Monday, November 24, 2014

Izzy Take Over

Izzy The Wonder Dog here. 
Mom's buried with work she claims. 
I can see her so what she means by buried is lost on me.

Mom told me today that Mother Nature was having hot flashes.
I think she is referring to the temps today. It's 70.  

Friday afternoon while we were walking all she did was shiver and bitch.
She looked pretty funny too.  
She had on so many clothes she was like the little boy in A Christmas Story.  
She loves that movie. I don't get it, I prefer The Dog Whisper. 
Caesar is calming to me.  And all those bad bad dogs make me laugh. 
If they behaved better they would get more tummy rubs like me, damn silly bitches.

It's been cold, hot, cold again around these parts. I wish it would just  snow. I love the snow.
She gets all cranky about all the clothes she has to be putting on to take me out, waa, waa, waa.

Dad he doesn't like it, but his teeth don't chatter on walks. I can hear hers. I don't need to turn around and see her, I hear it.  She's nuts. Dad thinks so too.  That's why he's my buddy. 
Although she does feed me and gives me all the tummy rubs and spoiling. 
She just bought me a couple of new nylabones too. I love to chew on them for hours.
So we've got to keep her around. But she's nuts.

I saw a big cat today that I have never seen before. Not my normal black and white cat named Oscar who roams the neighborhood.  This was a new one. I chased it into the woods. 
Ah, I love that this makes me look like a hero to my mom. I'd chase that damn cat no matter what.  She thinks it's because she trained me to chase them so they wouldn't get near her. 
HA - Trained me! See? Told ya,  she's certifiable.
This cat was fast. I honestly don't know what the hell I'd do to it if I caught it. But I do enjoy scaring the shit out of the darn thing.   I run back to my mom after I'm done and rub her thigh with my face and she gives me all this lovin' like I'm the best dog ever. I'm not doing it for her, I'm doing it 'cause it's just damn fun to scare the cat. 
Shh....we won't tell her that.

Speaking of scaring.  The man next door really scared Mom and me last week.
He has been building himself a new closet system in his master. There are 2 walk in closets in the master. The biggest one is against my mom's office wall. I was sleeping in front of Moms desk when suddenly this incredibly loud thump, thump thump began happening. 
I growled and jumped. It scared me so much that my hackles went up.  
I saw mom jump too so I know it scared the crap out of her. 
He ruined a perfectly good nap the rat bastard. 

He has been building this from scratch and working on this closet for over 3 months. 
Mom and I hope it stops soon because it bothers her while she works and it really cramps my napping! The closet is not that big people and I need my beauty rest. 
I can't chase cats if I'm draggin' tail. 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Thunder Snow

My first winter after meeting Rick we were shoveling snow outside his apartment together.
It was a typical lake effect storm and we decided to try to keep up with it before we sat down to dinner and wine. 

He had the driveway and I was doing the steps to the house and the walkway.
Then it thundered and he said, "Hey was that thunder?"  
Yep I answered and kept shoveling, not thinking a thing about it.
Then it thundered again. He was so amazed by this and I couldn't understand why.
He was like a little kid who heard thunder for the first time. 
Not scared, but very surprised and excited.
I said, "Haven't you ever heard thunder Rick?"
He explained that he never has heard thunder while it was snowing.

I continued to shovel and thought about this. 
I have heard this most of my life what was the big deal I wondered?
Was this endemic to lake effect snow areas?  
Rick talked about this thunder snow for years.  He still does.
He had never heard thunder while snowing until he moved to Erie PA.  
Ah, but this was before google.

While watching all this coverage on poor Buffalo we heard the snow thunder and it reminded us both of the first time he had heard this. So that made us google it.
(google wasn't around when this first happened, we're old) 
It does happen in a few places in the US but it happens most often around the Great Lakes in the US and Canada.  I never knew that.  So I learned something from Buffalo's storm aside from being thankful I'm not there  - And that I have moved from that kind of snow years ago.

This photo blew me away. Yep, there is a house there.
Embedded image permalink

So here are my questions.
You are now trapped in your home. You can't open the door due to the weight of the snow.
You have a dog - where does it go?  Izzy is a picky pooper outdoors, she wouldn't go inside.
You can't even get out to shovel off your roof and it could collapse.  What the hell do you do?
If you have satellite TV, you are really screwed because your satellite is covered and you surely aren't getting a signal. I hope you have food, booze, TP and heat is all I can say.
Kind of creepy to me to feel buried alive.  At least that is how I know I would feel.
I can't even get in an MRI without being knocked out - this would send me over the edge.

We will be having temps of high 60's  on Monday. I understand it will be very warm in relative terms in Buffalo as well. Let the flooding begin I guess.
Poor Buffalo.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Funnies

I would never hate on the internet. I don't get those that do.
I would never tweet mean things. 
I wouldn't even leave a comment to even the dumbest of the dumb, say like the Palins, Honey Boo Boo Family, those women who's name starts with a know all those dumb ones.  
Seriously why waste a good smart snarky remark on the dumb ones? 
Ah, I say just ignore them and hope they go away is my logic. (please all go away)

So I find it funny that people are so ugly and mean to people on twitter.
What is the point of that? 
But I must admit I do enjoy Jimmy Kimmel's fun spin on the haters though.

If you are unaware, Jimmy has the celebrities read the mean tweets about themselves.
I watched this a few times just so that I could see my boyfriend Gerard Butler, (insert swoon) it's been awhile Jerry - call me!

Thursday, November 20, 2014


So much for believing in humanity.
What in the hell was a nice misanthropic gal like me thinking?

I told you the story of how the woman in the Jamaican registrar helped me get a copy of my marriage license a few weeks back.

I sent her an email after this was all completed.  I told her that I was so very appreciative of what she had done for me and how it restored my faith in humanity.  
I also said, "if there is anything I can do for you, you know like get your marriage license and fed ex it to you, let me know. ha ha.   I am sure this good deed will have some good Karma back to you.  Thank you again."

End of story...or so I thought.

I got an email Monday telling me that she was having a birthday on Wednesday so if I wanted to send a gift as a thank you I could.

I was incredibly busy on Monday and this damn cough and cold is lingering and at night I take thera-flu and crawl into bed.  Never giving this whole thing another thought.

This morning as I was standing on line at the bank my cell phone rang. It was a number I was unfamiliar with so I did not answer it. When I got into the car I listened to my voice mail.
It was the woman from Jamaica.  Her message was that I was to call her back.
I did not.  I went into my call blocking app and blocked her number from my phone.

Silly me, I thought she was doing something nice for me. I added extra money into the western union so that it covered all costs for fed ex and what the cost was for the copies of my license. I gave her an additional $30 for picking it up for me. Should I have done more than that?

How could I have been so damn stupid to think someone would just be nice because it was the right thing to do?

I had almost given back my Ms. Misanthropic sash and crown for believing in people for a minute. 
But back to being the old curmudgeon I am, sash and crown in place.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dolphins, Gorillas and Me.

What you may or may not know about me is that there are 2 animal type things on my bucket list.
1. Swim with dolphins. Check, did that 6 years ago and it was everything I wanted it to be!
2. Sit with gorillas.  not yet and doubtful one can ever get that chance.

I found this video fascinating. The wrestle and play is like what Izzy does with Rick and myself.
Here is the written story that goes with it.

Monday, November 17, 2014

How exactly would this work? I need answers!

Rick and I went to get a new car battery for my car on Sunday.
As we made a turn onto the street we saw this trailer parked on the side of the road.

I cracked up laughing.
I asked Rick, "Explain to me how the hell this exchange takes place?"

And then in my next breathe I told him not to get any ideas for his truck. 
That made him burst out laughing as he said, "Damn you,  just when I thought I had a new marketing idea!"

So blogger friends, explain how this exchange would work exactly? 
I understand that it is a fundraiser during breast cancer awareness month but the rest is lost on me. 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Random Items from My Little Head

It's all in your perspective.

I spoke to my mother last evening.
She had just run into the house when I called and she was a bit out of breath when she answered the phone.
I asked if she was okay. She responded with, "Of course I'm just old and I ran out to pay the man who plows our driveway for the year and ran back in to get the phone."

I said, "doing it in advance huh?" 
She asked what I meant. I explained that this year she was doing it before it snowed. 
You see she is the stereotypical  procrastinator so this surprised me.
She laughed and said, "Peg we got over a foot of snow today, not much really, but enough to have him plow our driveway for us.  Your dad and I just can't do this anymore. Your sister told me that it's going to continue this lake effort snowing so I wanted to pay him for the year now to be sure we're plowed."

Her comment "not much" always makes me laugh. 
I've been away long enough to think that is a lot of snow, just not for that neck of the woods. 
God knows it would paralyze the District and surrounding areas where I live.
Years ago I bought them a snow blower. But both my father and mother are too old to even do that. Dad is 87 and Mom is younger at 73 , but she had open heart surgery 2 years ago and really shouldn't be doing that stuff anymore.  So they have it done each year. 

She knows how much I want a snow-blower - it's a family joke - long story I won't go into right now.
So last night I asked if she still had the snow-blower. She said they did and she should have given it to me when I was up this past summer since I drove. 
I said, "you know I'd pay you for it"  completely forgetting that I bought it for them. 
She laughed and said, "gee you bought it for me, I think I can be real nice and just give it to you Peg."  Then we both had a good laugh.

Yesterday while at Walgreens buying Halls mentho lyptus and Thera-Flu I saw these fleece lined leggings. It says one size fits most. I felt them and thought, ooh nice dog walking pants when it's cold. I stood and stared at the size and wondered, "what the hell is size fits most?"
Am I a most or a too much?  My pants are a 10  is that most? 
In the modeling industry that is plus size so will these fit? 

I seriously stood there just holding them and staring at these pants trying to decide if I should get them or not. A woman who worked there walked by and said, "Wondering if you are a one size fits most?"  and she laughed.   I said, "Why yes I am. Have you purchased these?  She said she did and they were too small for her.   But she was a lot larger on the bottom than me but that now made me doubtful. 
I wanted to ask her size but that would be rude like asking her age. 
She laughed and said, "Who the hell puts the size as fits most, that is just crazy."   
I agreed.  But I went and bought them anyway because she said I could bring them back. 

I put them on last night after dinner. Oooh, were they ever soft inside. 
Great to lounge around the house with a big old sweater keeping me warm. 
I am perpetually cold the last couple of years. Something changed 2 years ago and now I am always cold. I used to always be too warm. So I don't have a lot of heavy warm clothing. 
But these were comfy warm. I curled up on the sofa and watched a movie with Rick and was loving these pants. 

This morning I decided to walk Izzy wearing these. The winds were howling and to me the winds made it bitter cold. 
It's sunny and beautiful if you look out your window but walking in it wasn't so fun.
I did have on a long sweater, a scarf, gloves and a fleece coat.  This all made me decide that these comfy fleece lined pants are only good indoors. Or UNDER jeans. These are not warm enough to wear alone on a blustery 35 degree morning.  But they fit so I suppose that is something to know I am a fits most on the bottom only. Which is humorous to me. 

My mom was telling me that my niece got a 1700 on her SAT's. I said, Oh my goodness that is so wonderful!  I was seriously thrilled beyond belief for her.  She has had her struggles. Then as only my parents can do she says, "I think she may be wrong because that number can't be right Peg"
There it is....that wonderful encouragement and support that my parents are so damn good at.
I said, "please tell me you didn't say that to her ma"  She told me she didn't. 
God I hope not.

When I was young it would hurt me. As an adult I just laugh. Because they don't even know this is wrong. If you bring it up they get all defensive and tell you that you are being too sensitive or worse they will explain why they feel that way and they will then justify it all. Trust me the justification is far worse.

I have sisters who can't see the funny. But for some reason I do. 
It's easier that way honestly.
And as I've said over the years, when you watch it play out on TV they laugh, you have to try to do the same when it's directed at you. Our parents will never change so you have to.

But one of my sisters loves to be a victim and it's a comfortable place for her. If she couldn't bitch, moan, whine about something then her life would stop. So for her this just goes on her pile of being victimized. Sadly, it's a soft comfortable place for her.

Yesterday I got a text from a cousin - she sent it to all the cousins. (the ones in Florida I was visiting recently) It was a bill board with a young woman on it and it looked just like her sister. Her sister Rosie died in her mid 20's when hit by a woman driving without a license.
The driver had a seizure while driving and that was why she wasn't allowed to drive.

Anyway the bill board woman looked eerily like Rosie who passed away.
I couldn't stop staring at the billboard. It was Rosie's face. It made me sad for a moment.
Then one cousin quickly responded with, "if I saw that while driving down the highway at 65 mph I'd have flipped out."
The billboard had a number to call underneath her face.
Another cousin (her brother) wrote - "OMG, we could have called her this whole time!"
That cracked me up and changed my mood in an instant!
The rest of the comments were all hysterical.

Yep that is the majority of my family  - they see the humor and I love that!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Not Funny.

As I have mentioned here before during my day at my desk that I listen to Sirius radio online.
I listen to an eclectic assortment of shows, NPR, Howard Stern, Ellen DeGeneres Show, music and there is a new station that I have tried 3 times but that was all I could take.

Jenny McCarthy got her own radio show after being fired from The View.
I have never been her biggest fan if I'm being honest..
Her baby books are funny and I have purchased them as part of a shower gift for expectant moms.
However, Jenny herself is neither funny, talented or too bright. I watched her on the View. She bought herself some eye glasses as though we'd be fooled by the stupid things she said because she now thinks she looks smart wearing glasses. Did you ever listen to her on that show? Oh my, she and Sherri were dumb as a box of rocks. Sherri didn't believe the earth was round and Jenny would just laugh. Never a smart comment, question or input of any kind. She was good at pop culture though.

She bought herself a great rack and that is what she has been living off of for a long time now, since her MTV days and her playboy magazine layout days. MTV was her bod for the boys on the show and we all know the demographic for her playboy 'spreads'

Her cousin on the hand, Melissa McCathy, I find very funny and talented. Have you see the movie St Vincent with Bill Murray? This woman is good in comedy and drama. She is a fearless comedienne but she's really very good in this touching movie that isn't a straight comedy.

But back to Jenny. She appears to try too hard, at least it has always seemed that way to me.
She always seems to begging, "like me, like me."  No thanks Jen, I don't.

While listening to her Dirty, Funny, Sexy  show - yes that is the pathetic name of her radio show.
She is an up talker, and that drives me bonkers. Every sentence ends like a question.
Yes, her show is dirty, not funny, and surely not sexy in any way.Look I don't mind "dirty" at all, but if that is all it is then I'm not interested. And that is all her show is.

She is now 42 and acts like she's 25. The whole show is juvenile. Talking about 'boys' like she's in junior high. She loves to brag her conquests and honestly I find it all so obnoxious.

She's been fired from all her shows so why does she keep getting more chances? My guess is because the people in charge are men, and she is considered attractive to them. Her show is horrible so I can't imagine it will be on for long. I mean no one can see her and that has always been her only appeal, her looks.
The show is insipid drivel so how long can this last? There have been some great shows in that time slot before her that didn't last. Smart shows, funny shows and even TV shows.

I don't get men. I think that is the only reason she has legs so to speak in the business .
It's not like she's Lucille Ball, as she likes to refer to herself.
My husbands comment on her is that she tries too hard, tries too hard to be funny, tries too hard to be "sexy" and just acts desperate. I was a bit surprised that Rick actually saw what I saw.
But then he added, she has a great rack for fake ones.
Okay - there it is.

Now What?!

First a bad ear infection.
Now this. C'mon!

I have a sore throat now like nobodies business. 
I sound like I've been a smoker for 40 years AND it hurts.
Honestly this shit has to stop!
"Rick this sore throat is killing me." 

"I told you I have something for it, Dr. Rick's throat cream"

Honestly that man doesn't stop either!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Can I still be in a book club ?

Remember high end guy?

Well Rick was there yesterday.
Oh my.

It is frozen in time in the 70's. 
When he walked in he told me it reeked like a stale closed up bar.
He was only there for 15 minutes and the man smoked 3 full cigarettes.
Nothing annoys Rick more than cigarettes so I imagine he was in heaven.
Thankfully Rick carries an extra shirt in his truck. 
When he got in the car he changed his shirt so he didn't smell like an ash tray before reaching his next destination.

The man was willing to pay Rick to spray paint his washer and dryer's rust 'area.'
Rick laughed and said, "but you could do this" 
He said, "this is a high end house so I'd rather pay you to do that"  
Rick is indeed repairing his chipped and damaged sink for him the professional way.  
But seriously, the washer thing was crazy. Finally Rick just said yes to him and gave him a price and he said fine. 

I do believe he has money to blow foolishly. Just not on his house, which Rick stated we could buy and put in another 100K to get it to this century.   Not to make fancy schmancy just to update it to heating and cooling in this century alone. 
He had very dark  kitchen cabinets from the 70's and formica counter tops that were peeling. High end?  Crazy ass man.

In other news....
I get my hearing checked next Tuesday, that should be enlightening.
I pick up my new glasses this afternoon.
So what do ya think? Braille classes in my future as well?
Can I still be in my book club if I can neither see or hear ?

Oh the joys of aging.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Did I say it was a high end house?

This just said to me this morning. customer will be referred to as AAH.

Me: Good Morning (insert comp name) May I help you?

AAH: Yes. I was referred to you by a neighbor who you did work for. Can you help me?

Me:  Well I guess it depends on what you are looking to have done sir.

AAH:  Well I live in a very high end home and my kitchen sink is damaged.
My wife continues to hit the front ledge with her plant pots and it is chipped there in numerous places.

Me:  We don't normally do kitchen sinks because unlike your other fixtures which last 20 years this won't due to the abrasive cleaners, knives, staining from coffee and wine etc. So because they don't last and we can't give you a long life and a warranty we don't do them.

AAH:  Well we are just selling our high end home and we don't care how long it lasts as long as it looks good enough to fool a new buyer.

Me: Well I can ask if this is something my boss will consider since you don't care about a warranty but,....

AAH: I don't care about a warranty and my neighbor raved about the flawless repair you did on her bathtub and pedestal sink. Did I tell you this is a high end home?

Me: Yes.   (several times you arrogant shit)

AAH: Well I also have other appliances that need help.

Me: We don't do appliances and besides you can use something form Home Depot for that.

AAH:  No it's my washer and dryer. They are all rusted and pitted and look awful.

Me:  Honestly sir, you can buy appliance paint at Home Depot or better than that there is a product called Krylon Fusion and you can get it at Sherwin Williams. It works great for those types of items. Much better than an appliance kit.

AAH:  Didn't I just tell you this is a high end home?  (implying this was not a high end solution)

Me: Yes you did indeed. Why don't we set you up for a free in home estimate.  The technician can go over options for your high end home.

AAH:  Thanks. I think that will work.

I make appointment and hang up on his high end ass!

Really who says that shit?  Insecure obnoxious NoVa residents that is who.
I Googled his house. It isn't a million dollar home for Pete's sake.  
It is not high end, only in his mind.  
To be fair,  in middle America this would be considered that, however here it is just the average price of a home. We have done high end homes. This would not be one of them.

I love how this high end home has shitty rusty pitted washer and dryer or a sink that is drop in and not under mount.  So what that tells me is,  it's high end but dated and probably in need of repair in a lot of areas.  When he told me the brand of sink I knew what it was because we sell sinks, these are very low end on the scale. So Mr. High End is doing all this work on the cheap to hide flaws from the new home owner. Nice all around guy isn't he?

 So we'll go to this high end home and see what he wants on this sink.  I doubt Rick will do it but if he does I would recommend he ask for a high end price because I'm a bitch like that.

Thursday, November 6, 2014


For most women having a bad hair day can ruin the day. Simple as that.
My hairdresser did a very bad job on my hair. It is a hot mess. I can't do anything with it and its way too short. So for the next two month at the very least I will have a bad hair day.

Getting a hair cut in these parts isn't cheap.  Unless you go to a dive like I've been doing, then it's affordable at $55 - 60 for a haircut. 
Where I used to go I paid $80 but after losing my corporate job that just became too much.

I was struggling trying to find someone who knew how to cut with a razor. One bad haircut after another. Then a neighbor told me about the woman I go to now.
 She could wield a razor like Edward Scissorhands. She worked in a dive of a place in a strip mall.  The place has bright yellow walls like a kindergarten classroom. 
The name of the place is straight out of the 70's and the decor is as well. 
The women who work there look like they haven't updated their hair or clothes since the 70's as well.  I find it off putting to walk into a salon where everyone has outdated clothes and hair. How can they give you the latest cuts, styles, or color treatments?  
Yep, you can't get those things here. 
But this little bit of sunshine that was cutting my hair was good. 
Not great like some of my others but good.  She stays there for the convenience because it's close to home. She has a mentally challenged daughter and this is close when need be.

But lately there is no constancy in my cuts or haircolor. And while I personally really really like her this cut I believe to be the last straw. So now I will wear a hat for awhile and color my own hair.  I must find a new salon. I'll grow my hair if I have to, so I don't need it cut every 5-6 weeks since I will have to pay so much more money. I just need to find a new salon.

Men don't understand this stress. My hubby would just as soon shave his whole head if I didn't beg him not to. He has an egg head, he shouldn't do that. 

I need a salon that is open on Saturdays, talented modern staff, speaks English as their first language and can use a razor and knows new styles and not just straight long hair. Can be a master colorist and if they do waxing to boot they are mine. 

Know where I could find one?  Yea, me neither.

MRI and gas.

I got nothin'  today so I am sharing a very funny story I read on Huffington Post by a woman who could be my twin....that is if I was prone to flatulence, which thankfully is not an issue for me, just my spouse!!! 

Here ya it for yourself.  Have a good laugh today.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

On Jamaician Time

I got married in Montego Bay in Jamaica 21 years ago.

Two months ago I received a packet from the company I was downsized by.
When the company was bought out by Satan, they raped our benefits as well as our pensions so I really have nothing to speak of.   It stopped where it was and it is so incredibly small that each month it would only buy me gin during my retirement. (while I live under a bridge)

The company is being bought yet again and I was told they were dumping all those pensions under a certain amount like mine. I was only with this company for 6 or 7 years before the buy out so it wasn't much.

They gave me options of what I could do with this money. No matter which of the 3 choices I picked I had to make this choice by November 11th and have all the paperwork to them by the 11th. 

This is the place it all began. They wanted from me a document signed by my husband stating I could take my money and move it here or take it out completely etc.
I have to ask my husband for my money?  Is it 1950?

I called the phone number provided and they told me that since he was the death beneficiary he has a right to say if I can have the money, roll over the money etc. And if that wasn't enough I had to have proof of a marriage license.

So over the weekend of this news I went to our silver metal box with all our important papers. It wasn't there. HUH?  I asked Rick, he said he last saw it in there. Well, me too, but it's not there. So we spend the weekend looking for our marriage license.  Can't find it.

I call the company handling this pension shit and they tell me to send a copy of our signed tax return. Easy enough. I send them that. A few days later I get a call saying they won't accept that only a marriage license.

I explain that I just can't run down to the court house because I got married in Jamaica.
They don't really care and they make sure their tone reflects that. 

I go online and attempt to find how to go about getting this in my little hands so I can do what I wish with this little bit of monies.

I fill out a form online and wait. And I wait and wait. It stated within 48 hrs someone would get back to me. No one did after 4 days. But I realize that in Jamaica they move a lot slower than we do so I have to think another way of getting this.
I see a phone number and decide the cost of the call is worth it.

I get this very nice woman named Tracy. She says legally she can't do this for me.
I have all this paperwork, money to pay for a copy ($40US) etc. But then to get it I have to go to his location and do all kinds of things that I couldn't do from here.

I hung up so bummed about this. So then I fumed that I need to do this just because I put my husband as my beneficiary. Honestly it's my friggin' money and it shouldn't matter what he thinks. This fries my ass.

I get a call later on my cell from Tracy in Jamaica. She tells me that she hears the panic in my voice and wants to help me. She will go to this court and get what I need. She is whispering this.She said I have to ask if you know what parish you were married in, the name of the minister etc. I gave her all I could remember. Apparently it was enough.
She told me that I could western union the money to her for the copies and fed ex.. "I will then fedex this to you. But I can only do this on my lunch hour. If you go to the website you can fill out the form and pay what you need to pay and I will do this. Please do this after we hang up so I have it in time to go on my lunch break.  Just put my name, and she gave me the spelling, on the form as the correct person to show ID and to pick up the documents. I will call you after I get them for you"

She gave me her extension and said to call her if I had any problems.
Now, suspicious Margaret was afraid that this was a scam. Here someone is doing something nice for me and I automatically assume there is an ulterior motive.
I felt badly but I just couldn't shake the suspicion.
But on the other hand, what choice did I have? If I only lost the cost of the fedex and the copies then so be it. I had to try this.She had given me the cost of the fed ex and I admit I went to fed ex and checked to see that the cost was correct. It was.

Tracy called a few times and she even scanned the document and sent to me to see if that would be enough for my former company. Sadly it wasn't. They wanted a full blown copy on the proper paper etc.

I received my documents today. Tracy didn't have an ulterior motive. Being kind to me is what she only wanted to do. She text me that we should be kind to one another and she hopes that she was able to help me.

So while things may move a bit slower there, they sure are nicer.
But Rick and I knew that.  We love the people there. Its why we got married there.
Each time we return to our favorite resort we are welcomed by the phrase, "Welcome Home" and that is what it feels like.

I thanked Tracy profusely. She asked if this was going to work and help me?
I said, "Ev'ryting Irie"
She laughed a big hearty laugh and said, "You have been to my country Margaret."

Rick and I say that phrase a great deal.
After all of this I think it's appropriate so say Ev'ryting gonna be Irie
Indeed it is, thanks to Tracy.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Powers That Be.

The powers that be wanted me to try to forget about this horrible pain in my right breast while I await the magic date for my mammogram. They were so kind as to give me a they gave me a whopping ear infection. 
I can truly say I have never had anything like this before. 
I suppose those powers that be thought it was high time that I get one.

It's been slow. Started with an ear ache. I said to Rick that when I was little my mom would put these drops in my ear and then a wad of cotton.  Very high tech. But I don't recall having an ear ache since I was a kid. Sunday it was really bothering me. I told Rick it felt like I had been swimming and it was full. I kept trying to "clean" my ear. Yes, I used a Q-tip, or several.

Last night I woke up with a pain in my ear that was crazy painful. I went downstairs to take an advil and I realized I couldn't even hear out of this ear now. It felt like I had so much pressure and if I held my nose and blew it would clear.  It did not.

By 7:30am I determined that I needed to see a doctor.  I did have an appointment with an ENT for a hearing test but I didn't want to wait 2 more weeks. I got dressed and went to vote. After I voted I went over to Urgent Care. No fever, just a "severe" ear infection. Then I proceeded to get yelled at by the doctor. She said I had no wax in my ears - stop cleaning them. Then she asked what I used to clean them.  The word Q-tip made her head explode. No shit, I saw the steam come out of her ears like a cartoon. Oooh she was mad. I should have just lied, I know better. After that lecture I was told this infection is very bad and the pressure on my ear drum must be painful. Ah, yeah, that's why I'm here.  Jeez.

So now I have an antibiotic and ear drops that are only for the pain. 
I asked how I would have gotten an ear infection. She asked if I had been swimming. Nope, not since labor day. She went down a list of things and not one have I done. 

So I am beginning to think that perhaps we are such a tight family we get each others things.
Point - Izzy has an ear infection and had to get a Rx on Sunday from Vet
I now have an ear infection.
Point 2 - Izzy has a new limp that we are monitoring.
Rick is limping and has been for over a week.

Is she copying us? All a strange coincidence?
Yea, I'm joking but seriously it's odd isn't it?

And yes, I mentioned above I am having a hearing test.
It started several years ago with Greys Anatomy.
I found the music so loud but I couldn't hear their voices over the music.
So I began using closed captions on that show.
Now I find I need CC more than not.

The other night I rewound a scene of a television show so many times but I just couldn't make out what they said. I asked Rick and he said one thing. To me that made no sense. So I rewound it and paused it while I turned on the closed captions. Rick was wrong too so I asked him if he wanted to get his ears tested at the same time as me. He called me a smart ass.