Monday, February 6, 2017


Been out of the loop due to medication for my knee.
Damn knee still barking a bit and I still can't kneel.
Went to see Dr. Tall Tan and Gorgeous for my follow up and was given an
anti-inflammatory to reduce pain.
Guess what it did? Made me sick and swollen. But my knee felt better even though it was now double its usual size.

Day 1 - took the new pill. Day 1 evening not feeling well at all.
A plethora of things happening. I couldn't figure it out. Yes, I'm slow.

Day 2 -took the new pill. Day 2 evening really really not feeling well and even more things symptoms.
I say to Rick, "I feel like I've been glutened" Yes that is a verb in my home.
He said, "What did you eat?"  Nothing but real food and nothing with gluten.
So we go over my last week and then Eureka I realize I've added a new pill.

The pharmacists have on my record that I have Celiac Disease.
They couldn't possibly give me a Rx that has wheat for a binder.  Yea right.
So I look up ingredients on the internet for my generic drug. Sure enough.
I felt I needed to call the pharmacy to be sure it was the same ingredients so I did just that. I thought if it were a different manufacturer than what I was reading online it may not be why I feel this way.
The pharmacist read everything to me and then she stopped before she said wheat. I said to her, "It says wheat next right?"  She said, "oops sorry. It can't be that bad can it?" (giggles)  Really you just said that to me?

I can't get my feet in a shoe, my rings on my finger or my ass in my pants. I have severe pain in my stomach and can't be far from a bathroom. I have hives all over me. Gee, an apology does it. Thankfully I only took 2 pills before things went off the charts! If I had taken it for a week I'd be in the hospital or worse.

You spend years trying to get a healthy gut and then this woman cavalierly says "Oops, sorry" and giggles.

Today I am cranky and hurting. Aren't you glad you stopped by?

The good news is it feels like spring and it's so nice outside! I went out at lunch and Izzy and I enjoyed our walk in spring like weather. (66 degrees)


Ami said...

Raise hell. Go above her head to corporate.
There are some people who get even MORE ill than you do from Gluten... you might save one of them.

And then write a very pointed letter and make sure she gets to see it.

I'm so sorry that happened to you and I hope you're feeling a LOT better soon.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Ami, you are correct, this is mild for me and I don't list all the issues because that would make people roll their eyes. But that doesn't make what she did right. She is the manager there so I will go to corporate. I wish I could walk around and hand out Jennifer Espositos book, it is my life to a T. MAKE them read it and maybe "get it"

Ami said...

People think it's the 'disease du jour' and that it's not real.Or that a person with celiac disease is a hypochodriac. It infuriates me.

I have more than one friend with it, one who gets SEVERE symptoms. It's horrifying. And if the goddamn medical community, of which that pharmacy is a part, can't be informed and sympathetic then they can at the VERY least do things by the book!!!!!

I want to go to your pharmacy and slap the pharmacist.
She's safe from me, though. Since I'm a long way away.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Ami, that is why I won't say things at a restaurant. I read a menu online to decide if I can eat there. I have been known to put my own salad dressing in my purse. Ask for a salad with no croutons and only a lemon. They think that is for my salad. Then I pour out my dressing from a zip lock bag when my table looks out for me. It is sad. I've had waiters roll their eyes. And then I'm afraid who knows what will be in it. And don't get me started on cross contamination. Thanks for getting it. :-)

Ami said...

But wait... what do you do with the lemon? :-D

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

they think its my dressing and then I throw it in my water.

Olga Hebert said...

That is terrible. Celiac is a serious thing. Yes, raise hell.

Silver Willow said...

oh my gosh, by ALL MEANS, make a YUGE stick! Wow! I'm so sorry!

Mike said...

I've thought of a new job for you. Weight loss model. You eat some wheat. Go on the xyz diet and presto! I just lost 30 pounds in one week!

Julie H said...

Oh I'd be so pissed. Scott and Melissa are both allergic to penicillin. They've both been prescribed something with it. TG I'm always on watch!

Barbara said...

Man that disease of yours is really stubborn. Who could believe that the little bit within a pill could tear up your stomach. You have my sympathies.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Barbara I am always surprised when others are surprised. a tiny little peanut could kill a person with an allergy. This isn't an allergy but you know what I'm trying to say. It is a serious autoimmune disorder caused by the abnormal functioning of the immune system that produces antibodies against your own tissue. Fun huh? Gee more than you asked for. :-)