Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Upcoming event

Remember that horrific trip to Altoona I had to take in May? Well all summer these folks have asked to come to down to visit us. We were "busy" 
They called 2 weeks ago and asked to come down and Rick said sure, because what else can you do?

This will be 2 1/2 days of hillbilly heaven. Oh brother, I can't wait.
And it's going to rain (its pouring now) so some of the things Rick and I had planned will not go on as planned. I can't bear the thought of being with these folks let alone being with them trapped indoors.

The man likes rum. We found a rum distillery in Middleburg Va who has tastings etc.
So I know that on Saturday we will be doing that. Friday night I have no idea.

You just have no idea how much I am dreading this. If they were nice people this would be fine. But she is not. He is weird. But I can get past him. It's her that is my problem. And yes, I realize this is my problem. I must figure out a way to be able to handle this.
 I'm thinking drugs and alcohol,got a better idea? :-)
Last night Rick said and I quote, "I promise not to leave you stuck with her. I will be there to help with her."  I laughed and said, "I am holding you to this and if you ever want sex again you will help me." He just laughed. 

I am doing all one does to prepare for company. I have a long long list of what i need to buy for meals, beverages, etc. Guest room all clean, check. Guest bath all clean - check.  
Food and booze for 2 .5 days of feeding folks purchased - NO
House cleaned - NO, only 3rd floor(guest room up there) Did all the stuff that is accomplished last evening after work.

So as you can see I have a lot to do as well as work 9 hrs a day. (they are arriving at dinner time on Friday - just in time to eat...yippee)

I'll see you next week after my painful weekend. I am going to drink this weekend. Yes, you heard right. I have not been imbibing of late.  Wine misses me and I know this weekend I will need my wine so I don't lose my mind and my head doesn't explode with this crazy woman going on about her co-workers who hate her,her family who hate her and her "friends" that no longer like her. She may wish to be quiet and think about why this is that everyone hates her, but nope, she's a Jerry Springer show all by herself. Is it too late in my life to start using drugs?

Monday, October 26, 2015

Here She Goes Again.....

No, I did not catch fire, fall down a flight of stairs or lose a digit!
I really can't do any of that now that Rick has me wrapped in bubble wrap.  
He has let me out to bore you with my update on my left shin.

My goodness, this sucker is painful.
I did take my x-ray elsewhere. I also had more tests, MRI etc.
This is a bone bruise. And if you are anything like me this sounds like a no big deal after the swelling goes down you're fine.   I thought it was like any bruise, black and blue type bruise which hurts for a new york minute and it fades away. 
But here it is a week later and I still have some swelling and it still hurts like a @#$%!&*

The doctor told me the first clue was it didn't hurt too badly at first when I got in the car to go home. But as time went on it was over the top pain. 
He explained that if the trauma isn't hard enough to actually break/fracture my outer bone that instead it fractures the fibers inside. I know this isn't the medical way of explaining it but you can google bone bruise and you'll understand.

Bottom line, I thought I'd be fine by now but apparently this can take months.
Who knew?

I want to get a pedicure this week and I know I will wrap my leg so she doesn't touch it.
Oh my goodness, if you touch it, get close to touching it I will go through the roof.
I think if I had broken it, it would have been less painful.

I did do some things wrong that are a big deal. One was that I took Bayer aspirin for pain most often due to it not having gluten. Where most Ibuprofen has gluten. So I was eating aspirin a lot and the Dr. told me it  inhibits the formation of blood clots so that was a big no-no.

I can walk fine. I can not sit on it, lean on it, bump it or touch it. Otherwise, I am just fine. No running either I have found. Thankfully I am not normally a runner unless being chased. So that's just another reason not to run to add onto my long list of no reason to run.

So there you have it. I'm fine. That doctor  nurse practitioner was crazy, that we are certain of.
And all this made me have a come to Jesus talk with my hubby.
The night I came home from urgent care I shared with him all that happened. 
The following day a request was apparently emailed for a review. 
I did not see this but The Big Guy did.  He responded.  Oooh, I was not happy when I got a call the following day on my cell asking me about this review. I wanted to kill him. 

First of all men, don't ever speak for your lady. Not cool.  If I wanted to do this I would have.  
I also would have been straight up no chaser, but it would have been a bit more gentle. 
He is like a bull in a china shop. Holy shit was I angry at him. 
And to be surprised that day by a call asking to discuss my review that I didn't know I had made. Oh, so not cool Rick. She must have thought I was crazy when I said, "I didn't make a review"
Or perhaps she thought they gave me pain medication and I was on it while talking to her.
Either way I looked the fool for a minute and I was not happy.

This is that ole thing where men think they are helping. I didn't ask for help.  He needs to fix it for me all the time. I am not helpless if I wanted his help I would have asked for his help. 
He certainly knows all that. Or he should by now I've said it enough.
I just was venting when I got home, you know like I do here.
Just listen you big goof ball!  After 28 years you'd think he'd have learned this by now. 

Friday, October 23, 2015

FB love.

We all know that facebook person who has to be on there every day spouting their love for their significant other. There is this one dude who I see only because I am friends with his girlfriend. He makes me ill. I have never met him. They have only been together for 2 years I believe and they live in another state.

Every day he whines  goes on about his love, how she has been gone for 10 minutes and he misses her already.  Honestly, it's enough to make one vomit. He seriously wrote about her being gone for 10 minutes and it felt like hours for him since they were together and all this rubbish type of sentiment. 

I think it's just swell if you feel this way. (sort of)  But keep it between you two because the rest of facebook is not only rolling our collective eyes and are nauseous, we want to punch you when we meet you.
Or as my husband said after reading the latest from this "douchebag" (as Rick refers to him), "I tell you these things all the damn time. I don't have any insecurities to feel the need to put this on FB. To me, he is insecure and lacking something somewhere or he wouldn't need to do this every day publicly. To me, things aren't as they appear Margaret." 
Hmm...interesting from his point of view.

Whether it's a woman or a man I find it peculiar. I saw a friend go on about her anniversary to her husband.  Gee, he's sitting right across from you, wish him a happy anniversary in person you goof ball. 

The dude who can't bear to be apart for 10 minutes had to be unfriended. I just really don't wish to see it anymore. It was all so dirty and not in a good way.   If dirty in a good way I'd still be there watching and reading for heaven's sake. :-)

Why do you think these people do this type thing?  Do you agree with Rick that they really don't have what they say or they are insecure? 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

You did what now?

Remember how I bragged about not hurting myself on Sunday?
Yea, well that didn't last. 
Geez, what the hell is going on with me lately?

I ran to the grocery store yesterday afternoon. Rick was home early so he was in the office so I thought  why not run to the grocery store for a couple of things we needed.
As I was walking briskly to my car after leaving the store, my cart stopped abruptly, which made my shin hit the bar on the shopping cart. Oh I hit this bar hard. I heard a loud crack and the pain hit me instantly. I remember shaking with pain and hobbling to get off the road. I got to a curb and sat down for a minute to gather myself. I got up and limped to my car.
I loaded the 3 bags into the back and drove home. 

My shin felt like it had a pulse as I drove home. Burn, burn, burn.
I went back to work and I thought I'd be just fine in time.
When I went downstairs after 5p I showed Rick how it was swelling. 
It hurt to touch or get near it for that matter. By 7pm, it was swelling a great deal and the pain was traveling into my ankle and foot and it was worse. 
But I hit my shin so I thought that was odd that this pain was traveling. 
By 8pm I couldn't put any weight on it. Rick insisted I go back to the ER.
Damn, I wasn't doing that again. Nope.  Stubborn old coot.

But then at 9p it was so bad I drove myself as Rick slept in his chair. I was certain it was nothing major but because it was getting so much worse and the pain was traveling I thought it may be best to find out. And a pain pill wouldn't kill me.

I went to urgent care this time, instead of the ER. 
There was no doctor only a nurse practitioner.  I thought that was weird. 
She was 80 if she was a day as well. 
She said if it were broken it would be swelling and the pain would be traveling to your ankle and foot.
I said, "didn't I just say that?"  She didn't listen to me nor did she respond to what I just said.
Or perhaps she was deaf. I mean to tell you this woman was old!

They take me to X-rays. Then they tell me that they don't have a radiologist to read the x-rays. This nurse practitioner came in and said she looked at them and didn't see that it was broken but it sure is acting like that. Yeah, no shit sherlock. Only reason I'm here.

So she wrapped it in an ace bandage. She kept pressing her thumb on my shin and I yelped.
I asked her to not touch my shin it was incredibly painful. She said, "you know I'm thinking this is muscular"  huh?

Now I am not a doctor but neither is this woman. I am sure it's just a bone bruise. Hurts like hell and it sure as hell is swollen but it's not muscular.  I am not a doctor, but I know it's not muscular.

Today, as I am limping down the street with my dog, my neighbor said hello and then she shrieks, "oh my god your leg is so swollen"   (wearing leggings so easy to see)
(Gee, thank you for noticing.) 
I told her I banged up my shin and left it at that. 
She said, "then why is your ankle so swollen?"  I said I didn't know that. 
She suggested I go to urgent care.  Yep, that's what I will do I tell her. 
Didn't want to tell her I did and they say nothing is wrong and that it's probably muscular.

This summer when one of the boys on my favorite MLB team had a bone bruise and was out for a couple of weeks I called him a wuss. If it hurt like this, I so get it now and this is my karma for thinking this was no big deal.
As I type this my leg has its own heart beat. My shin is burning and my left leg from shin to my foot is 2x its normal size.  I have Flintstone feet - or I should say a Fred Flintstone left foot.

Now all I need is a week of not going to the ER or Urgent Care. Please.
I think I need to be bubble girl for awhile. (remember bubble boy on Seinfeld?)
Rick's going to wrap me in bubble wrap he proclaimed this morning. That made me giggle.
But I'm sure it also won't hurt either. :-)
Can you even believe this?  

Monday, October 19, 2015

Rolling Around In My Head Today....

**Oprah spent 43 million to buy into Weight Watchers.  Do you think she will have to do the plan now? Was that her incentive to buy WW, so she'd have to go on a diet? It's an odd choice to me. But when you have billions I imagine she has people to tell her if this is a good investment, I just find it a funny one.

**The Cubs aren't going to do it are they?  Not happy about the way this world series is playing out.  Don't care for the Royals and I DISLIKE THE METS IMMENSELY!!!!

**Sunday came and went and I even made beef stew and I have all my digits, nothing was burned including me. So all in all, a damn good Sunday unlike the last couple, don't ya think? I'm sure I will hear from the ER asking if I'm okay. 

**We've had a cold spell that we will snap out of tomorrow. Back to the 70's where it should be.  We had to put on the heat when I came downstairs and could see my breath. 
I thought it was time Sunday morning.  I made coffee and held my hot cup until the heat finally got the room to at least 62.  I fought turning on the heat because I really didn't want to go to heat this early.  Damn.  We just finished paying $250-300 a month for the air conditioning. 
The heat is always a bigger bill and I'm normally always cold anyway.
I wish we had more time between air conditioning and the heat.
I'd like fall until spring. I'm sure everyone would be up for that. Yesterday and today were winter. Not good. But better than my hometown who just had snow over the weekend!

**My mom called me this weekend to let me know they are not coming for Thanksgiving. 
My Dad is really not doing as well as he was.
He panicked when Mom told him they were coming. I have a lot of stairs and recently he has had a few "accidents" and he doesn't want to be here should that happen. As my mom explained, he would die if he knew I was even telling you this. 
One of his medications is causing this they believe so off to the doctors again today for him.  
Normally I don't go up north during the holidays. The first year we did do that we got stuck
there for a few days longer than we anticipated. Not a place I want to get stuck. 
Stuck in my family home with other family members who can't leave. That is a set up for bad mojo to come out.  It wasn't pretty. 
It always reminds me of my favorite Thanksgiving movie of all time called, Home For The Holidays.  It stars Robert Downey Jr., Anne Bancroft, Charles Durning, Holly Hunter, Dylan McDermott and Claire Danes to name just a few. It was directed by Jodie Foster. We watch this movie every Thanksgiving. It is always on TV every year.  I love Charles Durning and as the Dad here he is your typical dad of that era. (like my father) It's not a conventional movie, but I'm not a conventional gal, so this family's dysfunction makes me laugh and appeals to me as well as my hubby. I can't believe it's been 20 years since we first saw it. 
I dare you to watch it and not say, "that's my uncle, or that's my mom etc."
I have uttered the line Holly Hunter says so many times that after it was said in the movie my husband looked at me and whispered, they stole your line Margaret!
 " who are these people and where do I even come from?"

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Work ranting yet again.

You all know that I have a great disdain for Angie's List.
It is all a joke as I have discussed here before.

My contract expires November 11th and I can't wait.
I wrote my official 30-day cancellation to my rep.  My ever rotating reps have been horrific.
I imagine they all quit and I get another job and then I have a new rep I have to teach to sell and what not to say to me. I suggested to this newest ya-hoo to listen then see what the customer needs and sell that. Not throw shit at them and see what sticks. I told him he'd be surprised of how well that would work. 
Or this one he said to me awhile back, "it's only another $500 so what's the big deal?"  Yes, a customer service rep said that to me. I didn't want to give them another dime so telling me $500 was no big deal didn't set well with me. And besides the bigger point being that it is rude and how did he know it wasn't a big deal to my business?

This past year I have had 3 reps.  I only know this because the name changes on my account when I sign in. No one calls me, more importantly no one ever returns my calls or emails. 
But since I have told them I am not renewing they have been calling me daily, writing me reasons why I should stay.  The reps, their bosses and on and on. 
They are trying to educate me on the affluence of this county vs. that county. As if I don't know this information. Idiots.  If you are running your own business you sure as hell better know the demographics of your service area and how it pertains to you.  

The biggest thing now is they are throwing territories my way for hardly any money.
You see I only pay for one county.  If I had added another it was more than double.
 If I added my complete service area it was the price of a used car,  a 2013 used Honda Accord. No thank you.  
That limits me from spending anywhere else with my advertising budget. That would be foolish of us. It needs to be spread around.

This past 2 weeks after my email was sent I have been offered all the territory where we work for only $100 more than we've been paying. Hmm....
Then we were told all the other things they would throw in on top of that savings. Things I have asked for in the past I might add. I was always told no. Now it can be done - imagine my surprise.  (yeah, sarcasm)

If they had been this responsive when I was a customer I might have stayed.
If they have been this concerned about helping me when I was a customer I might have stayed.
If they had returned my emails and calls the way they are doing now, I might have stayed.
This was all shared with the latest "customer service rep"

Sadly they do this when you are leaving and can't understand why I don't re-sign with them.
Angie's list people are smug and they shouldn't be. Their service is flawed big time.
The customers who call from there are like birds, cheap, cheap, cheap. 
That is all they care about and they threaten you with, "if you don't give me this cheaper your review will be bad".  Please. 

We are using that monthly money spent on Angies List and putting it in another form of advertising that I think will pay off bigger and better. If not I can always go back to Angie's list but it's doubtful at this point in time.  Never say never I suppose.

Just remember people, they don't check your licenses, your infractions, or your legality as she states on TV. We knew of a man in Maryland that was not only working without a license, he had so many issues that Angie says they check on that it made us laugh. He just went out of business recently due to a lawsuit so it worked itself out but the point being he was on her list and he was never checked.  He paid her monthly and that is all it seems they care about in my opinion. Now I don't know that they do this everywhere, I am just very aware of it around here. Let's face it, contractors all talk. We all feel the same about this list.

A.L only ask for money from the contractor. They bury you if you don't advertise so we will no longer be seen. Or as the dumb ass told me today, "What good are all those A+ ratings of yours if you're just going to throw them away?"  My response you ask?  
I said, "I am not throwing them away, you are choosing to hide them because I will not pay you anymore.  I think that is called blackmail."  He thought I was making a funny and the dumb ass laughed and went right into sales mode. Oh brother!

Our last call this morning was a thank you for our business.
This man would have been fired from where I used to work.
I think he needs to thank whomever he believes in that he has a job!

Now how many of you peruse Houzz?

No More Shopping for Rick

There is an awesome store in Arlington called The Italian Store.
Rick went by one day when he was working and saw a line of well-dressed business folks at lunch time with the line coming out the door. 
That made him think there was something good going on.

The next time he was in Arlington he stopped in the store. 
He got himself a fresh made sandwich.
He stood in line at number 16 and it had to be good for Mr. Inpatient to do that.
He moaned about this sandwich for weeks.

One Saturday in the winter he said, "C'mon let's go to The Italian Store"
So off to Arlington we go. Now I can't eat a sandwich but they sure had other foods.
And if you order capicola or salami, they cut it first, then make your sandwich. It looked great.
The place is small, but it obviously has good food. I got an antipasto salad and that too was very good. We left with a couple bottles of wine as well. (of course, is what you are saying aren't you?)

While both were very good wines, we did have our favorite.
So when Rick was in Arlington yesterday he stopped there and bought a case of that one wine that was our favorite. When he brought that home it made me laugh. 
No wonder ya'll think I'm a wino.  We are getting company from out of town and possibly for Thanksgiving so hopefully we'll have all this wine for then.  Hopefully....

He said while he was waiting for his sandwich he was perusing the aisles. But because he doesn't understand Italian and everything is in Italian he wasn't sure what anything was for certain. Of course a man doesn't ask, it's like directions I think.

He said he saw senza glutine (gluten free) and thought he could buy that for me but wasn't sure if it was crackers or cookies from the photo and didn't understand anything except that phrase I taught him - senza glutine. I laughed and said that I was glad he did not buy anything, I don't need anything.  I understand when reading Italian, or I should say I understand enough to get the gist of what is being said. The only thing I know for certain are the bad words. Again, you say of course didn't you?

So I told him next time I will go with him and I can tell him what things are so that he can buy it or not.  It truly is better he can't read anything because he buys too much stuff all the time.
He spent a small fortune on balsamic vinegar from there. 
Is it the best I have ever had? Damn right. 
But there is no way in hell I would have spent that kind of money on balsamic vinegar. 
Is it the best ever as a drizzle. Oh, yea. Is it great on a Caprese salad?. Oh, my it was.
 But I still wouldn't do that unless I win the lottery.

Remember the time he went to buy me a box of pens at Costco. He spent $400+ and came home without my pens? But. Margaret, they have meat there! (insert eye roll)

You can't let Rick shop whether its the English language or the Italian language on the packaging!! Capiche?

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Boo-Boo's and Wine

As you all know by now I am accident prone.
The first time I ran into my ex-husband was at a party of people I didn't know.
A friend brought me. I froze when I saw him. We nodded. Neither wanted this to be awkward and I could tell by his demeanor that he was thinking what I was thinking.

We were introduced. As we were shaking hands we laughed and I immediately said, "we went to high school together" 
While very true, I said it so we didn't have to say to these people that we were ex's. It would have made everyone watch us. He was playing pool, I went to the bar.

I was making myself a gin and tonic and asked if there was a knife for the limes at the bar.
The ex immediately looked over to the bar and shouted, "don't give her a knife unless you have band aids within reach"
We both laughed. He then walked over and cut the limes and said, "we don't need blood shed here tonight." and walked back to the pool table.  I laughed and everyone looked at us like we were so damn weird.  

So you see I've always been like this, which is why I don't find it all a big deal like Rick does.
Rick has known me for 28 years, you'd think he'd be used to this by now wouldn't you?
This is also why I won't use a saw. He has tried to make me use a saw when we are remodeling, building things etc. I do a lot of the work. I draw the line at a saw. 
I know there is a protective shield there, but I just know me. I like my fingers.
I love jewelry. I am not going to ever use a saw - period! And the way he bugs me about this shit you'd think he'd stop trying to make me. When we were tiling I said, I know I can do this, however, something will happen and I will lose a digit and I would not like that. 
I can put up the tile you cut, I can grout, I can do everything else, isn't that enough?  
I know my limits.

He made me change the bandage this morning to look at it. I think it looks just fine. Julie left a comment to use super glue and I mentioned that to him. Rick told me it would indeed work however it burns like hell. Apparently Mr. Know It All has had a mishap or two where he used it. 
Funny he never mentioned this before as he hovers over me driving me crazy like he's my dad.
So I decided to just add more Neosporin and re-bandage it up. I am a wuss about the burn.
It will all be fine. By Saturday, I will be able to open wine and drink so it will all be okay.

A friend sent me this. Damn, ya'll must think all I do is drink wine. It's not ALL I do people.
I do other things too, I just don't enjoy them as much as I do a great glass of red wine. :-)

Monday, October 12, 2015

No Kitchen on Sunday

A few Sundays ago I had to go to the ER for a burned hand.
This Sunday I refused to go. But I promised Rick I would stay out of the kitchen on Sundays.

I ripped open my right hand by a can lid. I couldn't get the opener to open it 100% no matter how hard I tried. So I gave up and began to lift up what was cut and opened. It opened after a real hard pull with my hand and at the same time it sliced open my hand. Damn did that hurt like hell.  Burned forever too. Still does. But I was still refusing medical help.  I had a tetanus shot last week when I burned my hand. I'll be fine. 

This sucker was squirting blood like a faucet. Rick insisted I needed stitches. Nope, not going to the ER again.  We put bandages on it and it bled through them. I kept a towel around it while it was bandaged and it filled up with blood. A pretty red I might add. Very similar to the red stools in my kitchen. Yeah, my mind went there.

I was certain this sucker was not going to stop bleeding. But I acted like this was no big deal for Rick's sake. Or should I say for my sake, because he was being a pain in the ass about this.
He was the one who was spastic after he looked at it. I told him this is why I won't look at it. He bandaged me while I looked away. 

Look, I was not going to the ER again. A 2nd Sunday looking like a hot mess and doing damage to myself while trying to do something nice in the kitchen. Nice, for Izzy. 
You see Iz gets carrots as a treat instead of dog food treats per the vet.
I thought I'd be lazy and instead of constantly cooking carrots for her I'd buy a few cans since they were 5 for $5. (she won't eat raw ones, the damn diva)
Now I see it may be safer steaming her carrots, although the way things are going I'd probably find a way to hurt or burn myself from steam. If it can be done I'm sure I'd find a way.  

It finally stopped bleeding about 30 minutes later. I felt like I had no blood left for heaven's sake. I have not looked at it again. It is still under wraps of bandages.
It is in a weird place so it hurts to pick up my coffee mug etc. But I can type as you can see.
Being right handed has made me "feel" it more than perhaps if I had done this to my left hand. But I'm having equal opportunity here. Last time it was my left hand. Now my right.
I have no hands left unscathed so I think I'm done.

So if anyone wants to eat at my house on Sundays - we'll order out. It's safer for me that way.

Friday, October 9, 2015


Yesterday I had a man call our office for service who was so rare.
He was articulate, polite and concise.
It was so impressive, I told the story to Rick and Gary then a friend over wine last night.
It really is sad that when one person does what should be done it is considered a rarity.

He called and said, "hello my name is David XYZ and I live in XYZ. I have a tub that I would like to have repaired because I am selling my condo. It has X and Y wrong with it. Is this something you do? And if so is it possible to get someone out here this week to give me an estimate?

I about fell off my chair. I was so thrilled with this man.

Normally it goes like this.
Hi ah, yeah, ah, do you fix tile? Ah, can you install a full bathroom this week?  

We don't install new tile, but we can refinish you existing tile. Is that what you'd like? 

HUH? what? giggle. 

Then I proceed to pull information from the inarticulate asshole.

Now here is the clincher. A good many are people in power. These are people with jobs of importance and with high degrees. I must admit as I have said here before the worst are realtors, they are just idiots, 2nd would be teachers. They can't string a sentence together to save their lives. But the politicos, the medical, the high powdered, never cease to amaze me how difficult it is for them to speak. 
Why is that?

Because of working here I am now very aware of myself and what I am saying when I call somewhere.
Not that anyone listens anymore anyway. Ever call customer service? You share your name and info and then they ask you the same thing in the next breath. Didn't I just tell you the issue with your product? You are asking me as though you never heard me.  I hate that. 

No one can speak well, no one can listen at all, and more importantly no one gives a shit.
When did this happen?

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Remember Smelly Cat?

I survived that 12 hr of nothing. Wow. Harder than one would think. 

I forgot that we told our neighbor we would watch his dog for him until 9ish.
So at 3pm we picked up their dog. It's a teeny tiny thing that probably weighs a mere 6lbs. Picking her up wasn't heavier than a bag of sugar. She is old, going blind and limps. 
Poor thing. Sweet dog though. 

Now this neighbor has the same home as we do. Same layout in a cookie cutter neighborhood. But same layout doesn't mean the same, just enough to confuse the poor dog. The dog kept walking around and then looking up, like, this looks the same but the people are different and my stuff isn't here. Hey, why is there a chair here?  Watching her was quite funny. 
Then there was Izzy.

Oh my goodness Izzy wasn't happy. Big ole Izzy Girl was jealous big time. Normally Iz lays on the ground and this dog will climb on her and just be like an annoying gnat. She never minds, until last night. Boy this dog wasn't going home and it had her crazy! She was all over us. 
She was fine at first, they played. Oooh, a friend is here. Then it was like, oooh this thing won't go home now. 

I was sitting in a chair with this dog on my lap. She was crying so I was rubbing her and that kept her quiet. We were watching tv and boy this little dog can fart. She was so stinky!!
Izzy didn't like that I was holding her. Izzy didn't like any of this so she sat on my feet. 
She wasn't leaving me if I was holding this dog. To her, this was all kinds of wrong and she would look back at me like I was betraying her.

This dog also didn't smell all that well Even without the farting issue. 
Do you remember on Friends the smelly cat song? 
Yea, this was the same situation with this damn little dog. 

I noticed how bad my hands smelled at one point. At 8:30p I said to Rick that I only have 15 more minutes of anything due to this blood work. So I am putting her down. You will have to hold her to keep her from crying or freaking out if necessary because I have to wash my hands with soap, which I won't be able to do in 15 more minutes.
I could not go to the dr.'s office smelling like this damn dog. Bad enough that I will be there without showering since 5pm  (yes I showered at 5p just so it wasn't a full 24 hrs - I know I'm nuts)

So while I was washing my hands, with soap, Izzy came with me and was on me like flies on shit. She was so happy I had let go of this dog. Now Izzy doesn't stink like this so I asked Rick why he thought that might be. He had no idea why this little thing was so damn stinky. We thought it was funny in a way.  She's 14 yrs old and I'm wondering if the stench was old age. Rick said death at one point and I covered the dogs ears and said, "I thought of that too" and we laughed. Poor little thing. Can't see, can't walk well, and stinks to high heaven. 

Izzy couldn't sleep, Izzy couldn't relax, Izzy couldn't let us out of her sight!  Finally at 9:10p her owner knocked on our door. At this time, the little dog was on the sofa in a ball snoring louder than a big dog. It was funny. The owner came in and scooped her off the sofa, thanked us and went home.  Izzy immediately crawled up in her spot on the end of the sofa, sighed loudly and was out like a light. 

Guess we're not getting a puppy now are we Rick? I would think over time Izzy would get that this new dog we bring home isn't going anywhere but I wonder.  It was a crazy 24 hrs here.
I have never appreciated soap and water as much as I do today or the fact that I don't have a stinky dog!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Remember when I drove up to Pittsburgh a few weeks ago?  
I met my niece at this winery. Of course, we had to do a tasting first of all.
I saw this sign in the gift shop and I knew exactly where this was going in my house.

After we shopped and drank we had lunch.
We both thought this was a lovely setting.
The room for her bridal shower is right off this dining patio.
I think this will be quite nice. The food was very good so I am not concerned about the food.
The wine was okay. But if you are not a wine person this is just fine. If you are a big wine lover, you'll feel like me, it's okay for what it is. (yep wine snob)

Then I got to meet my nieces 5 month old dog Tonka. A cute boy isn't he? He is so much more hyper than Izzy ever was but boy he was adorable. He has such an over bite that he looks like he is smiling all the time.At first I thought it was white hair as our ole gal Izzy is getting. Then I realized I was seeing his teeth. That just made him all that much cuter to me. See the white on his lip - yep those are his teeth. (doggie braces)

That is all this gal has today. 
I am busy with work and I can't stop thinking about my blood test tomorrow morning at 8:45am.  This test is odd at best..
I can't eat or even brush my teeth for 12 hrs. No lotions, nada. I must be, as the dr.and nurse said, "like God made me" for 12 hrs prior to the test.  No soap, no water unless spring water. No tap. no food,no drinks, no lotions, no hair products, nothing!!  So I think I will be driving into the doctors office tomorrow with a baseball cap, no make up, looking horrific and not wanting to breath on them since I can't brush my teeth and can't bathe. I will be bringing my toothbrush though. As soon as they get my blood I am running to the bathroom and brushing my teeth and washing my hands with soap and then putting on deodorant!!!. I will get home and I am sure take a long hot shower.
Gonna be a long 12 hrs for me. I hope I'm sleepy so I can sleep through most of it.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Quick Note...

Yesterday I had to pick up one ingredient that I was missing for tonight's dinner.
As I left the grocery store with more than just the one item I went for - why do I do that? 
I noticed a line going into the liquor store.  That made me think....yeah I should get some booze for the rainy stuck in the house weekend. 

I put my grocery bags in my car and walked back to the liquor store. I grabbed a bottle of somethin' somethin' and stood in line. When I got to the counter I said, "It looks like everyone had the same idea for the nor'easter necessities."  

Oh. My. Goodness. Wrong thing to say apparently.  
The woman at the counter in all seriousness looked up and said sternly to all of us, "Necessaties are toilet paper, bread and milk. We've been so busy it's just stupid." 
I smiled and said, " well to some of us this is a necessity too".
She rolled her eyes at me and the man behind me said, "Amen" - loudly.  
Then the person behind him shouted, "These are necessaties, I have toilet paper at home." Everyone now is laughing.

I left and thought about that poor woman, she was not happy to be that busy!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Rain and other stuff.

It's raining like crazy and while we need this rain it's only going to get worse.
Everyone is battening down the hatches.  Everyone here gets as crazy with rain as they do with snow. Basically, precipitation of any kind makes everyone here go crazy.

More rain and the nor'easter and Joaquin is on its way.  We don't normally lose power because our power lines are underground but you just never know. I made sure my batteries were new in my flashlights and that type of thing. Generators are flying off the shelves. We noticed this while perusing for a snowblower yesterday. God, they are expensive. But I really think we need one.

My hand is doing remarkably well. All the horrific things the doctor told me would happen did not transpire. I am no longer wearing a bandage or glove. All better for the most part. 
Doctor had us worried for nothing or this salve is remarkable and I may need to swim in it to do the same for my aging skin. 


The main man that works for us is having baby brain. The baby. Oh, the baby. 
He texts me random photos of his baby. Why? 
I guess he thinks I want to see them all day and night. I don't. 
I am a bitch like that. Someone's dog, yes. Your baby, not so much.  
Unless you are family a couple of photos are enough thank you. I don't even know baby mama so it's weird.

He took a week off and then this week he asked for 1/2 day on Friday. He can't remember anything and he has been screwing up, baby brain we are calling it.  A company under a certain amount of employees don't legally have to give FMLA. But I discussed days off prior to this. He insisted none. But he got a week. 
I can truly say I have not seen a male like this before. He told me the baby was yellow and I told him that babies often get jaundice within the first 5 days on earth. Normal. I  told him to call his doctor if he and baby mama were concerned. But didn't she tell him the same? Apparently not.. Instead, he panicked and ran to the ER. He told me he was so worried that this wasn't normal. He worries all the time about everything. I told him this will be his life forever now. Never too old not to worry, just worry about different things.
Anyway, the hospital ran all these tests and did all this blood work that cost thousands to tell him at the end that this was normal for a new born. Just as childless Peg told him.

His baby mama has a 9 yr old, not like this is news to her. But I think she enjoys this panic mode in him. Keeps him around. He told me yesterday that he and baby mama were coming over Friday when he has to drop off our vehicle to "show us the baby" 
Rick's been walking around saying, "We gotta see the Baby!"  
Which of course, he stole from this Seinfeld episode which makes me laugh.