Friday, January 29, 2016

Not quite back yet.

I am buried under the following:
1. snow
2. medical tests
3. chauffeuring.
4. walking until my hips hurt finding a place for my dog ,the diva, to poop already!!

I'll be back to regular programming when I can.
In the mean time here is a ditty to assist in your girl scout cookie selection.  

I do agree with the first one, my favorite cookie, and a dry red wine. I'm not gonna argue.  So go find yours!
You're welcome!

Monday, January 25, 2016

It's official. I'm moving south.

Day 1 Friday - plow went through over that mound of snow you see. Last time we've seen a damn plow. They stayed 10 ft from my curb. Idiots. So only 1 car at a time can go through.This is from my front door.

 This is my car below. 

 2nd day - my handy work - side of home. I did the snowblowing for the block every 3 hrs.
 It doesn't look too bad here - sure doesn't look as deep as it is.
 my driveway
 my alley where my garage and driveway are - this was day 1 of snow
This is so you can see how far from the curb they plowed. Poor guy who's car is parked out front. He may never get out.

 I opened the back door from the garage because from my kitchen the door would not open. I climbed through the snow and it was up to my chest. It flipped me out and I have to admit I was scared. My neighbor was shoveling his side and asked if I was stuck. I was indeed stuck up to my chest. So he ran over and took over for me. He's 6'5 and he had an easier time. He's been terrific. He's only 40, helping a couple of old farts next door. 

 This is just another pass I made around the side of my block. 
Now if just a snow plow would show up. When you have over 30 inches of snow and no snow plows you are house bound. The snow today is ice hard so shoveling is difficult. The snow blower wouldn't even go through this icy snow.

Thursday, January 21, 2016


If you watch TV you know that the DC area is in for 2 ft of snow.
If you read me often you know that the threat of snow makes these people panic.
It's cold today so schools are closed.  Yesterday it was cold and there was a 2 hr delay.
Snow will begin Friday night or late afternoon. As of now, there is no snow. It's sunny and cold. No snow, nothing except panic in the streets.

They had a press conference this morning to announce this snow "emergency"
I know everyone in Canada, the northeast, the midwest are laughing their asses off.
This will cause schools to be closed for at least a week. Rochester, do you hear this nonsense? 

Unfortunately for me, I have to take Rick to get an MRI at 3:30 Friday. That is when this should all start. We know that I can drive in snow and wind and rain and the sun. So we are not the issue. The panic in the streets here is the issue. They don't know how to plow or salt. You'd think this was a surprise.
They have winter every year, learn.

The orthopedic doctor believes Rick has a torn rotator cuff. He had a cortisone shot in his knee on Monday. He still can't bend it without a lot of pain. HIs heart issue is being addressed early Friday morning. This is my main concern. Can he even have the surgery for his arm/shoulder?

So do you think I'm having a fun week?  Better than Rick that is for sure.
He can't work. He can't sleep. He can't drive.  He sleeps in a recliner.
He turned 60 and fell apart. 

Back in the old blog posts when I wrote about my rotator cuff surgery I told you how difficult it was to get dressed or shower. I begged him to help me put on a bra to go to physical therapy. I couldn't have those girls flopping about.  No, I needed my bra on.  He tried, oh how he struggled. I kept saying, it's hook and eye, you know how to do this.
He said, "I know how to take them off, not put them on."  Oh, the struggle. 

I hated that he had to dress me because to him it was fun fondling time.  (don't get me started on the shower) There were a lot of giggles and struggles. When he tried to blow dry my hair he got the brush stuck and we had to cut some of my hair to get it out. When I asked for him to put some makeup on me so I could look and feel better when I went to PT, he made me look like a clown and poked me in the eye a couple of times. I had to have it removed. I wore a sling 6 inches from my body for 24/7 for 4 weeks. I couldn't use my right arm at all.  

I reminded him of all of this so that he will understand what is coming for him. I told him last night that Karma is a bitch. He nervously laughed. For both of us, it's our right arm. We are both right handed. That begins the problem. 

Last night he hobbled into the powder room and as he was closing the door I yelled what he would yell to me weeks before my surgery, "PRACTICE WITH YOUR LEFT HAND"
I heard him laugh hysterically.  It wasn't that funny. He came out and said, "Oh this is gonna be bad, I am so not left handed."  

I think the stress of everything that has befallen him has caught up to him. Last night he was laughing about a lot of this ordeal. It could also be the Percocets that he's been on for a few days now.  

I feel badly for him.  He is so macho and this has really brought him down. He thinks that he is the one to do all the heavy lifting so to speak. He doesn't like being helpless and this is as difficult for him as the pain. He is worried about the work, the blizzard and me doing everything. He watched me struggle with something yesterday and he was telling me not to do it. I told him I was fine.  I accomplished it.  I surprised myself too.  I have been working longer hours, doing it all and honestly we've always been a 50-50 family. But it's my turn and we'll get through this. Doesn't mean I don't have my meltdown moments. I surely have.
But there is always another glass of wine.....
I feel like the pilot in the movie Airplane, "This is a bad time to stop the drugs. wine!"

And if all this wasn't enough, my thyroid meds hit a wall. I was feeling off. I was feeling that thickness I get in my throat and I thought, well maybe I'm just over exhausted. The following morning I awoke to being so swollen it looked like someone put a bike tire pump on my toe and pumped away. My face was now round, not oval, my hands were so swollen I couldn't make a fist nor could you see  my knuckles and this goes through my whole body so nothing fit.  YIPEE.

My doctor changed my meds.  We'll see. It normally takes 2weeks sometimes more for them to do their job.

When it rains it pours they say. I am looking forward to a drought very soon.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Oh So True.

My favorite from my Grandmother who would lay out all this food without asking me and I'd say, "Gram, I'm not hungry."  Her response?  "Oh honey, then just eat a sandwich."

Winter has Arrived.

It is very cold here. "They" are talking 2 ft of snow by this weekend.
Good thing I got a snow blower huh?

Of course all this means that the wussies around here have schools on a 2 hr delay?
Why? Will it warmer in 2 hrs? I think not.  A woman said it gives the bus drivers time to warm up their buses for the kiddies. Oh please. Teachers and admins just like having a 2 hr delay, because it truly does nothing for the weather or warmth. I think they believe they are fooling us. Not working.

One woman on TV was saying it was difficult for her kid to stand at the bus stop in this cold.
There he was, the horses ass, in shorts. Gee maybe if you made him put on his big boy pants he'd be just fine. A coat over that sweatshirt might be a good idea too. It's called winter, we get it each and every damn year.
Honestly, people are just damn stupid and crazy!

In other news....
Rick had a cortizone shot in his knee yesterday. Yep, the medical nightmare we call Rick is still happening. He can't even bend his leg to get in the car. But as I always say he makes things worse for everyone around him. Even the dr. noticed this yesterday and made a joke about this at his expense. I high fived the doctor. Honestly, I would rather have his pain for him than deal with him in pain. He would kill himself if he were a woman. One cramp and he'd be down for the count.

I will leave you with one of my all time favorite bands. I was shocked to hear Glenn Fry had passed away. He was so young.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Dogs Welcome

I saw this on my friend Bruce's FB page at a hotel he was checking into.
(yes, the man I wrote about yesterday)

I think it's pretty spot on don't you?  I know Izzy sure liked it. 

Thursday, January 14, 2016


My all time favorite boss was named Bruce. He was a delight to work for in every way.
He was transferred from Hong Kong to Manhattan via the UK. 
Bruce is from Ireland and living back in the Belfast area today. 

But back when I was working in NYC I was sitting in his office and we were discussing an issue with a client. Bruce said in a casual way a woman I worked with had died. 
Or so I thought that was what he said. 
I heard " Fong died"  
I screeched, "She died? When did she die? I just spoke with her yesterday? Oh My God"
He said, "Who died?"  
This began an exchange like Abbott and Costello, "Who's on First" routine.
I learned very quickly from this point on that I had a difficulty with his beautiful accent. 
Oh, how we laughed about this later, even after we told Fong this story. Thankfully no one was dead but today, years later neither of us remember what he was telling me about her to begin with.

I used to tell Bruce that I needed subtitles under him while he spoke. 
After several years of working in the U.S. and living in NJ for 2 yrs, he was easier to understand or he was losing the accent. Not sure which it was.
When he wanted to show you his American accent he would say, "How you doin'?"  Like someone from the show The Soprano's. That would make us all laugh and tell him that he's been living in NJ too long because that is not an American accent. 

This all came back to me the other night when I saw this show below.  I seriously couldn't understand most of what Adele was saying. Thankfully I put on my closed captions on my TV so I could understand their conversation. 
I do wonder though why don't people have an accent when they sing?


I didn't win the lottery so here I sit at my desk. I've been on hold this morning for 45 minutes and got fed up and hung up.  Insurance companies. I hate them. Winning would have allowed me not to give a shit. 

Like everyone in America I wanted that Powerball winnings. 
It's F-You money. I want F-you money.
Oh well, off to the salt mines.

I received an email from a man from USC. He is a Ph.D. student and they are doing research on the personal experiences people write about on the web/blog about their lives.  My blog got his attention he claims. They wanted to ask questions to those who write a blog.

They wanted my opinions as well as ask me to take a survey. Then they will be collecting this data to refine, evaluate and analyze.   He gave me his professors info and email as well as his own. He said if I had questions to call and gave me a number to call as well as his email.

While it all seemed legit, I just thought I'd call to see for certain and discuss with him. 
I called and it was a number that was invalid., of course, negative nelly here figured this was like a prince in Africa who needed help getting his millions.  So I responded to the email stating the number was invalid and my humorous thoughts on the Prince in Africa scenario.

He wrote back to me. He transposed the last 2 numbers. Oh, it's real. Even sent me to the school to do my due diligence as well as a you tube video. So I took the survey.  It was interesting. 

Rick said why would I assume it wasn't real?  I showed it to him and he said, "But it looks real." 
I'm sure the first sucker who tried to help that prince in Africa thought so too.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

New Windows

You know all that heart stop and restart stuff? Well, Rick didn't feel that was enough.
He got strep throat, a very high temp, and the flu. (thank you flu shot.)

Now if all that other stuff wasn't bad enough, I had to deal with this new cold.
Yes, I said "I" had to deal with that.
So big ole Cranky Husband was moaning and groaning and an all around royal pain in my ass.
Cranky Bastard Husband couldn't swallow, it hurt. I know this because he whined incisively.
Oh my God. Apparently everything I made for him hurt. 

He and Gary are working 7 days a week to finish this job out of town. But Friday, Saturday, and Sunday he couldn't work. Friday we went to the doctors. I drove, he moaned. 
He got all kinds of drugs, supplements, drops and a huge bill. The doctor came out to discuss the protocol with me because as she said, "I don't think he would remember anything the shape he's in."  

He laid in bed for 3 days. His cough syrup had codeine and would knock him out. I rather enjoyed the quiet time. But it didn't last forever. Izzy couldn't understand this and kept jumping on the bed to see him, lick his face and all around annoy him. I finally had to close the door to the bedroom. Izzy laid outside the door. She too whined. I was about to blow my brains out by Sunday.

Monday, while still not great, he ventured out of town to work. He spent the night down there as he and Gary do,  Izzy was now very confused. At 5 pm she was sitting at the back door waiting for "her man" and I couldn't get her away from the door until 8p. Then as we went for a walk, she pulled me toward the back of our townhome to our driveway, looking for his van. Oh, it was a long night. At 3 am I heard her get up and go up to our 3rd floor looking for him again and then down to the first floor. She made her rounds of our home. Then she came back to my bedroom and found that I had now moved to his side of the bed. I had my arm hanging over as Rick does. She touched it and then went back to her bed. I can't imagine I fooled her, I don't smell like Rick. But she slept until 5:30 before we went through the ritual of looking for him everywhere including the behind the shower curtain.

Rick will be here for 2 nights beginning tonight. Gary is staying down there. Rick will return Thursday. This crazy ass job will be completed on Sunday. Thank Goodness!! 

Add to all this fun I'm having with my home life,  got a new computer to throw more shit at me .I have been working 7 days as well to try to get my work/computer life back. Not working out too well.  I now have 2 computers sitting side by side on my desk. This new screen is the size of my old TV. Holy shit it's nice having something this large to view since I can't see close up. Love it. But so far, that is all I love. The daily stress of going from Windows XP to Windows 10 is not fun while trying to work. I managed to miss Windows 7 and 8 and boy this is so different. I need a class. I can't for the life of me keep working like this.  It adds so much stress, slows me down considerably and makes me want to jump our the window. Pun intended.

I wish I knew of someone who would come to my home and sit with me and walk me through the things I need daily. I contacted the Microsoft store for a class but they told me it was just a quick over view. I need more than that. I can do an overview. I am having big issues with office. I even posted a request for this type of person to hire on our neighborhood website. But apparently no one who does this speaks English.  I need someone I can understand and who can understand what I am saying.

It's lunchtime now and I started this at 7am. Yeah, I think I need to walk away and eat some grub.  I hope you all are having a better week.

Thursday, January 7, 2016


I heard this over the weekend and laughed as hubby said, "boy that sounds like something you would say" 
Ah, but it was Lily Tomlin.

"All my life I wanted to be somebody....but now I realize I should have been more specific."

Monday, January 4, 2016


Happy New Year!

It's so difficult to come back to work after all this time off.  
It sure was nice, though.  And like everyone else in America, it's diet time.
Get off all the liquor pounds for me. Wine, champagne, all to my belly!

Allow me to begin with Saturday, December 26th.  
Rick bought me tickets to a concert that he could have cared less about.  
You see I grew up with this band. They are regional so I get why he knew only 3 songs of theirs. It was so nice of him to buy these knowing it wasn't his thing.

It was held at the Birchmere which is such a great place to see a band or singer.
Tables and food and booze while you sit back and enjoy a show.
Unfortunately, it's first come first serve. So you get to the box office and you receive a number.
You go to the bar until they call your number. Bummer. ...tee hee

When we were called we were then escorted to the big venue and we could pick a seat.
We got a great table with a mom, dad, and their son. We were pretty darn close and could even see the bands wrinkles. 

We both had a good laugh that when we normally do things like this we are the oldest living things at the concert. But this event brought families out and people our age.
We found it interesting that so many 20-early 30 somethings were there with their folks.
Perhaps because they had to listen to this when they were growing up or because they were in town visiting family for the holiday. Either way, it was interesting.

The show was great. We got a bottle of wine and drank and sang and stood up/danced. All just a damn good time.

It's funny but we old folks don't enjoy going out much anymore. Rick was sitting in his chair while I was getting my face on before the show. I came downstairs and looked at him. I said to him, "you feel like going about as much as I do don't you?"  He said, "I'm sorry. But we're going."
Then when we got there we had a ball. On the way home he said, "We need to do more of that."
It made me laugh. Once we get our old fart butts out the door we always have a great time.
It's getting us out being the issue. New Years resolution is to do this more.

You all know that I lived in the Pacific Northwest for 2 1/2 years.  It was the longest 2 years of my life.  One thing we always said about this place was the number of pedophiles and redneck terrorists. We found it shocking. They were so damn politically correct about everything that you couldn't say a friggin' word.  But sex crimes were rampant. Especially with children, it was so sick. And of course, the huge presence of the anti-social white redneck militia was there big time. So it is no surprise to me what is going on in Oregon. They need to take a toke since it's legal there and relax a little. 

I like champagne, but like my wine, I am particular. My husband has always said he didn't like champagne. So while at Costco the other day I say this bottle that was 1/2 the price at a liquor store, so I bought it. I knew we had some Orange, mango, peach juice and thought for breakfast on the morning of our anniversary this would be a great addition to breakfast.  I poured myself one and Rick said, "Oh I'll do one."  Well after we finished the bottle he proclaimed he liked champagne.  I had to laugh. So on the January 2nd, he buys another bottle of champagne. He makes me laugh this man. 


Rick's A-fib is better but not gone. On the 22nd of this month, he goes back to the cardiologist. 
If things are not better he has to have his heart "restarted"  Now that sounds like a lot of fun doesn't it?  Apparently they will sedate him and then use the paddles I believe. 
I'm not 100% positive but it sounds awful to me no matter how it's done and I find it incredibly scary.


Lastly, I am leaving you with a new saying I heard this weekend by Lily Tomlin.
I laughed when I heard this. When Rick heard it he said, "boy that sounds like you babe"
"I always wanted to be something, I should have been more specific"

Here's to a healthy 2016!