Thursday, February 16, 2017


With Rick not being as well as normal, we have watched a lot of television this year. One cold and windy Sunday we found ourselves making lunch and sitting down and chatting.  I decided to do some laundry and Rick turned on the tube.

He began watching a show on TBS. On this particularly cold Sunday, there were repeating all of Season 1 of this show. I came back into the room and sat with Rick and watched this silly show. It was like a wreck, you shouldn't look but you do. I baked him some cookies, I made some soup all while watching this show. It was not something that I had to focus on 100%. It made me laugh at times and while it wasn't something I would say was great TV it was oddly funny.

We ended up watching all of Season 1. The show is coming back on and Rick hit the DVR to record the new shows. I laughed when he said he couldn't wait for the new shows. Gee, I didn't think it was that good. The show is called Detour.
Have you seen it? Not must watch TV to me but Rick found it amusing.
Currently, he and I both are hooked on Imposters. 

My insomnia is back. Well, it is always back when I am stressed. 
In the wee hours of the morning, I have been watching things that I know Rick would never watch with me on Netflix. I watched the full season of The Crown. Thank God for subtitles. (I have such issues with the accent.) 

I found Prince Philip to be a petulant brat and the actor who played him would keep his head lowered and his eyes up. It reminded me of Lurch from The Adams Family. He creeped me out!  I found this show so interesting on so many levels. 
I don't get this whole royalty thing and I surely would not like it one bit. 
And heaven knows I wouldn't want to be part of a royal family!
The money sure would be great, the rest would be just awful.  

Now I understand Princess Margaret's drinking and death so much more. 
Being American I don't pay close attention to all of the royals comings and going. I found all of Princess Margaret's family issues incredibly sad and so avoidable. I wonder how much of this is true or artistic liberties.

After that was over I continued my Royal Family binge with the movie Diana with Naomi Watts playing Princess Diana. WOW. That was all new to me. To me, she played into her own death which is so damn sad. She had contacted paparazzi to get photos of her with Dodi to make the man she was in love with jealous. She was with this heart surgeon for years and after they split she wanted him back desperately. She found making him jealous worked before so she did it again. So the paparazzi knew where she was now and that began the chase. And we all know what happened after that. 

Now we don't know that this film is accurate either but it was surely eye opening for this American who really knew nothing about her relationship with the heart surgeon for years or her manipulation of the paparazzi. Was it a good movie? Oh no, it was not, but interesting.  Having insomnia it was something to watch.

What did we all do before Netflix and Prime? Hell, I remember the days of 3 channels, aluminum foil on the rabbit ears and the American Indian at the end of the television viewing hours. I guess when folks had insomnia back in those days they just read a book, didn't they?  I really should do that instead of knitting and watching television.


Julie H said...

I watched The Crown. I can't remember if I watched that or Reign first lol. I always put the subtitles on when they have accents, makes it so much easier. Currently I'm watching Shameless which is so bad it's good lol.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Julie, yes Rick LOVED Shameless. It made me uncomfortable. But boy is William Macy good in that role!

April said...

My daughter is watching Shameless - it's ok - I'll watch some of it but not going to sit down and watch from beginning.

I did finally watch Greys - loved it - can't believe I never watched it.

Other one was Sons of Anarchy - I LOVED it - I think hubs got mad at me because I would watch that every night at least 2 episodes. The ending I was happy with. Closure.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

April, Greys, as in Greys Anatomy? Wow you really waited that has been on for something like 12 years. I tried Sons, didn't like the 1st one so I never went back. Are you watching these on netflix? If so try The Big C and or Nurse Jackie.
Showtime is funny about allowing them to be shown elsewhere so they may not be there.

Julie H said...

Nurse Jackie was great too, although by the end I was like ugh really?

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Julie, I hated the ending. But didn't you just love Zoey? God she made me laugh!

April said...

Yes I am a little bit behind the times on watching Greys but it was good.
Yes on Netflix - I had watch Nurse Jackie a little bit a long time ago. The Big C - nope haven't seen that one.

Son's was so good when you get in it more.

Barbara said...

I agree with your opinion of Prince Philip in The Crown. It gave me more respect for her and more sympathy of Margaret. I too wonder how close to the truth it was.I haven't watched Diana but now I think I will. I didn't know that about the doctor.