ever had. I so wish I could have tried them!!! He said he'd order those again. 

As we went to pay we were standing in line and we saw this in the entry on a table front and center.

Yes, a defibrillator. I think the fact that they don't put this behind the cashier's desk is weird. I mean do you really wish to advertise that your food causes the need for the defib?  That is so weird I had to take a photo. We had a good laugh about this. It is in front of the door sitting on a table in a prominent way as if to say, "Here I am, go ahead and eat what you'd like we've got you covered."   It was most certainly indicative of their food so there is that. But how funny to make it so prominent.

Then we move on to Friday. 
We had a slew of things to do, pick up my last RX of drugs for my eye. 
I am down to only taking these horrific drugs once a week. Can I tell you how good I feel most days? Yes, it's a good thing! (well mon and tues are still rough but only for a few more weeks!) 

Once again running around with Rick is humorous. 
He doesn't listen to the GPS and then tells me he wants to go another way. I begin to laugh which makes him laugh his ass off. 
"Don't believe me?"  he asks.
"oh hell no! You don't know another way to get there"
"Sure I do!"  

We ended up where we needed to be via a very beautiful ride of great green horse pastures and vistas far far away from where we were to be.  
I saw new things and we eventually got there. We got there in a way only Rick could get us there.

As we are walking back to the car Rick announces he is taking me to lunch again. I asked, "What's up with you? 2 lunch dates in 2 days?  Nah, let's just go home."
Then he says, "Tacos and Tequila's?"  (name of the restaurant)
"Oh sure say my favorite place and of course, I'll say yes." "

But as only Rick can do he heads in the wrong direction. I point this out.
But he insists. I suggest the GPS. He poo-poos me. Now I just sit back and laugh. We have nowhere to go, nowhere we must be so let him drive me around North Carolina. I mean gas is now down to $3.24 so what the hell?

Finally, he realizes he went the wrong way. We have entered another town.
He says, "I think I went the wrong way."

I laughed and said, "ya think?"

"why didn't you say anything?"

"would you have listened?"

"Oh hell no, but you could have said something." He's laughing now.

Oh, the ass does make me laugh.

So instead of my favorite place called Tacos and Tequila's we went to a local Mexican place that he insists he has seen rave reviews for on Next Door App. Yes, but they raved and gave that place yesterday 5 stars and it was a 2 at best. So I am most unsure about this rave as well. I think what everyone here thinks is good is not what we think is good.

He laughed and said, "where is your spirit of adventure Margaret?"  
Oh yes, more gastrointestinal adventures! Can't wait!

We arrive at a pretty busy place. That is a good sign I guess. 
Although yesterday's place was packed too. So there is that.

We each got a street taco sampler. The menu said homemade corn tortilla shells. You know the tiny street taco size.  I asked the server to be sure though that they were corn. Yes, he insists they are corn tortillas. 

You get 6 in a sampler. I ate 4. I was stuffed. 
Of course, Rick ate my other 2. Leaving food on the table is not something he can do. Sometimes he behaves like he grew up during the depression. But I get it, he was raised that way so to him throwing away food or wasting it is extremely difficult for him. (once he saw someone throw away meatballs because they didn't eat them all at dinner. I thought his head was going to explode! I had to hold his hand to keep him from saying anything!)

A few hours later I was very sick. 
I felt the swelling first in my throat and then my limbs began to swell up. 
I told Rick I was not feeling well. My stomach was having a very bad parade. Then the bathroom fun. I think I have been glutened, I say to him. 
He said you only ate the corn tacos. I said, "Maybe they weren't corn"
By 9p I was full-on ill. My hands could not be made into a fist because they were so swollen. I felt it in my neck, it feels full and hard to swallow. 
My feet look like Fred Flintstone, not my feet. My feet and ankle was not this swollen after I broke my ankle. Here it is Sunday and I am still very swollen and am having some of the fun side effects too. Jealous aren't you? 
This normally takes 2 weeks to leave me. 
Fun, fun, fun.

Rick always wants to call the restaurant to complain. I said this is my issue, not theirs. I should never have assumed these were corn. I know better than to assume or trust people. I should have not eaten them, period. I should have eaten just the fajita meat and veggies with no wrap. It's my own fault. 
I can't eat out easily and it is what it is. He still insists on calling the restaurant to tell them not to tell people they are corn when they are not. 
I told him to let it go - PLEASE! He finally shut up about it. Geez, I'm the one who is sick and swollen, l am fine. just let it go!

Now if this were a peanut allergy people see the damage immediately and are sympathetic. But because no one knows what celiac is or what it does to a person they don't get it, they don't care, and they roll their eyes. So the less fuss you make the easier it is for the next person in one way. But them not being aware makes it so it could hurt someone far worse. I know some who get glutened and end up in the hospital. I'm thankful it wasn't that awful for me this time.
It's a fine line to walk and I hate it. 

This morning Rick thinking he was funny asked if I wanted to go to lunch somewhere with him. HA HA funny boy. 

"Gee, Not hurt me enough this week? No, you've done enough damage to me this week buster."

He laughed and said, "You need to pick the next few times, my choices sucked!"

"Yes, they did suck but then again when do you make good choices Big Guy?"

"Hey, I made one good choice once?"

"Name one!"

"I married you, babe."

"Oh my god, the shit is gettin' deep, I'm going to get my boots."
And I got up and left the room pretending to fetch them.
I could still hear him laughing though. I win.


Bobi said...

Wow, you are a trooper! Guess you've been through it enough, but that reaction sounds pretty terrifying to me. Since the pandemic, I've found restaurants appeal to me less and less, we've learned how to make so many things at home that we used to order out and honestly, ours usually tastes better.

Arkansas Patti said...

How odd that the restaurant has a defibrillator on display. Like you said, their food may try to take you out but they can bring you back.
I am so sorry you got sick. I think you should have let Rick call the restaurant and let them know that there can be consequences for not being truthful on a menu.
Your being sick was awful but I still say you two deserve your own TV show. I know I'd watch. You are both delightfully funny.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Patti, having it in the lobby is surely "off" but it is also funny!!

Mike said...

"We have nowhere to go, nowhere we must be..."
That's because you're RETIRED! You can change your mind on the spot with no consequences.

And no it's NOT your fault. Call the damn restaurant and tell them they almost killed you because of their dumb-ass waiter. Maybe they'll give you a free meal every week for a year. Wouldn't that be great!

WD-40 said...

OK, Mike, let's think about this a bit: Margaret has extremely ill effects from their food so we should wish her to eat there every week??? *laughing*

Maybe corn tacos in the South, much like the cornbread (at least in my experience) are made with a higher ratio of wheat four to cornmeal than one might wish.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Gee Mike, I don't wish to eat a free meal there ever again๐Ÿ˜

Cop, the proper way to make a corn tortilla is made with masa flour, absolutely no white or wheat flour! Not the same as cornbread. My former cleaning lady's mom made them for me every year when she was visiting from Mexico.

Misadventures of Widowhood said...

I'll bet that defibrillator served the farmer's market in general and they want people to remember where they've seen one around. Just this past week we residents where I live had the conversation about where is our defibrillator and how it does no good if people don't know where it's kept. Here in MI there's been a push to get businesses and schools to have them and they hold fund raisers to buy them.

Going to restaurants for you is like playing Russian Roulette.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Jean, because there is an office for medical care on-site for the market and the restaurant us so very far from the rest of the complex, we both believe it's just for the restaurant. But since we go to the market a lot we are going to ask that on our next visit. And you are correct, eating out is no longer enjoyable for me. If I know a place it's easier but never as great as it used to be.

Mike said...

Wouldn't that be great! Sarcasm. I guess I missed on getting that across.

Cruisin Paul said...

Oh my goodness. I needed two dranks after reading this. WOW! After all that I hope you feeling better Peg. What a day grocery shopping, BBQ with pork, overalls, a lot of friedfood, even a defibrillator. I'm sick now
Get well my friend.

Cruisin Paul

It' said...

I want to say how bad I feel that you ended up feeling so sick after your restaurant "adventure". Some "corn" tortillas are a mixture of wheat and corn, or they might have been straight up flour. It can be hard to tell...obviously.

I so totally get taking Rick to the grocery store. It's such a pain, isn't it? "Let's try this!". He gets the cheap brand on stuff I don't like, and the name brand on stuff that doesn't really matter. He knows we're now on a fixed income, I've even heard him say it out loud! haha I do try to at least go with him, to try and discourage the purchases I think are not necessary (like candy, the dude has a massive sweet tooth).

Julie H said...

I was wondering if the creamy dressing was going to make you sick. That sounds horrible. I have some kind of IBS thing going on, probably mostly from eating so much crap lately.

Julie H said...

Oh and we have a defibrillator on the wall at work, it is supposed to be out in the open so anyone can access it. I know you were making a crack at their unhealthy food but I've seen skinny healthy looking people die from heart attacks too.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Julie, I implied terrible food not weight. You can die and be skinny. You can eat this kind of lard and still live to yoyr 90s. I know people who are thin and eat poorly it's part genetics and gravy in their veins. Ha ha
But I wanted to be clear, I never said weight!! I never would.