Friday, February 17, 2017

Want a Rib?

I've been reading all my baseball blogs and baseball sites.
This really caught my eye. 
A pitcher named Phil Hughes was struggling last year. 
He used to pitch on my favorite team but now he's with the Minnesota Twins.

Last year he struggled with pain, an injury and a lousy ERA.
It was discovered that he had what is called thoracic outlet syndrome. 

I know this only because I saw that he said his rib was removed and he has it in a jar of fluid at home. I immediately went to the link I shared above to read if that were true. He wants to do something with his rib. Eewww.

Of course, I had to search google for thoracic outlet syndrome. They only remove your rib as the last result of nothing else working. Here is what I saw online 

Thoracic outlet syndrome affects the space between the collarbone and first rib (thoracic outlet). Common causes include trauma, repetitive injuries, pregnancy, and anatomical defects, such as having an extra rib.
Symptoms include pain in the shoulders and neck and numbness, weakness, and coldness in the fingers.
Treatment involves physical therapy and pain relief. In rare cases, surgery may be needed to relieve the compression.
Now I probably would do the same to relieve nerve pain. I know when I had a herniated disc pressing on the nerves I would have confessed to war crimes I never committed. So I get it. But I am not sure I'd have kept anything if allowed. 
My sister Stephanie would keep it! She is funny like that. She and my first husband would watch surgeries together. She was 14 - 15 when my father had surgery on an anal fissure. She asked my father to see the scar and incision. He and my mom were horrified. They knew it was all innocent and that she just loves this stuff but that was crossing the line. She was so innocent about it all I found it funny. I remember her telling me that mom and dad don't get it. I don't care about daddy's hiney I just want to see what they did. I was 22-23 at the time and she came to visit me and share this story. I laughed knowing full well she was serious and not a pervert but it was so funny that she would even think to ask. Each time someone had stitches or any type surgery she wants to see it all. She is a teacher and I feel she should have been in the medical field because she loves all the gore and is fascinated by all the stuff the rest of us are squeamish about. When I had my back operated on the 2nd time we were roommates. She had to see the scar, touch the scar, viewed all the photos, asked me a ton of questions that only a doctor could answer. One appointment before my surgery I asked her to go with me because I know she would love hearing all this stuff from the doctor. Oh she asked questions and she was so in her element.  Why she is a teacher of 4th graders I'll never know. 
Two years ago she had to have open heart surgery. I asked her some of the crazy things she would ask me and she laughed and told me it hurt to laugh, wait until I'm better.
This story of the rib would have her enthralled. I may have to send her the link. She will then read all about this surgery and find videos and watch them. Yes, this is my sick little sister. 


Mike said...

Sounds like I would like your sister too. Does she like to watch Criminal Minds?

Julie H said...

When I had my gall bladder out they gave me the stones (have pics on my blog lol). I took the pics then threw them away because GROSS. I even got grossed out by the kids old teeth and tossed those awhile back lol

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Julie, I'm with you on this!

Chris H said...

I would want to do something with my rib if it was taken out too! Julie, I kept my gall stones for ages, then threw them out after about 10 years! I was looking for 'Eggy' in your top picture! Rick Green drawing?

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Hi Chris, I don't know what "Eggy" means. But yes, this is a doodle I commissioned from Rick Green.I love it as all of his "doodles"!!!!

Julie H said...

I found you and Chris both from Rick Green's old blog. I don't think it's around anymore is it? He used to hide a little egg guy in all his pictures.