Thursday, June 30, 2016


Has anyone ever contribute to a Kickstarter campaign?

I never did until about 2 yrs ago. I saw this cooler and I knew I needed to have this when on the boat, at the lake, or even just on our patio.
It would be a great thing to have for tailgating if I were ever to tailgate.
We did our contribution and with that money we were to get a new coolest cooler.

Over the years, these men who invented this kept us updated on trials and tribulations that they were encountering. Then after some were shipped to we donors there was a big strike at the plant making the batteries for the coolers.
That went on for a very very long time.  People began to scream and rant all over social media. Looked for new places for productions and they continued to tell us what was going on and the issues they were facing.

Rick and I were not thrilled by this but we felt they were doing all they could.
None of the issues they were dealing with were anything they could control.
They kept us up to date on the improved battery, the tests they did with these to ensure we'd have the power to make a blender drink while out for hours. There were production issues, battery issues, and an assortment of issues. Running my own business I understood these and felt most folks were being unreasonable.
But then I saw something that didn't make me happy.
You could go online to Amazon and buy a Coolest Cooler. I still didn't have mine yet, so I couldn't understand this.

But just as I saw this I got an email telling us they needed to sell some via retail so that they could resume production for us. Money was the issue. Okay, I got that with any start-up company. Money is such an issue when starting your own business and to keep it running. Marketing alone is astronomical especially on the web which everyone thinks is free. HA!  But telling us all this seemed to make everyone who hadn't received this info go bat shit crazy on social media and their website. A couple of weeks later they said if we were willing to fork out $97 they could get them out to us by July 4th, depending on how many were willing to do that. They understood if we didn't want to.

At this point, I figured it is still going to be at least $200 less than retail, I'm going for it. And they were telling us all the logistics, the legal, the production issues and the shipping issues, so I felt it was easy to understand how all this could happen for a startup. That is the point of Kickstarter. You are not contributing to a company, you are contributing to people who want to make a company and product not yet proven. You are taking your chances when you do this. This is just like Shark Tank and I couldn't understand why everyone was so pissed off. How couldn't they understand they were actually a "shark" and they needed to help a couple of guys make a business and a company. They needed to start with production after they had the patent on this product. That alone takes a very long time.

So I paid my 97 additional dollars and so did a great many other people thankfully.
We all were promised to that we'd receive our Coolest Cooler by the 4th. I got mine 2 weeks ago. I wish I had received it in time for my lake vacation but it's here now and for many more vacations. I can't wait to use it this holiday weekend. It is very sturdy, nothing is cheap or lacking. Strong battery, strong amazing blender, and everything is top notch as it should be.

Would I do Kickstarter again?  Probably if I found something I really believed in.
Have you ever contributed to a Kickstarter campaign? How'd it work for you?

Monday, June 27, 2016


Do you know this guy above?  I have decided he is not so bad. 
Rick is the actual issue when working with this Ikea man.
I put together two twin beds this weekend alone...until Rick walked into the room when I was on the 2nd bed. 
"Margaret you're not doing this right. This is backwards," he yells.
"No, it's just like the photo, look." As I point out what he is complaining about.  Well, it's wrong he blathers and begins to take over. I hate when he does that. I was moving along just fine. One bed was completely done. The other 1/2 way done when he has to pull this, "I am man, I have tools, watch me roar"  

He gets on the floor with me and looks over the instructions. 
The instructions that I have now embraced. I used to curse this IKEA swedish meatball man and ask why they couldn't just write instructions. I get it, it's a global company they would have to have so many languages. This chubby dough boy can point with his one finger and tell me what I am to do. Sometimes when in the midst of these pictures I have been known to give him one of my fingers too.

But these pictures have proved there is no pesky need to know the proper name for that thing-a-ma-jig. No, I can see I just need the large thingy.  

I see a photo of the 2 kinds of screwdrivers and I know both are here and I will be fine. I have four fat plastic things, I have different screws, thing-a-ma-jigs and a wrench and screwdrivers. I'm set. I am in the zone....until Mr. Know it All comes in.

After a couple of minutes of going over all I've done and the photo instructions Mr. Know It All has decided I did it correctly as far as the instructions but he still thinks it is wrong because the screws can be seen on the bed before the mattress goes on. Oh who cares, it's a guest room.  
I tell him I've got it covered so he can go back to the garage and do what he was doing. But no, he stays and bugs me. Really bugged me. Singing to my music playing, laughing at me telling him that he needed to use one more thing-a-ma-jig. Apparently, he is not familiar with the names of these IKEA tools like I am so he makes fun of me to hide his embarrassment.
You know what a thing-a-ma-jig is right? This is a thing-a-ma-jig for those unfamiliar. You're welcome. Gee maybe I should teach IKEA speak. 

My 3rd floor 2nd bedroom was an office when we first moved here. It was my office. The office I work in now was Rick's. We both worked from home when not on the road traveling about the country. But once I no longer had my corporate job I moved to the "office" that was once Rick's. The bedroom stayed that way for a year. Then as I moved out the office furniture it became a dumping ground for all of our stuff. Like a big closet and a cemetery for unused exercise equipment. Not a good looking room.

Now we have Rick's daughter coming with her 3 step children and I need a place to let them sleep. Rick's daughter and husband have the queen room as we call it. Queen bed and nice guest room. But the poor boys have nothing. So twin beds and an inflatable bed for the 3rd one. Whoever loses that bet I assume will have the inflatable bed.
Company coming is a way to get your ass in gear, isn't it?

I painted this room by myself and finished it yesterday. Mr. Know It All never once checked in on me when I was painting. Why? Because he hates to paint and he knows I love it and he would never enter until I am done so he isn't asked to help. But oh, bring on the tools and he is there to monitor my work.  He knew there were tools out somewhere and he had to climb the stairs until he found them. I point this out to him and as he is laughing says, "Oh that's just because I know you had a rhythm and I didn't want to break that for you while you painted."  Oh, like the rhythm I had while putting the bed together before you bothered me?

The beds are together and we tested them to be sure they wouldn't fall to the floor. Rick got on one and I got on the other and we bounced around. Then he got the great idea to bounce around together on one of the beds. I had to kick him out of the room so I could finish this. Honestly, the man is nuts. I think tools are an aphrodisiac for him for Pete's sake.

The room is not finished with the final things that make it complete, but it's a room again and they can sleep. If the drapes don't get up before they get here or the pictures on the wall don't get hung, I do not think the boys will care. 
They are boys.

When we bought our lake house we had to furnish it quickly and I decided that IKEA would work because it isn't expensive and I wouldn't be upset if damaged. The wet towels that kids and grown-ups will throw on a dresser or chair would upset me on the nice stuff. But on IKEA, no worries. So there was a lot of putting together of furniture during that time. We both swore we would never buy this stuff again unless we paid them to put it together. (yes, you can do that) But it's been more than 12 years now so I was ready to put things together and as I said earlier, that dough man with one finger didn't bother me this time. I put on the old lady glasses and went to town. But I am most thankful I never applied for a job there. This would not have worked out well for me. I could do it but under the pressure of a certain time restraint, I think I would crack. 

Friday, June 24, 2016

Stinky Nut Job.

Here is another story about the crazy lady I wrote about earlier in the week.
We were at her home to do the job yesterday.

She showed up at our home. I refused to open the door. I let her think no one was home. For those of you who live around here, she drove from Alexandria to Loudoun County to ask a question she has asked us 100 times. Let me repeat this fact - she drove 2 hrs in traffic to get to our home to ask us something we have gone over 100 times. She could have emailed or even called me again. 

She has called me daily and always more than once a day. Sometimes I let it go to voice mail on purpose. The fact that she showed up at our door really pissed me off. I take a lot of shit all day to keep customers happy but this was the last straw.

Of course, she called me to ask me if I knew she came. I told her that was my bosses home not where I work. Yes, I lied. 
She said, "well are you showing up tomorrow at 9am as scheduled?" 
Gee, let's see, you've asked me that 13 times via phone and email. 
You received a confirmation email stating this date and time and what you needed to do prior to our arrival on the very day you made the appointment. 
(none of  which you did by the way) 
You called me every day since booking it and I have repeated the date and time upon closing. You sent me an outlook calendar to say accept or decline if coming, I accepted. So you didn't know we would be there why? 
You drove for 2 hrs to ask me this question?

This woman on my first phone call told me that 2 other companies refused to work for her. We should have as well. She also told me the smell was so awful the first time and asked if it would be again. Yes.  Awful it's not, but she is nuts so I went along with her.
Then yesterday after the job was completed. She called me.
Now to put this in perspective. She has had this done before, we were there to strip and reglaze her tub again. She knew the smell was bad because she asked me that. According to Gary, she apparently ran around the house screaming, "Astro, Astro where are you? OH MY GOD HE'S GONNA DIE" 
(Gary called to tell me this and the fact that she did not do what she was supposed to have done so he could get started. he would be late for the next one.) 

She called after this was done to tell me she will have to move out. 
Oh for the love of God.
She called to tell me it smells so bad when can I open my bathroom window?
I said this and this is verbatim - "Insert Name, we've been over this a great many times. Besides telling you a few dozen times it is on the handout he gave you why don't you get it for me."  She does. She comes back to the phone and I asked her to read it to me. She does. She does it like she is excited to do so. 
She read her answer and said, "Oh, 24hours."  (I have said 24 hrs enough times to make you nauseous.) 

Then she said I had no idea this would smell this bad. I was a bitch and said, "Really? You told me on my first call you were concerned about the smell to you and your cat. You told me it smelled so badly you went to a friends house. So why is this a surprise? She kept saying, Oh. 

She called me 3 more times yesterday afternoon. I blocked her phone number after the 3rd call saying the exact same thing. I will now only deal with her via email. She is certifiable. Never done this before and I must say it felt good.
I have never been that frank before and it felt good. I don't think we are playing with someone with a full deck here.

Yesterday Gary who is so sweet said, "Miss Peggy I have never smelled a woman like that. She smelled like a man at the gym.  She was very gross. Between her house smell of kitty litter and her B.O I had to wear my mask the whole time I was there."

So apparently the smell of BO and cat poop is okay but fresh paint is horrific and she will have to move. I hope she moves to another state far far away and loses our number. In all honesty I believe this woman has mental problems. But she makes it difficult to feel sorry for her.

Then we had a very nice older man yesterday who asked for us to reglazed 2 tubs for him. Gary got there and said they were only dirty. So with our new cleaner (Rick invented of course) he just cleaned them and re-caulked.  He went to the customer after cleaning one and showed him. He said, "Sir you really don't need them to be reglazed, just heavy soap film cleaned unless you think differently." Gary in the meantime had called us and to be sure that was okay. More than okay, we don't want to take advantage of people. Just charge him to clean them and recaulk and move on to the next job.  The man was so appreciative he wrote this nice review. 
Nice to be appreciated isn't it?
Moral of the story is - there is always 1 big fat stinky nut job in the pile.


This is one of my all time favorite videos that I wanted to share.
I would bet most of you have seen this on social media.
I certainly wish I were that man.

Thursday, June 23, 2016


I want to go to Italy.
I would enjoy nothing more than to eat and drink my way through Italy.

Being part of blogger there is a contest to win a trip to exactly where I wish to go, Positano and the Amalfi coast. 
Here is what you win - 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Here we go again.

Rick is having surgery on his shoulder. The cortisone shot didn't last.
Yoga did him in. Gentle yoga no less.

He was not dealing with it over the weekend very well.
After a few drinks, he was telling me it was tolerable. But sleep was the big issue. He would toss and turn to find a spot without pain. If he finally fell asleep I let him sleep as long as he could since he wasn't getting a lot Z's.
When we got home he was having bigger issues.
He shouldn't have been driving but the old coot is stubborn.

He can barely lift his shoulder. Monday I called and got him in for an appointment. They told him what we knew. If the cortisone didn't work it was time to go in there and take care of it.

But here is the thing. His MRI shows what the doctor suspected. He has a bone spur tearing a tendon over his shoulder. (top)
One of these two things can happen.
1. Shave the spur or as my contractor husband says it, "sand it down" if the tendon is not off the shoulder. After the smoothing of this spur, he will be in a sling for only a week and then he should be just fine.
2. If this has torn the tendon off it will have to be re-attached. 4 weeks in a sling and rehab.
They seem to be leaning towards #1.
I pray that is true. Until they get in there they won't know for certain.
In the mean time he has drugs.  They make him snore. He feel asleep last night and was snoring like something you'd see on television. Thankfully he doesn't normally snore like this.  At one point it made me giggle because he really did sound like a cartoon character. Then the dog, then Rick. It certainly wasn't a quiet evening last night. I finally went downstairs and slept on the sofa.

We began tearing up the floor on the 3rd floor. We thought giving him 2 days off this week plus the weekend he would be done. But that was before his arm was hurting so badly. Now he can't do this. He was going to try he said and I put a stop to that. I don't need him hurting it any more than it is. We'll figure this out.
We always do but right now I'm just not sure how.

The 3rd floor is the following, family room, 2 bedrooms with a jack 'n jill bathroom. The TV room is not under construction. The rest is indeed torn up.
Why does this matter?
We have company coming on the 10th for a week. Rick's daughter, her husband, and her husband's 3 boys. See the issue? The 3rd floor under construction and company coming. I couldn't find anyone to finish this on such short notice either.
Oh, brother. I can't do this stuff, I can only help. I will have it all painted but I can't do the flooring. We have flooring everywhere which I will have to find a place for now while they are here.
We may just have to hand them hard hats upon entering the house.
If they were nice it would be different. Enough said about that.

Right now I am overwhelmed with work, things around the home that need attention and now Rick. Or I should say, Rick again.
Poor guy has not had a good year. Yet somehow I'd trade places with him about now.  Know what I mean?

Monday, June 20, 2016


Where do I begin?
My father?
The bride and groom?
The weekend was so full of activities and laughing.

My father did not know me. But everything else for the weekend was great.

We had a great deal of traffic and we got there a bit later than anticipated.
We arrived at 4:30p. As I walked into the hotel I hear, "Peggy's here!"
I look around and then see a slew of family coming towards me. I was greeted with hugs, kisses and jokes already!

We got onto our floor of the hotel which was basically everyone from the families of both the bride and groom. People were in the hall and the laughing could be heard from the elevator banks. I imagine the people who booked everyone on the same floor knew what they were doing because this group could certainly annoy all the other guest with how loud they all are. Both families, but mine especially.

I saw my parents and across the hall were siblings and nieces. Down the hall, more cousins. It was crazy. We went through a floor of people hugging us and saying hello before we even got to our room. We unpacked and immediately joined everyone to see what was going on. The families of the bride and groom as well as the bridal party, all had rehearsal dinner and we were told to meet them at a place afterward. The cousins all decided to go to a restaurant near where we were meeting them later. We ate at a Cheesecake Factory. This poor waiter. He was a great sport and we made sure we took good care of him with a big tip. He deserved it.
During the meal, we got a text from the bride that things were running late. They would now be meeting us at 9p. Okay, we can handle that. Then we got a text saying 9:30p. Then 10p.  Well the place we were meeting them was across the street and the youngs ones headed over there. We old farts decided to just go back to the hotel. And that we did. Everyone went to one room for a nightcap.(because you know that everyone in my family travels with wine and/or liquor as do I.) We had a few more laughs and all went to our rooms to hit the hay.

We didn't have an early morning and boy was I thankful for that. Rick and I slept in for us. I was up at 5:30a and Rick slept until 8am. We had breakfast, mingled and then it was time to get dressed. While the bridal party including my mom had to have their hair and makeup done I was asked to check in on my father.
He was across the hall from us. I went there at one point and he was sleeping. I let him sleep. Being out so late the evening before at the rehearsal dinner was a very long day for him. Then at lunch, I went back to check on him again. He was just sitting up as I walked in. I had to tell him who I was because he looked frightened. I told him I was his oldest daughter. He looked at me and cocked his head. He then said, "Margaret? Peggy?"  I said yes that was me.  He then just stared into space. My God this is so heartbreaking. I gave him some lunch and asked him to eat. He never wants to eat and if you make him eat, he acts like he has never eaten before. It's odd. By the time he was done my mom was back and took over.

Rick and I headed to the chapel. They were married at the chapel of their college where they met and where he is now the football coach. It was a beautiful wedding.
Then we all headed to the location of the reception. Great venue, it used to be a church. So it was quite beautiful with the stain glass windows etc.

A full night of dancing, laughing, eating, drinking and all around love and fun.
Couldn't have asked for anything better.  Even my sister who never comes to anything, who hates everything, who is negative nelly was there and smiling.
Yea! Myles (groom) and his mom did a dance that was beautiful at first and of course like all those you see on Youtube - they broke into funky dance. It was funny.  Honestly, this groom never stopped smiling.

Myles showed up at the hotel at one point and said, "Is Alex around here?"  We told him it was safe. They did not wish to see one another until at the alter. Later I saw him running down the hall and I said, 'You better not be a runaway groom." He stopped and turned and said, "Oh no, I've been waiting for her all my life"
I know, insert swoon.  He is such a cutie.

The best man and 1 other groomsman gave toasts. They were so damn funny and poignant and just great. The groom played football. All the men in the wedding party did as well and boy were they big. The one man who's name escapes me was about 6'6" and just gorgeous ladies. (No I don't have a photo, heaven knows I wish I did) He had the best speech of all.
As you all know and if not will when you see the photos, my niece is biracial. Her groom is not. He, as is his groomsmen are black. The tall gorgeous young man telling this story said that Myles said to him, "Did you see that girl?" What girl?  The cheerleader. What cheerleader? The light skinned girl. Which one?
That made everyone laugh out loud. He told the story of cool Myles was now a mess after meeting her. He talked about how Myles never let anything shake him. On the team he was the level one. They called him Cool Myles. Until he met Alexandrea.  The story was a hoot and he told it very well. The best man was funny as well. They were all so charming.

Rick said he has never seen so many beautiful women in one place in his life.
I too noticed that. Their friends were all gorgeous and right out of a magazine.
Even the little ones in the wedding party. Those kids were so well behaved and honest to God, pretty like models.

We got back to our hotel after the wedding at 10:30p and this time everyone came to my room. They all left at 2am. We got up at 6 and packed our things.
We said our goodbyes to those that were awake at 8:30am.

We went to a diner we saw across the street and boy was breakfast good.
Then we hit the road. We picked up Izzy first at 2:30, got home and all 3 of us fell asleep for 4 hours. Izzy was lying in front of me on the sofa and Rick in his chair. I remember talking to Rick and that's all I remember. We woke up because Izzy woke us. She needed to go out. We laughed about falling asleep at 3pm in the afternoon.

I did not bring my camera. I did not want to spend time worrying about lighting, the right lens, etc. I wanted to be in the moment and to enjoy the day. I have some from my phone but most of these are from Rick or someone else.  I know I'll get copies from their wedding photographer so I just had fun.

 Bride,Groom and Flower Girl
 These were at their table. 
 My Dad and Mom  - 
 You may now kiss your bride.
 Bridal Dance

The Groom was crying already. 
 Mother and Father of the groom.
And this guy I sat with at the Cheesecake Factory. You all know him.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Wedding Bells

A month ago I held a bridal shower for my adorable niece.
Tomorrow is her wedding.

We are heading north to the events and I honestly can't wait to see SOME of my family. :-)

My dad will walk her down the aisle, but not the complete aisle. He is frail at 88.
My parents raised my niece so this will be perfect. She really wanted him to walk her down the aisle and he really wanted to. But he was afraid of falling and he didn't want to do this with a walker or cane. So they came up with a solution for him to meet her half way down.  I think that is a good compromise.

My sister and I had a discussion about my father hanging on for this day.
I really feel he is not going to be in this world for much longer.
I miss that big strong robust man. He is small now and frail.
But here is something he did the last time I saw him that I found so very funny.

We were talking and I was close to him. He remembers me MOST of the time as he does most people and things. He does have dementia. But he can go an hour or 2 and be fine and then, snap, just like that he is confused.
We were talking when he took his hands and grabbed both sides of my face.
He held my face in his hands and just looked at me and said, "Peg you're so old" I burst out laughing.
I think in his confused mind he still thought of me as a young girl instead of the old broad I am now.

After I burst out laughing I told him I indeed was. He patted my face and said, "you're still my pretty girl"  I then welled up with tears. And just like that, he was confused. I moved to the other side of the sofa and grabbed a kleenex and he asked my mother who I was. It is rather heartbreaking.

I know it's normal to be sad at a funeral but when my father passes I won't just be sad. I will be relieved that he is not in pain as he is now and that all that confusion is gone. Because there are days when he is clear and tells everyone he is ready to go. Hard to hear, but I understand it as I watch him now.

So I am heading north to see a bunch of crazy dagos at a wedding and watch the faces on this other family who will be sitting in shock watching us all. You know it is exactly like the movie,"My Big Fat Greek Wedding" the only difference is the food and booze. Instead of ouzo, it's wine or liquor. Otherwise, it is exactly the same. Just ask Rick.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

I've Heard It All

People tell me way too much information when booking their appointments.
Yesterday was a killer for a few reasons.

One, this woman was nuts on the phone when she booked the estimate. I wrote that on the work order that she appeared a bit overwhelmed with VOC's and was telling me she would go to the bathroom at the gas station on the corner. WHAT?
I said that wasn't necessary and explained why. But she went off on a tangent about all kinds of things and I just wanted off the phone to tell you the truth.

Fast forward to the day of her estimate Rick goes to her home. He comes back to the office later in the day and puts the paperwork on my desk and say, "Boy that first appointment today was a nut job."  I looked down at the paperwork to remind myself who he saw and saw her name. I laughed and said, "Oh yeah"

She called me yesterday to book the appointment to have all this work done.
She had to tell me how her cat goes to pee in the toilet and he poops in the tub. She explained further without me asking for more information that the cat has a plastic clothes storage box that he poops in and not a litter box.  Eeww.
Tell me, why did I need to know this?
I bring us back to the booking by asking for her email address and daytime phone number. She continues on cat stories. Her cat is her best friend. Oh, now that is sad and I'm feeling a bit sorry for her. Damn her.
I love my dog to pieces but a best friend?
I would go with a human who can talk to me. But hey, I'm weird.

Then out of nowhere she begins to cry, "Peggy where will my cat go to the bathroom if we can't use the tub in 24 hrs. And the fumes from all the tiles and such will hurt him."
OMG. People with babies don't get this batshit crazy. I explain there is no reason the cat can't go in the toilet. But not the tub for 24 hrs. She wails.

After listening to her ramble nonstop I jumped in and said what I had to say. I repeated the booking date and time. I sent a confirmation email. Then the phone calls kept coming in. All day, every 20 minutes or so she would call with more questions and stories of too much information. Bottom line this woman is having her friend keep her cat and she is moving out. My God this is so not necessary but I am not going to debate this with her. Whatever she wants to do. I just kept saying, Okay, okay.

Then I had a call from a man who's bride would not put her hiney in the bathtub could we help him? I stifled not to laugh. He went on to tell me, "he ain't gettin' any until this tub is pristine and she can take a bubble bath in it."
Oh my goodness.  Would you say these things to a contractor you are hiring?
I booked it and I hope he gets laid. (I did not say that!)

We see and hear it all and frankly I am so weary of it all.
Just the facts please, let's stick to the facts.

Today I had a man tell me yet again to shut up and listen to him.
I always am shocked when being spoken to like this. Rick was here, I handed him the phone and said nothing. Rick could hear him yelling. Rick took the phone and said, "I will not allow you to speak to anyone in this company with such disrespect do you understand? If you can't please call someone else"
The guy backed right down as always after a man stands up to him.
Rick gave the phone back to me. This man wanted work done either tomorrow, Saturday or Sunday. I told him we don't work on Sundays. He said, why not?
I said even God rested on Sunday and we do as well. But I was sorry I could not get him in until the 29th of June. He raised his voice again and said, "You are bullshitting me aren't you?" I said, "no sir. I'm sorry we couldn't help you." And I hung up. Now normally I would work something out to help the guy and after I heard his need for resale but he wasn't nice and I knew Rick would be okay to walk away from this. How would he treat Gary or William? Rick would never ever take his shit in person. But Gary and William probably would because they would feel like they couldn't do anything because they are not the owner.
And side note, I wait 3 weeks before I can get into my hairdresser and they bitch about a 2-week wait. And this wasn't quite 2 weeks.

Never in 10 years have I not gone the extra mile. But I am so weary of men treating me like shit, telling me to shut up, telling me I'm stupid they want to talk to a man. Of course, I vent this to Rick so I was glad he was here to hear him and put him in his place.  That was a first. So why do I feel bad that I didn't get the job? I need to get over it.

Both Rick and I find it so interesting that when we had high power executive titles and jobs we automatically got respect. But now that we are blue collar we are treated like shit. Rick tells me how people turn their noses up at him. But when he was a V.P. oh they were so impressed. Why? He is the same guy, he just doesn't wear a suit and tie to work anymore.

I find it sad that our society puts so much importance on your title or their perception of your title. We were at a party once when I was asked what I did.
I told them and this woman fawned all over me. She had a ton of questions, so interested. I see this woman after starting our company and it was completely a different experience. She asked if I was still working in Manhattan and I said, No we had started our own business. When I told her what it was she looked at me and pulled back and said, "oh" She has never spoken to me again. I don't give a shit that she doesn't. She wasn't a friend. More of an acquaintance. But it is done all the time.

I live in an area of high paying jobs, highly educated people with large self-entitlement issues. I guess it goes with the territory.
I used to tell my stepdaughter that if her date was mean to the wait staff he is not a nice person. Run. Same for his plumber, his contractor, his tile setter etc. No one is better than another. And if you think you are better than your contractor because you are a white collar employee - you're just wrong. so there. :-)

Monday, June 13, 2016

Izzy's Vacation

My dog and Rick had a nice vacation.
It rained the first 2 days and we couldn't get the one TV to work.
When we did we found we had very few channels to actually watch.
So we played board games and I became known as the Yahtzee Queen.
Can you believe Rick never played Yahtzee as a kid? We played cards and scrabble and had cocktails. Rain be damned.

I worked from 8am to noon and while that sucked, we still had a nice time.
Let me show you.

This was the dock roof top deck. The first day of sun was cool and breezy up there but wine helped.

have wine will travel

One day we pulled into a cove and had lunch, a few refreshments and let the dog swim , which she did non-stop. She looks for fish for hours while we played in the water, had lunch and watched people.  We watched a very large woman try to paddle board while we sat in chairs judging her. Like we could do it. Rick would say, if she does this it will help her. For the love of God neither of us could do that so who do we think we are? When she finally did it, we applauded and everyone on her boat in the pic did too and they were screaming. 
She waved and bowed to us. 
It was funny. 

These 2 were having fun. To me the water was cold. But after a 90 degree day and a few tequilas I was in the water with them. I believe Rick said his garmin said it was 77 degrees. I prefer bath water myself. 

See this path from the water? Don't go potty in the woods here...there is a hiking trail through this. Don't ask me how I know this.

Doing nothing exhausts Rick apparently.

 Izzy swam every day for at least 4 hours straight. Most days more.
 She will even sit on the boat and just wait for you to drive her around. We've created a diva. She's waiting for us here. 
Apparently I wasn't moving fast enough for her and Rick.
I love her summer highlights coat, it gets so red when the sun is on her.

  Rick was fishing and he went to the back of the boat and said,"Watch the line Izzy" Joking of course. By God, she never looked away until he was back up front.  Too damn funny. 

This is a happy wet dog. She was wet for 7 days.

This is the last day on the patio. She started out like this holding her water toy but....
ended up like this.  Dog tired right here. She's still sleeping to catch up. Poor girl is 7 now and can't keep going like she used to. Like her mom. 

This just makes me laugh. We were in the house and she was sick of my phone in her face. This is her evil eye telling me to knock it off woman! Can you see that?

Friday, June 3, 2016

Random Friday

Off to vacation land at Smith Mountain Lake.

I hate going to the lake this early in the season. We've had a very cold wet spring so the water will be cold. So I will not be jumping off the boat into the water that is for certain. This is all for Rick and fishing. whoo-hoo.  He knows the fishing this time of year is great so he wanted to go now. He's like a kid about this damn fishing, buying new lures and all that goes with this fishing life. He never seems to have enough lures it seems. Which is odd since he has 3 or more tackle boxes.

I don't fish, or eat fish so I don't much care.  He will fish 24/7 if he didn't feel guilty.  I don't care if he's fishing but if I'm sitting back at the house he feels guilty.  I suggested I stay here, because let's face it, he and the dog are gone it would be a vacation for me.  But he wants me to go. So I am just praying for some sun for me. He and the dog will fish in the rain for hours upon hours. I will be working and wishing I were home. So here's to the sun coming out.

I will be working the phones from the lake house. Bringing the tablet and all my work things. Since its supposed to rain all week I don't imagine this will be a fun frolicking summer type of fun vacation and I'll just work but from a different location. But it could be worse, I could be in Texas where all those poor people are flooding.  Gosh, those pictures on TV are horrible. I feel so badly for them.
I am thankful I have never lived where there are hurricanes, tornados or floods. Snow is bad enough but not near as bad as the above 3 to me.

In other news - yoga is kicking my ass. I guess most of you knew that except me. Holy shit is this a muscle burning sore body from head to toe kind of thing. You watch them do these slow moments and think it will be a piece of cake. Oh hardly. I am so sore this week. From the back of my neck down to the bottom of my butt. My hips are killing me this week because we really did some movements for that area. Wow. There was a bit of farting this past week from the woman to my left. She looked at me and said, "sorry" with the most pained look on her face. I just nodded. Too hard to talk in the position the instructor/Yogi had us in. Do you know that boobs get in the way? What a pain in the ass these two things are. Honestly to be small busted would be a blessing. But I am now able to keep my feet on the floor with my palms on the floor. Couldn't do that when I started. So slow progress is happening for this old bird. I must admit I didn't think I'd enjoy this as much as I am and it feels so good to stretch. It's truly made a world of difference for me since I am glued to a desk and computer all day.

The woman that was next to me is 62 I believe she said.  She told me she started for the same reasons, needing to stretch and feeling tight from sitting all day. She has been doing this now for 2 years. I aspire to be as "bendy" as her. She said when she started she couldn't touch her toes and now obviously she can. Everyone there is so nice with the exception of 2 very snobby young women. They make me laugh because they are very impressed with themselves and it is funny to watch them. Always looking at their reflections in the windows and primping. This past week as she was watching herself, she fell over. I stifled a giggle. Almost made me fart. No, just kidding but it was hard to stifle the giggle. Rick didn't go this week because the week before he pulled a groin muscle. He would have  laughed so I am thankful he wasn't there. Last week the instructor came over and changed his hip position but by this time he had already done the damage. He couldn't walk for 2 days. Last time he did that was water skiing at age 32. He was drunk and stupid and my cousin was egging him on so to be expected. This wasn't to be expected. He's fine now.  Just needed a few days.

In other good news, my hubby is off all medications except one for his heart to not go back into A-fib. No more blood pressure meds, nothing. YIPEE. His cardiologist was thrilled with the way this all played out. The dr. believes that if his heart didn't go into A-fib shortly after the procedure to zap it back into the rhythm then it probably won't. So those 3 months of hell are over and he is going to be just fine unless I hurt him, which yesterday I almost did. I tell you working with ones spouse is not recommended.

Happy Friday to All.
See you next week from the lake.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Do you all read reviews? In our business, it is a necessary evil of sorts.
Out of the 121 reviews online 2 are crazy. I have even had customers when booking that will bring up 1 of the reviews and how funny the person was. 
So sane people do see the crazy.  

I read reviews before I buy and then make my own decision on what is important to me. But this situation that just happened to me was eye opening. 
I purchased a product that I had been eyeing since I was in my mid-40's. 
I read all the accolades and thought it was too pricey.  But then I received something in the mail about a bundle of the products for a great price. 
When they arrived, to my dismay they were all tiny sample sizes. 
I laughed at myself for being so stupid to not realize at this price they were smaller than normal. I used this for 2 weeks. Not enough time to know its working. I wouldn't spend the money again. So to me when this ran out I was done. Lesson learned. But then yesterday I received an email to review this bundled kit. I hit the link and began my review. It would not allow me to say, these are sample sizes or anything they perceived as negative. I didn't see this as a negative but telling the consumer that while the product is good it is very small. I was shocked. I could only get this accepted if it was a glowing review. So I backed out of this and refused to review the product. I got another email asking me why I did not finish. I wrote back and said why. They said that telling the consumer that this set was small wasn't positive. I said that it was for me to review and I felt that was a truthful and accurate review. We didn't see it the same way so I did not leave a review. So next time you see StriVectin reviews and they are all happy and positive you'll know why. 

And speaking of reviews, have you seen this story? This is the kind of thing I see all the time. The crazier the customer the worse the review. 
I think this manager and restaurant owner did the right thing.  
If I were this customer I'd be dying of embarrassment that I had pooped my pants and sat there drinking with my friends as though nothing happened. 
I don't think I'd be bringing attention to myself.
Who the hell does that kind of thing?  Go ahead, read it, laugh, then shake your head at this entitlement brat. Do you think the owner/manager did the right thing? Is the customer always right here? 
Come on tell me your thoughts?...well, aside from Eeewww!!