Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentines Day

I don't do Valentines. I find it a weird holiday once you're a grown-up.
But if that is your thing, then go for it and enjoy.
I do remember as a little girl in school writing all my Valentines for my class. One year the boy I thought was so dreamy gave me a special one with lots and lots of sparkles. Oooh, I was hooked then. 💘

Now I feel it is like New Year's Eve.
All this anticipation and pressure to do something fun, get something from someone, make it special damn it etc.
I just don't care.

I am an old fart about Valentines and honestly, I have been since I was 20 I have seriously felt this way. To me, it's a hallmark holiday. If a man is into me, he will spoil me other times of the year because he wants to, not because he has to. Thankfully I have a guy like that. He buys me flowers and candy for no reason. Tastes better and the flowers are prettier. I told Rick last week after a commercial, "I  don't need no stinkin' anything for VD"  He laughed and said, "good thing, we're broke." Sadly so true and it works out just fine.

Last Saturday we were watching a Netflix show (that was awful by the way) and I was having a glass of wine. I whined, "I wish you had a piece of chocolate. Any Rick? Hidden somewhere?"  I was jonesing for some chocolate. Knowing full well he did not but I needed to whine. He said, Perhaps I do and got up. I was like a 12 yr old girl all excited and surprised.  He got up and went to the coat closet. Weird I thought. He came out with 2 Hershey kisses and a mini bar of chocolate. I asked where he got these from. He told me out of his coat pocket. Oh, you ass, let me rephrase that, why do you have these in your coat pocket? He told me they were on the counter at doggy day care to take and he grabbed a couple so the next time you would whine about "needing" a piece of chocolate I would surprise you. Thank you, Rick and Doggy Day Care. I was so happy I shared.  Yea, I don't even like to share my chocolate. 😍

See now isn't that better than expecting it on VDay?


alessandra said...

Yes it is! So sweet, even sweeter than chocolate itself...kind of. ;)
I'm with you 100%! Hubby's making dinner now, and he doesn't even know it's Valentines day, ha!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Alessandra, I hope you have a wonderful dinner!

Jean R. said...

My husband was like yours...would buy me things when he saw them and thought I'd like them and didn't like Hallmark telling him when to do it. Worked for us!

Mike said...

Roses should be back to normal price on Wednesday.

Julie H said...

Scott got me a card but I was a loser and didn't get him anything. I guess he'll get over it lol