Thursday, March 31, 2016

Easter Candy

I just read a headline that said, "What to do with your leftover Easter candy"

Who the hell has leftover Easter candy?  If I had children they would hide their baskets from me. In fact, I would eat their candy as I was filling their baskets. They would end up getting less because Mommy loves chocolate and needs her fix.

Who are these people?  Can I even be friends with these kind of people?
Well now that I think of it maybe I could, I could take care of their leftover candy. See I'd help a friend out.  I'm nice like that.

Another weird person told me they only like peeps when they are stale and then they like to microwave them to be soft.  That makes no damn sense to me.  If you have to microwave them to be soft, eat them fresh for heaven's sake! One can eat a half dozen in no time. 
Or is that just me? Tell the truth now.
I have never had them long enough to get stale in the first place. 

So if you have leftover candy that you just don't know what to do with, I'm telling you right now what to do - Send me your peeps, black jelly beans and all the chocolate you have!  

Monday, March 28, 2016


We don't think about our teeth much until they hurt do we?

I got braces on my teeth around age 46 I believe. My top and bottom teeth no longer met when I attempted to chew.
Instead, Rick had to do the Heimlich maneuver.
I would moan that at times when I would bite down to chew on something my teeth would scrape one another. Ooh, not a good feeling.
When that happened I would sometimes choke.
The 2nd time he did this maneuver on me he insisted I go the dentist.

The fun part of braces when you are old is you are the tallest person in the orthodontist office.
Being 5'1" that was a thrill for me. I felt like a giant.
The bad thing was all the reading material was for children. There were even video games to be played and Nickelodeon was on the TV or silly movies like Doctor Doolittle. I was not their target market obviously.

At 18 months I had my braces removed. They took impressions of my teeth the day they were removed.  I had my retainers made and I wore it faithfully until I lost my top retainer 2 years ago.  I don't know how or where. I assume it ran off with my favorite bra. Which made Rick ask, Where the hell are you taking off your bra Margaret?  Obviously, the same place I took off my retainer.

I continued to wear the bottom retainer every night, though. Then at Christmas time a miracle happened. My husband vacuumed. Since knowing him since 1987 he has never ever touched the vacuum cleaner. I was thrilled until I heard a rattle and knew he picked something up that shouldn't have been. He yelled I think I just vacuumed your retainer. What the hell was it doing on the floor?
I had on my bathrobe and thought I had put it into my pocket. Apparently there was a hole that I was unaware of. (yes, it is an old ratty bathrobe but it's comfy)

So now I have no retainer and boy my teeth are moving quickly.
I called my orthodontist and asked if I could get another retainer when all this took place but they said they don't keep my impressions so I would need to get braces again.  I was shocked. I am going to spend another 5-6k because you don't keep the impressions of my teeth which you told me you did keep. Aargh.

So my teeth have been moving. I am not happy. But so far no choking. But my top teeth are not perfectly straight anymore either.
Then the week we were in Florida I began having some pain. It felt my teeth were moving. Just like it did when I had on my braces. That same painful moving teeth pain. I just thought that was what was happening and didn't think much more about it because it came and went.

Then I notice one day that my teeth were becoming a bit sensitive to cold.
It actually occurred while I was walking the dog. Like breathing in the cold was really painful. I know what you're thinking, Woman, close your mouth you ole mouth breather. Well, I was talking to Izzy and no, she did not answer me but while doing so I inhaled apparently. That's my theory anyway.  Wowsa did that ever hurt!

Later that evening it happened again and it has gotten progressively worse.
Last week it was keeping me awake. The pain was crazy. I drink water all damn day and I drink a few cups of coffee. I couldn't drink anything. Then I began to use a straw. That works most of the time but honestly, sometimes water got to my front teeth that hurt the most. My two front teeth hurt so badly I gave up eating and drinking. Not the diet I was looking for. If I touched my front two teeth it sent me through the roof.  But how I miss my daily 2 litres +  of water.

This weekend I had a glass of wine. I don't drink cold wine. (not cool)
I drink red wine at room temp and that too bothered me. So I couldn't finish my glass of wine. I know...the horrors! The pain of no wine on the weekend hurts almost as much as my front teeth.

Friday I called the dentist and they got me in Saturday morning at 8:30a
I really didn't want to be up and dressed to be presentable at 8:30 on Saturday but I really hurt so I had to go.  I had x-rays and I prayed this was a cavity and not another cry for braces or worse. I wanted a quick fix.
A cavity to me would be the quick fix.
But no, that isn't how things work for me.

After the x-rays and the exam I was asked if I used whitening toothpaste.
Yes, I have for about 10 years. Colgate whitening toothpaste I told her.
She shook her head and explained this was the issue. She has apparently seen this often but wanted to rule out cavity or worse.
Apparently the whitening toothpaste can make the enamel thin and other assorted things that have now caused this sensitivity.
What I heard was, yada, yada, yada, yellow teeth!
She told me to buy Sensodyne and act/fluoride rinse. She told me this would get better in a week or so and to follow up with her by a call to let her know. Because if not better this could be a nerve but she didn't think so because my other teeth were affected as well, but the majority of the pain is my two front teeth. That are a bit crocked and that I brush much more. Great.
I left her office and went across the street to Walmart and bought new toothpaste and the rinse.  Knowing full well this was going to hurt (the rinse)

Brushing my teeth about kills me but I am doing it none the less with the new toothpaste and rinsing with ACT all while stifling blood curdling screams.
My God the water kills me. Hot, cold and warm. Cold being the worst.

I am hopeful this will work. Since my teeth never got white with this I don't know why I kept using it. But better than getting braces again although my teeth need them again as well.  Will it really work that quickly?  Or will I die of dehydration first?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Thursday, March 24, 2016


I was so very excited to read that my hometown beaches got some recognition.
I tell people all the time that while my hometown is not so great, this peninsula of nature trails and 11 miles of beaches is awesome.
It was cool to see it get the recognition it so deserves.
My hairdresser gave me a very bad haircut. Honestly, consistency is so hard to find for me in a stylist.  I am getting it colored this week but we are not cutting this for several months until this grows out.  Do you know how you know for certain when it's bad? When your husband notices and says, "What the hell did she do to your hair?"  He got his cut the same day only later that day, maybe that was the secret.  His haircut is perfection.
While in Florida a friend of my cousins who is recovering from cancer surgery and had just gotten out of the hospital a day before I saw him, asked me what I was doing with my hair? See he was being nice about how he said it compared to Rick.  He is a stylist.  He said, "if I wasn't so weak I would fix this" as he was running his fingers through my hair. Great.  I didn't even mention my hair. He just brought it up.  Nice huh? Thankfully it grows but not nearly fast enough - and I own a lot of hats.
We don't watch Dancing With The Stars. But my husband had to watch his girlfriend, Ginger Zee, dance. I think it had nothing to do with her dancing as much as seeing her in teeny tiny outfits. So he FF through the whole thing until he got to watch her. Then he deleted it. That made me laugh. I see why he thinks she is all that. He excitedly proclaimed while watching, "ooh, she still has her baby boobs!"   Honestly, that man is crazy. My thought was, 'she just had a baby a mere 2 months ago how the hell did she get so slim so quickly?'
As you can see we were not on the same page.

A year or possibly more ago a blogger reader was in my area and called to see if we could meet. I don't even recall now what we were doing but we weren't here to meet her.  I was really disappointed.
She and her hubby moved from the north to Florida for the winters. We made arrangements to meet when we went down there. But all of you know what my winter was like with Rick's health so we didn't go on the original weekend planned. I let her know and we made arrangements for the weekend we would be there. She contacted me and told me where they would be and to meet them. Then the night before we got a text saying they couldn't do this and the reason was rather vague.  I understood and that was that.  They don't need to give me a reason for Pete's sake!
My husband tried to tell me that they didn't want to do this and to let it go - forever. To him it was "obvious" that this was not something they wanted to do and for me to move on.  As usual, that hadn't occurred to me, but now I see that he was probably right and they just didn't want to meet. That is so okay, I get it.
We all have lives and we can't always do what was planned and besides, who the hell wants to meet me.  So we enjoyed our rainy day and it worked out perfectly.

Rick has found that he can't over eat or drink too much or his heart skips a beat.
We can't have that. He had an issue while we were away.
Stopped him immediately!
That has really changed his life, let me tell you.

The other evening he ate what I ate. I have never seen that in 29 1/2 years!
I asked him if he was full, he said, what do you think?
So later while watching some TV I sliced some fruit and put it in a small bowl and handed him his "fruit salad."  He looked at it and said, great call, it's sweet and not so bad for me. (Mostly berries and some melon.) So now he has done this in the evening instead of nuts, chips or whatever else he was eating. He has asked me not to bake anything. That in and of itself is remarkable and I wonder how long that will last. I will be the strong one and not bake!

He remarked last night that living like me sucks, how do I do it? Sadly I have to do it to maintain chubby, not even skinny. If I ate all I wanted I'd be 500lbs in no time. For the first time in his life, it occurred to him how little I eat and how women have to do this all the damn time.  As we got into bed he rolled over and began talking to me. He said, "do you go to bed hungry all the time?"  No, not really but there are days. I asked if he was hungry and he said, "I could eat my arm."  I said then let's try eating a bit more and see how it goes until we figure this out. He sure was happy about trying that.

This morning I sliced some turkey breast into a sandwich bag with some cheese. (no bread is killing him) I also put some fruit in his lunch.  No cookies, no sweets and all the things he loves. He looked at it and said, Thank God I can still drink! That made me laugh.  Hard liquor also seems to affect him more than wine.

This is all a new process and we'll figure it out. In the meantime, it wouldn't hurt him to lose some weight so his doctor will stop bitching at him.  To diet for the first time in ones life at age 60 must be a shock. We gals sure know how awful it is from years of experience don't we?

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Part 2

We sat on these type chairs on our first day. (Friday) The sun came in and out. In this pic it looks cold and overcast. It wasn't really cold but yet I was getting chilly and put my towel over me when the sun went in.  Rick suggested we head to the pool instead where he told me it would be warmer.

He was right it was like another climate all together. Sunny and warm. The pool was heated and was delightful to me. Rick called me a wuss and then he went in and said, "aah, this is nice"  See?  Not jacuzzi hot, but just right.  Not too warm and not at all cold. There was a jacuzzi in the corner too but I don't enjoy the hot water soup. There were a lot of elderly in there most of the time. There are a couple of pools at this hotel but the one we used is the one outside our hotel room a few floors down.   See the 2nd level off the pool area?  They had family movies there one evening. A bunch of parents and kids were up there watching Mrs. Doubtfire and you could smell the popcorn. Nice idea for the families.

 See that contraption on the bottom of the photo above? That was a chair that lowered the older folks or those with a disability into the pool. I told Rick if anything else happened to him while we are there at least this chair lift was there. That made him laugh. See this sunny shot of the pool below?  Same day. Weird how it was so nice by the pool and so icky on the gulf side.

On Sunday there was a couple in this pool while we were there that made us all get out of the pool. Thankfully it was our last day. This couple was stuck to one another like glue. Rick thought they may just want to go to their room. But no, they felt it best to do it in the pool in front of the kids and we adults. This woman was "doing something to her friend" We could all see what her hand was doing. Someone must have told the manager or someone because they were asked to leave. It took him a bit before he could get out of the pool. Gross. Not enough chlorine for me - I'm outta that pool!

In this picture below from my balcony we watched a drunk woman pee. The bathroom was just a few feet away. That was our first night here when I told you it was a crazy wedding beneath us. She walked over to this area pulled up her dress and peed right there for all to see. I mean to tell you that no matter how much I've had to drink I have never done that in front of people.
Rick yelled so she'd know we were there. She smiled and waved. Go figure.

This foot below is swollen shingles foot. The sun made it feel better and his pain is down to what he called a manageable 2. (on a scale of 1 - 10, 10 being the worst)
Friday night we had dinner with my cousin, who I adore.  Bob just lost his partner to heart disease and he's naturally in a bit of a funk. We went to eat at a place he suggested. He said he'd come to us and he'd drive us there. We kept saying it was only 1 1/2 blocks from our hotel we could walk it. He kept saying that we were probably thinking of somewhere else.

He arrived. We hugged, had a glass of wine and off we went. We got in his car, pulled out of the parking lot and we were there. We all began to laugh. He said, "I really thought it was on Madiera Beach not so close to you guys."  We had a wonderful meal and great laughs and conversation.  He asked me if I wanted to see others who lived in Florida. I said, "I know it sounds bad but we just want to relax, play it by ear, we've had a helluva winter."  He said he understood.

Saturday morning he calls and says, "I've invited everyone over here at 3:30p. They are all so excited to see you. BYOB." OMG. we really didn't want to have to do this. Why didn't he hear us tell him no?

But we did it and it was great so there ya go. It rained all day Saturday.
We started off with bacon and eggs for breakfast with coffee. That soon turned into mimosas. We watched it rain and we drank.  There were 3 boys who ventured out into the rain and set up this HUGE jenga game on a table. Never have I seen jenga blocks so large before.
The boys were drenched and didn't care. When it go so high they couldn't reach they moved a chair in the sand to get closer to stand on. We were the peanut gallery and we applauded and boo'd when appropriate. The boys would bow and laugh. We had a terrifically lazy morning and afternoon listening to the rain and watching the boys in the rain as their mom yelled at them to come inside. They never paid attention to her.

I loved every minute of it. No where I had to be until 3:30p and it was warm rain. We ate lunch in our room and just laughed and had a great day. Even had an awesome nap.  Nothing better than a nap.
The video I can't get to be right side up though. Yeah, I sound buzzed. I am....champagne and mango, peach, orange juice all morning long. You'll have to turn your head side ways. :-)

The party that my cousin threw was great. I saw a lot of family I haven't seen in a while and we all laughed, ate, drank and laughed some more. Great fun. So I'm glad he didn't listen to us.  I truly love these people and we had some good laughs and it is always good for the soul to spend time with them.

Sunday we saw on the weather channel that it was snowing at home. WHAT? It was in the 70's when we left. Then we saw that they were getting a cold spell as well coming in Sunday night right here. Oooh boy did it ever. We had no sweaters or sweatshirts of any kind. Hell, Rick didn't have any socks. We ran over to Target Sunday afternoon and he bought a jacket and I got a hoodie. I had to have something to wear home since I only had warm weather clothes. Pickings were slim since we were in florida and looking for winter clothes.
Rick bought himself a pair of socks as well. He wore them Sunday night to dinner and he was thrilled he had them. Boy it got very windy and cold around 6ish Sunday night. We knew we had done the right thing for traveling home with these new clothes because it was going to be a helluva lot colder when we got home.

Monday morning heading to the airport it was 50 degrees and windy.  Again glad we had the warmer clothes to put on. Damn it was cold. Add a sunburn to that and I was damn chilly.
I'm sure now that I am home Treasure Island is warm again. Sadly it's still pretty cool here damn it.

I'm going to leave with these two photos from when we left Dulles last Thursday.
We got to the airport a bit too early. We got an email from United telling us with spring break to give ourselves an extra hour. We did and did not need it.
So we had dinner at the airport at my boyfriends place.  YUM.

But as we sat there my hubby took a pic of this young womans shoes. He asked me if I could walk in them. I laughed and said, "I fall over nothing in sneakers what do you think?"  They are very Herman Munster like don't you think? She walked very well in them.

All in all this trip was exactly what the doctor ordered. Relaxation. Spending time with a hubby that isn't sick and laughing a great deal of the time. Too bad we had to come back to reality.

My trip ...part 1

It was chilly by Florida standards.
In fact it was the same temp as here when we left on Thursday. 70's.
We flight landed at 8pm after a very eventful flight.

At the airport, there was a typical Trump supporter. Uneducated, drunken redneck bigot. He was loud and oh so very obnoxious. He kept telling everyone he had a blowup doll of Hillary and he would only charge you $1.00 to hit it. No one acknowledged him, everyone just let him go on and on for way too long.

Finally, just shy of an hour later we all got up and moved to our boarding line.
He now proclaimed loudly that everyone liked him while looking at me, he was now in line less than 2 feet across from me.
I said, "no, no one likes you."
Everyone laughed. He said, "my mother likes me."
I said, "no she doesn't"  Everyone laughed, some applauded. He shut up. I think he's the kind of jerk that if someone actually stands up to him he will back down.
He was quiet until he sat down on the plane.

We go get on board and Rick and I see we are at the back of the plane but the thankfully the first to board.
I said to the flight attendant, "you have a wild one getting on, you've been warned"  We chatted a bit. She liked my blouse and you know all the girl stuff.
Then the bigot sat came down the aisle and was sitting across the aisle from me and behind me 1 row. He was loud and obnoxious and saying the same shit over and over again as I wrote above and plenty more. The flight attendant leaned down to my ear and said, "Gee I don't have to guess who's going to be a problem on this flight do I?"  I smiled.

He was obnoxious for the first 20 minutes after take off.
A male flight attendant the size of Joe Foreman came over and asked him to keep it down and his opinions to himself.
But flight attendant Joe Foreman didn't walk away. He just stood there staring at the jerk. The man backed down and shut up. He fell asleep and began to snore. People several rows up looked back to see who was snoring like this. To me it was a glorious sound, he shut up.

But sadly he woke up all raring to go.  He began to belittle women. Telling the woman seated next to him that if she were his woman he'd beat her to listen to him and do as he said, he was the man after all. The neanderthal went on and on. Then 3 flight attendants descended on him and told him to keep his mouth shut the remainder of the flight or we would be landing elsewhere and he would have to get off the plane while the rest of us went on to Tampa. He would then be responsible for finding his own way home. The plane erupted into applause.  He shut the hell up - FINALLY.

The flight attendant came over to me to ask if I'd like a drink as they were going down the aisle with their carts. I said I wanted water. She said, "oh cmon, I'm treating you guys back here with this guy - let me buy you a real drink. "
I got some wine. (surprise) But she didn't give me a glass, she gave me the damn bottle. When I told her that wasn't necessary she said, "share....this guy makes me want a few drinks."  So I shared. I made friends with a delightful seat mate. (rick was across the aisle from me and up a row) This man was from central Africa and has been in the states since school in 1990.  He lives in Massachusetts. I asked how it felt to see snow for the first time. He told me some very funny stories about that. He no longer finds it fun.  Do any of us over 40? We talked about what he did for a living and his family (he's married with children) He was a charming man who shared with me that he was going to Tampa for a conference for work. He was jealous I was going for fun. Such a breath of fresh air after that numb nut loud mouth guy.

When we were departing the loudmouth muttered that the female flight attendant was a c-t and that she probably liked Hillary. I guess he just couldn't comprehend that even though we didn't care for Hillary his behavior was the problem and this is not how one behaves in public even though we have a so called presidential candidate who acts the exact same way. Ah, the Trump factor.

When we got to the hotel Rick asked how much it would cost to upgrade to first. I called the airline and paid the $100 to upgrade so we could sit in comfort and away from the people like this fool. It was a delight flying home.

By the time we got our rental car and all that goes with that, we got to our hotel around 9:45p. We were exhausted, to be honest with you.
We got the same exact room as last time we were there. It was perfect.
It has a king bedroom, a small kitchen, and a great size bathroom.

We heard all the partying as we walked to the hotel from the parking lot. There was a big ole St Patty's day party at the bar across the street.  Boy were they ever loud and rambunctious. Then as we got closer to our hotel and we heard more loud partiers. I looked at Rick and said, "oh-oh"

We got our room key and walked to our room, passing by a big wedding party going on at the hotel outside bar area.  This was right under our room. The area goes outside where there is an awning over the area. That awning is under our patio of our room.
Rick said, "This could be an issue tonight. I just want to crash and if this is spring break, st patty's day and a wedding party all in one it may be a long loud night."  I didn't say anything because I too was a bit concerned. Rick would be a bear about this. But as soon as we opened the door to our room, it became silent.
I said, "See Rick, no worries, it's quiet in here"  He goes to the slider door to our patio and opens it. Of course, you are going to hear it all. Then he closes it and it's silent. He was seriously impressed with the sound proofing. I think it was those damn heavy hurricane proof doors. Whew, I didn't want to have to listen to the old fuddy-duddy go on about the noise. I was thrilled.

Friday it was glorious weather. A bit cool down at the waterfront where we were sitting at first. I actually wrapped up in my towel. Rick suggested we head to the pool. It was like a completely different climate there. Warm, hot even, and perfect. And then the fun begins......

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Funeral Flowers

My parents are funny but they aren't funny on purpose which is why they are funny to me.

Now in this story, you must understand that my mom is my stepmom who is only 14 yrs older than me. Apparently it is actually light years because she is so clueless about all things past 1975.

My uncle died 2 weeks ago up north. I did not go home for the funeral because I was dealing with all the Rick issues here. With him being unable to walk it made it hard for me to leave him.  So instead, I went online and found a florist in the city I needed and called them. Besides I really had a strong disdain for this man, love his children and his wife, but he was a mean horrible man.
Yes, I just spoke badly of the dead.

I called this florist and told them that I needed an arrangement for a funeral.
I gave them the delivery information and the card information. Then I had to decide what I was sending. I told them I noticed there was nothing on their website.  She explained why and told me they ranged in price from 59 to 100.
Well, I didn't want to appear cheap on the 59 because it sounded like the size of the grocery store bunch you bring home. And I sure as hell didn't want to spend $100.  This was not my favorite Uncle.  But I was doing this for my cousins. So I went in up to the next level.

My mom calls me in the evening to tell me that Uncle Bob had died.  I said I knew already. She asked me how I knew so quickly?  I said, I saw it on facebook. Who knows him on facebook?  Oh my goodness. I had to explain what facebook was for the 100th time.  Then I explained that I had already ordered flowers for the funeral home.
Well, that made her go batshit crazy.
They don't want flowers she tells me.
Mom: I already got them something and I can just put your name on it. (yea, like I'm 12 yrs old)
I told her that I don't think that is necessary and I already paid for the flowers mom.  No, she yells, call them and cancel. I said mom it's 9 pm they are closed. I am sure there will be others from out of town or local who will have flowers at the funeral.

Oh, my mom was not happy with me. Then she goes into the cost of wiring them. I could have saved myself some money, my husband has been ill and not working. I said, "we're fine and there is no such thing as having to wire them anymore mom."
Mom:  Well how the hell do they get here then?  Are you being smart with me?
Me:  No, but I will now - since the invention of the internet you don't have to order flowers that way anymore mom.
Mom:  Well how will they be there then? And by the way, how did you know what funeral parlor to send them to?
Me:  The internet. I went to the local newspaper and read the obituary.
Mom:  The local paper is on the internet?
Me: Stifling laughter because she's not that old.  Yes, mother, it's on the internet.
Mom:  Well how did they get here?
Me: On the internet or the flowers?
Mom:  The flowers for heaven's sake Peg.
Me: I called the florist in Erie and we chatted and I make a choice and they will have it there before the first viewing.
Mom: Well they don't want flowers that was so foolish. I don't know why you did that.  We always go in on things I would have just put your name on my gift and you could have paid me."
Me:  Okay, they can throw them out (no, we don't do what my mother just said but I wasn't going to argue with her)

A few days later after the funeral she had to call to tell me the following.
Peggy, those flowers were just too big. They were gorgeous but it was too much. You spent too much money. (79) That was so foolish those had to be very expensive. Why would you do this?  They were very nice but too big. Too much for you to spend.
All I asked her was, "were there other flowers" Forgetting she told me they asked for no flowers, she went on to say there were a lot of beautiful flowers. See ma?
I wanted to say that but of course, I didn't.

Look $79 here would get me a bunch of half dead flowers. Not a big enough spray. I am used to the prices here. When I spoke to the woman at the florist she didn't make it sound large. So I think this was large in my mother's view only.
And God knows if I told her how much I spent she would have had another fit. To her flowers are still only $30. See? She still thinks it is 1974.

Then one more time she has to asked me - Now how does 'this' internet give you all this information?

Oh my goodness.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Turned the Proverbial Corner

We have turned the corner. Rick is upright and walking.
We went outside on Saturday and had a wonderful day.

I pointed out to him that he missed all of the winter and like a bear, he is now out and about in spring. He paused, you could see his wheels turning and then he laughed like crazy. He said, "OMG you're right. I don't recall most of that time" No shit sherlock, I was the caregiver, I kind of know. You've been in that chair for 3 months!!

He has been sick since Dec 18th. He has not worked since then. He has been unable to walk much and then shingles on his foot didn't help the matter.  His shingles are still there and painful but not like it was in the beginning. He says it still hurts but it's tolerable.  YIPEE.

We went to lunch Saturday and ran a few errands.
We went to Target and got my shingles vaccine.
Fun time huh?  Jealous aren't you?
No way I am getting this, it looks horrific.
I was so excited to be out and about with him that going to Target & getting a shot was a good day for me. Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic.

What made us laugh is that we had to wait 15 minutes for the vaccine to get to room temp because it is  refrigerated. The pharmacist asked if we would come back at 12:50p. Okay, we can do that. We shopped and then we realized it was now 1:15p.  Honestly, I think that was the ploy. Get them to spend $$ while here.
We ended up spending over $100 for a free vaccine shot. That made us laugh.

We went to lunch at our favorite Mexican place. I could live on their guacamole.
They make it at the table to the spice you like and a couple of margaritas and I am all set. So that is what we did. Munchies and 2 margaritas and a lot of laughter which is always good medicine.

Ah, even on a Monday life is good and we're on an upswing.
I'm baaack.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Where Oh Where Has Peg Been?

Same old, same old here. Medical issues.
Rick had a severe reaction to one of his shingles medication.
Tremors, dizziness, loss of coordination and a few more thrown in for fun.

Yes, it's been a wild ride. The pain has not really subsided but the swelling in his foot is a lot better. It is still a funky looking foot, but at least now it looks like a foot. now that this medication for shingles is causing him more harm we will have to see what the dr. says about this.  I don't think he can just stop, has to ween off this one.

He had a clean bill of health for his heart. We were thrilled. He is to take it slow for a little while longer. No heavy lifting, no heavy work, no climbing stairs with heavy equipment. So basically no work unless he drives around and does estimates. 7 more days and we'll be in Florida, that is as slow as one can get.

Our dog has a limp and the vet says it's just age and joint pain. So now Miss Izzy had a supplement that is glucosamine and a few other things for aging joints, cartilage and the like. Izzy thinks they are treats so she gobbles those down like they are candy. We got them from the vet, however, they are much cheaper on Amazon so we'll go that route next time.

Yesterday Rick was showing Gary how to install and cut that tub for the tub conversion. Originally these folks ordered the one with the door. They decided that wasn't what they wanted so we ordered for them the one without the door as in the photo I posted.

It was in Woodbridge, which is a town not very close to me. I got a call that they put the wrong one on the truck. Could I please drive down and bring the right one.  Oh, I was not a happy woman.

I put the correct one in my car and drove an hour and 10 minutes to give them the correct one and drove immediately back to the office to find 16 voicemails that I had to return.

Yep, I worked late yesterday. I was so damn angry at him.  First of all my GPS cord got smashed in so it does not plug into the outlet in my car. I gave it to Rick to fix while I had the rental from the accident. He did not fix it. Even though every damn day I would mention it.

I used my phone and used google maps. It took me to a street similar. Same name but the word Road instead of Avenue. When I got there and saw no vehicle of Rick's I called him and asked where he was.
He said, "I'm in front of the house"
I said, on such and such road?  No, such and such Avenue.  
I look at my phone and even though I put in Avenue it came up Road and took me that route. I wish I had noticed that before.

I try to put that info in my GPS but Road kept popping up instead.
It automatically changed it to road no matter how many times I closed out the app and did it again. So I tried another idea, I took out my battery.
Restarted my phone, put in the new address and it was thankfully only 13 minutes away.

I was livid. The horrific traffic, the mess I knew I'd come back to, and the fact that his head was up his butt and he took the wrong one. C'mon if Gary had done that he would be mad that he didn't check it all out before he put it in the truck.

I pulled up beside his truck and he got out and took it out of the back of my car. He apologized and I just Hmmm'd. I knew if I spoke I would regret it. He knew I wasn't happy and I knew by the time I'd see him at home I'd be fine and cooled off.  And that is exactly what happened. He came into the office and asked if it was safe to enter. I laughed and said it was because I have cooled down.
He apologized a few more times and I let him.
I told him that was karma for all the times I have sent him to the wrong house by typing the wrong numbers down on his work order.
Karma can sure be a bitch can't it?

Monday, March 7, 2016


Rick's foot was the size of his head. Now it's the size of Izzy's head.
So progress is being made. He is walking better and he went a day without pain medication and that's a big deal. The blisters are drying and his foot sort of looks like a foot again.  Sort of.

He goes back to the heart doctor tomorrow and then will be back to work on a light schedule of only estimates the rest of the week.
He will be teaching Gary how to do a tub conversion on Wednesday so he will be "working"  I say "working" because he will be having Gary do it, he supervises.  But he will be there so it's "working"  Gary has never cut a tub before and while Rick says it's easy, one does not want to screw this up.

These tub conversions are funny. The people who need them always say they don't need them. It's their children who insist they get them. This particular customer has gone back and forth with us. Apparently his mother insists she doesn't need this. It's been canceled and rebooked. She called me one day and said that her son had made an appointment and gave me his name. She said, "Just cancel it. He thinks I am old and need this and I don't!"

Apparently she slipped while trying to get her leg over the tub.
So now it's on again. Her son called and said, "No matter what she says if she should call you, this is not going to be canceled!"
That made me chuckle. I see both sides of this. I get why her son wants her to have this. I also get why her pride won't let her.
We are also putting in grab bars for her. Those she wanted and welcomed.

This is what they look like when completed. It allows the aging person to not have to lift their leg so high. There are also one with doors as well if they want to bathe instead of shower. They are quite popular and I can see how this would be necessary as I age.
CleanCut Step | Safeway Step

On another note:  Ever since my car accident I have had a couple of issues.
Coincidence?  Was it the fact that I was rear ended?  I've had a headache since the day of the accident.
I have an SI joint issue and have had one for a few years. (hip) I have had several back surgeries beginning in 1985 and this area has deterorated over time.
I get a shot in there every couple of years to keep the pain at bay. It's been barking ever since the accident. Then this weekend it was so bad I couldn't sleep. I can't sit or lay down. It's actually best if I am standing. I called the Dr and told them about the accident just to cover my arse. If it is from this and it's something different I want them to pay for this. I have enough medical bills with Rick's issues. But if it's not no harm done.
I  do think they are going to put yellow police-type tape around my house and wrap both of us in bubble wrap so this all stops.

We rebooked our trip to Florida. Rick is able to walk and even if it is still swollen he can have a swollen foot in Florida as well as here at home right?
The pain on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the worst) he claims has been a 15. Then Saturday he said it was only a 9 or 10 and he was excited by that. Then today he wakes up and tells me it's an 8.  He can put on a pair of stretched out loafer type shoes only. But after some walking he needs to take a break for a few hours and ice it and moan for dramatic effect.  (that's a man thing trust me) And since we are going to Florida and it was orginally planned for my birthday, which was this past Friday, then I will not be a year older until we get there.
Yea, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.