Monday, January 30, 2017

Monday, Monday.

Rick's illness has been draining on us all.
Nothing the doctor was giving him was stopping the coughing and or making him feel back to normal yet.  He was feeling better. His mucus was changing colors and he so delighted in telling me. Gross was always my response. I even said, "I don't need the mucus updates babe!"  But he would tell me.
He had 2 rounds of antibiotics. 3 kinds of Rx cough medicine.
Nothing was helping. He coughed for 1 hr straight. I am not exaggerating.
I felt helpless. He just couldn't stop. No one sleeps. It was painful to watch and listen to.

He has a pulmonary doctor (for reasons I will explain later) but she no longer takes our insurance. So I called another. We took the dr. who he could see first. She had great credentials and I was happy to see she got her education at John Hopkins and did a fellowship there etc. So I assumed she would be smart. But that doesn't always make the best doctor but we'll see.

She gave him a chest x-ray and saw his previous silo-filler disease. His lungs were cleared but he still had a lot of inflammation on the left top quadrant so he was given a steroid to combat the rest of that. The wheezing rattling was now diminished but still slightly there. He got new cough medicine to stop this constant cough. Rick really liked her and it didn't hurt that she was so darn cute.

The medicine stopped his coughing and we were shocked. He actually took it as prescribed and measured it. That in and of itself is shocking for me. He finally got rest but he is still not 100% but so much better. Rest alone was amazing. The doctor said this pulmonary virus going around seems to be no match for the drugs they use and it is lasting 3-6 weeks. It's been almost 4 right now. He is not 100% but now Gary's kid is sick so Rick must work doubles.

It's been a helluva morning and it's only 9:30a. Gary called at 6:30 am. His baby mama left for work and his kid is so sick with high fever and shaking. He was calling me from the car on his way to the ER. So while Rick thinks he is going to Falls Church at 8 am he now has to go to Gary's job at 9 am in Alexandria.
Oh shit. I run to the office and begin calling people to rearrange the schedules. It can't be done something will be lost or people will be mad, or worse both. Aargh!!

I have called them all - some moved. Some I am still not sure how this will be accomplished. We can't be in Front Royal and Arlington at the same time or within a few hours and do the job. Oh, my God.

I know that Gary is fighting for custody. There should be no issue of her getting this baby. She has said she doesn't want him but she will fight Gary to make his life a living hell. He recorded it which I thought was brilliant but probably not allowed in court. I told him I would certainly speak on his behalf. I see what this horrible woman does. Do you know at Christmas she was not with her 2 sons?
Gary went home to visit his family in Michigan with his baby. The son of baby mama who is 9 asked to go with Gary. He doesn't like spending time with his mother. So Gary said sure if your mom is okay with it. She was fine - all of them out of the house. What kind of mom doesn't want to be with their 9 yr old and their 2.5-year-old on Christmas morning? Yea, she's awful.

But it affects his work. That is where I come in. He's great at his job. It's hard to be angry when he is left with a sick kid, what should he do? He'd be as awful as her if he didn't give a shit. But at the same time, we have work to be done. So I feel conflicted. If this were a normal situation/job he'd be let go with this shit happening so many times. Rick was in HR and when this shit happened a plan was made with the parent. If it couldn't be followed after they signed this they were let go or given a job where they weren't a necessity and that usually meant a demotion. So I know legally we can, we don't wish to do that, though. So we have to suck it up and think about hiring a part-time guy. But that isn't easy to find either. God if only people wanted to work. Had a man who made too much money he said he wanted fewer hours. Who the hell says that? I have never said to anyone I wish to make less money.  The clincher was this kid asked for a minimum of $400 a week. We told him that would be two very slow days for him. He then said he really needs more money after a couple of weeks. So we booked him more work. Then he's taking home(not gross) 1500+ a week and he says he doesn't want to work 5 days a week. We asked about 5 1/2 days. No, too much work. Guess who is no longer here? There are very few English speaking blue collar workers here. We can't have someone who doesn't speak English because communication is a damn big deal on the job. We tried that it didn't work, employee was frustrated and customers were pissed. So then what? We seriously know one big contractor who has an interpretor on payroll that follows a guy on the jobs. We can't afford that.

Oh, how I love Mondays.

As for Rick's pulmonary doctor, I mentioned above. Rick found out late in life why he has had all these issues. He thought he got asthma at age 7 or 8. But in reality, he had something far worse. He was playing with his cousin Jim and another boy in a farm silo of corn. Silos emit gasses (nitrogen dioxide) which cause such damage to your lungs and often death. At age 61 it shows on an X-ray at the bottom 1/4 inch of his lungs as dark & dead.  The rest of his lungs are fine and functioning. Growing up in a small town with 1 doctor and 1 flashing traffic light he wasn't given great modern care. They gave him an inhaler and treated it all like asthma because he was coughing and couldn't breathe. Years later he found out what it was.  Thankfully this did not kill him. It can, it has killed farmers before. There are things called Farmer's lung, but this is not the same.
When Rick found out his pulmonary doctor wasn't taking his insurance anymore he was so bummed out. But the minute this new doctor said to him after reading his chest x-ray, he had silo filler disease, he knew he liked her. Before that, it took 48 yrs of doctors not knowing this even seeing it. That put him in a better place when walking in to meet a new doctor he didn't want to meet.

I'm now going to put on my cap and be superwoman.
Talk to you all tomorrow, should I survive and or not kill anyone.


Julie H said...

Man good look sounds like a nightmare day. At least it will go by fast lol.

Scott just switched back to his old job (commuting)but only working 3 days. It's nice and not at the same time.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Julie- oh I understand that last line Julie.

Mike said...

Never heard of silo-filler disease. That's my new thing I learned today. Time for a nap.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Glad to fill your head today Mike. Sweet dreams.

Blogoratti said...

Hang in there, and more power to you indeed. Greetings and best wishes!

It' said...

Poor Rick! And here I thought I was having a hard time with this stupid cold. Good thing about the pulmonary doc though.....cute is always better, unless they have a sparkling personality (and how many docs can you say that about?? ha ha)! I'm glad he received the treatment he needs, and that everyone is resting better. As for me, Romeo wants me to see a Dr, but I don't want the obligatory round of antibiotics, which don't help a viral infection anyway. One of my co-workers immediately started antibiotics and swears it helped, but given her personality (over bearing know it all) I'm sure she would say that anyway.
Glad Gary is going for custody ~ some women just shouldn't have kids, ya know? I hope she quits fighting just to make him miserable, but some people are like that too.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Blogarotti - thanks! You are sunshine!

It's.A.Crazy - I hope you begin to feel better. I told Gary this morning he should call her bluff and just say he doesn't want custody and see how fast she will dump that cute little boy in his lap. He takes the baby to daycare, works, picks up baby, feeds baby, bathes baby, plays with baby, etc. Mom doesn't come home and hold him. I thought at one time Gary had to be exaggerating until his sisters were visiting. They came by for a BBQ. His one sister had a few margaritas and bent my ear in the kitchen while all were outside. She went on about what she saw at their house. Apparently, he is not exaggerating. I kept my mouth shut and nodded. Not my place. That's what I have a blog for. :-)