Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Since I've been gone

While I've been gone a few things have happened.

**We had a 70 degree Christmas. Weird!

The middle of the country was under water
And finally, there was some snow in the Northeast....way northeast.

**Bill Cosby was arraigned today on a felony assault charge stemming from a sexual encounter with a woman 12 years ago.  Of course, he was freed on $1 million bail which is probably chump change for the chump.

A woman who happens to be gay who said he couldn't understand her rejecting his advances so she was drugged and raped. 
A woman who is strong enough to fight this. Good for her!!

**Rick has been dealing with medical issues for a few weeks. 

.Okay, here is what we learned after a cardiologist, an internist, an ER visit and a pulmonary specialist.

With the exception of the ER, these are all Rick’s normal doctors for his heart, asthma (lungs) and all around MD.
All were very worried about him and his wife couldn’t sleep.  I, of course, feared the worse.
His employee was saying novenas. God love Gary!  
His regular doctor got the info from his ER visit and she called us on a Sunday night because she was so concerned.  She wanted him to go back to his cardiologist. STAT as she said to him. If he had any problem getting in immediately to call her and she'd get it done for him. 

Now while all of that is super nice. It also scared the shit out of me. A Dr. doesn't normally call you on a Sunday evening for just a cold.  I knew he was scared too but not admitting it. Putting on his manly macho face for me. But it was a heavy household the last few weeks of this.

A few weeks ago when this all started he got a cold, then polished and sanded a woman’s Corian kitchen countertops. This proved to be a bad combo.
He got that damn acrylic/plastic (which Corian is a plastic/acrylic) in his lungs because he was too lazy to go get his mask in the truck and put the damn thing on!
That irritated the lining of his lungs big time! Not good for a man with lifelong lung issues and asthma.  That irritation caused his asthma to become severe, his lungs lining was irritated and inflamed and all of this blocked his airflow.
That blocked airflow caused an A-fib with his heart.  

Now we didn't know this at the time. Rick himself thought he had a cold but that the sanding did get into his lungs and he just figured it just added to his "cold and cough" HA! little did we know.

He was in the ER a couple of weeks ago hoping to get something to allow him to sleep and stop coughing. They wanted to admit him. He refused. They thought he'd die if he didn't stay. Stubborn old coot refused, he told them he came in for something for his cough and after IV"s and 4 hrs there they finally let him go but not without talking to his cardiologist. They talked to his cardiologist and he was released.

He then went to the cardiologist.  Medication was given and he was to be monitored but felt the cold, cough and lung issue was the cause of the A-fib.

Rick was having a difficult time working. Normally he carries large equipment up and down stairs all day and now he couldn't. Even he was a bit scared. So we made an appointment to see his pulmonary doctor. His daughter was convinced this was a pulmonary embolism because of his symptoms. After I looked that up I realized it was certainly textbook pulmonary embolism. I was now scared out of my mind. So I called his pulmonary doctor and got him in yesterday.

Thankfully yesterday he was cleared of cancer, a pulmonary embolism, and pneumonia.
Yesterday after being tested by his favorite pulmonary Dr he had only 45% airflow before the new medication.  
Hence, why he was out of breath from a simple walk with the dog and me or 1 flight of stairs.

He was given a years supply of a drug that is very, very expensive and the doctor had a coupon for 1 year that will expire on Friday so thank God he got it.
Then after a year, he can go to a drug that costs less money and less in strength.  
Similar to an Advair or something.  Whew.  
The Dr. told him after 2-3 days of this new med (steroid spray)  he should be feeling good.
Thankfully he has a few more days off work to deal with the healing.

So now that I know he is not dying, I am going to beat the shit out of him about these damn masks.  He has masks and normally when refinishing he wears a respirator. So it's not like he doesn't have the tools he needs. Honestly!

He called to tell me everything when he was leaving the doctors and said, “don’t yell, the doctor already did.” 
I love his pulmonary Dr. she’s a short feisty NY Jewish girl of about 43 who is right out of a movie. Very stereotypical and a real hoot. Smart as a whip! Cute too.  
We both really like her. 
I can really see her yelling at him so that was good. 
He said she hit him in the arm twice for that. 
He deserved it if you ask me.

Tomorrow is our anniversary so we will be celebrating Rick's health and the fact that he is still alive so I can bust his balls for many more years to come!

Happy New Year!

Monday, December 21, 2015

The Weather Outside is Delightful ... :-)

I need to be in a million places at one time this week.
But the great news around these parts is that on Christmas Eve it will be 74 degrees.
I am diggin' that.
Told you all this would happen after we bought a snow blower. 

Here is my present to you this holiday season.
I'm sharing my eggnog recipe that kicks ass and is damn yummy.
Actually, it's not my recipe....I got it from Paula Deen years ago.

I have a neighbor across the street from me who asks for it every year. 
The first time offered, she turned up her nose. 
Then she drank multiple glasses! 
The next year she came over with her grown son who was in town and they both downed a "few" glasses.  
This year she wants to bring it to a family gathering on Christmas Eve.
I am happy to oblige.

So here ya go.  I'll be back next week.

6 egg, separated*
3/4 cup sugar
1 pint heavy cream
4 pints milk
1/2 pint Bourbon
1 tablespoon vanilla

In a bowl beat the egg yolks with the 1/2 cup of sugar until thick. In another bowl beat the egg whites with 1/4 cup of sugar until thick. In a third bowl beat the cream until thick. Add the cream to the yolks, fold in the egg whites, and add the milk, Bourbon, vanilla, and a pinch of nutmeg, if desired. Chill in freezer before serving.
Serve eggnog in a large punch bowl and grate nutmeg over the top.

To all who celebrate this holiday.....
Merry Christmas to you all.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Voice Winner

I watch The Voice. It goes on entirely too long.
It could be cut in half and work just fine.
So I skipped a lot of it this year.

If you were watching, do you think there is something wrong with the winner?
They keep talking about his "issues" 
What issues are they talking about?
Is it that he sings like a girl and sort of looks like a boy?
Is it that he is overweight?
Is it that he has a blank stare like no one is home?
Is he autistic?

They always talk about how proud they are of him for overcoming his issues. In fact, they talk about it so much Rick said he was making it a drinking game. How many times do you think Adam or a judge will say, "issues" he has overcome tonight, Rick would ask.
But of course, they never talk about what those may be. 
He is strange but mostly creepy to me. 
Like something is going on behind that blank stare that scares me. Even when he was being complemented he just would stare and not even smile. eewww! But he can certainly sing.
Kind of on the same page as the woman who won Britain's Got Talent, Susan Boyle.

Something just felt to me that it wasn't quite right and since every damn week they talk about his "issues" as though it is a big deal I wanted to know what I missed. I never knew what they were. Anyone? Did they ever mention them?

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Stolen Post

I am crazy busy right now and getting a cold.  I feel like crap. 
Merry Christmas Peg, here is a sore throat, bad cough and congestion for you. 
Because of all that I'm being lazy and I stole this from Bilbo

Three Names I Go By:
1. Margaret
2. Peggy
3. Peg

Three Places I've Lived: (list only 3?)
1. Seattle, WA
2. Cleveland, Ohio
3. Erie PA

Three Places I've Worked:
1. Piedmont Airlines
2. Galileo (travel industry software)
3. Amadeus (travel industry software)

Three Things I Love to Watch:
1. The Affair (Showtime)
3. My husband doing any type of housework.

Three Places I Have Been:
1. All but 6 states
2. My favorite - Canada! (partial to Toronto!)
3. All over the Carribean many times over.

Three Things I Love to Eat:
1. Great Chocolate Truffles
2. Frozen Green Grapes
3. Peppermint Patties

Three Things I wish I could eat: (I dream of)

1. Gnocchi
2. Pizzelles
3. Italian Bread

Three Things I'm Looking Forward To:
1. Retirement
2. Winning a large Lottery
3. Summer

Tuesday, December 15, 2015


I debated whether or not I should share this.
Rick told me to just go for it.

This happened last Friday night.
I can't get this young woman out of my mind. 

After work I went to the grocery store. Rick asked that I pick up a pizza from Little Caesars for him on my way home. I told him I would.

I walked in and there were a slew of people waiting. I was in no mood to sit there but I knew how  much Rick wanted this pizza so I put in my order and sat my fat ass down.
All of a sudden everyone left the store with their pizza and it was just me waiting on mine.

A pregnant young woman came in and ordered hers. She looked exhausted. I think she had to be 9 months pregnant.  She swiped her debit card for $5 and it was declined. I heard her say, "let me get another card"  This one wasn't declined, but they were getting an odd message on the machine. This went on for a long time. 
So he moved to the machine to his left that was right in front of me. She swiped it again and I heard him say something and I saw her look into her purse and look up at this man. Neither said anything. They just stared for a minute at one another. It was an odd exchange.
She didn't have a lousy $5 for her pizza. 
I jumped up and whispered so only she could hear me,"I'd like to get this for you. Merry Christmas". 
As I was putting my card in the machine, she slapped my hand and said NO. She began to cry and ran out of the store. I'm pissed at myself because I suppose I shouldn't have done that. But there were days where I would have appreciated that. I was just trying to help, not make her feel badly.

I have been in that position where $5 is more than you have. I guess she was embarrassed, but she shouldn't be. We've all been there. I wish she had allowed me to buy that for her. I can't get the pained look on her face out of my mind. I keep thinking I made her feel worse than she already felt. That is what is upsetting me. Hmm, hormonal and broke. Not a fun place to be.


Rick doesn't do a lot of tubs anymore. Between countertop fabrication and other larger type jobs, he leaves tubs to Gary. 
But he did one today because he had to use special products that Gary was unfamiliar with and he didn't want Gary to learn on the job for this woman. This chemical company that they don't normally use was the only way to get red for the tub so Rick thought he'd have an easy day and do this one. He has some issues due to the color but it wasn't a bad day for him work wise.

When she made the appointment she told me she was picky.
If they tell you that, it usually means they are not just picky, they are MORE than picky.
I would be picky. And we were right. But she was so nice and she has the right to be pleased with the job since she is paying. So as long as someone is nice we are so okay with picky but she did make Rick laugh he told me.

She walked into  the bathroom with a magnifying glass that was enormous, like sherlock holmes, and a big ole construction light that was bigger than her body.
It made Rick laugh. And when he laughed, she said, "Oh I don't want to miss a thing." 
Rick agreed with her and smiled. After her very thorough inspection, she patted his back and told him he did a damn fine job. That too made him laugh. As he was leaving she gave him some brownies and a dozen fresh eggs.  (They had chickens.) 
He was very happy she was pleased.

Now I would never in a million years make my bathtub a color other than white. Red and Black we seem to do a lot of in the last two years. I find those colors to show every drop of water and soap film. Like this woman, I am too picky. Or maybe lazy. I would see those water spots and soap film and have to wash it every damn day and dry it so you don't see the water spots. I don't have time for that nonsense. My white tub allows me to go all week without washing it. (that is what Saturdays are for!) 
I prefer that. Then again, I don't take baths, just showers but still.

Here is her red tub. Yes, that is a rubber glove on the faucet. 
It's on there because no water can accidently drip into that red tub for 24 hrs.
Would you make your tub a color?

Monday, December 14, 2015

Are We Really That Ill?

We have begun a new game in our home of late.
We count all the commercials that are pharmaceuticals.

Rick started the clock at 15 past the hour. By 30 minutes past the hour, we had counted 8 commercials for drugs. 8 in 15 minutes. That is crazy!  If someone hadn't knocked on our door and interrupted us we were determined to do this for an hour. 

Are we really such a sick nation that we need drugs pushed on us like this?
In these 8 commercials, only 1 was for Cialis. Boy, it sure seems like more when we watch TV, but then it was only for 15 minutes. I'm sure they would have had another few if we continued.

The rest of the evening we were watching Showtime and HBO so there are no commercials, thankfully.  If we watch network TV we are going to try this for an hour. How many do you think we'll count?
I find this a frightening and sad trend.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Friday Rundown

I have never taken a selfie. I know I hear ya'll laughing at me.
I just don't see the point. 
I don't particularly like how I look so I can't see taking a photo of myself. 
What do people do with them? Just look at their photos of themselves all the time?
I don't get it, but that is probably because I'm an old fart I suppose.

My niece has always bugged me about my "lack of photos on facebook" or that I don't do selfies. I have always just laugh it off.
Then last night a friend who I haven't seen in 2 years who lives in California called. 
We were discussing hair color. She and I love to change our hair colors.
I told her what color it was TODAY and she said to send her a selfie.
I laughed and said, "I don't do selfies."
Well let me tell you, she busted my balls on the entire call about this.

So I tried. Good grief I look like I'm going to prison.
I was focusing so hard on doing this that I actually forgot to smile.
I was sitting in the car with Rick and he was laughing at me. 
Honestly, I look ridiculous and I sure as hell felt ridiculous! 
We are coming into the slow down period of our business.
It happens every year about this time yet I still panic each year.
I am hoping that our lead tech will take this time with his family and lose his baby brain.

Rick had to have that come to Jesus meeting with him.
He put on his HR hat and had that talk.
He said he was ready to come back to work, but his work is suffering.
His child is just shy of 3 mo. old and this shit is not settling down.
We've had to have Rick go to job sites and fix his work and a plethora of other things. 
When he didn't want to overnight at this job they have been working on, Rick flipped his lid.

You see each building of this complex we are working on each bathroom until all buildings are completed. That is normally 12 bathrooms per building.
Once all the other sub contractors are done we go in. Because it is 2 hrs away without traffic they overnight a couple of days so they can be on the job site at 7a with no problems. They must be on the jobsite at 7am and they must leave at 3pm so to get the work done they can't be late due to sitting on I-95.

Suddenly "Baby Daddy," said he can't go. When we asked why he said he really didn't want to be away from his child overnight.
Now honestly, I thought Rick's head was about to explode. So I made him calm down and speak to him after he cooled off. Over that weekend I told Rick to wear his HR hat as he did in the old days at his corporate job. Don't tell him to get his head out of his ass, but do it the proper way. Rick needed to calm down so by Monday he would be calm and professional.

Baby Daddy had time off when he was born. He begged to come back early but we had him continue to stay at home for the rest of that final week. He was paid so we told him to enjoy this time at home.  He said he was so ready to be back to work. Yet, now he can't focus, is messing up, is sleep deprived etc. 

Now before all you people scream at me that he can't help being sleep deprived this is what he and the Baby Mama told me. The baby is sleeping, but he gets up on the hour if not more often to check him, he wants to be sure the baby is breathing. most times he just sits in his room watching him. He hardly sleeps and if he does sleep he dozes off in a chair in the babys room. They both were honest and told us that and while appreciated it only made Rick a bit more angry. 

He actually told Rick that Baby Mama is telling him the same thing. 
Well actually she said, "Get your head out of your ass" 
We did not tell him that. We just thought that. 
She told him to go overnight she was fine. (this is her 2nd kid, this is old hat to her) 
She is not even working blogger people. This is all so stupid to me after 3 months.

Seriously does he not know that if he doesn't straighten up then he won't have a job or health insurance to take care of this baby?  I have never seen anything so crazy in my life. Women don't act this stupid.(at least that I have ever seen) Needless to say, he overnights or he doesn't work it is his choice. Not like we don't have phones if there is an emergency. Not like baby mama cares or is not there with him 24/7. It's all so confusing to me. We'll see.  Blogger men did you do this with your job after your baby was born. And at 3 months old?

The weather outside is delightful !!
I told you that it'd be a great winter because we bought a snow blower. I do now believe this was a good investment just for this delightful weather. 60's all week and next week too. 
I can get behind this kind of December.

Happy Weekend.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Purberty or Aging?

I have decided that aging is just puberty backward.
Don't believe me?

In puberty, you have growth spurts.
The same can be said for aging, just more width instead of height.
In puberty, a females breasts will grow.
In old age, they fall.and lose density.
That happens to men in places too, but you can see that from the outside. (wink, wink)

In puberty, you have new hair growth on your body.
In old age you do too,  men have the fun surprise of finding that wondering hair attach itself to their shoulder or their ears, right guys?
In old age, women need to wax off that hair that suddenly has developed under their nose.

In puberty your skin gets acne
In aging you get wrinkles and brown spots.

In puberty, you have hormonal issues that make your tempers flare and become emotional.
In aging, you're cranky about everything and it too is hormonal.

In puberty, you have emotional outbursts.
In aging, you have just lost the filter and have outbursts frequently.

Yes, I could go on, but now do you believe me?

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Warning - Foul Language ahead

Do you remember on Seinfeld when Kramer was dating the low talker? And then poor Jerry ended up wearing the Puffy Shirt on the Today Show?
I am living that shit.

Yesterday I had a low talker on the phone.
I really thought it was me because of my hearing loss, so I held the headset on my ear tightly. I still could only hear a few words.

This is what I heard, “meoshoweoinsdlfkj d  chip slkdjflskda;fs today
Or so I thought anyway.
I told her I couldn’t hear her and then asked for her to hold on because I was going to try to go to the receiver.  No better.
So I asked if she could hear me. She said yes.....I think.

I was now in a full blown panic and thought I had lost my hearing completely. 
I told her I could see her number and would call her back.
I had no idea if she heard me or if she even responded, I just hung up.

Then the phone rang before I could call her back. 
I could hear this person perfectly which gave me a sigh of relief.
When done I called the low talker back. 
I heard,  ssdfoafdaodowiesy CHIP werdskjdfldajfoaasya.
I asked if she could yell for me because for the love of God I could not hear her.
She yelled and I heard a tiny voice say, I need to have a chip repaired. Or I thought I did.
It was a very soft whisper.
I was straining!!

I finally said I am having a very difficult time hearing you ma’am, could we possibly communicate via email otherwise I don’t think I can help you.
So that is what we did.  
Then she writes and tells me that everyone tells her that they can’t hear her and some people just hang up on her.

I envisioned sending Gary or Rick into God knows what situation you know?
Lordy, how I hate people. I know, I Grandma would say, going to hell in a hand basket.