Wednesday, December 28, 2016


There have been so many deaths this year of folks of my generation it makes you begin to think of your own mortality. It rather sucks.

Glenn Frey, Carrie Fisher are two of my generation's artists. I love Glenn Frey, I loved his music with the Eagles as well as his music in his solo career. Carrie Fisher is an idol. She can make the most serious subjects funny. I love her books, her movies with the exception of Star Wars which I have never seen. If you never saw her one woman show, you should try, it was brilliant.
I always enjoyed the fact that she was a script doctor and those stories always made me laugh.

Paul Kanter of the Jefferson Airplane died this past year too. I met him at an airport. He asked me for directions in the Cleveland airport and when I asked if he was Paul Kanter he said yes and asked me who I was. He said it wasn't fair I knew him. I will always remember that walk down the hall to where he needed to be. I loved Jefferson Airplane back in the day. But if it had been Glenn Frey back on that day, oh my, I wouldn't have been able to speak. I would have turned into a puddle on the floor.

Some others of my generation were 2 of the men in Emerson, Lake, and Palmer.
(Emerson and Lake both passed away this year) Maurice White from Earth Wind and Fire, Leon Russell, Leonard Cohen, David Bowie and Sharon Jones.
The rest are not my generation exactly but I sure enjoyed them like George Michael & Prince.  I know there were many more that I don't recall because I am old.

This got Rick and I discussing our passing and our funerals and what we wanted. So we decided to put it in writing. It won't be like my fathers wants his to be, it will be happy and not maudlin.  I want a party, not somber. I don't live my life in a somber fashion so my death should be the same. I laugh every day and most days a good belly laugh so I want that after I'm gone too.  I want my family and friends to eat, drink and be merry. In fact, I have a playlist for the party. All my music to be played that I love. No laying in an open casket to be viewed, oh how I dislike that. But I know that is what most people want so you must respect their wishes, it was their life and their death that is the least one can do. These will be mine and hopefully, they will respect my wishes. This horrible flush of people/celebrities who have been a part of my life in my music memory or move/book memory I will miss. This surely got my husband and I discussing what it is we want and putting it in writing to update our wishes. Some think depressing to do, but we found it actually kind of nice and freeing.
I just hope it's not necessarily anytime soon. I'm not done yet.
I've got a lot more ball busting left in me.

There is a part of me longing to be rid of 2016. But I fear for the future so not so sure I am thrilled about 2017 either.
I am wishing for Hope, Fairness and Equality for all in 2017 - with a large lottery win for me thrown in there. C'mon I'm still broke and while it is a bit selfish I will share a lot of it. So there.

Size of a barn

Besides becoming the size of a barn while recuperating I have learned something about myself and Rick.

I always knew this to a point...but oh my did the ugly come out with this knee surgery and his hernia surgery just a couple of weeks ago.

Rick will never ever read instructions, doesn't care about what the doctor told him he could or couldn't do. When given his hand out of post-op instructions he never looked at it. I did. I put it in front of him to read. He ignored it.
I finally read it out loud to him to be sure he at least heard it. He did not care and he said he heard me but I think what he really heard was, wah, wah, wah.

Oh hell no he won't read any directions or instructions, he would prefer to do what he wants and have a 2nd surgery to fix what damage he caused before he would ever think of doing what he's told. The big fool.  I really thought this only pertained to him when it came to putting together things, such as IKEA furniture and his aversion to directions. But nope, all directions from everyone and anyone it seems. The first operation for him in his life so this was new to me. Sounds like he may have an issue with authority. The damn old coot.

I, on the other hand, follow the instructions to a T. He said to drop crutches on the 2nd day - drop crutches.
Said to walk as much as possible. Walk until I cry.
Where I don't normally listen is the amount of medication they tell me to take.
I hate the opioid drugs. Honestly, if they would say, here is some cannabis to relieve your pain. Fine. Percocet, not so fine. By day two I am dealing with hives on top of my head to my toes. I'll deal with the pain after the 2nd day without the Percocets. I hate the way the pills make me feel as well. But my way isn't much better than his. I need to slow down. I just feel like this should be further along than what it is. I am very impatient and seeing this is ugly.

I also learned that my husband who keeps making food and shoving it in my face will one day wake up and be horrified when I am 2 sizes larger. I also need to learn to tell him NO, no matter the sad puppy eyes he gives me. Or the, 'you need to eat to get better lecture' he gives me. I repeat, "I'm not sick Rick, I had knee surgery. Food is not penicillin or a miracle cure for a torn meniscus"

Honestly, he can't help himself. He needs a 12 step program.
He and all the grandmothers and moms out there.  They can learn that food is not love despite what his Italian-American mother told him. He may have been adopted but he really absorbed that trait from her. He also needs to realize that one can survive 15 minutes without putting food in their mouth. **gasp**

The afternoon he woke me up to ask me if I was hungry I knew he had a problem. Yes, it was dinner time, my room was dark, it was dark outside, I was fast asleep. I could eat whenever I woke up for Pete's sake.
I need to find a facility for this old grandma like hubby of mine.
Is there a rehab for this guy?

One can't eat 3 meals and be sedentary and think their jeans are going to fit. Nope, too tight. Got 'em on yesterday, but I prefer to wear my pants AND continue to breathe! Silly me. So I am only eating what I make I proclaimed Tuesday morning. He said he was fine with that. I am taking my kitchen back. No more of these meals that are so heavy and yummy with awesome sauces.
I need to get back on the wagon here bud before I am twice the woman you know and love.  Wishing your husband could and would cook is a double edge sword. Trust me on this.

In the meantime it's a damn good thing my knee is still swollen and most of my pants & jeans are slim legged and I can't wear them over this knee. Whew. I'm in sweats yet again.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Well, That's Over.

It was one of the oddest Christmas holidays for us.
My knee is better but I walk with a limp.
I did hear from physical therapy and they had a cancellation on the 4th of January so I will be going then to begin PT. But more on that later.

Rick's new sisters sent him this silver little tree with a light that went around and changed the silver tree different colors. These were big in the 1960's.

I remember a neighbor had a silver tree and red ornaments and that crazy light and went around and changed the color of the tree and ornaments.
I thought it was so damn cool.
We just had a real tree and to me that was so old fashion. How funny.
This silver thing is a hideous tree.
Apparently growing up his sisters said as they pulled into Grandma Thompson's home (Rick's father's parents) this was in the window each and every year and the kids got so excited. So they thought it would be fun to send this to Rick so he could be a part of something he missed out on as a kid and a memory they all share.  His new sisters are pretty cool to me.

We put it on our sofa table and had that light going around and we got a good laugh as did our neighbors who stopped by.
Rick said we should put ornaments on it. Yes, we could but let us think about this for a minute. They are in the attic above the garage. You can climb the ladder, I can't. You can't carry the box due to your surgery and I can't carry it because it is too heavy and I can't walk well on my own, let alone carrying something heavy. So why do that to ourselves and then have to do it again in a week? After I pointed all this out to Rick he said, "next year we'll have ornaments"  Good idea.

I felt incredibly good yesterday. I had walked on Christmas Eve 6 blocks. I walked with Rick and Izzy 3 blocks and decided that was enough since I had to turn around and go home. I came home and iced it. But it felt so damn good being outside! Yesterday I felt wonderful and because I have been eating and not moving I so wanted to go outside. I told Rick I could do the grocery store. It's only 2 miles away and I only had to get a couple of things. He could see I was walking sort of well. Sort of being the key here. He made sure I had my phone in case I needed him to come get me. I was hobbling just fine and then I got to the 4th or 5th aisle and I was done. I mean I was done! But I wasn't done shopping. So I hobbled some more and went to the pharmacy to pick up Rick's Rx and thankfully there was a line.  A line gave me an excuse to sit on the bench in the pharmacy and wait. Aaah, that felt good.
Then home. The lines were so long and I just wanted off my foot. I wasn't putting any weight on it but standing on one leg wasn't fun either.

While standing in line Rick text me, he was worried. I told him about the long lines and that I was fine. He was correct, this was too much for me 11 days post op.  He and Izzy were sitting on our stoop when I pulled up. Rick got all the groceries out of the car and I just hobbled inside and put ice on my swollen knee.
Rick even put the groceries away. Where I may never know, but they were no longer in bags on the island. While he has lived her for almost 17years it's amazing how he doesn't know where anything is normally stored. The goof ball.

I will not be doing anything like that again anytime soon. Nor will Rick let me.
He was adamant that I shouldn't do it. But if I didn't try I wouldn't know. I'm stubborn like that and besides I was walking pretty well at home. But those were short spurts so this was stupid on my part. I hate when he's right. 😉

Our anniversary is New Years Eve. Normally we go to dinner at one of our favorite haunts and come home early and stay away from the crowds. This year I do not think we'll be going out. I think this will be dinner at home with a great bottle of wine or champagne. I will not be wearing nice shoes by this Friday so best to stay home.

Tomorrow - what I have learned while being immobile.
It's not pretty.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Merry Christmas & Happy Hannukah

To all who celebrate Christmas - MERRY CHRISTMAS!

To all who celebrate Hanukkah - HAPPY HANUKKAH!

Happy Holidays to you all.
I sincerely hope they are all you wish them to be.

I'm on a social media blackout until after the holidays.
But you know I can't leave you without a funny.
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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Last Day of Work!

Today is my last day in the office until after the holiday. 
It's very quiet here in the office. Phones aren't ringing off the hook.
Rick and Gary are hard at work today to finish up things for all that insisted their bathrooms/kitchens be completed before Christmas. Gary started his first job at 7:30 this morning. Later today he will be leaving to go home to Michigan to be with his family. Rick is just coming home to be with his 2 chubby brunettes, Izzy and Peggy. 
We are closing the office tomorrow and Monday for the holiday.
The phone can ring but I won't have to answer it. I love that.

Yesterday because it was slow and I can't move about freely I decided to gather up some photos and put them where they belong.
Here are a few that I came across that I like. 

This is my fur baby sleeping on me when I got home from the hospital. She knows I'm not feeling my best so she is by my side. I love it because this is what Rick always gets, she does adore that man over me.

This is a picture of my niece's wedding this past summer that I just received. 
I love this picture of them. Alexandrea looks like she is so happy here. She and Myles are very happy and it is so nice to see such a loving and respectful couple.

This made me giggle. I think I may be Amish....tee hee

 I love this take on religion

Heaven knows this is how it is in my house!
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I leave you with this cartoon my sister sent me. I thought it was cute. 
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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Ice my cocktail not on my knee please.

Saw Dr TT&G this morning. I'm moving along quite well and in fact I am doing too much so he told me to slow it down a bit. Hence the great crash around 2pm where ice and pain meds are needed. Hey, you don't give me directions and tell me to dump the crutches in 48 hrs and think I'm not going to dump the crutches in 48 hrs.

Apparently, he said most people will do nothing at all. He didn't really expect me to be doing stairs several times a day or walking as much as I have been walking. Rick was there and had to add his 2 cents that I am a type A personality and will do all that is listed on my instructions and want to do them perfectly. I guess that is a bad trait to have from the looks of their faces. So I am using 1 crutch today and I admit it is far easier. Still putting all my weight on this leg is difficult.

I attempted to get an appointment for physical therapy but no one can get me in until late January. I have called 7 places. Who will need it by that point? I may not go. I may just you tube some exercises and do them myself a couple times a day or whatever it is I'm to do. In one months time he said I will be back to normal so I don't see why I should go to PT 6 weeks after my surgery if in 4 I am fine.

And speaking of my 'fine' doctor, I saw he has a hairy chest today. As we were leaving I said to Rick, "Did you see that doctor N. had a hairy chest too? Mmmm"  Rick said he did not see this and how the hell did I? He was wearing burgundy scrubs under his coat jacket and it was a v-neck. Knowing that I like hairy men my husband said while stifling laughter, "Dear God you're not going to hurt yourself again so you have to have him cut you for a 3rd time now are you?"  (he did my shoulder surgery a few years ago)
I laughed and promised that no matter how hot this man was I do not intend on seeing him regularly! Besides he's too young for me, that would be me chasing tender vittles, but a gal can dream can't she? Healing is better with a McDreamy's manner and looks at your side.

I'm taking it easy today - no drugs, just elevation, some walking, some ice and hopefully some ice in a drink as well.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Day 4

I'm sitting at my office desk today without any pain medication. 
We'll see how long that lasts.

I just feel like I should be walking better than I am.
The surgeon kept saying that I would be walking right after surgery. He wanted me walking, was his constant phrase. I am not so much walking as shuffling along. 

The first 24 hrs were with crutches. Then I went to one crutch and a severe limp and hobble. Then yesterday I was doing pretty well with out the crutch but found myself grabbing things to hold on to so might as well use the one crutch. Stairs still kill me. I am sort of doing them. When not on my butt I am taking them just like I did before surgery, one leg at a time. My good leg goes up and I drag the bad one behind me. Putting all my weight on my surgical leg is still a killer, reminds me to lose more weight. 

I just feel like I should be further along than I am you know? 
Friday night at 7pm was 24 hrs. At 48 hrs (Saturday) I could take off the bandages and wrap myself in plastic wrap and take a shower only. 
Oh that shower was great. But standing on a crutch in the shower makes bathing a bit difficult. Rick is useless in helping me because he seems to think my boobs need more soap suds. Honest to God I will be dying and he will be copping a feel one last time. That man!

I wrapped my leg and showered to the the best of my ability. I washed my hair and that felt great. I even blew dry my hair. It felt good to be clean and have my hair done. Which is funny knowing I was just going back to sit in bed. But I felt better.
While in the shower I found lifting the leg of surgery was difficult and so it still has remnants of the betadine solution which makes that leg look orange. I tried to scrub the words off my leg and that wasn't budging with just soap and water. Rick said, "acetone will take that right off."  Yes and if it ran into my incisions acetone will take your head right off as well. Honestly, I know I'm clean, the words will have to linger.

Prior to surgery they brought me a marker to write the word Yes on the knee of surgery. Then the dr came around and he signed it like an autograph. If they had done surgery on my right knee by accident I could have sued and I would be able to retire. So damn it.
I digress....
My leg as you can see in this photo is really swollen not only at the knee but above the knee and most of my calf. I don't know why that is but it is. 

I have my follow up Wednesday morning at 8:10am and I am certain my handsome doctor will yell at me if I should be further along than I am. I just don't see how I could be but I am trying like hell to walk more and I'm doing all the damn exercises 2x a day which I think are pure torture that should be used in war.

Anyone have a torn meniscus and if so how long before you were walking like nothing happened? How long before this swelling went down? The surgery was less than 45 minutes, it just seems like the recovery should be quick too. I'm not a patient patient.

Now to my caregiver.....
I fear he is an old Italian woman in a large Eastern Eurpean man's body. All he wants to do is feed me. He made a few meals yesterday for this week to have ready to go. He asks me to eat something every 30 minutes. I tell him I'm not hungry then he says, how about some soup then? Oh my God this is my Grandmother. Not hungry, then just have a sandwich was her mantra.  
I had nodded off in bed and he came in to see if I was hungry. I just laughed. I'm sleeping I am obviously not starving. 

I will be 500lbs in no time sitting on my ass so much and him shoving food at me. Wants some nuts? (His sister sent a big ass tin of assorted nuts to us.) 
I had a cashew or two - Not in the mood Rick. I bought some sherbet for you, want some? NO. How about a piece of chocolate? Well, okay chocolate is different you don't need to be hungry for chocolate, bring that over here big boy.

He made salisbury steak which I have not eaten since high school. He's proud that he used all gluten free flour etc.  He made stuffed pepper soup which I love. (deconstructed stuff peppers) He made pudding which I ate none of and it's gone. 😏 He also made some gluten free cookies which I had one and they too are gone. I think he is eating for two. Apparently he's stressed. 

Since he has mostly been on the 1st floor and me on the 2nd I text him should I need him. But that doesn't stop him from coming upstairs and bugging me about food or something. It's really funny if it weren't happening to me. He means well. It's sweet and yet annoying as all hell. 
I know he could ignore me but....

He has to have a renal sonogram today. Rick has stage 3 kidney disease and we are trying to keep it at bay. More important than this damn knee! The test today has been scheduled for some time now and I don't want him to miss it. I called the woman across the street to see if she'd be around today should Izzy not be able to wait until Rick gets back home. She can walk her for me. Hopefully not necessary but she's there if I need her.
This is when family close by sure would be nice. 

I'm going to hobble down the stairs now to check on the dog and to get something to drink. I'm alone for the first time since surgery and I think I may even eat some breakfast. Although I should probably wait or take a photo eating it so he doesn't come back and ask me if I'm hungry. 

My hiney is tired of these stairs but going down is far more frightening to me to lose my balance than going up. Yesterday with Rick's help I attempted the stairs with my legs instead of my arse. I lost my balance but grabbed the railing and was fine. Of course the old woman - err old man I live with freaked out, it was no big thing. But since no one is here to catch me I'm going to be a baby and go down the steps on my fat butt.  I think I'll be safer that way just in case. 

Note to self - no more leg surgeries until I move to a one level house!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Floyd Nightingale

Surgery went very well. I have a Floyd Nightingale. 
He means well, but hovers.
Hot? Can I open the window for you? Oh then you're cold, need another blanket? Hungry? can I get you something to eat, you haven't eaten in like 12 minutes. Need a percocet? Take more drugs that's what they give 'em to you for. Okay then take an ibuprofen, want ice? Here put the ice pack back on as he does it whether you want it or not.

Anyone need a male nurse? I need my rest.  He's handsome, attentive to your needs and won't leave your side. Oh he won't leave your side. He can really make you laugh...but he hovers.

Friday, December 16, 2016


I got home last evening around 7ish.  I was in a great state of Buzzed!
Makes you understand how some can become addicted. Wow, whatever this combo of narcotics were, they were enjoyable!

I got situated in bed with my leg elevated and with ice.  A friend called me to check in and I was sharing that my feet looked a bit swollen. I took a picture since I was flying high to show her. I viewed the photo and saw the purple orbs. Wow. I believe in that shit so don't judge. I put it on facebook with the caption: Check out the purple orbs....very cool.

My sister out west immediately responded with:
Thanks for sharing your drug induced hallucinations!

Ah, how that made me laugh and apparently everyone else in my facebook world.

Rick is waiting on me to the point of annoying. But he means well. I'm fortunate, he could ignore me. But he does tend to hover a bit, but it's cute. 
No work today, just drugs, exercises that I have to do and nap. I took my stairs on my butt. The dog was next to me and it was so damn funny. She would stop on each step as I did. This morning I got my crutches and got out of bed, once again Izzy was there. Her tail was like wack a mole on my knee. Not good. Rick got her to leave me alone, but when one of us is sick she just wants to be close to us. It's cute, except for that tail.

It's bitter cold here today. I am thankful I can't walk the dog in single digits.
I guess this was a good time to get my surgery done. 
That worked out pretty well in my favor didn't it?

Okay I have netflix and naps calling.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Dr. Tall, Tan & Gorgeous Today.

Off to surgery.
My knee feels so good this morning I was thinking maybe I shouldn't do this.
Rick about flipped out.
For some reason I'm concerned. Silly me apparently.
I leave you with this. It is exactly what I would do.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Selective Sight

Rick and I watch a lot of House Hunters.
We yell at the TV and we pretty much get a kick out of ourselves.

Rick always picks the house they will choose. I find that mind boggling because they say they want ABC then pick DEF.  No damn rhyme or reason to it.
Rick has been known to be asleep and never see a single house and will awake and say, "They will pick number 2." and damn if they don't!

Because he works primarily in bathrooms he makes me giggle how he can spot something. The other day as the camera panned this master bath he said, "ooh that fiberglass shower pan has a big crack in it" I had to rewind and pause it to see this crack. How did he see that and not see the potato chip crumbs he left all over his chair and floor around the chair? Seriously.

Yesterday we watched another and he said, "that porcelain has been fixed before and they only see the pretty shiny things...idiots"
Again I rewind and pause it. I walk up to the TV on the wall and stare at this porcelain bathroom sink. I don't see what he sees. So he gets up and walks to the tv and is pointing to everything damaged that I never in a million years would have noticed when not in person. How does he do that but never sees the things that are huge on our steps waiting to be carried to the 2nd floor? Those things he just keeps walking right by them.

I think Rick needs new glasses. He needs to see beyond the bathrooms on TV.
I knew he had selective hearing but selective sight?
I may have to go with him the next time he has his eyes check to let the eye doctor know what he is missing!

Cleaning Crew

My husband surprised me with a cleaning company to show up this morning.
First I was a bit upset because business has been slower than normal ever since our new president was announced. Scary slow.
My first reaction was we can't afford this babe, what did you do?
But then I realized why he did this for me and realized this was his gift to me and I thought it was sweet. I had told him I wanted to get all these things on my list completed before surgery on Thursday. So the fact that he heard me is amazing all on its own ladies. He was listening? What? Who the hell is this man?

I imagined my anal retentive self would be in bed or in the recliner with my knee up and wishing I could clean that floor, or dust that ceiling fan. He's been watching me run around and doing things after work and he keeps asking me to go on a walk and anything and everything to avoid cleaning. Now I get why he was so nuts about getting me out of the house for the last week.

They arrived at 8:30 on the dot. The owner came with the two women cleaning who speak barely any English. She and Rick had apparently met and discussed what he thought I wanted to have done when I wasn't around. Today the owner went over everything with me before she left her crew to get busy.

Currently, they are on the 3rd floor. One of the women came to my office to tell me my house was very clean and that was a nice change. Or at least that is what I thought she said. Oh, I wish I was better at Spanish than I am. So apparently the filth I see she doesn't think is so bad. In all honesty, I only use the TV room on the 3rd floor, not the bedrooms or shower etc. So why would it be dirty up there? Dusty perhaps, but not dirty. Wait until they get to the 1st and 2nd floor. She won't be so happy then I can promise you.

I also got a pedicure Sunday so while my leg is up in the OR they won't see ugly feet. Rick found that to be a hoot. Why he asked do I think they would even notice. Oh, they would notice if they were awful. Pregnant women do that all the time before they go into labor I explained to him. He shook his head, muttered something,laughed and walked away. Laugh big boy but my feet will look pretty while they are working on my knee and while I am recuperating.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Pre Surgical Fun

On Friday late afternoon I got a call from my primary doctor. They received an order from my orthopedic doctor's office saying I needed to have an EKG and clearance from her. 

Now here is why that above paragraph makes me angry.
I had just spoken to the nurse re my pre-surgical instructions. The nurse and I went over medications and supplements, when I can eat and drink and when I can't. The nurse also went over what my expectations should be in regards to times and then what to wear home. She never said a thing about any tests that would be needed let alone at this late date.

After hearing that my doctor could only see me at 9am and it was going to cost an enormous amount of cash since she doesn't take insurance at all I was not a happy camper. Also if not able to be done prior to Wednesday then my surgery would be canceled. 

So I called the nurse back. She said she didn't see any reason why I would need this since I don't have high blood pressure, diabetes, morbidly obese or have any heart issues. She suggested I call my doctors office first thing Monday because they closed at noon on Friday. Great.

I called at 8am this morning when they opened. Someone got back to me a few minutes ago.  I don't need an EKG or any lab work done prior to surgery, it was sent in error. Whew. 

The nurse told me I had to have big legs pants to wear home. I asked about jeans, but my jeans aren't so big legged. I wear jeans and leggings. It is supposed to be high winds with wind chill at zero on Thursday so a skirt is out of the question to me. So I ran to the new Wal-Mart in the new plaza across from our development and bought a cheap pair of sweat pants. Yes, that is correct I don't own sweatpants. Not only big legged they are a foot too long and I bought petite. Jeez, these things are made for Amazons. Looks like tonight I will be hemming them.  I doubt I'll wear them ever again but then again they are so wide legged that I could wear jeans underneath or leggings in winter while walking the dog and be extra warm.  

Walking into Wal-Mart on a Sunday during the holidays was brave of me if I do say so myself. I hate shopping on any given day but during the holidays, well you know what it's like. I'd rather have a root canal without novocaine than go shopping during the holidays. I grabbed a pair of petite sweatpants and I was out of there. It was crazy and there were crowds around the Santa Claus who was walking the aisles. But I braved the crowds and purchased a pair of ugly pants for only $9.96. Yeah for ugly sweatpants. All I need now is an ugly Christmas Sweater, right? 

I wanted to show you all what Rick has been doing in the garage. He goes out there and putzes around and comes in with these two cutting boards. He hasn't yet made the grooves on the side/handles as one normally has on the side. But these look great to me so far. 
Yes, they still need some work but you'll get the idea.
He made this one below in walnut (my personal favorite)
This one is maple and cherry.  He has also got a full cherry board half done.
Mine will have an inlay in the back with a piece of anti -bacterial material that will be great for chicken and then flip it over for just a wood cutting board. Two boards in one.  I have always told him that instead of having to have 2 cutting boards they should just make one with one embedded and he used to laugh at me. Now he's making one. When that is completed I will show you. He had the wood and decided to make these for family and friends. I want that Walnut one but I think it's going to one of his sisters. I'll have to wait. 
Which do you prefer? 

Friday, December 9, 2016

This and That

Yesterday at lunch I was watching Mary Tyler Moore as I am prone to do on my lunch break. The character Rhoda was so thrilled that this man made $30,000 a year. She and Mary were in shock and kept repeating, 30 thousand dollars a year!

So I googled what 30K in 1971 would be today. It was $178,285.18.
No wonder these gals were so excited. 
That got me thinking. What did my father make? We had a brand new home in the burbs, a nice car, and food on the table. We were by no means rich but this did get me thinking. I saw that my parents bought our home for $9,000+ in 1962.
Can you imagine? You can't even buy a car for that amount of money.

It also got me thinking that I am Rhoda without the ridiculous desire to have a mate or the flair for a head scarf.

My parents have gotten a couple feet of snow I saw on the morning news.
They are expected to get another 2 by the end of Saturday.
Lake effect snow storms are brutal. I saw they had a 75 car pile up and high winds making blizzard conditions.  No schools were closed. Here we get 3 inches and we close schools for a week. My favorite is when they close schools because it's cold. 

This morning while walking Izzy the kids at the bus stop had on shorts and sweatshirts. No coat on one kid. It was 29 degrees for Gods sake. So if he can stand at the bus stop like this they can go to school when it's cold. There is heat in the school. When did we all become so wussy?

I really enjoy the show Pitch. Last night was the final show. A cliffhanger as you can imagine. I just hope the show comes back! All my Netflix shows are done and now I don't have a great many tv shows to watch. 

Here are a few things I found funny.

This one's for Mike who always has to rub it in

This was me yesterday! 
 This is too true, but more like 40 yrs old.

 Sadly, this is my experience with Ikea as well.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Santa Claus

I am overwhelmed with work and work stresses and these holidays which I don't care for. Yes, if you are new here I am a big fat scrooge. I have a great disdain for this holiday.

My step mom and I were on the phone last night talking about a story that happened before she was my mom.  I was very young and my mom would have my sister and I leave Santa cookies and milk every Christmas Eve before going off to bed.

One year as my sister put out the cookies and I went to the fridge to get the milk my father came in and said that Santa really liked the pizzelle's (Italian cookies) the best and that instead of milk he liked beer and/or bourbon. My sister and I didn't think a thing of that. That is what I find so damn funny.

We ask mom to reach for the glass and my sister went to the fridge to fetch the bottle of beer.  We left him a beer and/or bourbon ever year after that while we believed in Santa Claus. "Santa" always left a thank you by the empty plate and glass/or bottle of beer and that made us so happy.

What kid today would do that? They are too damn sophisticated to believe that Santa would drink beer or a bourbon on the rocks.
It is so politically incorrect it makes me laugh.

When my mom died 3 months before Christmas it made for a pathetic Christmas. My Dad didn't get a tree. We were each handed a gift that was unwrapped. My sister learned then that there was no Santa. I was 13 and she just turned 10. She asked me about it after being handed this gift and my father had left the room. She asked why he gave us these gifts and why didn't Santa wrap them? I told her the truth. Double whammy to her. I feel so badly about that now because I was too young to understand I should not tell her this, especially at this time. I was too young to handle this properly. Instead, the poor thing has a shitty Christmas, our mom just died and we have nothing festive in our home. In my mind's eye, I just remember darkness in the house literally and figuratively. It felt heavy as well.

Today I don't think a 10 year would still believe in Santa, they are too old, but in 1969 this one was naive kid and she sure did. I have always felt bad that I ruined that for her. She said to me that she doesn't remember me telling her. I guess that's a good thing.

When Santa visits my house, he'll eat any cookies I put out but he prefers Tequila.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Exhausting Day.

In 1987 I got my dream job. I was beyond excited. I was moving to Ohio for this new job and had to sign a document saying I would stay at least 18months in this city. You see prior to me signing this everyone that was sent there would bale and see an opening in a city they found to be "better" and they would leave. I had no problem signing this. I was getting my dream job, it didn't matter to me that I was moving to Cleveland Ohio.
I already lived in a horrible little town, this was a step up to me.

To begin this new job I had to go to Houston for 6 weeks of training. Houston is not a favorite city of mine. The bugs are bigger than me. But the Tex-Mex is terrific. I head to Houston and learned more about Mexican food than I thought possible.  I learned from the hotel bartender that if you put hot sauce in the butter on your popcorn it sure makes the beer go down well. (beer - ah, the good old days before I knew it was killing me and that I had celiac) I do that to this day - try it - it's great!

When I got to my new Cleveland office on the west side I got to meet all the folks in the company. There were only 2 of use that did what I did. My territory was from the PA line to downtown Cleveland and south to Akron, but I did not have Akron. The other person in my position had a territory of Downtown Cleveland and all of the western suburbs and Akron/Canton.
I met my West side Equivalent and her name was Joan. She had been there for 6 months prior to me arriving. This was all still very new for her as well.

Neither of knew a soul in this town.  But every Monday we had to go to the office. The rest of the week we were traveling. Mondays after 5pm, we'd go have drinks and nachos at our favorite pub. It became a ritual. When the office moved from downtown to the west side we had to find a new place to go for our office day happy hours. We found a new favorite place that was even better. Great memories including having met, drank and received a drawing by Tom Wilson of Ziggy and me. (the comic strip Ziggy) He was so much fun. I still have that framed in my home and no one can believe the stories.

After 3 years Joan quit her job, got married and moved to Virgina.
We kept in touch and one year while Rick and I drove to Florida (and we'll never do that again) we stopped in Virginia on the way home.

Now here we are almost 30 years later living in the same general area. Funny how that worked out. We've kept in touch all these years and when we moved here we knew one family and that was helpful.

Since I've known Joan she has been in a horrible relationship. Her "boyfriend" was a creep. He was demanding and unrelenting about everything. I think he had short man syndrome. You know like a small dog, loud and ugly because they are small. But in reality a big wussy.

The day she was leaving Cleveland to get married I was at her apartment. She went upstairs to change and her "boyfriend" said, "Peg you have got to talk to her, I don't want to get married and I am feeling pressured."  My first thought was, "Then grow a set you big wuss and you say that to her"  But instead I said, "Greg you should never get married unless you really want to and if you don't want to YOU need to speak to her about this NOT ME!"

He never did. They have had a toxic and scary relationship this whole time.
We stopped going to visit when the last time was them yelling and screaming and her smacking him upside the head for sitting in her seat. Yes, in front of their boys and company.

They now live apart....sort of. He lives above the garage in an apartment that was built for a family member to live in but instead they passed away. So he lives above the garage she lives in the house with a son who is there part time. Their oldest has since moved to another state for his job. Both parents are toxic. He won't divorce her because he doesn't want to lose 1/2 of his money. He has said so to all that will listen.  She goes along with it all because she lives for free so to speak and he pays everything and she has a car, a place to live and can do her hobbies and care for her 19/20yr old son when he is there. To me that isn't free, there is a price to be paid.

She has never worked outside the home ever again since getting married and that has always their number one beef with one another. He felt she should help the household and she said she was. He would complain then when he gets home the house should be clean. Was her house neat and clean? Never, in fact, you might think a hoarder lives there with all the piles of shit. So she went off birth control so she could have a kid and then have a reason to be home. Unbeknownst to him, I might add. Oh, that was a fun thing to be around.

Her birthday was on the 1st so I suggested we do a girl thing and go to lunch at this resort and do some other fun things there. When I spoke to her she was angry so I thought this would take her mind off things and be a fun day. Still not divorced but now angry because he is bringing women to the apartment above the garage. My only comment all day was, "just get the divorce"  You've been living like this for a few years now. You knew this would happen. He cheated on you when you lived together so why would there not be women coming to his apartment?

I know why they are doing this. He doesn't want to lose 1/2 of his stuff as he says and she doesn't want to have to get a job. She feels like she should continue to be supported.

After my day yesterday with her it made me come home and just hug the hell out of Rick. I am thankful for my husband who is my biggest cheerleader.
I don't understand toxic relationships or why people stay in them, especially if you don't have children. If I didn't want to be married to someone I'd get a divorce. Not have kids. If I didn't want to be married to someone I'd get a divorce, not live near them. If I didn't want to be married to someone or someone didn't want to be married to be it. Put on your big girl panties and more forward, make a plan, just do it. It's difficult, it's hard, it's depressing, it's enough to make you cry and stay in bed for a month. I get it. I've been divorced. But at some point don't you think you have to move on? Make a plan and move forward? Is it easy? Hell no. But what choice do you have?  How long can you wallow? She's been miserable since 1989. Is being miserable so comfortable that it's better to wallow then move forward?

After my split, I got two jobs so I could pay for school which I enrolled in immediately. I never slept. I was always working or it was school. Did I have a nice life then? Shit no. It was difficult. Money was nonexistent and I ran from the phone calls about my bills. I ate a can of tuna for a week with saltines. Didn't even have money for mayo. To this day I can't eat tuna. I cried for a solid year. But I did it. I was proud of myself. I did it on my own. My 3-year plan was off by 1.5 years but I made it, finally. It was not easy, there were buckets of tears, there were struggles that I never even anticipated. But all that I wrote on paper had come to fruition. It worked. I tried to explain to her she could do the same right now. She has hobbies that have made her money so I suggested thinking about doing what she loves for an income. She says she doesn't enjoy it if there are deadlines and she only wants to do them at her own pace.  You can translate that comment for yourself.

I think as much as she was complaining, crying and moaning that she enjoys this life and she doesn't want anything different. It's comfortable for her there. She is getting what she wants out of it. Free room/board/utilities and money for food.  If that is the case you can't complain when the hubby is seeing someone else in front of your face. You are allowing it to happen. Have some pride, move on and get divorced or learn to live like this and not complain.  It's all so toxic that I just can't wrap my head around this.

For me, it was an exhausting day and all I had to do was listen. I want to be supportive but she has to learn how to be supportive for herself as well. I am willing to share that with her but she has to help herself. I can't just listen to this as I have for the last 27 years anymore.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

I'm baaack

Blogger actually helped me with the situation.
That's really all I wish to say at this time about it. 
I am not going to share with you how it was done because then others may do this. Of course, YOU wouldn't, but the immature people will.
So see ya'll on Monday. 😃

Friday, December 2, 2016


It seems someone blocked me from my blog.
I have an idea but we'll just leave it at that until it is fixed.
I can write one, can't go to my home page.

So I'll be back in a few days until this is rectified, if not fixed, then I'm going to make a web page and block that wench. I'll keep you posted.

Have a wonderful weekend.