Thursday, October 30, 2014

Stay at Home Pants

Wednesday night I was in Target with a friend. A 10 year younger than me friend.
You know we all have these friends who are younger and it can hit you in the face when you least expect it.

There is an enormous difference in everything at age 8 and 18 right? Yet its only 10 yrs.
Then at 30 and 40 not so much. With those 10 yrs not much changes and no big deal.
But let me tell you 40's and 50's are almost like 8 and 18!  
So much happens and changes drastically from your 40's to 50's.
So the idea that 60 is around my corner scares the living shit out of me.
I mean to tell you if life changed so drastically from my 40's to my 50's  that to think it will it do it again in the 60's is well,very  frightening.
And if it does, holy shit, it's gonna be bad.
Or maybe one gets a break like the 30's to 40's and not much of a difference.
Oh please have it be that way. 

As I was in Target Wednesday evening  I see these comfy cream colored lounge-y pants. 
I feel them and they are soft and I think and say out loud, "Oooh these are good stayin' at home pants" 
To which my friend laughs at me.
She laughed because she is only 48. She doesn't know what I know, poor thing.
It's gonna hit her smack in the face like it did me around 51. It hurt too!
In 10 years she too will have stay at home pants. Where the idea of staying home is so much more appealing than dealing with people on the outside. Where wearing heels is just not something one wants to do unless sitting down. 

If you had told me that I would have turned into this old bat, I would have said, "no way, uh ha, never gonna happen"  I will not be one of those frumpy broads. I will never leave my house without makeup and hair done.  HAH.  Hell I never wore sneakers or a pair of flats until I had my first back operation at age 30. And I only bought a pair of flats because my doctor ordered me out of constant heels. But as soon as I was well enough, I was back in heels baby!
And my hair and makeup - never would I have left the house to even put gas in my car without makeup on and my hair perfectly coiffed and clean.

Now I think - Damn, that's why God made hats. Dirty icky hair? Throw on your baseball cap and head to the grocery store, you're old and invisible now.  No one is looking at you.
3 sizes too big over sized sweatshirt with old wine and food stains, sure you can walk the dog in that. 

This article was in Huffington Post  Thursday and after reading it  I swore this woman was in my head. Every item on this list made me laugh because it was me exactly. The tweezers, the sympathy cards, all of it. I just bought 2 sympathy cards the other day. Did someone die that I know of? Not since a couple of weeks ago but I thought it may be good to have a couple on hand.  Yea, that's what my life has become.

Thank God I still remember I love wine and I can find it faster than my keys.

The Pope (or Frankie as I like to call him)

Let me start by saying that I am not a Catholic.
I was raised in the Catholic church but as I like to say, I am a reformed Catholic.
You don't even want me to start on the cover ups of all the sexual assaults!

In my opinion (yes, mine don't write me if you don't agree, this is my blog) the church was narrow minded, un-compassionate, mean spirited, blinded by money only for their gain and anything but what the understanding of Christian behavior was supposed to be.

You want to talk money? Annulment. What a crock.
When I divorced,  my father wanted me to annul it. No! It happened.
I am not paying the church a few grand for nothing. It happened. It's over, move on.
If you think that ploy is anything more than money then I have a bridge to sell you in the Sahara.
Dad was so worried because I couldn't get married in the church again. Hell, I only did it the first time to appease him, I did not want to marry in his church, that is for sure.
I didn't plan on doing anything like that again for my father because I was now older and wiser and no longer a kid. My life, my house, my rules. (Under his roof, his rules)

This is the very reason why I adore this new Pope. I am sure my fathers head is spinning because the man speaks of compassion for all. That he thinks all humans deserve love and dignity and not to be shunned because they are different from you. This Pope even dared to say that evolution and the big bang can coexist with the church because this was not done with a magic wand but by God.

I dig this Pope because he includes everyone into his church, where others before him would not.
I dig this Pope because he lives what he preaches. I dig this Pope because he doesn't wear Prada shoes and doesn't give a rats ass about designer shoes. He lives modestly and not in the mansion that is normally reserved for the Pope.I dig this Pope for speaking out for birth control for those who wish to not have more children. That was big in my eyes.  I dig this Pope because he called out his cardinals for excluding people from their churches and acting out of hate instead of love.  I dig this Pope because he said (the concept) Christianity isn't just for Christians but for our Jewish friends, our atheist friends and all other religions. Isn't that what it is supposed to be? It's compassion, doing the right thing doesn't only belong to Christians.

I wish he would accept women in the clergy next. But perhaps I am asking too much all at once.
Will it make me go back to the Church. Oh heaven's no!
But it sure is nice to think that this leader may open some peoples closed minds, especially my fathers.

It still drives me crazy that so many are followers and can't think on their own.
I wonder, can you be a follower who can also think on your own?

I believe my father has been a blind follower from his lack of education.
But then again I know several who are like that as well who have had a so called education.
Sadly though they are only smart in their little world.

I have always said that my father would drink the Kool-aid and put on his Nikes if the Pope told him to.
I hope it applies this's not too late Dad.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I'm Alive.....just MIA

Where the hell ya'll been?

I've been buried with work.

Honestly things are so good with business that I don't have time to breathe.

We hired this man who I will refer to as Numbnuts 2.

Numbnuts #1 we let go just as the recession hit.

This Big Guy is doing well as far as the job, it's the people skills. 

Sometimes he doesn't want to tell the customer it can't be done and he'll call me.
Jeez, grow a set. 
So we are slowly getting him where he needs to be.

We had to buy another company vehicle.  

It is so much nicer than Rick's company vehicle that he is jealous. 

Then of course workers comp on him and all that entails. New vehicle means increase in business car insurance. (yea, that's much higher than your personal vehicle) I also got a payroll company to do his paycheck and taxes. I had to get some things off my plate.

We have spent a small fortune of 5 figures getting him everything he will need including all the above for him. yipee.
Holy shit business better stay busy or you will all find me in a puddle.

Honestly it hasn't given Rick any time off just yet or helped him slow down a bit.

He is still in his learning curve so it will be awhile.

In the mean time I am buried.  I am feeling overwhelmed most days and have been working long hours and weekends.  I spent 4 hours with google the other day. 

Let me tell you how fun that was. Something happened to our online campaign. You know, so you can see my website when you google us. And yes, if you didn't know each time you click on a business after you googled them it costs us money.
I am always amazed that so many people don't know that.

Anyhoo, after my 4 hour call with them I hung up and had 2 more hours of work to do.  I can't tell you how much fun that was. I'd rather have a sharp stick in the eye than do all this media shit. But it is a necessary evil. The difficult part for me is I am doing this and constantly interrupted by phone calls so the 2 hours of work can last all damn day into after hours to just get it finished.

And why does it always happen that your, google and angies list, yelp etc all have renewal dates at the very same time so you are so busy doing those things you can't do your other jobs.

So that is where I've been folks. Nothing fun, just really positive problems.
I prefer those kind. 

Halloween is just around the corner and I have purchased 150 full size bars of Snickers, Reese's peanut butter cups and Skittles for those with peanut allergies.
This is one of the few 'holidays' I enjoy. I also don't like this candy as you all know. I never buy candy I like should we have left overs. It's supposed to be really cold on Friday so we may get fewer children, so there will be lots of candy for my husbands sweet tooth. 
Side bar - he told me he never had a sweet tooth when I met him. he loves sweets and he lied. Nut job. Apparently liking cake, cookies and the like in the evening isn't considered a sweet tooth to him. 

I know I told you all about the halloween party we went to a day early. That is a classic. But we don't get invited to things like that anymore. One of my favorites party was when every one was told to be a couple. You could be 1/2 of a couple if going alone. The couple could be your parents, or a famous couple, a cartoon couple, any couple.  Bert & Ernie were a couple that was at the party. I loved that one.   Tweety Bird and Sylvester the Cat. People were really creative. Mustard and Ketchup - a bit of a stretch but a good one. We were Fred and Wilma Flintstone. 

Now we're old and we don't enjoy this as much. We actually prefer just handing out the candy to the kids while drinking at home. :-)  Lame aren't we? So my costume will be that of an old broad handing out candy. But it's a Friday and the very first Saturday that Rick doesn't have to work since July with the exception of the family reunion in October. So there will be some adult fun cocktails for sure.

What are you dressing as for halloween?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

25 vs 50+

My niece had a piece on her facebook that all of her friends were talking about.
They all could relate. 
The piece was called, 25 signs you're almost 25.
Ah, "almost" 25. (sigh)

So I thought I would do my own, 25 signs you're almost 60.
(of course this is for Rick who will be 60 in May - not me...yet)

I will put the 25 years old comments next to mine. Boy have things changed for me in 25+ years! As I read her post it made me laugh because well you'll see where my mind went....

1.) 25 yr old -  You fantasize about doing something drastic to your hair just to feel alive.
50+ yr old - You fantasize about having more hair, any hair, no white hair, or fuller hair as you did when you were 25 yrs old.

2.) 25 yr old  - fantasize perhaps on doing something more permanent than a hair cut like a tattoo or two.
50+ yr old - regretting damn tattoos! That flower over your boob that is now wilting and is no longer sexy. Why didn't someone tell you that you would regret this and the expensive and painful cost of removing these damn things you thought at 25 were so cool. 

3.) 25 yr old - Finding out a celeb is younger than you ruins your entire day.
50+yr old - finding out a celeb your age just died and boy can it ruin your entire day!

4.) 25 yr old - Partying is still fun but a little less spectacular than it once was, and that makes you feel conflicted.
50+ yr old - Partying is no longer all that much fun at all. You are no longer conflicted.  Been there done that.

5.) 25 yr old - You're surprised how excited you get to spend a night in.
50+yr old - You're surprised how excited you are to watch a full evening of television without falling asleep in your chair.

6.) 25 yr old - For the first time in your life you've thought, Am I too old to be wearing this?
50+yr old - you have long adopted the rule of thumb that if you wore that fashion the first time it came around you're too damn old to wear it the 2nd time it comes around!

7.) 25 yr old - You alternate between wanting to take better care of yourself and wanting to revel in the remaining days of your youth.
50+ yr old - You are now forced to take better care of yourself because you go to bed feeling fine but you wake up with a sports injury and you have not played any sports. 

8.) 25 yr old - You've downsized your friend group, and you're starting to realize the ones who remain are the only ones you needed in the first place.
50+yr old - Your friend group has downsized because you just won't tolerate any bullshit any longer or they have died. 

9. )25 yr old - You're seriously considering emptying your bank account on a dream vacation to find yourself.
50+yr old - You would never think to empty your bank account with retirement looming and you're in a panic if you'll have enough or have to work until you die.

10.) 25 yr old - You still aren't 100% sure what an IRA is, and it's becoming a problem
50 yr old - you have a few IRA's but they aren't growing as you would have hoped so see number 9.

11.) 25 yr old - You get a weird sense of accomplishment from completing errands.
50+yr old  - You can't do errands without a damn list. You have to call home while standing in the store just to ask, "What the hell did I come here for anyway?"

12.) 25 yr old - you get blindsided by waves of general existential angst.

50+yr old - The meaning of life is what you've made it and you are content with just dealing with your life and appreciating what you have.

13) 25 yr old - Suddenly you find yourself legitimately enjoying your parents company and they are understandably suspicious of this.
50+ yr old - You miss your parents because they are either no longer living, have dementia or Alzheimer and you are now parenting your parent.

14) 25 yr old - You belong to one of two groups - people who can't wait to have babies and people who are horrified by the idea of them.
50+yr old - You belong to one of two groups - grandparent and those that aren't grandparents. Those in first group can be as annoying as the 25 yr old group with kids.

15.) 25 yr old - Either way, you keep doing mental check-ins: "Is this where I'm supposed to be in my life?
50+ yr old - Where am I supposed to be again? Where the hell are my keys?

16.) 25 yr old - You have elaborate fantasies about quitting society and living off the earth in some unknown part of the world.
50+yr - You do all you can do to not be living IN the earth.

17.) 25 yr old - You comfort yourself by thinking you could be rich and famous if given the change (despite your apparent lack of talent)
50+yr old - You no longer day dream about being rich or famous. Just rich. You know being famous isn't what it's cracked up to be. You also day dream about what it was like to have a great memory, eye sight that doesn't require reading glasses and hearing that doesn't require high volume TV or close captions.

18.) 25 yr old - You've had to Urban Dictionary teen slang just to be sure you knew what it meant.
50+ yr old - You don't give a shit what their slang means, those little fuckers are annoying as hell.

19.) 25 yr old - There are more and more celebrities you straight up don't recognize.
50+yr old - Oh yea we agree here. Nothing changes as you age on this one.

20.) 25 yr old - Your ambition and your complacency are constantly at war. Should you sign up for a marathon or marathon watch your favorite show?
50+ yr old - Your ambition and your complacency is no longer at conflict.
They are pretty much the same. 

21.) 25 yr old - You find yourself making healthier eating choices...out of fear?
50+ yr old - You find yourself making healthier eating choices because you have medical issues that make it that way. Gout, gastrointestinal issues, ulcers,etc

22.) 25 yr old - Sometimes you look in the  mirror and think, This is it. This is the best I will ever look!
50+ yr old - Sometimes you look in the mirror and think,"Who in the hell is this? This is not my face!"

23.) 25 yr old - for the first time it really feels like your childhood is over. This is the point of no return. 
50+ yr old - For the first time you feel death looming.  

24.) 25 yr old - number 23 is mildly terrifying to you.
50+ yr old - number 23 is always looming feels normal and no longer terrifying.

25.) 25 yr old - still on number 23)  But also maybe just maybe a little exciting?
50+ yr old - Hell NO! Are you fucking crazy? Leaving childhood was great. The best was yet to come. You are now a full fledge adult who knows that worrying about that shit is pointless. Shit will happen. Sometimes it sucks. Sometimes you get what you needed and you're thrilled. But you sure wish you could stop at that point.

Bottom line 25 yr olds - enjoy your life, but skip the tattoo's!!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Can you hear my teeth chattering?

OMG!  It's winter cold and it's only fall.
What in the hell is going on?

I'd type more but it's difficult wearing mittens.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


I just saw this and loved it! 

I thought I'd share for all those in the corporate world who have had to listen to this BS ad nauseum. (sp?)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Florida -Part II

Friday after our breakfast we went to the pool and hung out for awhile.
A late morning nap by the pool was great. The pool was so warm I could jump right in.
The ocean, or gulf, not so much. 

Rick by the pool....this photo is right side up in my phone and on my computer but I can't get it that way on the blog. So turn your head. 

I saw these two at the end of the pool who I pointed out to Rick will be us in a few years. I will be wearing a hat to escape the sun on my face and we'll still be floating around on the noodles. Which of course we did over the weekend. This couple was cute. We saw them around the hotel quite a bit, beach bar, restaurant, as well as the pool. Always holding hands and such, they were just cute.

I meet a woman in the pool. The woman just came up to me and began chatting. 

I couldn't get away. Even if she hadn't had an accent I would have surmised she was from the U.K. just from her horrific teeth. She was telling me about her travels around America.  
I wanted to say, "stay home and put the money in your teeth woman!"  
Why do people from the U.K have such rotten teeth? 
Do they not have dental coverage there? What is wrong with the dentists there? 

Holy crow here in my world I am told because I have one tooth that has moved I must get it fixed stat!  This woman had only 1/2 a mouth of yellow, crooked, gross looking teeth that made her look old and ugly when she spoke or smiled, which was often. She was neither really. She would have been younger looking as well if she had a full mouth of teeth. I don't believer her to be any older than me.  

She told such funny stories. She and her husband couldn't wait to go to Walmart. 
Oh heaven's.  Really? You think America and you think Walmart?  Those horrible humans who own it? Those who pay their people terribly and even they can't afford the shitty quality of things you can buy there?  Oh yea, Welcome to America.

Oh what has happened to us?  I asked her why Walmart.  She stated that she heard that was where Americans go when they are downtrodden.  She assumed the majority of America needed that store. Holy shit this is what America is to the outside world?  
I asked if she liked it and she said it was amusing and it was everything she thought it would be. I did not ask more about it. It made me sad.  She also couldn't wait to get to Macy's. Apparently those are the only 2 America stores she has heard of and had to visit. 
I honestly couldn't get away from her. She stopped talking and I said nice to meet you and swam away. She came back.   Oiy Vay. When I saw her another day at the pool we nodded hello and went to the beach instead. Bad American Walmart hating Margaret.

Saturday was the big shingdig. I didn't take many pictures because I was being a social butterfly.  Most of these are from Rick.  So don't blame me for the quality of photos.
The host - my cousin Bobby (bald) and his partner Bob.

 My cousin Ron from Washington State
 My cousin Steve who shaved his head. He made the mistake of asking if I liked it. I did not. Do not ask me if you don't want me to answer. He's a vegetarian now so he took a lot of shit from the cousins.
 This back yard was awesome. It was enormous. There was an open room to the left where the kitchen was and a big ping pong table. The fruit trees were awesome. How great would it be to get bananas from your yard. As well as oranges, limes and lemons?  I would LOVE that. But I wouldn't want to live in Florida so I guess I'll never get to enjoy that perk.

 This is my cousin Johnny's wife, Lana, who is pregnant and everyone was teasing her about her boobs. I didn't think they were that big but I had not met her before (his 2nd wife) so I had nothing to compare. Apparently so far it's a big difference and everyone was happy, including herself that the titty fairy had come to visit.

 This is Johnny, Bobby's brother. He's a bit bigger and balder since last time I saw him. But aren't we all? But still funny as hell!! I don't get shaving ones head when you have hair though. But it is hot as hell there so perhaps that is why everyone is doing it there.
 My cousin Bobby again.  I adore this man. He is close to a brother to me, maybe better because I just love him to pieces.
 This is Bobby's son Justin. He and I were cleaning up in the kitchen and he got me laughing so hard that I began to choke. This kid (well not a kid really he's 34) is smart, quick and a smart ass. Nothin' I love better. It was so good to see him. 
I hadn't seen him since he was like 12.  
Sadly, It's been awhile.
 Okay these are 2 of Bob and Bobby's friends. This is from left to right, Rick, Len and Bobby.
Rick and Len were funny flamboyant men.  At one point my cousin, Ron, Ralph and Joel were talking about women along with  Rick . Rick said his top two were Salma Hayek and Sophia Vergara. Len and I were sitting there as well listening to them go on.  They had all decided if they could only have one it'd be Sophia. Len leans over to me and quietly says to me with such disgust, "She's all about her extensions"  I burst out laughing. I said, "Len I don't think they have noticed her extensions" (Len is a hairdresser)
The boys all heard his comment and we all laughed and Rick said, "She has hair?" 
Only a gay guy would notice her hair and that was very funny to me! 
 The man kneeling is another of Bobby's children. This is Joel. Another terrific young man who's wife and daughter I finally got to meet. Both beautiful. Joel is a talented, charismatic, sweet man. I love him. He is very much like his father to me. The gal in the orange is my cousin Betsy, one of Bobby's sisters.
Just dago's galore people. 
 And lastly the beach....This was Rick coming back to the chair and I told him it was his Bo Derek moment. (from the movie 10 remember?)

This is my hubby telling me to grab my phone and get the picture of the man wearing the women's clothing. Rick swore he had a tube of sunscreen in his bikini bottom.
He couldn't look away. He kept saying, "I know it's all kinds of wrong but it's like an eye magnet" That too made me giggle.

I kept taking photo's of Rick's feet and posting them on Facebook. It was driving him mad. So of course I did it more. I'm a good wife like that.

And lastly this is showing you my pigging out "event"  We had these for lunch on my last day. Just junk no food. Liquor and chips. These are homemade chips with a chunky blue cheese sauce with tomatoes and scallions. I knew I shouldn't eat them. I knew they were fried in a fryer that had fried bread batter so there would be cross contamination of gluten. But I ate them while drinking a few fun rum cocktails. Within the hour, I was in the bathroom and my feet, legs and body swelled up like a blow fish. My flight home was miserable due to this. Even today I am swollen and it will be a full week until this is gone. That is what you see. The stuff you can't see isn't pretty either. I knew better and yet I did it. So I  have no one to blame but myself. 
But, boy they were good....for a short while anyway.  Look yummy don't they?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Florida trip -Part I

Florida was a damn hoot.
We laughed, ate way too much and drank even more.
We laughed so much we both said that we needed to leave so our cheeks could get a break.

On the trip home we were compiling the one liners that we both heard.
When we got to the airport 2 of my cousins heading west were 2 gates down from our gate.
We told them some of the lines we had compiled and of course they howled. 
Ralph said to keep them for next year and read them at the party.
I may just have to do that.
Repeating them here would make no sense to any of you but trust me they're funny.

Friday we got in at 10:15am. We went directly to the rental car and picked up our vehicle for the trip.  They gave us a BMW 500 series. A very nice car. We did not request this but apparently we got upgraded at no extra cost. I asked because of course I fear this is going to cost me. But it did not. We walked to where they tell us we'll find the car. We opened the trunk and threw in our luggage. And off we go.....or so we thought.

Now this is where we felt oh so old. We have older vehicles so we need to put a key into the ignition and start the car. This was press button. But we kept pressing the button and nothing was happening. We are now melting inside this car. I open the glove box looking for a manual and we are laughing at ourselves because, let's face it, this is pitiful. We can't start the damn car. I tell Rick to go ask. Apparently that is like asking for directions and there was no way in hell he said he was doing that, "we'll figure it out" he says.  I was taking off layers of clothes as we sit there melting and trying to figure this out. Then for some unknown reason he puts his foot on the brake and viola! it started.

Great we got it started but now we can't work anything else. Oh what I would have given for a damn manual. The navigation system was not Garmin which I am familiar with. Damn, that would have been We finally get this going and as we are heading to our hotel we are laughing because we can't figure out the radio. So we drive with only the navigation lady yapping in our ears. Boy this made us feel like idiots!

We were told that this hotel was a great location from Bobby's house (where party is being held) and it was right on the beach. Bobby lives in St. Petersburg Florida and our hotel was on Treasure Island Florida. 
Upon pulling up to the hotel we both thought, "ooh this may be not what we are used to"
But it was great. It looked 1950's on the outside but it was nice inside and had all we needed.

Our room wasn't ready so we took our luggage to the bathroom and just got out of our cold weather clothes and put on our swimsuits and clothes over top.  We headed to lunch now that it was noon. This restaurant was on the beach at the hotel. Rick devoured a burger with lobster, shrimp and a lobster bisque sauce over it all. He moaned a lot so I think he was in heaven. Me, a boring salad, but it was very good.

We headed to the beach. We figured we may as well get some sun before the festivities of the night. We people watched and counted all the boob jobs. That was a fun game. 
Then we saw this man. 
Now if he is transitioning that is just fine. But I think I may have gone with a wig or at the least a hat. But if he's proud, then damn it go for it. 
He didn't have fake boobs or any boobs. If you can blow this up you can see he has a nice manicure as well.
I saw him coming down the beach and thought, "what the hell is she packing in that bottom? and then I noticed his earrings. They were very shiny.  The closer he got I realized that was not a woman at all. You may need to blow this up to get the full effect. I wish I had grabbed for my phone sooner because you needed to see this straight on. His package barely fit in this woman's bathing suit bottom. In fact the suit was not up against his body - it was away due to his ...well let's just say this bottom is made for women's parts. God love him. I don't walk up and down the beach in a suit and he sure didn't seem to mind. On his return I just couldn't snap a photo for you all to see all that God gave him because it would have been too obvious what I was doing. Trust me on this, he was noticeable.

Yep that's a thong all right..  I used my phone so the lighting isn't great. But you get the gist.

They called us on the beach and said they had a room ready. We got our room and it was very nice. Great bathroom, very large and a nice room and kitchen. We had a balcony overlooking the beach. Everything was great.

Friday night they were having a soiree at a place in St. Pete's that was a shuffleboard club.
They supplied pizza and beers. Since I can't eat pizza or drink beers we told them we'd meet them there after we had some dinner. We found a great place downtown near the shuffleboard club. We didn't have reservations so we bellied up to the bar, which in all honesty is our favorite anyways.  We had a cocktail and ordered dinner. Oh my was it superb. We had this bacon appetizer to die for. We had a great meal and were now ready to see everyone. We headed 2 minutes away for the shuffleboard location. What fun.
Everyone was drinking and playing and mingling and it was just great. My cousin Bobby who is gay was really quite good at this as he proclaimed, " Who knew? I'm athletic!"  Well that made us all crack up laughing.  When I heard shuffleboard I thought, Old people and boring. It was not boring and while some of us are old, some were not, all ages had a ball. 

This was breakfast the next morning. We bought some eggs etc for our room to eat in since I have issues eating out and getting gluten smacked. We made eggs and bacon and had a nice meal on our patio.
This is what we saw off our patio Saturday morning.  You can still see the moon on this one.

 This was to the south or left off our deck.
 the morning shadows below
 This was right below us. I thought this would be loud in the evening but it wasn't. 
Thank goodness.
This is our grape juice that we had after breakfast and coffee.
Yes, that is the real time on Saturday morning.
Hey, don't judge it's grape juice, just fermented.
We had no where to go and damn it we're on vacation!

New Jeans

I was shopping for jeans in this pretty pink store.
The sales woman was super helpful and showed me what she said were the best seller and if I tried them on I would see why. They had a lot of stretch. And when I say a lot I mean it. But you wouldn't be able to tell at all she tells me enthusiastically 

I took them to the dressing room and as I was entering one room a tall drink of blonde water entered the room next to me. We smiled and nodded to one another as one does in this situation. I bet every thing looks great on her was the thought going through my head.

The sales woman is standing outside the dressing room by the mirror waiting for us.
Sadly I walked out to view myself in the mirror at the exact same time as this tall skinny bitch.


Honest to God at the same time I say "Oooh, I could eat in these pants!"

Never even occurred to me to exercise in my stretchy new jeans. 
Oh heavens no! 
My sick mind went directly to,  ooh, drinking and eating would be allowed in these stretchy new jeans. 

Pathetic aren't I?

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Leavin' On a Jet Plane....

It has been brought to my attention that there are actually folks who are concerned of my where abouts since I am not on the blog.

Rest assured I am not dead. 
I am buried under paper, to do lists and talking daily to stupid people.

I am leaving for 3.5  sun filled days in Florida.  So until I return I will continue to be MIA from this blog.

Normal people would be going to New England at this time of year for fall foliage, apples, maple sugar and all the other goodies one gets up there. But I'm going south to stick my toes in the sand, suck up sea air and to drink a lot of wine with all my dago cousins. My neighbors are on house watch and we're ready to hit the sky.

I understand they are now taking ones temperature at my local airport. 
One TV station said said only those deplaning from Africa will have to have their temperature taken. 
Another TV station said all passenger going through the airport will be having their temps taken. 

So I imagine this will just be a surprise of what will be happening when I get to the airport in the morning. I don't like surprises much.
But as long as it isn't a rectal thermometer I guess I'm okay with it.

Monday, October 6, 2014


I answer the phone as I do here in the office and this conversation takes place today.

Me: Good Morning, XYZ company, may I help you?

Lady:  Hi Peggy, this is XXX do you remember me?  You did a job for us in July of this year.

(me scurrying to look her up on my spreadsheet - I see her and see what we did for her)

Me: Sure (insert name)  I remember you. (my nose is growing like Pinocchio) How are you? 

Lady:  I'm fine.  You did such a good job I'd love it if you could come back and do the wall tiles in our 2nd bath.  Just the tiles though.

Me:  Thank you XXX We'd love to come back and do the 2nd bath. (I then go into all my questions about what she needs and what we will do and await her answers etc) 

Me:  It will only take about 4 hours and the cost would be $XYZ. 

Lady:  WHAT?  You're charging us? I thought you could just do this when in this area. Aren't you in Springfield a lot of the time?

Me:  Why yes we are there a lot, but there would still be a charge.  Did you think this would be free for some reason?

Lady:  Yes, I did because you've done work for me before I assumed you'd do our 2nd bathroom for free.

**Seriously blogger friends I was stunned silent. I wanted to laugh because, c'mon, really, you think this will be free? It must be a joke. But then I realized she was damn serious.

Me: (insert name) I'm sorry but there would be a charge for the 2nd bathroom. Do you wish to move forward?

(I decided to make it short and sweet because if she is this stupid then explaining anything more as to why would just be a mute point)

Lady:  No, I don't think so because I really thought you'd just do this for free this time. We'll have to wait awhile if we have to pay for it.  I'll call you back after we save more money. Maybe later in the year.

Me: Okay we'll be here when you need us. Thanks for calling.

Okay she wasn't angry with me or mean as most are for far less, but I am just shocked that she thinks we would do another job for free because this is the 2nd time we would work with her. I wonder if her hairdresser gives her free haircuts since she keeps going back to the same person.  I should try this. Hey, I wonder if my insurance company will give me free coverage on this 3rd vehicle for work since we already insure 2 other vehicles with them. I may just ring them up right now and find out. Think they'll laugh?

People are friggin' nuts!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Hazmat Suit

These American Ebola patients, infected people,  however we are now referring to them, have come into the States through Washington Dulles Airport I just read. Great.
I am leaving through Washington Dulles airport on Friday morning.

They say you can't catch this disease unless the person is sick. 
So could anyone at the airport now be sick and not know it and still be working? 

I have been trying to figure out what to wear on this trip.
I'm now thinking a hazmat suit would be best.  
So what do you think? Know where I could buy one?

Thursday, October 2, 2014


I really have nothing people so I'm just going to vent, whine and bitch. Okay?

As you all know so very well Rick got Lyme Disease. And as I mentioned just before vacation his blood work all came back normal. Also I told you that this can just be remission or it's really gone. Only time will tell.
They believe just remission though. But the good news of all this is that he no longer has to take high blood pressure medication.

Rick has been on this medication since he was quite young and thin. They never understood why when all of his other blood work and tests showed to be perfect or even low (like cholesterol was 178 or at times lower) So this was a mystery. Because he is adopted he doesn't know family history so they just kept telling him it was 'run of the mill" high blood pressure. But it seems the Lyme Disease cured it.

He did lose some weight but as I said he never was heavy when he was in his 20's and 30's and it was high then. The doctor told him that they find this happens a great deal after contacting Lyme Disease and they have no idea why. We, of course want to believe this is all a good thing.  Weird as it is we are just taking this as a good thing that came out of a shitty thing. He is now medication free and feeling great. He just completed more tests and we just heard the results.  The cardiologists said everything was text book perfect. They were in shock.  Interesting though isn't it? 

This is my Throw Back Thursday photo of the week.
This is me with the brown hair and my sister Pam the blonde.
This is also my Grandmother who is evil. Evil Thomasina. I don't think the word evil was on her birth certificate but should have been.

I would venture to guess that my Grandmother here is my age or younger. I think the reason she looks so damn old is because she was as mean as a snake.  
Did you ever watch the Soprano's?  Do you remember Tony's mother?  
She tried to kill her son and all kinds of other mean horrific things. 
That is this woman to a T.  I mean she was exactly evil like her.  
So much so that when I first saw the mom on Tony Soprano it gave me chills. I immediately called my sister while the show was still on and said, "Are you watching the Sopranos?" and before I could go on my sister yelled into the phone, "OMG is that Grandma D or what?" 

I hated her. She was always incredibly mean to me especially. 
She would walk by me and smack me upside the head. When I would ask, "What is that for?"
She would tell me it was because I looked like my father. Of course she never did this around my parents. Only when my sister and I were alone with her. Oh how I disliked her. But most of all she scared me to death.

When my mom was sick with cancer she was just as mean. I remember my mom calling her and asking her to come to the house for some help. When my mother was struggling with things around the house I'd hear dad say, "Call your mom to help out."
She had never helped before or offered and my mom never wanted to call her. 
I also knew it took helluva lot for my mother to make that call to even ask. 
My mom asked if she could come to our house and give her a hand with a few things.
She told my mom, "I can't I'm going shopping with your sister Eleanor today, you'll be fine"

I remember so vividly my mom slumping down on the chair that was under the phone on the wall and crying.  I asked her if Grandma was coming and she stood up and composed herself and told me,  no she was going shopping and that maybe I could help her. I only know what was really said because I heard her tell my father.  And of course while she told him she was crying again. My mom knew she was dying. I didn't at this point but I knew she was weak, tired and sick. I resented this woman so very much  for hurting my mom. But I didn't like her before this either. What she did to other family members was awful and far worse than the alienating she did to her children. Trust me it is just like the Soprano's mother.

She never did come to help- ever. Not even to help us out after mom died.
Other aunts and friends did. Mostly my fathers side of the family helped us out. 
This woman was so cold it was hard to wrap your head around. 
Even as a child I knew she was not nice. 

When my mom died she made a such a scene at the funeral, throwing herself across the casket wailing loudly. I was only 13 and I remember leaning over to my dad and saying, "She should have been an actress"  My father put his fingers to his lips and Shh'd me and said that wasn't nice"  But I didn't get what my sister and I called his "look" So while I knew it was wrong what I just said, I also knew he wasn't as mad as he was acting.

As adult I now know he felt the same way but of course he couldn't tell a 13 year old that he too thought my Grandmother was an awful human being. 
Apparently she was a shit head to him as well and he knew she was to everyone unless for some reason she liked you. She was according to my father mean to her siblings, her husband and I know for a fact certain children other than my mom. Who does that shit?

In this photo it is the only time I've seen her smile. 
She loved my sister Pam, the blonde in the picture.
Pam could do no wrong. If Pam wanted it Pam got it. So a lot of times when we stayed over night there or were visiting and she's ask what we wanted for breakfast and lunch Pam got whatever she wanted. I did not. One time Pam said, "I don't know" when asked what she wanted for breakfast. I wanted oatmeal, I loved her oatmeal for some reason. I told Pam to ask for that. Pam did, because she may have only been 7 but she knew that Grandma did everything for her and nothing for me.....except slap me regularly for no good reason.
If Pam wanted pastina for lunch she got it and I got some if it was left over and no one else wanted it. I loved pastina but if I asked I wouldn't get it. Once Pam said she wanted seconds so I could get a full bowl. When she wasn't looking Pam put it in my bowl. 
I got the scraps. I was scared of her so I  said nothing. 

When she was old and in a nursing home she had dementia. She didn't know anyone.
Sure didn't make her any nicer though. 
I went once with my sister Pam. She was screaming at a nurse. The nurse got fed up and walked out of the room. I looked at my sister and said, "She has not grown any nicer I see"
I never went back again.  My father and one aunt kept telling me that I should visit her out of respect. I refused. I told my father, but I don't respect her so I will not go.

I know I should have been the bigger person but I just couldn't. I felt like the reason she lived so long is because no one wanted her, God nor the devil, she was too awful of a human being. She lived a very very long and sad life to me. But she created it by alienating all of her family. Her own sister wouldn't visit her. 
I think she was 93 when she died. Thankfully I was living out of state and I did not go home for her funeral. I sent flowers for the family, not her. I just didn't care.

I worry that Karma will get me on that one. But I'll pay the price. She made everyone around me, except Pam miserable. She lived with my Aunt until she went into a home. My Aunt took all her shit. She'd say she was her mother and she means well. No, she never means well that is the problem. But I understood why my aunt took her in. I am glad it wasn't up to me to do it. I would have told her to call Eleanor, she'll be fine.  Just like she told my mom when she mustered the courage to ask her for help.

Gee wasn't that a bitchy story? :-)