Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Saturday I am meeting two women who I have not seen in 11 years.
I was 49 and the company we three worked for was about to undergo an enormous transition that we had no idea would change the course of all of our lives.

One of the young women was just 31 and the other 32 when we all met.
I was the old fart at 43 1/2 on the day I started. Both women lived in Maryland. One was sales as I was and the other (32) was service and support. They all belonged to the DC/Northern VA office. I lived in NoVa but worked from the NYC office. (thank God!)

I met these 2 women because I had the luxury of using the NoVa office from time to time. They were fun and always included me in their happy hours etc on the days I worked from home. So a friendship was formed.
We had some fun travel experiences, work experiences and God knows a night in Manhattan we will always remember!

When the company was at the very beginning of being taken over they both lost their jobs first. Oh boy, the tears and fears. I was the one who I thought was lucky and got to stay. Boy, was I ever wrong. They left with their pensions intact and a severance package. The next 1,500 of us got a swift kick in the ass and it made headlines like Enron. It sucked!

In the meantime over the years there were marriages and babies, then a divorce and a move to New Jersey. Now we only keep in touch via email and Facebook.
I had a baby shower for the one who moved to New Jersey and to see that he is now driving put how much time has gone by in perspective.

Out of the blue Miss New Jersey wrote and said she'd be coming to town (well not my town, but Maryland, 32 miles) and her dates were flexible so let's all do brunch. So we found a weekend we all could agree upon. This Saturday is the date.

Unfortunately for me, I have to drive up to Potomac Marland for the date.
Which means no mimosa's for me unless I do as they suggested and go home with them for awhile. That made me laugh and realize that we may be old now but nothing has changed.

I did remind them that while they are still in their 40's albeit late 40's, I am an old bat now who they may not recognize.
I was 49 the last time they saw me. Damn.
My breasts were still in the original spot God put them, my ass was still up and not tired and laying on my thighs. My skin was so much better and there were no jowls or turkey neck. But then the decade of one's 50's came and all the damn changes occurred. Bad enough losing your dream job where they also took my pension and retirement but now my body and face were hijacked. Give a girl a break!

This should be fun once we are all over the shock of what we (I) look like today. Catching up, showing pictures, talking about the days before the old company changed our lives forever. It was fun while it lasted. The laughs, the conferences, the travel and most of all the bonding over the shittiest boss known to mankind.

We all agree on one thing, none of us would have imaged we would be where we are right now across the board. This should make for a fun and interesting Saturday. I bet it will feel like 2006 all over again!


Ami said...

Oh my gosh, that sounds like so much fun!
I worked for a company about 25 years ago where we all ended up like family. Then it was sold and half of us were fired.

I'm no longer in touch with any of them, although we all SWORE we would.

So good for you all for keeping in touch! Have a great visit... and photos or it didn't happen. :)

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I'm looking forward to it. If my gluten issues would just settle down it will be fun. Yep I worked in that industry for 25 yrs as well. Sucks doesn't it?

Silver Willow said...

you are gonna have a blast!!!

LL Cool Joe said...

Shame you didn't have time for a few fillers and botox before you met up. Ha.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

LL - it's a shame I don't have the money to do that anytime. :-)

Julie H said...

Have a great time!

Barbara said...

One of my friends is the organizer of my high school reunion every 10 years. Surprisingly I recognize my real friends every ten years but still I really hate for those old people to see my old person.