Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Make it Stop Please.

My goodness between Kelly Ripa being a diva and Prince dying that is all I see on tv, the internet, social media. Seriously who cares?

As for Ripa and her antics because she was hurt, can you imagine at your corporate job if your feelings were hurt, your boss went behind your back and you blew off work in protest, do you think you'd get to keep your job? No, doesn't work that way in the real world where you are not making 15 millon a year. So stop whining Ripa and suck it up.

This "genius" moniker that the media throws around for people is so over the top. Prince is not a genius. Was he talented? Yes. Was he a good guitar player? Yes. Did he write good pop music for himself and others? Yes.
But that is not a genius. That is a million people. In the music industry, there are so many people who have done the same and are even bigger.

I had a FB friends just write on her timeline, "wearing purple today" on the day of his death. A 62-year-old woman behaving like this. 
C'mon get a grip.
When Madonna dies will you wear a cone bra and corset?
When Willie Nelson dies will she fire up a joint? Well, probably. 

I just don't understand this type of celebrity worship. They are just like you and me only with talent (which is subjective) and money.
I guess with this logic I will be wearing a black arm band on a pinstripe jersey because my baseball team is dead.  Has been and will be for several years to come.  It's the 80's all over again. Waaah.

In the mean time life goes on.
I am now living in Rick's world. I don't like Rick's world. It is old people world.
I know you all know about Rick's medical issues this year.
But I have been fine. But then I turned 60. I swear to God that is the issue.
Don't turn 60 - skip over to 61 or something.
My left knee has been barking ever since. The stairs are killing me.
And my whole house is nothing if not stairs. Too many stairs.

I wear a headset all day at work. If I have a call during my lunch instead of running upstairs I can answer it while I am making my lunch. But 9 out of 10 times it requires that I have to go to the computer, which is upstairs. On those days I RUN up the stairs, sometimes 2 at a time. Which is remarkable with my 25 inch inseam. :-)
Now I can't do that. I woke up and it is throbbing. It won't go away. It's been a few months now and it is only getting worse.  Seriously no issue at age 59, turn 60 and my knee is screaming, "YOU ARE OUT OF WARRANTY! HA HA HA HA"

Last night it was so bad I couldn't bend it at all. Not as bad as a torn rotator cuff but by no means pleasant. I used to like my left knee. Now I curse it!

I believe I had taken a page from my parents hand book and will be in denial. Head in the sand syndrome as my husband calls my parents hand book. But it's getting louder this pain, which makes being in denial much more difficult. Now I'm beginning to think this pain is not going to taper off.
But its a fluke right? I'll be running up the stairs in no time!

Yeah, I'm old not stupid. I know I have to see a doctor.
I am beginning to think this is the new entertainment in my life.
Where did you go yesterday Peg? 
See a show? Out to a new restaurant? 
No? You went to the doctors? You had an MRI?

Yep this seems to be my new life.
I hope the doctor is at least good lookin'.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Need to commit a crime?

A blogger told me to use tweezers to move the rings of the sparkly things around the glass vases so to not burn my fingers. That sounded logical to me.
I tried that tonight. It moved it too much and I automatically reached for it to straighten it and I think I burned my fingerprints off my two fingers. So now if you have a crime that needs committing where I can only use these two fingers on my right hand, I’m your gal!! J

As soon as I did it you guys I started laughing and Rick yelled from the other room, ‘what did you do now?” 
Nothing dear is all I told him.
I ran my fingers under water in the powder room and flushed the toilet so he thought I went to the bathroom.
I knew he’d laugh or tell me to give it up and buy them. 
I am not giving up until I have stubs damn it.

I came out and he said, "You burned yourself again didn’t you?"
Damn him.  He shook his head and laughed at me and told me he was buying me a bucket of ointment tomorrow.
So I’m done until tomorrow. Calling it a night already at 7:45p. 
But hey – almost done. Only a few more fingers to go, err I mean a few more vases to go.

I am such a klutz that I am actually finding it very funny. 

And this is why I will not use a saw. 
I may not have fingerprints, or feeling in my fingers any longer but damn it I still have fingers.

The Crazy

This morning I got an email from a customer who's email read sexyslut @ something or another. That reminded me of when Rick was in HR and he would get resumes with inappropriate emails. He was always puzzled how they could apply for this executive position with an email to respond at sexy slut or worse. I too can't fathom why someone would even use that kind of email moniker for a job search.  To me, that is just plain stupid when email accounts are free. Try getting one just for your career search. Rick never hired those folks because he felt if they weren't smart enough to know not to use this he didn't want them in the position they were applying for.

I also remember a resume that Rick showed me. This person was male and was applying for an outside sales position. He wrote his likes. Yes, his likes, as though he was on a dating site. He actually wrote how he liked walks on the beach, wine and it went on and on like this. Rick found it humorous as hell but he didn't want to date him and didn't hire him either. Yea, people are crazy.

Speaking of crazy... I hired a company to repair our portico and paint it. I wasn't the only one who saw the rotting wood on the side of our portico, our nazi like HOA saw it too and made sure we were having it repaired.

They came out in the winter to do an estimate.  I got a copy. The estimate shows a photo of the portico and outlines in detail what will be done and the color it will be painted. It must be painted colonial white or my HOA will have a hissy fit on cue.

They schedule this for April when the weather was warmer.
I called the office yesterday and told them I needed to leave today for a couple of appointments and could they give me a time frame of arrival.
She called me back and said that they would be here between 8 - 8:30am

They arrive promptly at 8:30am. They are barely speaking English and are completely confused.  Or that was an act but, boy they are good actors because they sure seemed befuddled by this whole small job.

While these men were on time, they didn’t have the right color and didn’t know what they needed to paint. How is that even possible?
Now, I certainly understand reviewing the job with me, the customer,  to be sure we both understand the job in front of us. That is important to do and I get that.
However, that is not what took place.

He asked if I only wanted the portico painted.  NO! I want the damaged area replaced with PVC molding to look exactly like the wood one. Then the new piece would be painted to match. He looked confused and I pointed out where the damage was and he said, “OH.” As though this is the first time he was aware of this. Do they not look at the estimate and the nice photo attached?  

I admit at first I just assumed he was upselling but it became clear to me that wasn’t the case.  I asked at this point if he needed to see my estimate.  He adamantly said no.

Then he brought a can of Benjamin Moore towards me standing on the porch. One could see as he was walking to the house this paint was a very yellow white. I said, "You are to use Colonial White." I need to have this match for the HOA.  He replied, “Well, let’s see if this will work because I don’t have Colonial White on the truck.”  WHAT?
I showed him on the estimate where it states to use Colonial White and again explained there is no room for play because this is not up to be, but my horrific HOA.  Oh but he insisted on trying his old can of paint anyway and he was hoping it would match. I think he was really hoping I wouldn’t notice. He put it up against what was there and he said, “No it’s too yellow.” No shit sherlock. Then he said, "no big deal ma'am I'll just go buy some"

How does this company's team go out on a job with the estimate in hand that reads, Colonial White and not have it on the truck?  Or the molding as well.
So now he tells me he’ll be back in 45 minutes or so to buy the pvc molding and the colonial white paint. He is not prepared.
Why would this not be on his truck the night before and have all the supplies he needs for the following days job?
What a complete waste of my time and their time, I imagine they get paid by the hour vs. the job if they waste time like this.

I imagine the work itself will be fine if he returns with the correct molding and the correct color. But I wanted to leave.
Now I can’t make my appointment because who knows what he’ll come back with if I’m not here to see it first.
I certainly don’t have a comfort level now having seen what was going on earlier.
I know if I wasn’t here telling him his can of paint was too yellow it would have been used instead of going by the estimate. Then I would return home and have to deal with the HOA and this company to get it done properly.

I find this extremely unprofessional and a waste of my time. I now have to hang around here for this job to be finished and for them to return with the correct items.  I was told by Ana in their office that he was going to be here between 8 – 8:30 to start the job.
He was here at 8:30, but who knows when he will actually return with the correct supplies and start the job.

While the estimate looks great in theory I don’t know if it all will be done as stated. I am quite doubtful.
If this is more than quoted, which I fear will be his next trick, there will be an even bigger issue.

There were 2 men here this morning to do one small portico repair/replace.
It requires one man since only one can fit on my “porch” with a ladder. So all of this is fascinating to me. I can also see that they must get paid by the hour instead of by the job. Because why else do you show up at 8:30 and drag this 2/3 hr job into 6/8?

As I type this it is 10:30am.  They have not returned. If we ran our business like this we'd have no business. If our men behaved this way, not ready for the job, not prepared, don't have supplies, they would be fired on the spot. No exceptions!

I did get a call from their office telling me he couldn't find the pvc molding at Home Depot so he was going to have to go to another one to find it.  
I'm sorry but all I can say is Fuckin' Unbelievable. 

The man running this franchise should also be fired.
His response to me when I called him (he's the general manager)
Oh well, they will eventually get there and I'll look into it.
Sure you will, but I won't hold my breath. :-)

Monday, April 18, 2016

Where've you been?

Where I've been you ask?
Busy, busy, busy.

I am hosting a shower for my niece about 4 - 4.5 hrs from my home.
I bought the favor gifts, the chair covers, the bows for the chairs. I am now working on the centerpieces. I have the burns from the glue gun to prove it.

This is being held at a winery north of Pittsburgh about 30 minutes or so.
The place is very beautiful. The hall where this is being held has centerpieces that look like something you'd find at an Italian restaurant.
We needed something prettier.

The table tops will be all white so the black chairs just didn't work for me. So I bought the chair covers and bows. The sister of the niece getting married has worked at a convention center while in college so she will be my hero and help us tie all these. She is very good at all that stuff.

The only thing I did not buy or make is the gifts for all the games. The bride had her bridesmaids all make 2 baskets for the giveaways for the games. They all got together and made these. So that was a nice break for me. But honestly I HATE those silly games. Nonsense to me but it's not my shower to say, only to pay.

It's a relatively small group for our family. Just shy of 40 women.
But I'm sure my food & wine bill won't be small. :-)

My own dining room is a mass of shit from Michaels everywhere as I work on these centerpieces. I burned my fingers with the hot glue from the glue gun.
Move your hands you idiot - I hear what you're all saying that.

I put the glue on the back of the sparkly stuff and then pressed it on the glass. Oh my God did that hurt. It came through the little holes which this ding bat never thought of. I had blisters on 3 of my fingers as well as my thumb so I gave myself a break for a few days. I had put the glue on the glass but it wasn't working so well. I would say I did not think this through well.
Or as my lovely husband said, "What the hell is wrong with you Margaret couldn't you see the holes in there? Honestly, you're like a kid."  Yes, he spoke these kind words as he is applying my burn ointment from my last fiasco on my fingers and wrapping them.  Yea, it was dumb. Now it's funny, but oh I wasn't laughing as my fingers were on fire.

I hope to finish them in the next 48 hrs so then I will take a photo and show you all. I hope this is not an epic failure.

This weekend since the weather was great we worked on the things that the HOA insist be completed. What a royal pain in the ass.
I get why there is an HOA so you don't have the nightmare neighbor who's car is on blocks and they have trash out front of their home and they lower the value of your home. But our HOA are definitely little nazis. They just nit pick at the oddest things.

The gravel on the side of my driveway wasn't even enough for them. Perhaps because people drive over it at times. My neighbor got a letter about his mulch having faded on the one side of his sidewalk. They want him to buy new mulch because the sun faded that side more than the other side. He also got one because there was a 2-inch mark on the side of his siding facing my portico. You had to walk on my porch and then face your left to see this.  I think this person who wrote him up had to be so anal retentive. If she had wet her finger and slide it across said mark, she would have removed it and not wasted the paper, ink, and postage.
We accomplished most but not the big one - his truck. Hopefully, this weekend we'll get that done so my list will be empty.

This week is a very busy week for me and then on Friday we have someone coming for happy hour. This young woman is the cousin of Rick's daughter.
She lives here and we don't get to see her often. I posted the article of the photographer who did those 4 pictures of each person as they had wine. She saw that and said, "Hey I haven't seen you guys in forever so how about I bring the wine and you can take the pictures."  Funny how seeing wine made her think of me isn't it? So I invited her to come by on Friday after work. I'm making happy hour food, and think we'll grill up some pizza's and have wine and enjoy the weather that is finally here. It's supposed to be in the 80's today. We go from having the heat on to Oh my goodness it's summer. I would love a couple of months of 65 - 75 degrees. That would be my sweet spot. But Mother Nature doesn't seem to agree with me on that one.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Aunt Flo

This made me laugh.
"I dug a hole in the backyard and you just need to climb in and I'll fill up the dirt before I go" made me laugh out loud. Ah, I get that feeling.

Men - you won't get this. Sorry, it's a gal thang.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Misanthropic Lady is Back.

Yesterday was a fun day she says sarcastically.

I attempted to reorder our invoices. I went online to the company we have used in the past and hit the reorder button. It gave me a proof and there was a comment box to make changes. I put the changes in required and hit send.
I also paid for this at that time.

I got an email from the company stating they couldn't move forward if I didn't make the changes. I wrote back and said changes were made and to please see the box where you asked for them.

They wrote back and told me the same thing two more times....please make changes or we can not proceed. I wrote back the 3rd time and said, (copied) "Is there a number to speak to a human about these changes or must I do this all by email? I did not see anything on your website regarding a contact us. If there is not a number, is there a chat service because we are going back and forth saying the same thing to one another and it is a bit frustrating."

They wrote back, "We do not like your language so we are canceling this order and you can do business with someone else."

WHAT?  I reread what I sent.  Okay telling them it was frustrating was probably wrong on my part. But we had been going round and round and it was frustrating. When they said "my language" I was floored. I didn't swear. I just said frustrating.  So they canceled my order and I had to find someone else to do this. I went back online to get my original scanned copy I sent them. They deleted it.

I made this all over again and scanned it and found another company and got it completed in 20 minutes time. Changes made in the comments section and re-sent for me to review. Even the proof was done that quickly.
They wrote to me when it was done thanking me for my business.
Very different experience.

Rick suggested I leave a review. Dumb ole Margaret listened to him.
I left a review which said exactly the following. "I have done business with them before and it was always quick and easy with no changes. This time, I did have changes and we had email exchanges that were the same thing over and over again with no changes ever occurring. I told them it was frustrating because in email we were only repeating the same thing. I would have liked to be able to speak to someone on the phone. In turn, they told me they were canceling my order and that they did not want to do business with me. As the reviews below mine states, they are not easy to work with if there needs to be a change."

They then went to our company site on google and left a review that Rick was difficult to work with. First of all, they never spoke to Rick. Second of all, this is not a legitimate review on the company site because they did not have work done. They are in Minnesota, we are not even close to Minnesota.
So I contacted google. They are going to remove the review after they review.
I will hear from them later today.

Today I contacted my bank because they charged me and have not refunded me.
I would guess they have no intentions of refunding me. I gave them copies of all my emails so they can see what transpired and what they wrote about canceling my order. The bank refunded me while they do an investigation.
The woman said to me after receiving the copy of the emails, 'What did you say that was offensive?"  I said I didn't know. She asked if I sent her everything. I said it is all on one page, that was it. She then said, "I bet they have no intention of refunding you" I laughed and said that is why I called you.

I am shocked in one sense that someone would be so petty. I think as one reviewer wrote about them that they are crazy psychos.  I am beginning to see this now.  I can only imagine what they did to that person!

I should never have listened to Rick to review them. What a royal pain in the ass. All I wanted was a human to assist me in the issues with the changes needed.

Is there customer service anymore?
I was on the phone this morning for 45 minutes on hold for Verizon. Issues with email and FIOS. I know they are going on strike soon so maybe that was the issue. But to me, it's unacceptable to have to wait that long for a human to help you.  Or perhaps they expect me to die while waiting and they won't have to talk to me.  I hung up. Still having issues but they don't give a shit so I guess I have to deal with it.

Honest to God I dislike people more and more each and every day.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Wine Photos

Being a wine drinker I found this article interesting and funny. 
This was in the Telegraph (UK)

Brazilian photographer, Marco Albert, captured friends when they had one, two and three glasses of wine and the results are the great photos in the link.

Most in their photos look good, relaxed and happy. At the 3 glasses of wine point they look fun but clearly loaded. 

Here are two people from this article. Go click on the link above and really look at all of them. I pretty much think everyone looks better more relaxed at the 2 glass mark. But then I could be seeing this through wine glasses.

This man's 3 glass picture makes me laugh. I'd like to sit and have a glass of wine with him. He looks fun.

Marcos Alberti: 3 glasses wine project captures faces of drinkers 

I find it difficult to think I'd be that loaded after 3 glasses of wine like this gal.
So I may need to do an experiment don't you think?

Marcos Alberti: 3 glasses wine project captures faces of drinkers 

I know what I'm doing this weekend.

Monday, April 11, 2016

The Babies.

I had another hysterical mommy on my hands this morning.
She wrote over the weekend that she found traces of lead in her tub.
She wanted to 'encapsulate' her lead tub. This morning she called me.

Apparently this MOMMY went and got herself a kit and she was using it all around her house. From the sounds of things she will be leveling her home and building herself a bubble. Not sure what her bubble will be made of since everything to her will kill her BABIES.

She whined the term BABIES throughout our conversation. I now have a tongue that is bleeding due to me having to bite it so much and not tell her to chill out.
I understand concern, I don't understand hysteria to this degree.

Look she is lives in a very old home in Arlington. All of these big beautiful homes have cast iron tubs and cast iron sinks. I would bet she has old pipes and there would be traces of lead there too. I also wouldn't be surprised if under those painted walls several layers down or on the window sills is lead paint. These homes are 60-100 yrs old. Come on lady, think!

She said to me in her whiney very loud voice - MY BABIES HAVE BEEN IN THIS TUB FOR A YEAR NOW. THIS IS SO BAD FOR MY BABIES.
(read this as whiney sing songy as she said it)

I did not wish to tell her about all the other places she has possibly got lead.
But I did ask if she had put this kit to work on any of the other fixures in her home. She answered with, "Not yet,We have to buy another kit to continue this."

I felt I had to warn her of the smell of the chemicals used and the VOC's if she were to have us "encapsulate" her tub as she referred to it.
I surely didn't want to upset her but I also didn't want to get to her home and have her flip out on the smell and go bat shit crazy on the technician.
So, she went bat shit crazy on me.
"Oh I will have to rip it out then," she screamed."If I don't have you do it then how much will it cost me to rip it out?" (whiney)
I do tell her that I don't know for certain but it most certainly will be the cost of a new tub, 1-2 rows of tile will be damaged upon removal and the cost of the plumber. Sometimes there is a cost to dispose of the cast iron tub so be sure to ask that upfront.

What does she do with that information? Screams, OH MY GOD THIS IS SO EXPENSIVE WHAT EVER WILL BE DO?  OH MY POOR BABIES! MY POOR BABIES! WE MAY HAVE TO MOVE. (bad me, I wanted to laugh, but I did not)

She only knew the half of it and was hysterical. Poor thing.
So tonight when she makes her family dinner from a box with all kinds of chemicals and drinks her diet pop with its aspertame, invented as chemical warfare, I'm sure she will be talking her husband into the need to move immediately.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Banana Bread

Rick was working on his tablet. I was upstairs in my office.
I hear him sniffing but I assume this is his allergies. I work in a loft so I can hear everything.

A little while later I go downstairs to fill up my glass of water.  I walked by him and I see him sniffing the pillow on the back of his chair.  I don't say anything because I am afraid to even ask what the hell that was about. Then as I am squeezing a lemon in my water I look up and see him sniff his cup and then he went to his shirt?
Okay, I had to ask. "Why the hell are you smelling everything?" 
He said, "I smell banana bread or something sweet and the oven isn't even on.
Did you bake something earlier while I was at work?"

Now I am laughing. I pointed to the candle that was under the candle burner and said, "It's the candle, didn't you see it on? You goof ball. But you are correct it is a banana nut bread scented candle.  Why did you smell the pillow for heaven's sake?"
Rick laughed and said he thought it was something like those things I put in the wash that he loves the smell of so much.   Nope, just a candle.

An hour or more later he yells upstairs to me,
"Hey, Margaret? Wanna make me some banana bread?"

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Spring, Don't Leave Me.

It's been spring around these parts for a while now.
Cherry blossoms blooming, my hyacinths blooming and my tulips sticking up there little heads. I bought my hyacinths inside and put them in a lovely vase and that started Rick's sneezing and watery eyes. So I knew spring was officially here.

But then the winds and the cold.
Old man winter is back. He knows I don't like him, he's taunting me.
The bastard.

Last week after having dinner on the patio Rick suggested we begin to 'spring up' our patio next weekend. 
We'd remove the tarps over everything, put the gazebo back together and plant. Hah!  He said it too loudly.  That bastard old man winter heard him and said, "oh no you don't buddy, not this this year"

I had cleaned out the hall closet of parkas and big warm coats.  Aah, it was neat again and tidy with just the light jackets one may need in summer. I brought all the winter coats up to the 3rd-floor bedroom walk in closet and loudly proclaimed, see you next year. HAH!

I awoke to bone chilling cold weather at 5a to walk the dog. I opened the door and closed it immediately. I ran (okay walked) up the 3 flights of stairs and grabbed my winter parka which I was so damn certain I was finished with.
With my head slumped in depression, I walked the dog. Who, by the way, loves the cold and was a happy dog with her tail wagging down the street.

So all those clothes I put away are back out. The wind is the worst of it all to me. Cold is bad enough but add the wind and I'm hating every walk with this dog.

I have realized that if it weren't for Izzy, I would be a hermit.

I bought my husband a new T-shirt

 Proud Husband