Wednesday, February 15, 2017


You can tell what is happening in my life by the chaos on my desk and in my office.
If you find it neat as a pin and everything in its place then I am happy as shit.
If you find it complete and utter chaos of papers and files not where they should be I'm in a funk. My house doesn't get like this, just my office Weird phenomenon. 

My husband walked in eyed the room and said, "Perhaps you need to go outside and walk away for a bit"  He thinks a walk will help this funk?  
I think not.

He is still very sick. I have been stress eating. He has been ill since December. I've been a bit stressed about his health and a myriad of issues going on here. Oh, so not good. 

I come to my office every morning and move things around and deal with customers. It takes all I have not to tell people how stupid they are. My goodness, a woman on Tuesday was whining like a 3-year-old about a chip. 
A friggin' chip in her tub. It takes 5 minutes to repair. You will never see it. I go over all of this with her. She continues to whine. I am not exaggerating when I say whining. Loud to boot. I am thinking that if this is what her biggest issues is then by God woman shut up and be happy.   

She asks how it is done. Like she will understand, but I tell her. Then I tell her if she is not 100% happy we will remove the repair and she won't even have to pay us for our time. She then whines some more and says, (please read in sing-songy whine voice of 3 yr old) But what if I don't like it then what am I to do?
Instead of saying I don't f-ing care I say nothing. Because how the hell do you answer that? I already told her she would be no worse off if we try.

I go on to explain that we repair the damage done to fixtures on the showroom floor for Ferguson's. They are under the bright lights of the showroom and no one can see them. Then she says, "ooh why do they do that?" Whining of course. 
I tell her in transport these big ticket items can get damaged or chipped and they can't always return them or sell them so they put them on the floor as display and we go in before or after hours and repair them so no one can see the damage. 
She proceeded to whine, "But what if I can see it?"
Then we will remove it and you don't have to pay. You will be no worse off than you are now, or back to square one. 
"But no one else in town does this I have called everywhere"
"Well, isn't it good you found someone who does then?"
"Oooh, I don't know this is soooo difficult"  Bigger whine here.

Again I want to scream. Difficult? Really? It's a small chip the size of a dime in your guest bathroom. This is not a reason to whine and go on like this is something serious like cancer? Holy shit woman!

She then decides she needs to send a photo and have my "boss" see it and respond.  Rick views it, asks,"didn't you tell her the cost? This is pretty standard stuff."  Yep, I did but she wouldn't take my word for it and Rick, she whined her whole conversation. She annoyed me to death so I put this on your lap now.

Rick laughs. He thinks I'm kidding. He calls her. She whined the whole time and he had to mute the phone because he was laughing at her.
Of course, we are sending Gary there to fix it. Poor Gary. She is going to drive him batshit mad for this 5-minute repair. They always do. Gary's child doesn't even whine like this. I know when this one is completed he will call me as he gets in his truck telling me how she whined like a baby and we will laugh together. That helps us both. 

Some days...


Mike said...

I can just hear the sing song up and down whine. Didn't Saturday Night Live have a skit of a whole family that did that?

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Mike I am not aware of that but I'm not a loyal SNL watcher. I remember my youngest sister being a whiner so my parents wouldn't answer her if she whined. It grates on me just like it did my parents. I don't understand a grown up doing that but it must work for her in her life or why would one do it?

Julie H said...

When I get stressed I clean or organize. I have a lot of scrapbook paper squares I have cut up to organize my scraps of paper lol

April said...

Mike - yes SNL did called the Whiner's. My dad would do the whiny talk at dinner when I was a kid so I would laugh and almost/sometimes pee my pants!!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

After I saw you and Mike's comment I googled them and saw the SNL skit of Doug and Wendy Whiner on a plane. Yep that was this woman!
The skit was so old they talked about smoking on the plane. funny.