Monday, November 30, 2015


Rick is mourning.....for his youth.
Rick is delusional by nature.  
He thinks I'm cuter than I am. He thinks his belly is smaller than it is.
He thinks he has more hair than he does. Once when seeing a photo of a friends mom and a man who's back was to the camera he asked, "Who's the bald guy?"  Yeah, it was him. 

So this weekend something happened that shook him to his core.
To set the stage - We have a community Facebook page.
On this page, people sell items, talk about issues in the neighborhood and the like.
I don't go there much because at times I find it mommy-centric with a lot of entitlement whining.

Rick found something down at the pond/park where he and Izzy go every day.
Actually the dog found it.  Izzy found a very nice knife and it was engraved.
So Rick posted this on Facebook along with a photo, but not showing the inscription.
He was hoping to find the owner of this very nice swiss army type knife.

The comments came in with suggestions. 
A couple of people said it could be "the elderly gentleman who is down there with his chocolate lab."  
There were a couple more of "the elderly man with the brown dog" comments. 
When Rick saw those comments it took him a minute to realize they were talking about him.
Seriously it didn't occur to him that they were speaking about him and Izzy.
He responded he was the elderly gentleman and his dog found this knife.

ELDERLY? he yells out loudly while reading to no one in particular. 
I asked him what the hell he was talking about.
He then proceeded to tell me he put this on facebook and read me the comments.  
I laughed.
Poor Rick is still mumbling and grumbling days later, "elderly my ass"
Whatever he has done over the last few days it ends with a comment like, elderly my ass!
Yes, even that.

I hate to tell him that he really needs to look in the mirror, he's 60 now, he's an old fart. 
He's getting discounts, he's a senior, he's elderly, whatever the word is to tell him he's old.
I've been kicking and screaming about this old lady shit for a few years, did he really think this just happened to him?  Oh my goodness this man humors me.

Poor guy, I'm sure it is shocking to find out in one day he is elderly. 
Here's my elderly old fart. Does he look like he did 30 years ago? Well no, but then neither do I.
He's still cute to me, and heaven knows he makes me laugh. Laughing AT him counts right?

Wednesday, November 25, 2015



Put on those elastic waist pants and enjoy this day of food and drink.
It's the only way to survive all that family. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


It's cold here. Very cold. They used the words wind chill yesterday. I do not like those two words when put together. Today is better because it isn't as windy. But cold. Thursday will be warmer.(60 yippee!) 
I have to mentally prepare myself for this frigid weather. But in all honesty I am mentally somewhere warm.  I will be going to Florida the 3rd of March for a couple of days and the countdown has begun for me.

Why does this happen to people? Getting cold that is.  I never hated winter, loved the cold and used to be in it for hours without any issue. But today I just can't cope. Last night I was wearing double layers again. Is it aging?
Leggings, fleece pants over those, heavy socks and slippers, flannel shirt with a sweatshirt over top of that.
I look like the kid in Christmas Story who can't put his arms down. By the time I put on a coat I look 50lbs heavier and only a little bit warmer. Is this why retired people move to warm climates?

Sunday Rick and I went to Costco. Yes, we are brave to do that, thank you for noticing.
Rick saw a heated shirt and he wanted me to buy it. There was no damn way I was spending $80+ on a shirt that was heated. But I admit to you all that OH MY GOD IT SOUNDED WONDERFUL. But foolish to spend $80 for such a thing when I can put on more layers. Just think come spring everyone will think I lost weight after I unpeel the layers of bulky clothes. So there is a positive. :-)

Rick and I continued to shop, or I should say, I dragged Rick around Sunday and our next stop was the brand new store Dicks Sporting Goods that opened in the neighborhood. We bought ourselves some new wrap around ear muffs. Rick tried to convince me I needed snow pants. And I think he may be right but I'll wait a few weeks to buy those. Besides they may go on sale online for Black Friday. Snow pants sound great to walk the dog in.  I do love that store,  (dick's) but it too is a bit expensive.  So to round out our shopping experience in this new plaza we headed over to Walmart. I bought some heavy duty socks, again at Rick's urging. I think he may be tired of listening to my teeth chatter.

Last night while watching television I was bundled in blankets and decided we needed some hot chocolate to warm the insides.  Rick said if I was making he'd have one too. I surprised him and put in some peppermint schnapps. After his first sip he proclaimed, "Nice surprise Margaret!"  Yep, it was yummy.  And it did the trick and making me feel warmer.

Here's to summer only being 7 months away.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Creep Factor

Rick was in a home today and he was left alone.
This was in a loft type room he'd walk by to get into the bathroom
He sent me this picture and captioned it, "Wouldn't this creep you out?"
Yes, it indeed would.  Those eyes would follow me. Heaven knows Izzy wouldn't like it.

The homeowners are elderly so I find it funny that they would have this in their home.
Perhaps to just scare the grandkids. Maybe they don't like the little kiddies. 
If my Grandmother had this in her house I would've cried. Hell, I used to think her pictures of President John Kennedy were following me and they scared me. Okay now that I have written that I'm thinking this may just be my issue....hmm

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Let's recap today's news shall we?

Charlie Sheen has the HIV virus and has paid millions to extortionists to not leak this information.
While his lifestyle certainly did this to him, I feel badly for anyone who is sick. Not a fun road to travel.
But the extortion can now stop and that has to be a relief for him. I wouldn't have paid. What difference does it make if you had the virus, as of now his doctor claimed it was undetectable, but that doesn't mean he's free of this. Magic Johnson has lived a long and productive life with the virus so why pay off people to not tell on you? I know I wouldn't have if everyone close to me knew - go for it. I'm not paying someone because I may be unemployable and may need this money. But that, of course, is just me who doesn't have this. Who the hell knows.

Then there is the high DC threat from ISIS. Yipee. 
It's always an adventure living here and I am certain I would leave, however financially I can't yet.
So you pray that the threat is thwarted or better yet doesn't come to fruition. 
But for some reason it feels like the beginning of a huge war doesn't it? 
I'm war weary, but this feels different.
And I don't like it. 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Izzy here.

Hi Blogger People, Izzy here.

My parents drive me nuts. I'm a teenager now and I think I have the right to vent about them.
Oh sure, they love me but they don't let me do everything I want to do.  

I go to doggy day care on Saturday mornings. It drives me crazy that they do all this stuff before they take me.  Then they try to ignore me. But this week I would not be ignored!.

Dad left for work on Saturday and that always makes me sad. 
I watched mom do her hair and makeup and I thought for sure when she was done we were leaving. I laid on the bed patiently watching her do "her thing".  When she put down the products I got off the bed and ran downstairs certain she would follow. But did she pay attention to me? No. She was then doing a load of laundry. I went back upstairs to the laundry room and nudged her leg.  C'mon woman we have places to go, dogs to play with, c'mon, hurry it up!

She finally pats my head and we go down the stairs together.  YIPEE, we're finally leaving. 
But then she unloads the dishwasher? WHAT ARE YOU DOING WOMAN?
I sit at the dishwasher and stare at her, can't she hear me? I am telling her it's time to go!

I figured if she isn't getting it, I will make this obvious to this crazy mom of mine. I'll show her, I'll sit in front of the door. She'll figure it out. She sees me sitting here each time she walks by the kitchen to the sofa. But she just smiles at me.  Ooh, she is making me a bit angry now. She folded throws, puffed up pillows, straightened up the coffee table and continued to straighten things up, totally ignoring me. She sees me, I know she sees me sitting at this front door. 

FINALLY, she walks over to me, grabs her sunglasses and says, "Let's go for a walk Izzy."
A WALK?  I don't want a stinkin' walk, it is time for day care you crazy woman, have you forgotten?
Oh, why is Dad not home?

She opens the door and I run to the car. She laughs and says, an hour from now girl, c'mon let's walk. I don't want to walk. I sit down in front of the car. Oooh, she is not happy with me, but I don't want to walk damn it.  I want to go to daycare.  She says we're going to the pond. She knows I like it there but I'm not going to go. If I could stamp my feet I would.

She puts the leash on me now. Oooh I know she's mad now because I have to be on a leash.
She pulls so hard on my leash, but I fixed her, I did not move, I put my head down and the collar came right off my head.   I laughed inside. 

Now she is pissed. She walks in the house and leaves me sitting at the car door. 
A few minutes pass and she open the front door and yells at me to come in the house in her "Dad voice" I hate the Dad voice.
I go inside, but I'm not happy about this. Well, she can't make me do anything else. I am going to sit at this front door until she takes me. Not moving. nope, not one inch. I know it's Saturday and I am not moving until she takes me there.

She continues to do things in the kitchen. She was making spaghetti sauce. WHAT? 
I kept hearing the fridge door open and close. I am getting madder and madder by the minute. 
I thought I will go stare her down.  She closed the fridge door and there I was, she jumped and said," Oh Izzy it's not time yet."   I just kept staring.  I saw her pick up her phone. Go ahead crazy woman take a picture of me. I am not moving until we go, do you hear me?  I am staring a hole into you until we go! Stop laughing, this is serious mom!

(can't rotate this - it's right side up in my photos - can't figure this out on blogger...sorry)

After this picture was taken I still kept staring until I broke her.
She grabbed her keys and we went to the car. She just left everything all over the kitchen island and turned off the stove.  Who cares! We are on our way. 
She opens the door and I run to the car.
I know she was taking the long way, perhaps to annoy me. She said it was because they weren't open yet. I did not believe her. But finally we got there.  We had to sit and wait 5 minutes in front of doggy day care until they moved the sign to say OPEN. Was everyone against me today?
Mom took me out of the car to walk around and smell everything. There were other dogs there waiting too. So we all smelled each other and other things around the building.
FINALLY  they open. I didn't even look back. My favorite girl inside yelled, "Izzy!" she gave me a hug and took me in the back to play. I didn't even look at mom - that'll fix her for making me wait!

I had a ball. I came home at 5pm and ate like a horse and then fell asleep within mere seconds of eating. 
Ah, a good day. See mom? You didn't have to fight me so hard you know. 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Quarter of the way there....

Rick finished the vanity top for the master bath.
So that corner of the room is done.
As you can see in the reflection of the mirror - the opposite wall is still a frightening nightmare.
I really like it. He did a great job and his price was fair.....Okay, sexual favors but that was a small price to pay to get a new vanity top fabricated for practically nothing. :-)

A customer had this done in their kitchen and I loved it. Thankfully there was enough left over my for my bathroom. Love when that happens. 

This corner is all new and was finished a few weeks ago.
We then had to pick out the tile for the shower. Very simple or one would think. 
Man, tile is expensive. What I wanted and what I got are very different.
70sq foot of tile is amazingly expensive. I am only using tile in the shower. 
The first choice was over $2,800 for just the shower! (with rick's discount) 
Then Rick suggested beveled subway tile. 
Then we went to Lowes and left the fancy tile shops.
I found something I really really like. It's more modern than what I normally go for, but I like it.
It's like subway tile only wavy. I know you're asking what the hell is wavy tile. 
Well, you'll have to wait and see.
But it was only $420.  Remember I have to have someone install this, not Rick this time, so that is an additional cost to that original 2,800. Which is why I couldn't do that.

This may even get finished this year. Hey a girl can dream.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

I'm a hot mess.

The ER missed me.

I have always had blood pressure around 110/70. Sometimes lower.
Suddenly it has been on the high side. My doctor and I are watching this. I take it daily at home and some days good, some days off the chart.
The blood pressure machine sits on my kitchen island. 

When the hillbillies came to visit I put it away. That means out of sight out of mind for me.
Which means I haven't been taking it.

Monday I was feeling weird. I have been having these headaches that are unable to go away with aspirin or sleep. Monday they were so bad I was having a hard time all day just focusing on my job. After dinner I told Rick I wasn't feeling great. I thought I'd do some laundry and maybe just lie on the sofa for a bit and watch TV. But I really couldn't focus. It felt like my heart was pounding so hard and I felt it in my ears.  It was so damn weird.  

Monday night I awoke around midnight. I was feeling my heart beat through my chest. My head was pounding as well. I was having pain in my back shoulder area and I was nauseous as hell.
I got up and got dressed and went downstairs. I woke up Rick and Izzy and made Izzy go back to bed and told Rick I had insomnia and kissed him and they were both snoring before I left the room.

I got downstairs and took a Bayer aspirin. I chewed it (yeah, I like the taste, I know that is odd)
I sat on the sofa and actually remember a stupid song that a comedian sang to tell you about a heart attack. I poo-poo'd myself and turned on TV. I was having a hard time taking a deep breath.  I was nauseous as hell. My pain in my back was getting worse (around my shoulders) and I felt like my heart was coming through my chest. I was flipping channels when I thought my head was going to explode. Do I ignore this? Is this something or is this nothing?
Do I go to the ER yet again and embarrass myself? 

I played that back and forth game for a long time. It's nothing.  Screw my pride, go anyway.
No, you're a damn fool, they don't need to see you yet again and it's no big deal.
At 3am after hanging over the toilet I decided to go to the ER.  

I did not wish to wake up Rick so I looked in the mirror and tried to make my hair lie down. Screw it!
I grabbed my keys and quietly left my home and drove to the ER.
No one was in there. Weird. The security guard took me over to the kiosk to check in. 
Apparently I looked bad because he took my driver's license and looked at me and said, "I've got this for you ma'am."  Then the receptionist asked for my insurance card. I don't remember going in the back.
I do remember them taking my blood pressure it was 203/71.  
Yeah, not good.

When this happened they began hooking me up to stuff. I watch too much Greys Anatomy.
When my blood pressure came up they just looked at each other in "that" way. And without words everyone was running around. I asked what it was and no one was answering me. I turned to look at the machine and when I saw that I about flipped out. I was hooked up to an EKG immediately. Blood was taken.They were asking me rapid-fire questions. They did a CT scan of my head. WHAT?  I kept saying nothing is wrong with my head. They gave me something through an IV for nausea.  I was happy when that hit.

Everything was normal. So I was embarrassed. I still felt like shit but was sent home and told  to monitor my blood pressure. Oh I shouldn't have gone. Egg on face.

I got home at 5a. I went to the sofa and wrapped up in my throw. 2 minutes later Rick and Izzy came down stairs.  None the wiser. I took a shower and got ready for my day. Rick told me I looked awful how was I feeling? I told him I went to the ER and I am embarrassed that I panicked and did that.  When I told him about my blood pressure he went nuts. He didn't agree with me that that I shouldn't have gone and he was angry that I went alone. 

I called my doctor and they can get me in next week. Yipee. 
Rick suggested I call a cardiologist. I told him I would. He knows what that means.

Then later yesterday I got to thinking that perhaps the new supplements I have to take for my adrenal fatigue are causing this. So I didn't take them the rest of the day. This morning I woke up without a headache. First time in months. I took my blood pressure - 121/71. 
Now that's better. So it was just the damn supplements that are supposed to help me yet they felt like they were giving me a heart attack. While that is just my guess I think I may be on to something.

I did not take them today. We'll see how this goes.
I am so friggin' embarrassed that I rushed to the ER.  That was so stupid of me.
But if it had been Rick I would have made him go. But still....

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Orange Jack Ass

We all know that Donald Trump is a horses ass.
He is a bully name calling blow hard.
He is now telling everyone to boycott Starbucks because they are not putting Christmas trees and wreaths on their cups. Oh, the horrors. 

Since when is a Christmas tree or a wreath have anything to do with Christianity?
Are these people so stupid to confuse the commercialism of Christmas with the Nativity scene which should be the symbol of Christmas? 

For the love of God, stop this insanity!! Who gives a rats ass if they are only doing red? Should the Jewish community be in an uproar because no one ever does blue or have a menorah on the cups? Big deal. This is what we are worried about with all that is going on around us?

Look it's a Starbucks coffee cup. Get over yourself you orange jack ass.
He who has not a single solution for anything.  How the hell can he balance a budget when he's been in bankruptcy several times?  But I digress....

So let's recap shall we? No solutions, only bullying, name calling and bringing up stupid distractions from real issues that stupid people will get behind.
Hmm....I think I found the real issue - all the stupid people who jump on this bandwagon. 


For the love of God, they just predicted 30-50 inches of snow for this winter. 

Gee, that's only 20-40 more inches than normal. 
Florida here I come!

Friday, November 6, 2015


I'm not a big country music fan, but I admit that in the 80's there were some bands and sounds both Rick and I liked. We called it Eagle type music. We are rock 'n rollers with a strong love of the blues. Back in the day  we also liked country rock like the Eagles, 38 Special, Lynyrd Skynyrd etc. The country stuff in the 80's sounded like that. But then country got really homogenized and they all sounded the same, like a boy band. Since we are not fans of boy band music we both do not hear much country anymore.

This past week when the CMA awards were on it was automatically recorded on prime time on dish. With nothing interesting to watch we thought we'd flip through the show.
So we FF through most of it and stopped, listened, if didn't like it we moved on.
We both really liked this song.  We are not big Justin Timberlake fans, at least in the music department that is.So imagine our surprise that he wrote this song and sang it so well. 
They sang Chris Stapleton's song together before this and that too was good. 

Then this came on and I said, "oh my goodness I feel like a kid, this one riff sounds like it's from the Munsters and it reminds me of the go-go dancers on the Hullabaloo TV show.  
The more it went on the more we cracked up. Yes, we liked this - took us on a trip back to our youth.

Happy Friday kids.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Oiy Vay

Now a great many of you may find these things no big deal.
I get that we are all different.
I just wish people like this wouldn't invite themselves to our home.

They arrived at 5:45p just in time for dinner on Friday.
First thing as they walked in they proclaimed - who the hell lives in these houses around here?
Meaning the big houses you drive by to get to my small home.
Rick and I choose to laugh and deflect and grabbed their suitcase and ushered them into our home from the foyer.

They saw me preparing food at the island and HE proclaimed - Good thing you're making dinner, I'm starved.  Rick and I choose to do a laid back evening at our home to chat, get reacquainted and drink and eat.  I immediately got them cocktails and I finished up dinner. I put out appetizers and they sat down on the sofa and chowed down on those until dinner was ready. I told them it was our Friday night special of pizza, wings and salad. I made a 7 layer salad and 2 different pizzas for the 3 of them. (since I can't eat pizza I made a great salad so I had something to enjoy too) and garlic butter wings.  I made a buffalo chicken wing pizza and a meat lovers pizza.  Of course I had dessert as well.  Everyone drank a lot and ate a lot. I guess it was good. rick said it was.  I only eat salad out of that bunch.

The evening went along with Rick and he catching up. She and I chimed in from time to time.
He bitches constantly about something. He is an angry man.  He also smells like death. But more of that later. He smokes a great deal so he went out on the patio a lot to have cigarettes. At one point he went off on something political and Rick told him we are not talking politics this weekend. We can agree to disagree on all topics and let it go. For some reason he listens to Rick. Not sure why, but thankfully he does. At one point in the evening he said something racist and Rick told him if he wishes to talk like that he can leave because he won't tolerate that kind of talk in his home. He said he was sorry and that was it, and we moved on. Whew.

We carried his bag up the flight of stairs to his guest room and showed them the lay of the land.
His guest room has its own bathroom. But he had to find something to bitch about and it was the stairs and the big fluffy towels in the bathroom. Who knew people didn't like big wrap yourself up in towels that are soft and fluffy?

By the time I went to bed I was exhausted. Bitch, bitch,bitch. Nothing makes this man happy.
Their children don't speak to them. They don't get to see their grandchildren. His daughter had a protection order out on him. I did not ask why, his wife mentioned it as I was cleaning up the kitchen and she was sitting on the island stools. I just nodded. I didn't care honestly. They are such goobers. I just smile a lot like a Stepford wife, being a hostess.

In the morning I made breakfast. He didn't like the fruit. I had mixed fruit, egg, sausage cheese casserole, and toast, coffee, juice, tea etc. 
So instead of not eating any of the fruit he has to proclaim loudly that he hates fruit.
I said, "Well Fred you don't have to eat it, that's fine."
Fred: "Good, no one should eat fruit  What kind of cheese is in this?"

Me: "shredded cheddar. do you not like cheese either?"
Fred: "No I like cheese, just making sure you put the right kind in there."
Yeah, who does that at someone's home? I have celiac disease and am not that awful. And it's not like he says this playfully. It's always mean and angry.  So I just keep smiling.

While waiting for Rick and his wife after breakfast he went outside to have a cigarette. It was a gorgeous fall day. I went out there and joined him at the table.  He said, "Hey look at all those squirrels in the trees and running across your garage roof."  
I said, "oh I know Izzy will sit back here and watch them for hours."
Fred: Oh boy I wish I had my guns
Me: You'd kill the squirrels?
Fred: Hell yeah.
Me: Fred do you enjoy the "hunt" or is it the kill you like so much?
Fred: Oh the kill.
My thoughts - yeah so did Jeffrey Dahmer.This was my last straw but for my hubby I am keeping a "Peggy" face and smiling when I want him the hell out of my house. Friggin' red neck. I even asked if he'd eat the squirrels. No, just wanna kill 'em he says.Yeah, I'd like to do the same to you right now buddy. Hunting is one thing, this is a whole 'nother disgusting thing.

Because we knew talking with them was more than we wanted to do with these hillbillies we had to have plans. We know he likes rum so we found a rum distillery in a small town 14 miles west of us. They both said that sounded like fun.
We drove out there and went to the distillery. We bought a tasting of hard cider first.Now I don't care for apple cider so I thought I wouldn't like this. Boy, was I wrong. It tasted like a very dry white wine. Yum.
He, of course, had to be dramatic and spit it out ON THE FLOOR in front of all the customers and loudly say, "that sucked"  I left that room.  We then went to another room with the tasting of rum and absinthe
Now we're having fun with all these strangers laughing, drinking, even trying each others by saying, drink from this side. We all choose different things. The absinthe was a cool ritual of sugar cubes and ice water over this strainer. It was very good. But he again proclaimed so loudly that this all sucked that someone yelled, then leave. Rick and I looked at one another and about died. He did. He walked outside, while his wife, Rick and myself had fun.  We met him outside where he said that wasn't any fun. We had fun she told him. She apologized for his behavior and we all just moved on.
Not a thank you for bringing us here, or you tried (and we paid) nope, only bitching.

We walked around this quaint little town. Bought some chocolates at a candy store where you can see them being made. Ooh boy nothing better than truffles. But of course he had to bitch about the prices. What the hell did he care, he never took out his wallet?  We then went to have lunch on a patio to enjoy the great sunny fall day. It is a bar but it has great food as well. Rick saw that on the menu they had a Cuban. He said he was going to get the Cuban sandwich. Fred asks what's in it? Rick goes down the list of pork loin, ham, pickles, the sauce, cheese etc. He too orders it. When it came he THREW it on the plate and said, "that  is too damn much pork."  Gee you think the fact that we told you pork and ham may have been a clue?  His wife yelled at him and he gave her a look and she stopped talking. Awkward.

Everywhere we went there were Washington Redskin flags. Outside a bar/restaurant, homes, businesses, etc. Because we live in the DC Metro area of course that is the hometown team.
He who only wears black and gold Steeler garb from head to toe. (no shit  - no exaggeration even his sneakers) had to make a smart ass comment when entering anywhere with this flag. Never quietly either. Finally, Rick told him that it wasn't polite to do that in someone else's home. Everyone can see by your clothes who your team is so knock it off. 
Honestly, who does that shit? I wouldn't go to Boston and mutter bad things under my breath or loudly proclaiming they suck. You don't go to someones home and rip them apart. I am polite. I do not tell them they suck and my team is better. That is my opinion and I am in their town for God's sake!

We strolled around this little town and headed back at 5p to pick up my dog from daycare. 
I grilled up some garlic shrimp and some other little nibbles for them to have before we went out for dinner. We were going to hand out candy for Halloween and then out for the evening. 

At dinner he made a remark calling this place gour - MET. 
I think he thought saying that was funny.
It wasn't, but I smiled.  Again he went into a tirade about something and Rick said, 'Fred why are you so angry man? You were never like this."
Fred said he wasn't angry. His wife said, "See I tell him that all the time."  Fred asked Rick, do you really think I'm angry? Rick said, "yea, you're an angry old man"  They both laughed and Fred looked at me and said, "Peg do you think I'm angry?"  Trying to be nice for Rick I say, "Well Fred you are a bit of a curmudgeon"  
Now he got really angry and said, "what the hell did you just call me?"  
Rick jumped in and said, she said a curmudgeon Fred that's not a bad word. 
He is riled up now, "What the hell does that even mean?" We both explain. 
While it seemed to calm him he still wasn't sure. He and his wife  both had never heard this word before. (I know!) 
When the waitress came over he said to her, "Do you know what a curmudgeon is?"  
This young girl says laughing, "oh I sure do, we call my grandfather that!"  
Fred asked her again, "What does it mean?"  She said, "a cranky old guy"
Now he seems happy to know that I didn't call him anything awful just a cranky old guy.
He looked at me and said, "Okay I can live with that" Whew we all laughed.
His wife kicked me under the table and nodded at me.  I just smiled.

That evening when everyone went upstairs to bed I stayed downstairs. I emptied the dishwasher and put on the world series. I just enjoyed the quiet. I needed the quiet.
Then I remembered that Fred didn't like our coffee or our choices of cream, 1/2 and 1/2 so i ran to the store and bought milk and coffee he'd like. didn't want to start off his day with him grumpy

In the morning I made breakfast and was sure to not have fruit. He noticed I got milk and said, "hey you got milk"  I said, yes I wanted you to have some "good coffee" as you said. 
His wife thanked me, he wouldn't do that.

When they left Rick asked if I thought Fred smelled funny. I laughed and said, Like death.
He said, 'yes, like he's sick or dying" I said I know, but I heard you ask him about his health and all that kind of stuff. He told you he was in great shape and patted your pot belly and told you that you better do something about that. I asked Rick if he thought he was deflecting or he doesn't know he's sick.  We assumed that if he is sick he doesn't know it. His skin is gray and he looks like he's not getting oxygen. It was weird.

He wouldn't go up and down our stairs and would ask me or his wife to fetch things for him. He left his wallet in his room so I went up and got it. He kept forgetting things and she or I would get them so he didn't have to do the steps. He's too young to be behaving like this. He said he didn't have knee issues. (Lucky him)
He asked Rick how he does these stairs and Rick said, I'm used to them but I'm also ready for a ranch.  Rick asked if he had been to a doctor or a cardiologist to see how his ticker was and he said he was fine and had to reason to go. We dropped it.  But we thought perhaps he had some blockage and that was why his skin was not pink.

I am leaving a boat load of horror stories out. But you get the general gist of things.
When they left I went to the guest room to strip the bed and gather towels and things to do laundry. They left it like a rock star.  Things were strewn about like you wouldn't have believed. 
I just shook my head and picked up everything and did the laundry. My room may be a mess but if I am company I do not leave that for the hostess to clean up after me. Have they never learned manners?

I feel badly for him in a way. Why the hell would someone be so damn angry?
His wife was tolerable it is just that I have nothing in common to talk about.  
She's odd, simple and trashy looking but overall compared to Fred she is nice and isn't mean. When Fred asked how we advertise and I went into our marketing I just confused them. So I broke things down, like each time you see our name in a search on google and you click our name, we pay for each of those clicks. They didn't know that. I tried to explain some others but if you don't do this I suppose this is confusing although most understsand.  So I asked if they were familiar with Houzz to tell them what I was doing for our countertop company because that was new and I was enjoying that. They never heard of that. So I asked about her waitress job at a big hotel and her company and just tried to keep things on them.  Easier. I did not want to make them feel bad about anything so it was just easier to talk about them.

Rick said after the visit he was sorry he opened that box. I  said I was too.

He thanked me for holding my tongue he knew it must be bleeding my now.
He said he thought my head was going to explode a few times. He also stated that he knew there were a few times when I got up and left the room and acted like I was getting myself something just to walk away. I laughed and said, Yep I did indeed do that. 
And he thanked me again.
But don't ever do this to me again Rick!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


We just bought a big ole snowblower for this upcoming winter.
You know what that means don't you? It will not snow now.
You're welcome.

Sunday, November 1, 2015