Tuesday, January 31, 2017


I disabled my facebook account. When someone asked me where I went I told them living here in the real world. 

I found it was sucking my soul. Besides the obvious trump bullshit that made my blood boil I just had to walk away. I walked away from the news and now facebook. You'd think that would stop me from knowing what is going on. Sadly that isn't so. My husband likes to keep me informed even when I put my two hands over my ears. He's helpful like that.

Facebook makes me vomit at times. Ah, look at me I'm doing this. Hey, look at my wife and kids because I am a good family man....who is cheating on that beautiful wife. Hey look at me I'm having a perfect life, perfect kids and my home is also perfect. Insert vomit.
If only they all lived like their facebook accounts say they do. Mine is ugly, messy and just like here, my life. I don't have a perfect anything!

Right now I am dealing with a step mom who is losing it. My father is being cared for by her and as you all know he has dementia. I spoke to her on Sunday. (she is 74) She told me that Carol was going to retire after this year. We went on to discuss why she is doing this now and Carol's trip to Florida etc. Then after I mentioned that she may wish to move to Florida since all of her children have moved there she said, "Hey did you know that Carol is going to retire after this year?"
Oh my goodness, here we go again. She has been doing this a great deal and she is scaring me.

After my father dies who will care for my step mother? Getting her to leave that big house that is falling down around her has been a big bone of contention for us all. We have tried to get her to downsize. But she won't. So now she will need assisted living from the looks of things after Dad passes. And if I were being honest with you I am doubtful that he will live past this year. So what do we do with mom? She can live alone if someone is nearby - like next door. And only for a short time. 

I have asked her to move here and she has said no many many times. 
I give up on it. I also get that while I am her "daughter" she married my father and I was part of the package deal.  Her daughter, her firstborn is out west. She keeps telling me she doesn't want to go there because all of her friends are "here" where she lives. But she has no friends so I don't know who these people are. When you ask her she laughs.

I tend to get stuck with all family issues, be it financial support, emotional support, etc. I have been the go-to for them all of my life. But now I would like all sisters to step up. In particular my step mom's oldest daughter. She has gotten off the hook for years because she was out west and she had her own family. Yes, for some reason because I didn't have my own children everyone thinks I should do it then. I just can't financially right now take this on my own. We all need to step up to the plate and figure out a fair way of taking care of mom. I recently suggested we have a meeting and figure it all out. I am fearful of what this will all become.

See it just sucks to get older. I want to be a kid some days and have no responsibilities or to worry about anything other than getting a good grade in Algebra. Which I might add never happened, If it weren't for math I would have had straight A's. Damn math!


I have written a few times here about Mary Tyler Moore.
I watch the Dick Van Dyke show on weekends. 
Yes, I've seen them a million times. Yes, I know the dialog. 
But it makes me happy. Just like I love Lucy does.

But my favorite as you all know is The Mary Tyler Moore show.
I have all seasons on my DVR. I watch them when there is nothing else I wish to view. I watch them over and over again. (sundance channel Friday all morning long) 

My husband asked me once why this show was so pivotal for me.
Then he asked again last week after she passed, There were many shows where woman were having conversations about about how she impacted them. It's a character he kept saying. How could that have impacted you?
Ah, but to me, a character of the likes this young woman had never seen before in 1970.

There were 2 shows for me that changed how I thought my life could be.
I knew I wanted more than what my father said I could have.
That Girl and Mary Tyler Moore. That Girl had her own apartment and had a job. She made friends in her new life and had a boyfriend and God knows great clothes. :-)  I lived vicariously through her even though I was a 10 - 15 yr during that run. Oh but I remember it so well. Her father would sneak around and watch her to be sure she was safe or "behaving" Oooh, I knew that father. As I got older that show lost something because it wasn't ringing true anymore. But I think that is about the time it went off the air. They had nowhere else to go with her and living or sleeping with Donald wasn't going to happen on TV in 1970.

As I grew up it was then Mary Tyler Moore. (14-21)
By this time I was really having a rebellious stage with my father.
To him, the only thing for a young woman to do was to be a nun or get married and pound out babies. I heard those 2 choices my whole friggin' life.  I wanted none of that. When I talked about college, he would say that he would just be paying for me to find a husband. Yes, my father was that old school, off the boat, kind of man. Backward is an understatement.

I have written here how I went to my guidance counselor about college and what my chosen profession would be. I was so excited about how it matched the results of the test the guidance counselor had given me. My parents were called in and I had to listen to how I couldn't do this as a female from my parents and this ass of a guidance counselor.  My father "put his foot down" and refused to pay for college if this is what I would be wasting his money on. My step mom sat there and went along with him. To this day I can't wrap my head around that since she was only 14 yrs older than me. Why didn't she speak up and help me, my mom would have! I digress. 

Mary Tyler Moore was doing something I wished to be doing. Working in a predominately male field, living on her own, succeeding and wearing pants. Hell, when this show was on television we couldn't even wear pants to high school.
So when my husband said why is that a big deal I realized he doesn't understand because he is a white male. He has never had to defend how smart he is, how hard of a worker he is, how much he can do the job, never was treated less than because of his gender, or even was doubted for one minute that he was capable. He was never told a job he may have wanted was not appropriate for him because it wasn't on the list of what he was allowed to do by society. Even back then my mom had a gay hairdresser. He was able to do what he wanted. (I am sure he suffered in other ways but being male he was surely able to do hair which was a job my father thought was for women) Never would it occur to him that he couldn't do whatever he wanted to do in life, period. (job wise) He has never had to fight for the same amount of money as his peers, he was probably leading the charge in that area.

There is an episode where Mary finds out that a male counterpart is making $50 more dollars a week than she is. 
($320 is what that equals to today)
She asks Mr. Grant and he calmly tells her, "Well of course he is, he is a man" Exasperated she says, she has the same bills to pay, the same car to drive, insure etc. But he kept saying, "but you're a woman"
I again pointed out to Rick that at that time for that to be put out there in the universe was a damn big deal. Like listening to Archie Bunker talk about his racist views were a damn big deal. It got people talking, it got things changed. It wasn't fair or right. It needed to be discussed. They showed it with humor but boy it drove the point home.
It made me stand up to my father. That is why she was important to me, even though she wasn't even real.

Rick asked this question to me last week.
This morning over coffee he tells me that he was taken aback by my comment about never had to prove himself. He has been thinking about that a lot. He said he never thought of it in that way. Rick told me his first thought was, "I always have to prove myself. Then I realize it was to one up another guy and get the job (or to beat another white guy as you'd say). So I get what you mean now."
Rick feels he's very empathetic to others and their situations. (he is) But not having lived it does make it different, just like when we talk about adoption. He said, "you always tell me you can understand it only to a point but never fully because this is not your life or was your path. I get it now."

In my former career, Rick was my biggest cheerleader. Each promotion or award was a big deal to him as well as myself. He was always "atta girl" I couldn't be married to anyone who would give me less. But every once in a while it's fascinating to hear him talk about what he doesn't see if he is being honest. 
On a side note, The MTM show showed feminism without what I refer to as the screaming meanies. She was proud, point being made, not giving up and showing up. The loud ones tend to put people off, but they get things done! This show did it with humor and kindness all while pointing the fingers at the absurdities of how women are treated less than. We needed both styles at that time. Well we still do! 

I get the male pressure thing that I have learned from him over the years.
I didn't live it and over time when it frustrates me he has taught me how men are programmed as little boys. I get it we all have our shit.
But I told him that while they are programmed I still feel like they aren't so limited. They are allowed to shoot for the stars and the sky, they just can't cry.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Monday, Monday.

Rick's illness has been draining on us all.
Nothing the doctor was giving him was stopping the coughing and or making him feel back to normal yet.  He was feeling better. His mucus was changing colors and he so delighted in telling me. Gross was always my response. I even said, "I don't need the mucus updates babe!"  But he would tell me.
He had 2 rounds of antibiotics. 3 kinds of Rx cough medicine.
Nothing was helping. He coughed for 1 hr straight. I am not exaggerating.
I felt helpless. He just couldn't stop. No one sleeps. It was painful to watch and listen to.

He has a pulmonary doctor (for reasons I will explain later) but she no longer takes our insurance. So I called another. We took the dr. who he could see first. She had great credentials and I was happy to see she got her education at John Hopkins and did a fellowship there etc. So I assumed she would be smart. But that doesn't always make the best doctor but we'll see.

She gave him a chest x-ray and saw his previous silo-filler disease. His lungs were cleared but he still had a lot of inflammation on the left top quadrant so he was given a steroid to combat the rest of that. The wheezing rattling was now diminished but still slightly there. He got new cough medicine to stop this constant cough. Rick really liked her and it didn't hurt that she was so darn cute.

The medicine stopped his coughing and we were shocked. He actually took it as prescribed and measured it. That in and of itself is shocking for me. He finally got rest but he is still not 100% but so much better. Rest alone was amazing. The doctor said this pulmonary virus going around seems to be no match for the drugs they use and it is lasting 3-6 weeks. It's been almost 4 right now. He is not 100% but now Gary's kid is sick so Rick must work doubles.

It's been a helluva morning and it's only 9:30a. Gary called at 6:30 am. His baby mama left for work and his kid is so sick with high fever and shaking. He was calling me from the car on his way to the ER. So while Rick thinks he is going to Falls Church at 8 am he now has to go to Gary's job at 9 am in Alexandria.
Oh shit. I run to the office and begin calling people to rearrange the schedules. It can't be done something will be lost or people will be mad, or worse both. Aargh!!

I have called them all - some moved. Some I am still not sure how this will be accomplished. We can't be in Front Royal and Arlington at the same time or within a few hours and do the job. Oh, my God.

I know that Gary is fighting for custody. There should be no issue of her getting this baby. She has said she doesn't want him but she will fight Gary to make his life a living hell. He recorded it which I thought was brilliant but probably not allowed in court. I told him I would certainly speak on his behalf. I see what this horrible woman does. Do you know at Christmas she was not with her 2 sons?
Gary went home to visit his family in Michigan with his baby. The son of baby mama who is 9 asked to go with Gary. He doesn't like spending time with his mother. So Gary said sure if your mom is okay with it. She was fine - all of them out of the house. What kind of mom doesn't want to be with their 9 yr old and their 2.5-year-old on Christmas morning? Yea, she's awful.

But it affects his work. That is where I come in. He's great at his job. It's hard to be angry when he is left with a sick kid, what should he do? He'd be as awful as her if he didn't give a shit. But at the same time, we have work to be done. So I feel conflicted. If this were a normal situation/job he'd be let go with this shit happening so many times. Rick was in HR and when this shit happened a plan was made with the parent. If it couldn't be followed after they signed this they were let go or given a job where they weren't a necessity and that usually meant a demotion. So I know legally we can, we don't wish to do that, though. So we have to suck it up and think about hiring a part-time guy. But that isn't easy to find either. God if only people wanted to work. Had a man who made too much money he said he wanted fewer hours. Who the hell says that? I have never said to anyone I wish to make less money.  The clincher was this kid asked for a minimum of $400 a week. We told him that would be two very slow days for him. He then said he really needs more money after a couple of weeks. So we booked him more work. Then he's taking home(not gross) 1500+ a week and he says he doesn't want to work 5 days a week. We asked about 5 1/2 days. No, too much work. Guess who is no longer here? There are very few English speaking blue collar workers here. We can't have someone who doesn't speak English because communication is a damn big deal on the job. We tried that it didn't work, employee was frustrated and customers were pissed. So then what? We seriously know one big contractor who has an interpretor on payroll that follows a guy on the jobs. We can't afford that.

Oh, how I love Mondays.

As for Rick's pulmonary doctor, I mentioned above. Rick found out late in life why he has had all these issues. He thought he got asthma at age 7 or 8. But in reality, he had something far worse. He was playing with his cousin Jim and another boy in a farm silo of corn. Silos emit gasses (nitrogen dioxide) which cause such damage to your lungs and often death. At age 61 it shows on an X-ray at the bottom 1/4 inch of his lungs as dark & dead.  The rest of his lungs are fine and functioning. Growing up in a small town with 1 doctor and 1 flashing traffic light he wasn't given great modern care. They gave him an inhaler and treated it all like asthma because he was coughing and couldn't breathe. Years later he found out what it was.  Thankfully this did not kill him. It can, it has killed farmers before. There are things called Farmer's lung, but this is not the same.
When Rick found out his pulmonary doctor wasn't taking his insurance anymore he was so bummed out. But the minute this new doctor said to him after reading his chest x-ray, he had silo filler disease, he knew he liked her. Before that, it took 48 yrs of doctors not knowing this even seeing it. That put him in a better place when walking in to meet a new doctor he didn't want to meet.

I'm now going to put on my cap and be superwoman.
Talk to you all tomorrow, should I survive and or not kill anyone.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Just Cuz I miss him and DT funnies at the bottom.

Have you seen the twitter feed WhisleBlower@whitehouseleaks?
Well too late now, it has since been taken down but not before it was given a nice big screen shot so you can read it anyway. WOW. I believe it to be real. The information is what we all know to be true anyway. DT is an idiot, some republicans are trying to distance themselves. But you google it yourself and see the trail of leaks as well as Megyn McCain telling him to message her.
My favorite was how over his head this dufus is. Gee, ya think? How he is wasting time on BS. He thinks acting like he's making swift decisions and not knowing a thing about them makes him look like a good president to the people. HA HA HA.  He now wants voter fraud investigated yet heknew his daughter was registered to vote in 2 states as well as his right hand fat guy Bannon. And he thinks there was voter fraud? So not only is he a poor loser, he's a poor winner? Idiot all around.
Here are some of the samples. It's too bad you couldn't see it all. The info on other senators etc was so positively sad yet amusing for someone who knew this and didn't vote for him. He will get us killed.
Enjoy the cluster f-that is our gov't.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Same old Rant

I am the owner of a business.
I happen to have female body parts.
Apparently having female body parts makes me not be the owner of this business to all males and even some stupid females.

Let us harken back to the olden days when I was first in a sales position.
I learned on day 1 that you are always nice to the gatekeeper if trying to see the CEO or someone else in power to make the decisions you are looking for.
That gatekeeper could be the CEO's mom. The gatekeeper could be family, could be a friend filling in for the person who is normally there, or they are an owner. You just never know. Besides being nice to everyone usually gets you what you want as long as it's sincere. Just being nice because it is the right thing to do.

To illustrate this fact I was having a real shitty week in Manhattan. I was trying to close a couple of contracts and boy was I ever meeting opposition at every turn. As I walked back to my hotel towards the end of my day I decided to stop into a company that I did not have an appointment with. These were my clients and I had started negotiations but we were really just in the beginning stages. I was also their service person along with sales so I was hoping to swing by, speak with my contact below the big cheese and see if I could take him to happy hour. We had a great business relationship over the last 5 years and he was instrumental is teaching me the Japanese culture since he was only 1 of 3 in this global company that was not Japanese.  He had invited me for drinks on many occasions and I usually was catching a train home. Since I was going to be in town for a few more days I thought I'd just give him that call and see if we could finally do this.

As I got to the receptionist I stated who I was with a smile and told her I didn't have an appointment but was hoping to speak with A. I told her who I was and the company I was representing. She had the most gorgeous blouse on and I told her so. We stood there talking about the sale at Barney's where she got this. I told her I only window shop at Barneys and she laughed. I assumed that she was just filling in while someone was on break because I had never seen her before and her English was far better than the young girl who is normally at the front desk. She asked me if I normally talked to A. about contract matters. I explained that I always started there because he was the representative for Mr. O. She asked if I had ever met Mr. O because he normally is in Japan. I said I have indeed met Mr. O. The last time I saw him he and I had lunch at the best little Italian restaurant that I had walked by many times and never even noticed. I told her how funny he was telling me about Italian food. I told her I didn't have the heart to tell him I was Italian. I also mentioned that he has the best jokes, perhaps a bit off color, but to me they were always so funny. I also mentioned that I gave him Yankee tickets because he wanted to see Godzilla play who had just arrived from Japan. I went on about how I always teased him about not letting me use that extra ticket. She and I had a good laugh. Then she picked up the phone and said something in Japanese. She hung up and said, "C'mon let me bring you inside."  She took me directly to Mr. O who was in town. I said, "Oh no, I can't just drop in on Mr. O. I just wanted to see A. "  She opened the door and said in English, "honey, Peggy from Galileo is here"  HONEY?  Mr. O stood up and shook my hand and said, "I see you've met my wife"  I about died.  Playing over in my head our conversation.  She then told him, "I like her so you better resign so she can go to Barney's."  Everyone laughed.

Now if I had dismissed her and treated her like the dumb receptionist I wouldn't have gotten in that door without an appointment. If I had treated her with the disrespect most receive being at the front desk, he would have heard about it you can be sure of that. How well do you think that would have gone over during contract negotiations and his idea of working with me for another 5 yr contract?
In his culture, respect is a big deal. It should be in ours.

This type of scenario played out a lot of times.  I later found out from Mr. O that his wife was in the U.S. with him on this trip and was in his office when someone was overheard saying so and so couldn't take a break because no one was available to be up front. So she gladly jumped at the chance.

Bottom line, be nice to the gatekeeper because you never know who she or he is. And yes, I did sign another 5 yr contract with Mr. O who sent me flowers and I got a nice 5 figure commission. I never went to Barney's 😊

Today I am that first contact with customers and/or sales people who are always treated with disrespect. I do everything here but the work in the field.
I do the marketing, I do the ad words, website, insurances, ordering, payroll, talk with customers, scheduling, customer service and on and on.

I work with the hosting company who now hosts our website and I work with a man named Nathan who is our account rep for changes etc. He and I have had to communicate often. When moving from our old hosting site and webmaster to this company we spoke so often I felt like he and I were the only two doing anything. Last week I contacted him for some changes to be made. He has never once spoken to Rick.

This morning I get an email asking if Rick can contact him with the GoDaddy password and login. I said, sure I'll have him call you but he doesn't know that information. So I made sick Rick who barely has a voice call him just to prove a fucking point that enrages me.  I hear this on Rick's end, "I don't know I've never done any of this work. I don't know, don't you normally speak to Peg about this? I am not sure you'd have to ask Peg."

Next, I get an email from Nathan asking me for this information.
I wrote back with the info and asked him why did he think Rick would know this? Has he ever spoken to Rick since we hired them? Why wouldn't he have asked me this question since he knows I am the owner as well as Rick?

He has not responded. Guess he thinks it's safer that way. But being as tenacious as a pit bull this isn't over. I am so damn sick of this happening daily.

Yesterday another neandertal did this to me over the phone. He was selling something. He asked for Rick and I said he is not in the office but may I help you. He said, "doubtful"  Ooh that pissed me off. So I said, "really? doubtful? why is that?" I am fuming, but I am speaking with a calm voice so I can be heard by this idiot. The dumb young twit said and I quote, "I need to speak to someone who can make decisions."  I said, "May I give you a tip Randy?" (he told me his name) He said I could and laughed. A condescending laugh no less.
I wanted to read him the riot act but again knowing he wouldn't hear me if I did.
Instead, I just calming said, "Randy here is the tip - Sales 101 - be nice to the gatekeeper because you don't know who that gatekeeper is. They may be the spouse, a family member, a close confidante or even an owner/partner. So being nice to them and treating them with respect may get you what you want."  I went on, "I am the other owner Randy. So assuming I am just the dumb chick answering the phones was your first mistake. Speaking to me the way you did was your 2nd. I don't care how much I may need what you are selling I will go to your competitor first. But I sure as hell hope you have learned something here today. You sound young enough to learn from this and not do it again. Thanks for calling"  I hung up. I was too pissed to listen to anything lame he may say or for that matter even an apology. He was the 2nd one I had yesterday but the day was still young. I had one more to go late in the day. Only an old fart this time. Only wanted to talk to Rick because he heard he was the owner. I asked where he got that information. He told me where - I said was there any other name listed. He said a woman but I didn't pay attention. I told him too bad because I am that woman, your loss.
I hung up. No that wasn't nice but I had had it!

I can barely be nice anymore with this shit. I used to spend energy to be nice all the time with these dip shits. Not any more. I am not rude because I refuse to stoop to their level. But I make my point. When someone calls and asks if they can speak to the person in charge of this or the person who makes the decisions for that, I appreciate it. Between stupid sales folks and dumb ass people off the street who want to speak to a man only makes me just want to explode. It's 2017. Women have buying power and if you can't deal with it move out of the way. Women will continue to have power in the workplace even with a Neandrathal in the white house. Women will continue to be a force, deal with it or get trampled on.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Where I've been.

I've been MIA due to Rick's illness.
What we thought was the flu turned into strep throat and a lung infection.
The coughing is off the charts.

I have had as little sleep as Rick this past week.
When I say I am a walking zombie I am not even close to exaggerating.

He was told that this was a strain of the flu at the ER.
Obviously not the strain of the flu shot which he had.
His cough only got worse and he was feeling worse all over but wouldn't go to the doctor being the stubborn ass that he can be.

I just made the appointment after nights of no sleep and then having to work.
I didn't care if he was angry, got mad, tough shit was my mantra.
He lost his voice completely. He has not eaten anything and when he did including broth, he vomited.

The coughing kept everyone in the household up including our dog.
Rick found that laying down in bed made the coughing worse so back to the recliner for Rick. That made the dog go to sleep downstairs with him.
I could hear him coughing and when he stopped I would run downstairs to be sure he was okay. How twisted is that? Eventually, I would just end up on the sofa. I wasn't helping but I felt like I was there in the trenches with him. I was fetching him things, and rubbing his back and all around feeling helpless but awake.

Last night the coughing was so bad he never stopped. It wasn't like he coughed and then stopped. It.never.stopped. The poor guy was in pain.
We were at the doctor yesterday and got a new Rx for cough medicine with codeine. We got an antibiotic for him as well as Mucinex to break up the mucus obviously.
He was told not to take the over the counter things he was taking because of his heart. Remember last year when he got an infection and he coughed so badly that his heart went into A-fib and they couldn't get it back on track without stopping it and restarting it?  Well, as you can imagine that fear is going through us both worrying this will happen again.

The cough medicine the doctor gave him did nothing. the codeine actually made him stop for 10 minutes and he would instantly dose off. Then bam - the coughing woke him and the dog. I sat on the sofa in the dark listening to this.
I now believe the worst sound in the world is this coughing/hacking. The rattling in his chest isn't fun to hear either. (or his man whining)

Today the doctor called to follow up and I told her nothing is better. He is a hot mess. I begged for something to stop this coughing so he can get some rest, even if it is in a chair.  She called in something else and I ran to the pharmacy on my lunch break. It stopped him from coughing for over an hour!  I could hear him snoring from my office and it was a wonderful sound. An hour of no coughing is far better than anything we've dealt with so far. Now if we could just go for 4 hrs he would probably feel like a million bucks.

I hope that in the next couple of days with all the medications he can get better and this be over with. I told him that I am tired of this annual January shit of him being sick. It made him laugh at least. He only can whisper which he finds frustrating so of course, I torment him.
He gave me the finger at one point and I laughed and said, "Hey I know sign language, you're telling me I'm a wonderful wife and I was right in making you go to the doctors and you love me. Ah, thanks, babe."
He just shook his head and laughed. He then pointed to his belly.
I asked if that hurt too. He whispered, "yes my abs hurt from coughing."
"What abs? I asked.  "My 6 pack under this keg."
So at least he still has his humor.

I have had a sore throat for 5 days now. I am praying that I do not get this. I am going to keep moving like it's not there. But enjoy some sherbet in the mean time. Hey gotta do what I gotta do.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Highbrow Conversations

Rick is now home sick with the flu.
He is in his new recliner and moaning.
He has surgery and he acts tough as nails and has all the machismo he can muster. He gets a cold or the flu and he is 4 months old.

Last evening as I am cleaning up the dinner dishes I hear him chuckle to himself while watching TV.
Later as we are watching a television show together a commercial comes on. I take that moment to get myself some ice water. I hear him giggle again but don't stop to ask what is so funny. I just assume he is nuts from this fever or worse, just nuts.

When I come back to watch TV with him I ask, "why are you laughing?"

"Oh, it's that commercial for Cosentyx. "

"Why is that funny? The side effects? Anal leakage?"

"No, it reminds me of Goesintas."

"What in the hell is Goesintas Rick?"

Through his laughter, he says, "Jethro said it."

"Alright, I give, who the hell is Jethro?"

Now for the first time in 2 days he is really laughing. I am not getting what the hell is so funny.

"Rick, who the hell is Jethro?"

"Jethro Bodine."

"Oh for the love of God Rick do you mean from the Beverly Hillbillies?"

"Yep. Now do you remember when he said this?"

I am beginning to think his fever has got the best of him. The numb nut.

"No, I don't remember this Rick." But his laughter is contagious and I find myself laughing and I don't know what is so damn funny.

He goes on, "Your goesintas  - You know - 6 goesinta 12 2 times, 2 goesinta 10 5 times."

Now he is really laughing. I think the damn old coot is proud of himself.
Which of course, in turn, makes me laugh all the more.

Then it hits me, Oh my God the multiplication tables.
Oh my yes, I do remember this.
Goes-in-tas. He remembers this but he can't remember anything I ever say to him. The Beverly Hillbillies he remembers.

This is just another fine example of the highbrow conversations at our home.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Just Funnies Today

I am going to just be light hearted today because it's a dark and heavy day here.

I personally would love nothing more than to go over to this table just to see what he'd agrue with me about. 
 This below would be perfect. I love to read in bed, however, I have a hubby who can sleep with the TV on in a recliner but God forbid a small light on my book be on. He will whine that it is keeping him awake. Go figure. 
See?....exactly like this.

 This is just all kinds of wrong but makes me really laugh.

This falls under natural selection to me.  

 Did you do this with a parent or grandparent? I did do this with my grandmother and thought it was fun. I was a weird kid.
I never understood why so many people use this instead of real maple syrup. 
If only all labels told us the truth like this.  

We all know these folks don't we?
Of course it does Maxine!
The only reason this won't happen to me is because I get too cold.

And lastly, a video sent to Adidas by a young student filmmaker. Adidas rejected it. But as all things do in our world it went viral. I love it and I think it's a great commercial for running and running shoes.  Hope you enjoy.

Thursday, January 12, 2017


Doing some housekeeping......
**My knee has made strides. I am pleased. I believe in another week I could wear my boots with a small heel and not feel wobbly. My goal is to be able to be on my knees.....don't make that dirty like my husband did!
Kneeling is painful. I made the enormous mistake of saying out loud as I was making dinner that I can't wait until I can be on my knees again. As soon as it came out of my mouth I knew that my hubby would be jumping on that and sure enough. Damn!

** The women who were staying at my home for the march on January 21st are still coming but not staying at my home. They are staying with someone in Maryland. I don't understand why because it is so much further for them when I am closer to the metro to just get into the city. But that's fine. A neighbor has a house full and she asked if 2 of the women (who I have met) could possibly stay with me. So I may have women here anyway. Since I can't walk a great deal and stand for hours, this is me doing my part.

Okay now to a topic I wanted to talk about.
I have been watching a documentary series on A & E about Scientology.
Let me start this with my opinion.  If you like and believe in this, I'm sorry.
This is NOT a religion. This is a cult.
If you are Methodist, Catholic or Luthern etc and you wish to leave the church, you leave. You are not harassed, you are not shunned, you are not split from your family, you are not followed, they do not tell lies about you, try to get you in trouble with the law etc. You just leave the church.

I believe to a certain degree all organized religion is a cult. I know that if the Pope told my father to drink the kool-aid and put on his nikes then he'd do it just like those that did it at Jonestown. But this is so off the charts it's amazing.

I have also always believed that those who need this so much are a bit weak. So watching this I just can't fathom how people believe the things they are told, the money they MUST pay to be in this cult/religion and how they can be pushed around. I want to think this couldn't happen to me, perhaps it could. After enough beatings who to say.

As you all know the actress Leah Remini is the one doing this documentary with a former big leader of the church. When I say big leader, I mean the man who was the right-hand man to their leader. The pope's assistant so to speak. The man who did the harassing and found the weak spots in the people who asked questions etc.

Now, if you are like me you think, Leah Remini is so mouthy and straight up no chaser you just can't fathom she could fall for this shit. But she did. For 35 years. Hundreds of thousands of dollars she gave them so she could continue. Her mother went to Scientology first after her divorce (ah, my theory of being weak and needing something) and she brought along her daughters. This life and doctrine are all she ever knew. When someone did something as she was doing she too would have said the same things as they say about her because that is how they are programmed.

She began asking questions and then she was punished. That was the beginning for her. Then she asked about the leader's wife at Tom Cruise's wedding and again, she was harassed, told to take these classes to "cleanse" and those cost a few hundred thousand, she was being followed etc. It was ugly for her.

A few more things happened and it was like a light bulb (finally)went off for the first time for her. She began to see the things the rest of us could see in this cult (sorry I can't call this a religion) She left Scientology. She has been followed, rumors printed in magazines, news shows, and anywhere they can. She has been harrassed beyond belief. But now she wants to show the world what is really going on there. She says on the show she can take it, it's others who's family have been destroyed on purpose and others who can't help themselves is who she wants to help.

She and this man set out to see others who have escaped along with all the horror they have gone through and some still going through. While watching some of these stories I have cried. It is unfathomable the things that have been done to people and how they tear apart families and kids who think their parents don't love them and vice versa. It's crazy how they fuck with them. Mentally and sadly physically with beatings that they think they deserve. The beatings alarmed me. But each story you hear that is a part of it. One mother couldn't take it anymore and run away with only the clothes on her back. Her son was a teen and she hasn't seen him since. She stayed for as long as she could because she knew she would never be allowed to see her son. Her son would be told she is a repressive person and evil and not to deal with her. And sure enough, after the last beating she left and it all happened as she thought it would. She is still being harassed. What the hell is the point of that? After 10+ years why not just leave them alone? You call this a religion? The punishment stories would make your hair curl and you wouldn't believe they can do this legally.

She and this man are taking a lot of this to a lawyer to see how this can continue being tax-free as well as some other things.
I would love to see them stripped of their religious status so all this money they take from their followers is not tax-free. That is their goal meeting with this lawyer from what I have seen thus far. This is not a religion. A religion one would hope teaches good things.  Kindness, exclusivity, faith, hope and hopefully all things one learned in kindergarten to treat others the way you wish to be treated. They would not beat or mentally hurt their followers. A real religion if they felt you needed to leave, would ask you to leave. Period.

The show has been far worse of a situation than I even thought. Watching those 2 (Leah and the man, who's name I can't remember) drive to a former Scientology "escapee" and be followed, run off the road etc. The stories from those interviews are gut wrenching and horrific. If I did any of those things I'd be in jail. But they just say Leah is a loser, bitter and a horrible person who needs help and she's doing this for money. They must know she doesn't really need the money, jokes on them.

I grew up a very strict Catholic and I rebelled. Even as much as I disliked the church never in a million years could I fathom the Pope trying to hurt me in any way. (there is a joke in there about me not being male, but we'll skip that today)
Today I do not belong to an organized religion. A lot of that Catholic upbringing is there and rears it's ugly head but it never hurt me. (not counting nuns who would hit my knuckles with a ruler) That is the enormous difference here.

I know the series can get a bit tedious at times but it is so very eye opening and worth watching. I think they did a great job. They also had on this week a man in Britain who did a documentary in the 80's who has been constantly harassed and who has feared for his life etc. He sat at a table across from Leah and told her how she told him the same robotic things she is hearing. They even showed her tape from the documentary speaking with him. She apologizes for a great deal in this series of what her part was. She can't believe she bought this bullshit either. She apologized to him as well.

And that brings me back to how someone can be so mentally weak to fall for this. Could you? Would you? Who knows, right? While we all like to think we are stronger than that I am certain if that were the case there wouldn't be so many that are blind to this harmful cult.
If you are so inclined to watch a couple of those episodes will it make you think this is crazy to be called anything more than what it is, a cult?

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Logic by Charlie Sheen

I saw Charlie Sheen this morning on television and apparently he will be on Nightline as well.

My takeaway from this interview is that when Charlie Sheen makes sense the world is really upside down and a hot mess isn't it? 
Yea, simmer on that for a bit.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

DNA results

I have a lot to share but no time to write more today.
I just had to share this- close family and friends who read this will find it funny as I do I'm sure.

I did my DNA on Ancestry. 
I was so hoping to find something exotic....you know, like Irish....tee hee. 
But no, I'm 70% Italian. It stated a native of Italy would be 72%. 

I have less than 1% of this and that. 
BUT the less than 1% of this and that are many and so very interesting. 

Friday, January 6, 2017

Crazy World

We live in a crazy world don't we?

As I sit at my desk and type this I am listening to the horror at the Ft. Lauderdale airport. As I type this they don't seem to have a lot of information.
I think I am going to become a hermit.

Speaking of crazy people....
My husband has a facebook page.
Last week a man sent a message to my Rick via Facebook messenger.
This man wrote to say they had the same name and that his grandfather was from England and it went on and on. Asked where Rick lived, where he's from etc.
My Rick replied.

The next day when MY Rick opened Facebook he saw a posting that read as follows: Apparently there is another Rick Hxxxxx on facebook who has been liking my posts and trying to communicate with me. If you see a posting by Rick Hxxxxx with a cover photo of a fiftyish man, tee shirt, glasses--it's NOT me.

My Rick went to respond and saw that he was blocked. So he saw a family member there and went to her and wrote back the following:
"Jody, This is the other Rick Hxxxxx. I hope you get a message to the RIck Hxxxxx you know. I'm not trying to stalk him or anything. He reached out to me to tell me about his grandfather from England so I thought he wanted to connect with me on some level. Apparently he was upset by me liking some of his posts. Did he forget that he was the one that made contact first?? While I appreciate the fact that he thinks I am 50ish.. (actually in my 60's) I wanted people to know that he reached out to me. Please apologize to him if I offended him or bothered him after he messaged me. I have blocked him and I assume since I can't message him, he has blocked me. Thanks."

His niece who Rick wrote to contacted Rick via messenger and they chatted that he seems to be getting forgetful. Rick explained to her what he first approached him about and what his other FB messenger comments said to My Rick.
She understood and appreciated my Rick reaching out to her to let her know the situation. She said that he has been doing a lot of "goofy" things of late and they are getting concerned.

I saw the guys FB page and he appeared to be a cool old dude. I get why Rick "liked" a couple of posts. A guitar player, musician and actually seemed to have some interests just like my husband which is the funny part. He also seemed to really enjoy/like weed. He had a lot of posts about pot. So perhaps he was stoned and forgot he sent my Rick several messages via FB messenger.  He appears to be in his mid - late 70's.

I got a kick out of him thinking Rick was 50ish.
That made my old Rick's week!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Dieting in 2017?

I watched a great deal of TV over the last couple of weeks.
Being housebound makes one do that.
I also did a great deal of knitting and read a book.
So all not lost I suppose but it sure as hell feels great to be able to go out of the house.

I am walking well for the most part. There is still a hitch in my giddy up but it's so much better. The swelling is down but still very much there.
Friday is PT so I hope at physical therapy they can tell me how long this swelling should last etc.
All those pain pills I did not take are just for what Friday will bring. While I hate the pain I know the physical therapy will help me. But I know there will be a big pain when I get home. More ice. The $20 Rick spent on this ice "thing" from the chiropractor has been the best $20 he ever spent.

Rick used to use a bag of corn or peas that he would put in a zip lock bag and put it on his shoulder or knee. I could never use those peas again (or corn) again.
The last time I needed peas the one he had been using was all that was left. I opened it and it was pea mush. No, that was not what I wanted for my stew.
So he came home one day after visiting his chiropractor with this thing and I laughed. Jokes on me. We have used this thing more times than I care to tell you.
So yes, $20 for an ice gel pack is well worth it trust me. He's ruined enough frozen veggies for this to pay for itself.

Yesterday morning every morning program had everything about weight loss.
It came on the Today show so I switched to GMA, same thing. Then I went to CBS and there was Oprah talking about her weight - again.

Why must we do this every damn year after the new year?
Yes, we all know how to lose weight. No one is overweight because they don't know how to lose weight. Either it's a medical issue or it's just too many donuts.
Oprah was on touting her investment called Weight Watchers.
Yeah, Oprah is losing weight, again.
All these "experts" talking about weight loss to start your year.
One says no bread, one says eat bread, one says no dairy, one says dairy is good, one says exercise with weights only, one says weight bearing isn't enough.
Who doesn't know that grains and dairy cause inflammation - been in a cave for the last 20 years?
Yes, some people can eat bread and lose weight, and some can't.

As an adult, one must do what works for them and just live your life that way.
Exercise, move, in whatever form works for you.
Doing this every year on TV is just silly to me. All these talking heads don't motivate me and I don't believe it will motivate most as much as a pair of tight pants will motivate one. I can't wait until the new year diet craze is over. And we all know it will be over in about 2 weeks.

So having said all that, here's where I'm at so far in 2017

Monday, January 2, 2017

2017 Sandwich Boards

I'm still in holiday mode so I'm being lazy. 
This first one is exactly how I feel after this weekend. 
Back on the wagon.

Okay this below is a tough one but I'd go with Red.