Friday, May 29, 2015

I Will Never Use Never Again

There are things that when I was younger I swore I would never ever do that I do now.
I hate when that happens.

I couldn't imagine not ever wearing heels all the time. In fact, the first pair of flat shoes I owned in my life outside of keds for gym class were a pair of flat loafer style shoes that I was made to buy after having back surgery. I wore them to walk 6 miles a day. Not sneakers, which I never owned, but loafers.
I was 29 years old and swore that neither sneakers nor flats would never ever enter my closet once I was done with this back issue.
Now I wear my favorite walkers, sketchers, I wear sneakers when appropriate, and I live in flip flops in summer. What happened?  I'll tell ya what happened, I lost my corporate career at age 50. 
I began to work at home every day and barely wore shoes - that is what happened. Then when I did put a pair of 4-inch heels on to go somewhere, I decided they were just my sittin' down pretty shoes.Oh sure I wear heels now but not frequently nor do I love it as much as I did when I was young. Sure, I'm still a short one and clothes look much better in heels, but my feet love me more for rejecting high heels for long periods of time. I will wear them when necessary but no longer every day, all day.

I swore to anyone who would listen that I would not be one of those women who never wear makeup and who go to the grocery store disheveled and bare-faced. Have they no sense of fashion, grace or dignity? Those were my thoughts as a young person. Now I will tell you that I don't give a rats ass if I am without makeup and need to get some milk for my coffee. You don't like how I look - then damn it look away I'm hideous!  The advantage of being an old coot is that I am invisible now. No one gives a shit what the old broad is doing and fact is I could be on fire and no one would notice unless I was standing next to a tall young blonde thang with her big boobs stuffed into a tight tube top. Nope, no one would even notice the flames, not even a fireman.

I swore I would never let dishes sit in my sink over night. I made proclamations!
HAH!  After dinner last night I not only didn't do the dishes, I was too friggin' lazy to put them in the dishwasher a mere inch away. Nope, not bending right now.  My old lady prerogative. 
I am pouring a glass of wine and sitting on my patio admiring my pretty flowers and talking to my hubby.  I realize now that while lying on my death bed, I will never ever utter, damn I wish I had cleaned up more. No, not gonna happen. And let's face it, has it ever?  I think not.

Also when I was young I swore that I would never be one of those women who wore elastic waist clothing. How lazy can one get was my young girl thought?  Lazy schmazy. Comfort is key. My leggings have an elastic waist and on a bloated day what is better with a long top?
 I even have a pair of shorts with elastic waist. It's not like I'm tucking in my shirt, so pass me the cheesecake and deal with it!
I still draw the line on nice clothes or jeans, but I'm only in my 50's, I have time to convert to full time elastic when I'm Betty White's age.

And lastly I used to laugh at all the Botox, Liposuctioned, Pulled Back Surprised looking women in the world. Grow old gracefully I would hear others say. Oh screw that.
Good for you for having the stomach to do it. I don't have the stomach for it, but I don't have the money to do it either. So where does that leave me?  Putting scarves over all my mirrors that's where it leaves me.  I am no longer opposed to having work done for a tweak here or there. A boob lift would be the greatest gift ever. Easy to say when you're 35 and your breasts are up where God meant them to be. Now one must tuck them into my pockets or flip 'em over my shoulders to get the hell out of the way. I heard Sophia Vergara making some comments about her boobs now that she is in her 40's. God forbid you lay down and you're not wearing a bra - they go all over the damn place she whined. Yep, that's what happens but Sophia  you've got the money to have them lifted woman. Like Nike says, "just do it" or give me the money and I'll do it. I'll let you know how it all works out. 

Friday, May 22, 2015

Long Weekend Baby!

I have absolutely nothing planned for this long weekend and that in and of itself is thrilling to me!!

We have company coming in the next two weeks and that is always a great deal of work so enjoying this holiday weekend of nothingness.

I called my mom yesterday. She called while we were in flight and by the time we got home I was too exhausted to call. They are always long calls you see. 
So then we began a long phone tag event. Finally, I called yesterday and my father answered.
It went like this.

Hi, Daddy, it's Peggy.

Hey, Peg, how the hell are you?

Great Dad. What are you up to?  

Oh resting. Got home from work and my back is bothering me so I thought I'd just rest until your mother gets home. She is working late today I guess. Is this Peg?

Yes, Dad, it's Peg. 

Hah, I love you.

I love you too Dad.   (oh boy these are sad conversations)

Well, Dad, I will let  you go back to resting and I'll call later to talk to Mom okay?

Okay - is this Peggy?

Yes, it's Peggy Dad.  

Hey Great, My number 1. Hah! (and he laughs at our inside joke.)
I'll try to remember to tell her you called okay?

You don't have to remember Dad. I'll just call her back okay?

Okay.  Hey, this is Peg right?

Yep Dad it's Peg, you're favorite remember? 
He laughs his big laugh. It's just something he has said to me since I was a kid. I know it is not a fact just something he and I have joked about forever.

Dad, I'll talk to you later, go rest now okay? 

Can I tell you how sad this makes me?  He laughs and still called me number 1 and that was a moment of clarity I think. But I don't know.  Man, this is a lot of work for my step mom. 

I have a sister who lives out west who will be visiting my parents in July. She is bringing her youngest daughter and staying a week so I know I will be up there at that time. But I think I will be going up there in the next few weeks too. 


Yesterday while having my hair cut and colored I encountered another ditzy woman.
We were sitting in the color bar area of the salon. We were about 2 feet apart facing each other. . She was talking about going up north with her husband and kids to go to an amusement park. When she mentioned the park by name I said, "Oh are  you from Pennsylvania?"
Because honestly there are way better amusement parks so to go so to me this meant she was from there.  She said that she was indeed from PA.  I said, "me too"
She asked me where. (now she is from Monroeville, a suburb just east of Pittsburgh)
I tell her I am from Erie PA. She said, "Where is that?"  

I said it is due north of Pittsburgh, follow I-79 and you stop at the lake. 
She responded with, "What lake?"
She was very serious. I  told her it was Lake Erie. 
She said Oh like she had never heard of this.
She was clueless. 
Then she said that she wasn't aware of a lake IN Pennsylvania.
I told her it isn't technically IN Pennsylvania, but it butts up to PA. 
There are a lot of lakes in PA, but I didn't want to confuse her more, hopefully, she knew of a few rivers there in Pittsburgh that the city is built around. But I am not certain that is a fact for her after speaking with her for a while now.  I think perhaps she should step away from that bleach on her head. 
It may be seeping into her brain and making her stupid..

If nothing else I would have thought she'd have seen the signs pointing north to Erie on the interstate or turnpike or something. I guess you all reading this don't get what I am saying. But trust me this is stupid. 

It would be like someone in the District never hearing of Baltimore.  
How do you not know one of the 4 largest cities in your state? 
How do you not know a name of one of the Great Lakes and that butts up against your state?
How don't people know basic geography?  
I realize that I worked in the travel industry and I sure as hell needed to know geography.
Later in her conversations she said she was about to turn 40. 
That made this whole conversation even sadder.

I remember when I worked for an airline in reservations. People would call me and ask how much it cost to go to Florida. I would ask them where in Florida they wanted to go. I recall one woman who was so irate with my question. She said, "Are you dumb? Just the price to go to Florida!"   So I just quoted the cost to Miami. She may have wanted to go to Orlando but since she wouldn't tell me I just threw out the a cost of any ole city.  I had Florida and Texas questions like this all the time. I don't know why people asked this of those 2 states in particular, but they sure did. 

When I worked for a small commuter airline in reservations I had a woman ask me where we would be picking her up and dropping her off? WHAT? Just because it was a small passenger jet didn't mean it wasn't at the airport. Did she think we would be landing in her driveway? Put an X in your driveway lady so we know where to go. I was asked all kinds of dumb questions while in reservations. But truth be told the funniest ones were when I worked at an airport ticket counter and gate.

At least in reservations they couldn't see you roll your eyes while you speak like you care. 
At the ticket counter,  you took abuse with a smile, unlike today's ticket counter employees. Bags lost? Of course, it's my fault.  
I'm sorry, You can't smoke on your 1.5 hr flight? 
Yes, I know we are Satan. (really had a man tell me this)
No cocktails on our flight to Newark?  It's 2 hours man, can we go buy some liquor and bring it on the plane then? 
This flight is 50 minutes long and you're telling me I can't smoke or drink? I will not be flying you again! (oh bummer, we're the only carrier who flies this route without a connection)

My favorite was told to you here on the blog years ago so I won't repeat. 
That woman from Nabisco who called me stupid and uneducated because to her flight was delayed due to fog. (yea that was my fault too). 
I will remember her name until I die. I have shit for memory and yet this woman name, face and what she was wearing is embedded into my memory. She also hit me with her briefcase so that helps my memory as well. I also got 3 days off without pay and no flying privileges because of me not being able to take her shit for another minute. First and last time I was ever not nice to a customer and I paid the price.  I was not mean in any way, but I should never have talked back to her, but for me after being hit and having the wind knocked out of me, it was just my last straw. I am not proud of it, but at the time I admit it sure as hell felt good. and I remember that feeling too. (bad Margaret)

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend. May it be warm and perfect where you are.
May you have enough to drink that you don't know what is located in your state either. 
Have fun, be safe.

Thursday, May 21, 2015


20 something next door asked innocently.  "How did they get only your bangs colored? Was that difficult?" (see pic from a few days ago below)

I'm thinking she is joking at first, but then realize she really thinks I dyed my hair gray. 
Oh, you silly young 'en as my husband would say.

So I explained that my bangs are my natural hair color and I dye the rest brown.
She tilted her head like the RCA dog (which no young 'en knows this reference) and looks utterly befuddled. So I slowly explain that the color of my bangs is the real color of my whole head.  
I just chose to not be entirely white haired at this point in time, so I color the rest of my hair brown.  

She says nothing only a blank stare for what seemed like the longest time, then suddenly a eureka moment and she smiles and squeals, "Oh I get it now. You dye your hair brown. Oh cool."

Monday, May 18, 2015

Home Sweet Home

Let's begin with the 2 old coots on the stoop before leaving on a jet plane. Yea, that doesn't look like Rick nor is my hair blonde like it looks here - that is white hair folks. (like Rick's chin) 
See those smiles, those were before the airport. 
Oh, how the mood can change once you enter that place.

We came in contact with screaming Asians. We don't know why there were screaming, and some screeching at everyone. Thankfully we then got moved to the preboarding TSA area. Whew. But before we were escorted to the short line this is what transpired. 
We were just standing in line behind a group of people of Asian descent in the security area, waiting to go through security. Everyone was quiet and then boom - 
First it was screeching by one woman, very very loudly.  We looked at one another confused. Then they turned to Rick and began screaming things, all of them.  They were screaming at one another, some looking at Rick screaming. He doesn't speak their language or understand it and was quite confused. Then the oldest one hit him. The security officer was trying to get them to calm the hell down and that is when they took us to the short security line. We still don't know what the hell that was about. Rick kept himself a good distance away so it wasn't like he was near them so when the older woman turned around and just hit Rick's arm we were really befuddled. Oh the fun is just beginning. 

As we were walking to our gate I realized we sure had a lot of time on our hands since we didn't have to wait in that long line to get through security. 
We passed a place called, Vino Volo. Well, you all know I suggested we stop there and have a glass of wine. Since it was dinner time we added chocolate with the glass of wine.

Silly us,  we assumed a 5 hr flight west would get us a movie or some entertainment.
Nope. We had a quick flight to Charlotte NC and then the long leg to Las Vegas from there.
Air travel has just become Gray Hound in the sky. The people are dressed horribly. They behave worse.  The crew was fat and cranky. That didn't make birthday boy happy.  I have not flown USAirways since the very early 80's and that was intentional. Somewhere along the line I had amnesia when booking this package. As soon as we got to the gate I realized this was not good. Boy, these people are miserable. They were just bought by American Airlines, maybe that is why. But they did a good job of taking their misery out on all of us stuck in this horrible tin can.
Seriously a rickety old plane. At this point, I am asking myself why I didn't fly United

We arrived at 11:30pm Vegas Time. Oh, it has been a long day. We had been up since 5a so by the time we got there we were loopy tired. We got outside to catch a cab to our hotel and it was 53 degrees. Okay, that was a bit colder than I was expecting. By the time we got to our hotel, we had the giggles from being tired. The taxi driver was a hoot and so friendly. I just knew he was a mid-western boy so I asked him where he was from.  Illinois. Yep, I love a midwestern boy! So nice, funny and polite. Oh, why can't there be more of those?

We check in and they told us that we can't have the room we were booked for until Saturday. It is Thursday night we are tired, we'll take the small beds. 
We booked a King Room and we were now going to get 2 queen beds.
That meant I would have no room to sleep or we'd sleep in separate beds. Rick is so tall that a queen will not be long enough and he'll be diagonal before long and I'll be squeezed off the bed.
They tell us that at between noon and 2pm tomorrow we MAY get a new room. I say, never mind Rick is in a poker tournament at 11am and I am not going to cart all this back and forth. No big deal. I just want to crawl into bed.

After receiving our keys, we had to walk through the casino to get to our elevator. 
Which is weird, yet it's so normal here.
When we got off our elevator we were greeted with this.

This made us laugh like nut jobs. We are going on being awake for 22 hours and we are loopy. There are several door ways leading down hall ways. The man on the phone is saying, "Which way? Where is the room?" The more this man circled the more we laughed. He was laughing too. We walked the circle and then around again. See the Tiger Woods sign on the door?  That was our hallway. Each day depending on what elevator door you got off on your hallway was a different direction. Now if they had left the damn Tiger Woods sign up that could have helped we 2 old coots. But instead we'd laugh each and every time. Blind folded we would have had the same chance picking the right hallway.

I really assumed Rick would go downstairs and want to gamble, but he too was just too tired.
None of the lights would come on in our room. That made us laugh.
The lamps didn't come on. The hall light didn't come on. Rick asked, "Did you pay the electric bill Margaret?" 
We went into the bathroom and the light worked.  So we left it on while we used our phone light to see in the rest of the room. We could have called to ask them to bring up some light bulbs or see what the issue was, but we just didn't care at this point, we were so damn tired. 
If we needed bulbs it could take awhile for them to get them to us so we put it off until morning.
We threw our bags down and plopped on the bed. 
We were out in mere seconds. We can unpack in the morning!

We woke up starving!!  I mean starving!!  Since lunch the day before we only had chocolate and wine so food was in order first thing. We decided to do room service as we unpacked.  Rick ordered a grand breakfast. I said, "I can't eat pancakes or toast,"  He says, 'I'll eat yours" Fine.
We get our breakfast and Rick gasps at the price. $86 for breakfast!!
Oh. my. God.

Before I left for the day I called and asked about the lights. They apologized and promised someone would be up quickly. The woman on the phone thanked me for laughing, She said she would like to give us a $50 voucher for dinner in one of the hotel restaurants. I said it wasn't necessary and she told me it was because I was nice. Damn I got service. Love it! That paid for most of breakfast...tee hee. 

Rick had a poker tournament at 11am. After this expensive and so-so breakfast, he headed down to the poker room and I was on my own for who knew how long. I thought about going to the pool, but the high was going to only be 64 so that was out of the question.
Thankfully a former co-worker was in town for work so we had a late lunch and did some fun tourist things together.  While walking over to meet my friend I ran into Short Fat Elvis.

Everyone you see is young. Sure there are some older folks sprinkled in but for the most part everyone I saw was young 20's. A few 30's but mostly 20 somethings. Granted a 2-day concert was in town with HUGE headliners that kids would attend. Hell, I would have attended but it was $270 a ticket. Nah, not for me. And the Billboard Music awards were also at our hotel so that too may have played into it but honestly, everywhere I went everyone was young! A few old timers with fanny packs that cracked me up but we old ones were few and far between.

After leaving my friend, I went back to my hotel just as Rick text me that he was done and heading to the room. He came in 4th place so he was very very happy.  At this point, he is ahead so I am happy. This whole weekend is for him and poker tournaments for his birthday. 
So I am thrilled he came in 4th. They paid the top 4. Whew, just made it.

That evening we ate at Emerils. We thought about Tom Colicchio's. You may have seen this famous chef on Food Network.  We read the menu out front, a t-bone steak was only $98.
Just steak- nothing else.   Oh, my.  Rick didn't win enough for that!
Rick really wanted to go back to Emerils so we did. Honest to God it was truly the best meal ever. Having celiac is difficult enough, but traveling makes it pure hell. I can't just eat anything. I hate having to ask them things or make a fuss. But I did ask. As soon as I whispered to our adorable waiter Christian that I had celiac, he pointed out things I could eat. Why another would be bad for me etc. Even told me about a flourless chocolate cake dessert. 

We got free appetizers because it was Rick's birthday.  
We had great wine, a fabulous meal and (GF) dessert to die for. 
Also had a big bill but it was so nice.

The next morning Rick had another tournament at 8:30a. So I was truly on my own until he was out of the game. I knew this would be a long day alone. Thankfully it was nicer outside so I headed to the pool.  Book in hand and off you go. There are signs everywhere asking you to dress appropriately while walking in the hotel to the pool. No one obeyed.  It said, to please wear a cover up and or clothes over your suit. Boy would that have been appreciated. There was a lot of Ewww going on.

I got a spot at the pool. I was happy. It was warm, I was chillin', I was not working and I had a long island lemonade and a good book. YEEHAAA.

A man sitting across from me asked if I would mind if he lit his cigar. While no one likes the smell of a cigar I feel if we are outside he has the right to smoke. So of course I say, "Thank you for asking me, sure go ahead. Enjoy"  

One of the 3 young boys who just arrived and sat down beside me say, "Hey I mind, you didn't ask me - that shit stinks."  The man with the cigar quickly apologizes and the young boy who said this says, "Man I'm just missing with you - go for it."  Then they all shake hands and laugh.

From that moment  on we all had a great afternoon of laughing, talking and making fun of all the silicone.  Oh my there was a lot of silicone and fake eyelashes and heels at the pool. 
One 65 - 70 yr old with these big fake boobs stopped in front of us talking to another woman. She wore a teeny tiny bikini. She reminded me of that extra tan lizard skin woman in the movie What About Mary? She was so gross. Her skin like leather and she had these enormous mounds on her very anorexic body. God love her. She was one of the few old folks I saw and I wish I hadn't.

These 3 young men were funny as hell. They kept me laughing. They even bought me a drink.
"Ma'am can we buy you a drink?"  Ma'am.  Nothing makes you feel older than that. They were just so damn cute and fun. We were all making quips. 
A man with a belly larger than Santa had on a thong banana hammock. Eeeww. 
He had a hairy butt and wore a thong. It wasn't pretty.
I said to the boys, "Well it takes a lot of confidence to wear that and I have to give him props for not giving a shit don't you think?."  They paused and then all together said, "No! He needs a pair of board shorts"

The Cigar boy was quick too. At one point I said something, I don't even recall. And one of these 3 above said, "You're funny for.... and then he realized he better not finish that sentence." 
I laughed and said "Yep, I'm old, but I am still quick." and I winked at him. 
His face turned 10 shades of red. He felt terrible so I had the thong wearing waitress send him a beer. He enjoyed it when she came around.  
I told him it was all fine, relax. He had a hard time making eye contact with me after that. It was cute. I found out that the cigar boy and his nice wife were from Canada, that explains the politeness to ask if I minded if he smoked.  
The 3 boys were from Lousiana. Nice kids. Had a ball hanging with them. 

Rick played for 8 hours. How one can do that is beyond me. He text me when he was done. He was only done because he felt he should spend time with me. I didn't care. I knew what I was in for. This was his birthday gift. I knew I'd be alone a good deal and I don't gamble. I was not working so I was just fine. Besides I like my own company and I am just fine on my own.

In the end he came home a few bucks richer. He had a great time. Me, well it wasn't my birthday. If I never see Vegas again I wouldn't mind. I've been there 3 times and it's not someplace I even like. 

I so enjoy going places, it's the to and fro I hate. The plane, the people, the airport. (the to and fro) but the rest is always good even if you're in a place you don't care for like Vegas.

Here are a few random photos.
Where we ate. Emeril's Fish house.

 This was an afternoon cocktail at the bar at Emeril's. We love Sammy Hagars Tequila so we thought we'd try his rum. Oh yes. These made for great rum naps. My favorite. Sorry can't get this right side up.

I can't get this one right side up to save my life. It's is right side up on my computer. But when I put it on blogger it ends up sideways and there is no way that I am aware of to flip it.  But this is birthday boy after his first tournament in 4th place.

This is a blurry picture because I was holding my phone over my head and couldn't even see if I was getting the shot. Being 5'1" in a crowd is difficult. But that is Tiger Woods and Mark Cuban at the table with some very well known poker players. This was in our hotel. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sin City Here I come.

Crazy busy work week as well as fitting in some fun.
Heading to sin city. 
My husband wanted this gift for his big birthday, so off we go.
I'm sure I will be back with plenty to share. 
Enjoy your week blogger friend.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Dinner Guest

Have you ever been asked who you would like to have dinner with either living or dead?
For some reason, people ask me that a great deal of the time.
I assume it is because it is very telling. Or maybe not. 
I don't know why people always ask me that question.
To me what guest you would invite would tell me a bit of you. 
Is that the only reason it's asked? Or am I missing something?

The other day I was listening to an interview on Sirius while working on the dreaded spreadsheet. I felt I learned more about the interviewer by the questions posed and comments made than I learned about the interviewee. Ever hear that type of interview?
Oh, not the Diane Sawyer or Barbara Walters where it is all just titillation and nothing is learned or said, I mean a real interview.
For example, the question was asked would this celebrity type person ever consider dating or marrying a woman who was as successful or more successful than them? Then added, "Wouldn't that bother you?"
So to me that interviewer was saying it would bother him, so he asked this person if it would bother them. Hmm...more telling of the interviewer than the person being interviewed to me.

Yesterday evening I was asked the dreaded who would you like to have dinner with yet again.
I said, "You" because that is who I was having dinner with. But they wouldn't let me off the hook until I turned it on them. And then we discussed their choices. It is interesting, but I find it curious why I am always asked this question.  I know Rick isn't asked this all the time. I am asked a great deal of the time. Which got us talking about this later in the evening when alone.

So I am asking this to you all, my lovely blog readers, have you been asked this question more than once? If so why do people ask this do you think?
Who would you wish to have dinner with alive or dead? Yes, I'm asking because I will learn about you. C'mon now, type away. 

Friday Funnies

I am ending this week of old age topics with the following. 
Back to our regularly scheduled programming next week.

 c'mon you know this one is very true!

 If this were only true I would be an exercise fanatic!

Thursday, May 7, 2015


All the talk of dementia in our household of late with my father has made me begin to wonder about my husband.

The definition of pregnancy brain is as follows - an anecdotal mental state that overtakes women after the first couple of months of pregnancy that causes even well-composed women to become disorganized and forgetful beyond the otherwise explainable state. Other than intermittent cognitive lapses, the woman is normally functional. The state is usually temporary, disappearing immediately post-natal but can recur through multiple pregnancies.

This has been the case with my husband. He knows who he is. He knows where he is. BUT...

  • The keys in his hand that he spent time looking for this morning alluded him. I had to say, "what is in your hand?" (his hand was folded like a fist)  Oops, there they are.
  • He left his wallet at home twice this week and called me from home depot. (what the hell can I do for you?)
  • He went to a customer's home, did a job, left his drop cloths there.They were all folded nicely in the corner after he cleaned up. The customer called me laughing.
  • He wrote a list of things to get at the store on his phone. Left his phone here.
  • He told me he was going to the pharmacy to pick up his Rx's and home depot to get another tomato plant stake. He came home with caulking from home depot and his Rx's. I asked where the tomato plant stake was.  He laughed and said he forgot to get it. But wasn't that the whole reason you went to Home Depot? He laughs and doesn't answer because we both know the answer to that don't we?.
  • He grabbed his tablet to look something up and I saw him pause. He looked at me and said, "what was I going to look up? What were we talking about?"  I do not laugh. I am now worrying about him. He closed his tablet and then 2 minutes later he picks it up while proclaiming loudly  I REMEMBER WHAT IT WAS NOW.
This morning before he left I went through all things he needs.
Got your work orders? Got your phone? Got your lunch? Got your wallet? Of course being a ball buster I ask, "Got your penis?"  He laughs and said, that comes with me. Okay, just checking dear.

I am beginning to worry. Do I have senior moments? Sure but I've had them since I was a teenager. Rick calls them my blonde moments. I walk into a room now and forget why I was going into this room.  I think that is what is happening to my husband. Dear Lord I hope so.
All this father dementia talk has me worried about my hubby.  I mean he will be 60 in a few days. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Trying to keep my mind off all the family crap I am going to talk about some mindless things that I am looking forward to in my life right now.

Netflix is having a new show begin Friday, May 8th.  It stars Sam Waterston, Martin Sheen,

Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin.  I can't wait. I like the concept and I love these actors so I am hoping for a good new show.  I must finish my last 3 episodes on the Netflix show Bloodline.
So much to watch and so little time. I wanted to finish it the other night and Rick told me to wait until he could be awake. That made me laugh. So he went to bed and I watched other things but really wanted to finish this one. 

We planted all weekend. Got the patio all ready for the warm weather.

Right now, everything is covered in pollen. All under a yellow haze.
I planted flowers as I do every year but this year we put a few more raised beds on the patio for veggies.
Rick planted 3 kinds of tomatoes, peppers, hot and mild, basil, and brussel sprouts. Tomatoes have become my crack. Honestly, I put them in everything. I used cherry tomatoes in a green bean dish that was superb, if I do say so myself. If you like garlic, tomatoes, and green beans, this is very good and light and fresh. Brussel sprouts we have not grown before. But we love them roasted with bacon, or just roasted alone or fried or raw shredded in a salad or alone as a salad. Just love 'em.

See the left corner of the gazebo?  That piece won't stay on the metal "thingy" Rick is obsessing so I assume he will jimmy rig something for this thing. He does amuse me.
See that box below that is not painted dark brown? That houses the tomatoes and the peppers. The brussel sprouts, and herbs are in two other boxes on the patio. I live with Mr. Green Jeans, not having a yard is difficult for him. (to you young 'ens, you'll have to google Mr. Green Jeans)

Rick makes fun of me because I can eat veggies all day every day. The 7th day I would need meat. So I couldn't be a vegetarian at all. I need some pork or beef or my least favorite chicken at some point. In the mean time give me some veggies. I made my brussel sprouts when a niece was visiting. I made them with bacon (roasted) She told me she hated brussel sprouts and she was sorry. I said okay, eat all the other veggies you like that were roasted and pick 'em out. She ate one anyway and said, "oh my God these are good."   She then ate all that were on her plate and then had more. Yep! I get that.

Last evening we watched David Letterman's special.  I loved it but didn't think it was long enough. I have been watching him regularly since he had a daytime talk show at like 10am in the morning.  Anyone remember that one? I was going to school and working 3rd shift. 
We didn't have a VCR back then or a DVR so you watched it, appointment television, like Saturday Night Live. Then I would sleep an hour or two and head off to school.  I remember he used to put a camera on his dog and we would watch his dog Bob and his life. Waaaay before they had Go Pro's attached to everything. I loved those segments of "My Dog Bob"

In 2001 after 9/11 I would not watch morning TV. I was sick of all the coverage of mayhem and ugliness. So I began watching late night tv in the morning while having coffee. Mostly listening to him while doing things in the morning. Then during election time it was our go to. The morning shows like Good Morning America etc would only be going on and on about the dirt of the elections. Hated it so much. So we again would watch Letterman instead and while having breakfast or whatever it was on the background making us happy.  
I am going to miss that show. I loved his humor and when he was soft, oh my was he just a big ole pussycat. His last day will be in a few weeks. I find it a bit sad. ButI admit if I had his millions I may have retired earlier, much earlier. I would have just sat my fat ass on a beach chair with my toes in the sand and a great beverage in my hand.
Yeah, I could get used to that!

Monday, May 4, 2015


I heard from my stepmom last week that after taking my father to the neurologist it was confirmed. He has full blown dementia. 

We've all seen it coming. Let me rephrase that.  I have seen it for awhile. My mother has been in denial as well as some siblings. It's all so sad. If I am being honest with you all, I would prefer my father die than live like this. 

Last week he thought he was late for school and it was a crazy situation up there.  

My step mom still works until school is out. Then she will care for him 24/7. 
They are not in a good financial situation to get nursing care and it's all just a cluster fuck.

So who do they call for help? You guessed it. It's such a long history of things that I don't have the time and you don't want to read. This is their M.O. It always falls on my plate. I am the go to.

My sisters who do live there can't help or won't. One has her own serious issues and dramas to face. She can't do it all either. The other 2 are useless. 2 of us are far away. But it doesn't matter because no matter where I am, I am dragged into this.  West coast? Sure, call Peg. Moved back East, oh good call her to come here at the drop of a hat. She'll fix it. She will drop all things and do it for us. When she doesn't she is a bitch and we'll be sure to tell her so.

I can't help them in the manner in which they would like. I have done all I can and at some point my stepmom needs to take control.  I spent 5 days doing the work for her. The next step only she could do. She has not done it in 6 months. So I get the call on Saturday telling me she can't find the number, can I do this for her. I again state that legally I can't remember? Here is his number. I can be on the call with you, but you must do this.  Damn it I want to scream, grow a spine!

I know this sounds harsh to you all. But you haven't lived this. Why do you think I live far away?

I have had to take care of my family ever since my mother died in 1969. Then I get a step mom who is spineless like my father. Things happen to her. She never ever makes things happen for herself.  Some people let life just happen, some make it happen,some have goals and plans. Some just go along and whatever happens happens. Then freaks out when things happen that they can't handle, or don't like.  She is the latter.
She is only a few years older than me. That is the saddest part. 

So this morning I have spent a great deal of time on the phone. I am frustrated. I am pissed off. 

But I am doing this because I love my father.
Today just basically sucks. I think I may find wine and sit on my patio and look at my pretty flowers.