Monday, September 28, 2015

Fun Filled Sunday

Let's recap my fun filled Sunday shall we?

Rick was up and down all night which keeps me awake.
Finally at 5:25a he and the dog got up and left me snuggled in bed.
At 6:30 am I went downstairs because I was starving and poured a cup of coffee.

Rick and I were having coffee and chatting. It was just a typical lazy Sunday morning.
At 8 I asked Rick if he was hungry. Of course, his answer was yes.
I made us a frittata. I pulled the pan out of the oven with an oven mitt.
I put it on the island and turned around to get a spatula. 
When I did  turn 1/2 way around, the oven mitt fell off the pan handle but I didn't see that. 
I turned around and just grabbed the handled and picked up the pan  
Oh my goodness it hurt so badly I didn't even scream.  But needless to say, I dropped the pan quickly and put my hand underwater.

OMG, the pain of this. I couldn't remember, water or butter? So I am googling with my right hand to see if water or butter is the thing. I remember that one of those is really wrong. It's  butter.
I kept my hand in a bowl of water as Rick was walking the dog.  I was in mind numbing pain. I kept thinking about all the poor people who get burns over their body. Yikes.

When Rick came back from the walk he took my hand out of the bowl and proclaimed, "We are going to the ER now!"  So I took a kitchen towel and drenched it and wrapped my hand in that so it was cool.

Seriously this hurt. We went to urgent care first, but there were 10 people in front of me.  I then went across the street to the hospital and got right in.
There is sink in the lobby and I just held my hand under the water. That was all that was helping the pain. 

They take me back and those attending to me are named, Nurse Jackie (like the TV show I loved) and Dr. Fuchs.  Okay, you can't make those names up people. 
Dr. Fuchs was a hoot and he gave me two shots immediately after looking at my hand. 
He held my burned hand and proclaimed, oh this is gonna hurt. Yes, it is already hurting you goofy man.  I got a shot in each bum check. Both made me very very loopy. 
I also got a tetanus shot. They put this thick cream all over my hand and wrapped it. 
They told me to repeat this salve 2x a day and rewrap it. 
It went from off the charts pain to a 5 or 6 as soon as these meds kicked in. Boy I was flying.  
I don't like that feeling at all, but I was happy that at least the pain had subsided.

Dr. Fuchs kept telling me not to pick at the blisters and all the bad things that could happen if I did. He told me the same thing 3 times. I assumed he thought I was flying so high that I wouldn't remember. But I certainly did remember and was annoyed that he was repeating everything. I even said that I understood and that he had already told me this. But he kept going anyways.

I do remember even asking Nurse Jackie if she got a lot of grief about her name and she said everyone who comes in says something. She had never watched the show, though. I told her the nurse was a spectacular nurse with a wee bit of a drug problem. She laughed and said that is what she's heard. I had another woman doting on me too. She was telling me the same as the doctor about picking at my blisters. Why does everyone think I'll do that?  I don't want an infection. Besides that would be raw again and hurt like hell.  I am a baby, don't like hurting like hell.

I came home and all I wanted to do was lay down. I was dizzy and getting itchy and that means I'm having a reaction to these drugs.  So I did lay down. I was out of it most of the day.  I really missed most of Sunday. But the pain subsided and stayed at that 5 or 6 pain level and that made it liveable to me. 

So here is it Monday. I am typing, or shall we say, pecking away with one hand.
It's going to be a long week. Just remember kids, do not grab pan handle that has been in a 400 degree oven for a long time without an oven mitt.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Pope, Babies and Wine

I am not Catholic. I am not a big fan of religion either as you all know. 
But I dig Pope Francis, or as we call him in our house, Pope Frankie.
He is everything a religious figure should be. I love this man.
Compassionate, kind, humble, inclusive, smart, full of love and joy, open and honestly I believe he is the actual definition of Christianity.
I think Mr. Trump and Ms. Davis could use a lesson or 3 from this man. 
His face reminds me of a couple of my Uncles. The smile, the joy in his eyes, the look.

Me, who rebels against anything the Catholic church says, took the time to listen to him speak and to watch him in my city today. It's been an eerily quiet day here in my office and I think everyone was in the city and not calling about their remodel. If he can bring about compassion, inclusiveness, kindness, etc then I am all for him to become something for others to emulate.  Everything he said is common sense, but we all know if sense were indeed common more people would have it. Some believe blindly to what a religious figure says in spite of what they know to be true. So hopefully this man's kind, compassionate teachings will be believed blindly and practiced as well. This hate filled world needs this.

Now to the more  frivolous....Did you watch Life in Pieces this week? It is a new show on CBS.
I don't know what day it was first on. My Dish Primetime just records all primetime shows. 
We watched it last night.
Its main stars are Dianne Wiest and James Brolin. 
Man oh man, James Brolin is still hot at 75. Damn!
We thought the show was funny. There were a few things were we really did laugh out loud. 
I hope it only gets better as you get to know all of these quirky family members. 
Definitely something I would watch again.

I am heading up to Pittsburgh Friday morning. Very early Friday morning. 
I have a 12/noon appointment there with my niece My niece lives in Pit and I am giving her a bridal shower in May. So we are going to go to a place we chose to have the shower. 
It will be at a winery - SURPRISE!  
Now before you think I chose this because of wine, let me explain. 
One, I am a bit of a snob about my wine. Two, Pennsylvania wine would not be something I probably would drink so this was not chosen for that reason. I am a particular wino you see. 

I have a friend who lives in a burb of Pittsburgh and asked her for some ideas since it is very difficult for me to plan this from down here.  She told me she had just been to a shower at this place and it was superb. She gave me 3 places. Two of them neither Alexandrea or I were thrilled with after our research. This one was a good choice.  Alex has wanted to go there for awhile so she was thrilled. It also is close for those coming into town via plane.  And for all those up north it is closer to them because it is a town 45 minutes north of Pittsburgh. So we have all logistics covered and that's helpful.

I went online and checked their banquet menu and it all looked good. I called them and they have been super helpful as well. We are meeting with the banquet coordinator Friday and will go over the menu etc. Then my niece and I will probably shop for some gifts to give for those stupid shower games. I was so hoping she would hate them too. But no, she loves all that stuff. Crap!

Alex has a cat and a new puppy.  Since I am scared to death - petrified, of cats I was not going to stay at her apartment. I was just going to drive back home that night. We never really discussed what I was doing all this time. But she called me Monday night and told me her girlfriend is going to cat sit and would I like to stay with her?  Her boyfriend is a college football coach so he will be out of town (they live together) so it will be our little slumber party. Which means more wine. 
This young girl is my first niece. She is beautiful, smart and a real type A go-getter. 
I am so incredibly proud of her.  She didn't have a great beginning, but she has sure made up for it and proved all the nay-sayers wrong. I couldn't love her or be more proud (or is prouder the proper term here?) of her if I had given birth to her. 

And speaking of giving birth.....Gary's baby was born in the wee hours Tuesday morning.
The baby was smaller than expected as a commenter said it would be.
It was 10lbs 7oz. (and 2 1/2 weeks early)  Big ole Charlie Brown head just like his father and God love the mother, she had it naturally.  As I told another blogger, I would have opted for drugs, wake me when the baby is 2 and potty trained.  But that's just me. 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Tid Bits

There is a blogger out there who I read religiously.
However, he is on WordPress. I hate word press.
Each time I sign in they tell me my password is wrong.
So I reset. Then I refresh and it tells me my password is wrong.
I can never leave comments on anyone who is on word press so I have officially GIVEN UP!
Brian, I wanted to say something, but WordPress hates me.
You are not being ignored. Honestly, I am sure I am not the only one so you have more readers than can comment on that dumb WordPress.  

I was rooting for the Red Sox to win this weekend and it was all kinds of weird.
I felt dirty.

Gary's significant other or baby mama, which is more appropriate sadly is in labor as we speak.
He called us Saturday to tell us that they were taking her in Sunday to induce labor. She is 2 1/2 weeks early. She is also the biggest pregnant woman I have ever seen. She is not a big gal, but Gary is a big boy, and his baby is huge too. The baby already weighs 12 lbs so you can only imagine. Gary has a big ole Charlie Brown head, I'd look at him and the size of that pregnant belly and opt for a c-section quickly. But that's me who has not given birth to anyone.

He told me Saturday after telling us about going to the hospital on Sunday that he should then be ready to work Monday. I laughed. No, you nut, you won't. 
Just because they are inducing doesn't mean she will have it just like that. I think he was quite delusional about this process. For some reason it makes me laugh.
I asked him then, what if she has it at 10p Monday? You going to be up for work at 6am?
Don't be silly -we'll see you after you get some sleep, you know like when the baby is 18. 
He just laughed. He has no idea what he has in front of him.

I text him at 11am today and asked if he was a Daddy yet. He said, Nope, hopefully soon.
YOU hope soon? I bet your baby mama is praying for soon.
That made me think of this video I saw a few years ago.
Enjoy women.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Helpful Tip of The Day

Think I got lost?
Yeah, I'm  thinking about it. But before I walk away I thought I'd share a few more tid bits of my life.

Gary called me after he left a job today. He was doing just a small  repair for a contractor.
The contractor called to say that he dropped a tile and took a chunk out of the customers bathtub. We had to repair that "chunk".  Easy Peasy and flawless.

The woman walked Gary up to the bathtub and showed him the chip. 
She then left the room.  In her bathtub was the woman's douche. She came back to inspect his work and didn't appear to be embarrassed or concerned. I would have been mortified and it would have shown. If she did care, she was good at hiding her embarrassment.

Gary called me to share this story with me and he said it like this - The woman left a deuce in the tub. I gasped and said, "she pooped in the tub?"   Now Gary is really laughing and said, "NO, A DOUCHE." 
Okay, either way it's gross that she showed you the tub chip and left it there.  Who does that? But boy we had a good laugh.

It got me thinking about what I would do in that situation. 
Do you grab it and say excuse me and put it away? Do you pretend you don't see it and pray he doesn't either because you are so embarrassed? Do you see it, panic, ask that he leave the room for a moment and grab it and throw it under the sink?  He may think you are using the toilet. Who knows what I would do. But man it made me laugh listening to Gary. (for that matter who uses those old fashion douches?)

This morning we had a contractor come to our home to give us an estimate for our bedroom remodel. All we needed was someone to do the crown molding. So I actually made my bed.  
I mean the bedroom is  70% finished so I wasn't going to not make the bed. I even vacuumed the carpet and dusted last night. Rick was laughing at me and said, "he's not even going to notice."  I said, "yeah, and what do you and Gary and William tell me all the time?"
He laughed and said,"dust away my dear"

So what happens when hubby and contractor begin talking? They begin talking shop about people's homes, the people, the crazy shit. Rick shared a new one that happened this past week. The man had a toilet with poo all over the seat. Of course, this was the bathroom Rick was working in. No, Rick wouldn't use his toilet for anything. They were sharing stories. So, of course, they see things. 
Just remember that the next time a contractor is coming to your home. 
If you don't want it seen, put it away!

Friday, September 4, 2015


I'm putting something together which had me looking at some old posts. This one cracked me up because my husband still talks about this woman who didn't put her things away when he was there.  Here is your flashback to July 2008.

Have a safe and fun holiday weekend blogger buddies.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


I mentioned to you that while on vacation at our rental home the beds were horrific.
The springs were shot in the two queen beds and were most uncomfortable.
But worse than that was any movement of any kind made the other person go flying.

Rick has developed this twitchy shit that drives me crazy. He will fall asleep with his hand on me or arm over me and then he starts a twitch. I will wake up and then move his hand. Once he had his hand resting on my head - how? why? who the hell knows. But apparently he was fishing and as he pulled at his fishing rod to snag the fish he was actually pulling my hair. Oh, sleeping with him is an adventure.

The other night he kept moving. I turned to see what he was doing as I said, "for the love of God what are you doing over there?"  He laughs and he said he was only reaching for his eye glasses on the nightstand.The next thing I know he turns around and as he does this I went flying off the bed. Yes, flying.  I landed on the floor and he ran to that side of the bed laughing and yet I could see he was afraid I might be hurt. I too was laughing as I was saying, OW!

Those beds were awful. The homeowners/property service wrote to us today and asked for a review. I think I'll wait until I get my security deposit back before I do that.