Wednesday, March 26, 2014


My health has reared its ugly head.
It's been good for awhile now, in fact a good long time, so when this hit me it was like being hit by a truck.

It began last week. Slowly. By Sunday I knew something was up.
I knew I had an appointment with my doctor on Tuesday so I was hanging in there.
I woke up in severe pain in the middle of the night on Monday.
By Tuesday morning I was a mess. 
I got to the doctors and we went over my blood work and seeing me the way I was wasn't a big surprise to her.

I am in a great deal of pain right now so I am going to walk away from the blog for a bit.
Hey on a positive note, it may be spring by then right? 
I'm sure it will just be a week or so. Not a big deal.  Just have to get some things under control and manage the pain and viola... I'll be back busting balls like nothing has ever happened.

I'll leave you with this because it is just damn funny. 
The looks on the dogs faces when they realize it's gone is priceless.

Happy thoughts!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Blog post by my fur baby

Izzy The Wonder Dog writing here today. 

My mom is sitting at her desk wearing 2 pairs of pants again complaining how cold her fingers are on the keyboard.
We just came in from a long walk. 
It was wonderful to me. It was sunny, windy and 20 degrees. 
I don't get what she is complaining about.  She kept saying that I have a fur coat. Whatever.

I like this weather so much better than summer and all that heat.
It was a perfect day. 
The garbage cans and bags are out and that means there is all kinds of food around them that I like to try to eat. But my mom doesn't think I should eat this. Diet schmiet. 
The same house every Monday has pizza crusts all over their driveway. 
LOTS of food and crackers and pizza, pizza, pizza everywhere every week.
My mom mumbles, "don't these people eat anything other than pizza? Why can't they put this in the bag?" 
I am always trying to beat her to the food because if she gets to it first she picks it up and puts it in their garbage can. Can you believe her? She says she loves me and then she won't let me eat their garbage. What kind of love is that?

Maybe she'll be nicer when it's warmer. 
You know if this thing called spring she talks about every comes around.
It is supposed to be her kind of weather here on Friday but she is going north.
ha ha ha. Isn't that hysterical?
So after this snow that is coming tomorrow she is going to go up to snow land.
She will never see the 60+ degrees we'll have on Friday and all weekend.
I'm laughing inside because this really fries her ass.
Ever see a dog smile? Yea, I'm damn cute and this makes me smile.
Poor mom....but its funny don'tcha think?

So when she'll be back to her blog is anyone's guess.
I may just have to take over.
Until her fingers thaw she won't be around.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Tea Olive Bush

Last night we took a walk with the dog and at this one intersection we came upon this beautiful sweet aroma.
We both looked around for a plant, shrub, bush, flower. It was so strong.
Then Rick said, "it smells like an tea olive bush doesn't it?"
That was it. But yet, we didn't see it anywhere.

Then Rick reminded me of the time we had one at the foot of our steps by the garage.
Of course he thinks that is the funniest story of another of my blond moments.
And yes, it is funny. 
But he gets much more of a kick out of it than I do, since I look like a big dumb ass.

He asked me if I wrote this on my blog because he thought I should shame myself. 
I thought I did.
So this morning I spent hours searching for that topic. 
Couldn't find it through a search button or by going through everything from 2007.

So I will share what I believe is a repeat.
Please forgive me.

When we first got back to the east coast we were in temporary housing as I like to refer to it.
It was a rental townhome in Maryland while deciding where we wanted to live.  
This style home had an enormous amount of steps up to our front door. 
At the bottom of the steps was a beautiful tea olive bush that was very fragrant at certain times of the years.  I had never seen or smelled one before moving to this home.

We were having company coming from California for a visit.
When they arrived Rick went down the steps to help them bring up their luggage.
I stood at the top of the steps saying hello etc.
As I stood there all I could smell was this lovely fragrant bush.
The aroma was so strong and beautiful.

As Rusty walked around his car coming toward the steps it was just as I got an enormous whiff of this gorgeous scent and I said, "Rusty can you smell my bush from where you are?"

Rick immediately burst into laughter and Rusty looks up at me and says, "Ah, Margaret I just got her with my lovely bride." They were both laughing now and muttering something to one another that I couldn't hear.

I didn't get it. Then Rick said something that I don't recall and then it hit me.
Hit me like a ton of bricks!
Good grief I was so embarrassed. 

Every once in awhile I get a call from Rusty and he mentions my bush. 
Honestly that was so stupid of me, but now I do see the humor in it.
Now I understand the look on Rusty's face and Rick's raucous laughter. 
Yep, they teased me all weekend. 
But Rusty and his wife did admit that the tea olive bush did indeed smell beautiful.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Photos Gone.

Okay what is happening? A lot of my pictures are missing here on the blog.
I have filled in some, but not all.
Anyone else?

Old Woman Story

I'm so old that when I was a kid I was told I couldn't use the phone until I "learned how to talk on the phone" 
Yes, my mother thought it was important to speak a certain way on the phone.

For some reason that phone hanging on the wall with the little finger holes to dial was quite appealing to me as a child.  So until my mother schooled me how she wanted me to answer the phone there was no answering the phone in my home.

I got lessons around the age of 1st grade. No answering the phone before then. 
Not that I could reach it anyways. It seemed so damn high on that wall. 
Much later she got a stool for my sister and I to reach the phone. 

I was instructed to say hello and the name of my family, "Hello the Malizia's" or something to that effect. (a T sound in my last name people like pizza)
If someone asked for my mother or father, which is the only people to get calls, I was to say, "I'll get them, one moment please"  or I could ask, "Who may I tell them is calling?"
I was never to yell for them especially not into the receiver. 
I had to put the phone down and go get them. If even there were just a few feet away.
There was to be no dropping the phone and having it bang against the wall so the person on the other end was being jarred. My sister always did that one.

As I got older and got phone calls and someone asked for me I was to say, "This is she"
Heaven forbid I say, "yea it's Peg" or anything remotely like that. And the gasps from my mother if you said, "this is her" Oh dear that made her go ballistic.

As I got older my father wouldn't "want to be home"
He was in his own business as a plumber. Before his business went commercial and industrial he did plumbing for people in their homes. Home was his office.
I was still pretty young at this point in time.
Sometimes he would say to my mother, "I'm not home" And of course she would lie. 
I made the classic mistake of asking my father if he was home one time. 
I learned not to do that again, but not in the way you'd think.
Looking back how the hell did the person on the phone know I even said it, I didn't yell? 
I went to my dad and asked him. I stood right in front of him. That is funny now.
He took the call and we were no longer aloud to ask that question. My dad never said that again.  I guess they realized they were teaching me to lie. I heard he and mom talking about it after that event. She said we are not teaching the right thing here George. So that was the end of my dad not being home. 

We had a party line when I was growing up for a little while. For you young ones a party line was a line shared by many people. You would pick up your receiver and if another person who was on that line was talking to someone you had to hang up and wait until they were done so you could use the phone. 
Sometimes it would cause grief with my mom when she wanted to use the phone because someone was on too long for her liking. It was such a big deal when we got a "private line". 
My mom made a big deal about it and was so damn happy. She told people she has a "private line now"  I remember my Aunt being so jealous. She wanted one and shortly after she had one too and my mom and her sister thought this was the damn lottery. 
I think that is pretty funny but it must have been horrible to have to wait for complete strangers so you could use the phone.

We didn't have any technology to answer our phones. If we went out we missed calls.
No one seemed to mind. We went to the movies and the mall and had fun. None the wiser. When we got home and someone called they generally told you they called earlier but you weren't home. No big deal though, they called back. If we were on the phone people knew when they called because they got a busy signal. They would just try again later. No big deal.
It all seems so long ago. A busy signal. When was the last time you heard that?

Remember long distance? That was such a monumental deal for everyone. I lived 90 miles from my cousin in Cleveland and heaven forbid you speak to one another for more than 3 minutes. My father would be screaming about LONG DISTANCE CHARGES. I do wonder what the hell the charges were that everyone made such a big deal about this. But boy this was a big damn deal in our house.

Today we don't have party lines, we take our phones with us, we don't pay extra to call across the country and we don't teach children how to speak in a polite way on the phone. Sometimes I miss some of that.

Today when I called a customer her child answered the phone and just screamed in my ear. At first the boy said, 'what?" in a screaming voice. I asked to speak to his mother. 
He then just screamed and continued to scream. I heard his mother arguing with him. 
He wasn't talking, just screaming. It made no sense.
I hung up. Seriously that is bullshit.
I think sometimes it is a good thing that our daughter is 33.  I'd have grabbed that phone from her little hands and let her have her tantrum while I spoke on the phone. After the call there would be a price to pay for that behavior. First one, no answering of the phone until you know the proper way to answer the phone.

I thought my mother was so mean to make me have to learn "rules" about the phone.
But now that I have to hear bratty children who control their parents instead of the parents controlling the kids. It made me realize my mom did me a great service. 

I rebelled against most of the things my parents tried to teach me, but every now and then I realize some things have apparently seeped in.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Commercial I Hate

My husband was concerned about my lone trip north on icey roads.
My family was calling and it was getting ridiculous so I succumbed to everyone.
I am not going north today.
I will head up north in 2 weeks. 
I'm sure it will still be very cold by my standards but I'm going because the roads should be fine. God I hope so, it's spring for heaven's sake. Even though mother nature doesn't seem to agree I'm going with spring.

I have been seeing this commercial constantly and I want to scream when it comes on. Well, to be honest the first time I did.
I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. 
I yelled at my television like these dumb chirpies could hear me.
"Get a damn book, there is no glare you idiots!"

Yes you are correct I still read things the old fashioned way with the awesome smell of a book with paper pages, page numbers and print without a reason for glare. Imagine that.
I get why people like their technology...sort of.  
But why is it so difficult to read a book at the pool wearing your sunscreen, sunglasses and having the pool boy bring you a drink? 
Sounds pretty terrific to me, especially being in a bathing suit sitting by the pool right about now.  You know how warm that would be?  Aah, I wondered off there, thinking of sitting by the pool and sunscreen and not wearing jeans and then fleece pants over top of those.

In other events....
Last night around 10:30p Izzy and I went outside one final time. 
I paused my favorite show Parenthood and bundled up for her final trot outside to pee before bed. At this time of night there is no walk, we go to the corner and she walks over to the grassy mound in front of the woods and wetland area. No leash just me and Iz walking.  
(we don't often use a leash for walks anyway)
I had my head down but I looked over at her to my right and see her hackles go up and she froze. I looked up to see what she was looking at. I too froze. 
It was one big ass deer! Huge deer.

The deer was staring at us and then snorted. 
My big brave dog went behind me and then stuck her head between my legs to be able to see the deer. I laughed so hard that I forgot for a moment that the deer was there. I was looking at her peering between my legs and I just grabbed her face and rubbed her. 
Then I looked up and the deer was heading into the woods. Whew.
Guess she saw that Izzy was certainly not a threat.

Honestly that was one of the funniest things I've ever seen her do of late. 
I can pretty much be sure if someone broke into our home she'd do the same thing. 
My big brave Labrador Retriever.

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Damn it !!!!!!!!

Back to walking my dog dressed like a mummy in 2 pairs of everything and still so so cold.

Please mother nature can we just have some spring weather? I'm beggin' ya!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Yoga Anyone?

Rick found a place to do his yoga.
I think this all starts for him next week.
The woman who owns the studio is on her website with her arms balancing herself with both her legs to the side of her, off the ground, and crossed at the ankles.
I stared at that photo and realized I will never ever be able to do that. Ever. period. 

While the two of us both need to stretch these hamstrings and open our hips and untighten our lower back area to help our back issues I just can't fathom being able to do these things.

I was teasing him about buying a pair of yoga pants. I was making myself laugh but Rick not so much. He won't be wearing any yoga pants. It reminded us both of an episode of Modern Family when Cam wore tight biking shorts that showed everything he was packin' to everyone elses horror. No, Rick won't be wearing yoga pants or shorts. But it's funny to me to think about it.

Rick gets such peace, tranquility and body strength by going. 
I want that but it doesn't work that way for me. 
I went to one of the classes with Rick a few years ago when he went to our local yoga studio that has since closed.  As I lay on the mat in the back row the yogi tells everyone to take their leg and arm and twist to the left. I was now staring at Rick who says, "Margaret, your other left." 
Of course I laughed when I realized I had gone to the right. The yogi was not happy with me and came over to me to reprimand me and tell me there was no laughing. Which makes me want to giggle all the more.  No, I don't think yoga is for me.

Apparently I need exercise that doesn't make me know my right from my left.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuesday Random Items

I am going north on Friday.
You know why that is wrong?
'Cause it will be 70 today and in the 60's on Friday.
When I go north they will tell me it's not cold, it's in the 30's and 40's.
HA! That is still colder than I want this time of year.

I have a great love of Zach Galifianakis. I find him so funny.
If you are unaware he has a show on Funny or Die that is called, Between Two Ferns.
Here is his latest.

For some reason it wouldn't allow me to put the video up here. It kept telling me the link was broken.

My dog's diet is harder on me than if I were dieting myself.
Honestly this dog is a food whore. Rick laughs because she is not bothering him.
After I give her dinner, she will come back to me like she needs seconds.
Stare all you want fatso I am not giving you more food. 
Then after the staring a hole through me, I get sad puppy eyes.
She is trying all her damn tricks including bringing me her bowl.
How she got it out of the holder I will never know. I didn't see her do this. But as I am doing dishes I look down and there she is dropping it at my feet.
I thought Rick was going to pee his pants he was laughing so hard.
"I think she's hungry Margaret."
Then he says to the dog, "Mommy is a mean mean woman Izzy. She doesn't love you so she is starving you."
Honestly I want to move out until she loses the weight.
Yesterday she ran so hard. One full hour of chuck it. Rick's arm was about to fall off.
Then Izzy got tired. She came out of the woods with the ball and ran past Rick and headed home. I think she was tired of exercising. Which probably made her hungry and I wouldn't give her a treat. Mean mean mommy.


Have you seen the previews to the movie Bad Words? Oh my, is it politically incorrect and bawdy. I am going to love it. I can't wait. I really enjoy Jason Bateman and I heard an interview with him this morning and I have been seeing the clips. It is definitely a hard R rating. Not for most of you. But my sick self will like this movie. I understand that there is a big emotional side too but I understand that you can't sell movies with that sadly as your focus. Show the dirty shit and it will get bums in the seats. Show the emotional stuff and the seats go empty. Either way this looks completely irreverent and not PC. So that means I will like it if it's also smart.  


My kitchen is just about finished. After we thought it was finished we decided to put the backsplash tiles behind the shelves. So Rick will probably do that this weekend while I'm up north visiting family. Pictures to follow next week.

Houses in the neighborhood are selling so fast it's amazing. 
3 1/2 blocks away a very nice couple with a blind dog are moving.
We saw them put up the sign and we four chatted a bit.
Izzy and this dog really like each other and it's so sweet how Izzy is with her.

Anyhoo, they told us they were putting their house on the market while their new home on a boat load of acreage is being built. We saw them 2 days later and they told us their house sold in 6 hours, yes only 6 hours, and $30K over asking.

Then yesterday a retired realtor who lives across the street from me was telling me that she just had lunch with an old co-worker who is a current realtor. She said the longest it is taking in our area is 5 days. Inventory is low and there are a lot of buyers. Bidding wars have begun. I wish we could sell now and not have to wait until next year. 
Damn this is great news though. Hope it lasts so we can sell quickly.

Monday, March 10, 2014

I did it!

I walked the dog today while only wearing 1 pair of pants.
It was wonderful!
I hope my days of 2 pairs of everything just to walk my dog is now over.
The crocuses are coming up along with my hyacinths.
I'm sneezing and my eyes are tearing.
It's Spring Baby!!!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Weekend Almost Here.

It's Friday. 
I have nothing.
Busy, busy, week. It's all good but very busy.

I wanted to write a post but I have not had a single minute to do what I want to do,  only what must be done.

So, I wanted to write a post,  here is my post.

See you next week.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Birthday Day.

Wow!  Yesterday was a crazy and fun day.

I am going to start with work. 
Rick "gave" me the day off for my birthday and it was wonderful.
I only worked yesterday until 11:00am, but boy, it sure was filled with some crazy people.   

I needed to speak with Rick pertaining to a scheduling issue. 
His very first appointment was an estimate only so I knew he was now heading to his next actual job so he would be in his vehicle and able to talk.  
I called and instead of hello he says, "I have a situation right now I"ll call you back."

Well let me tell you, that is not what a wife wants to here. A situation? Are you being held up? Have you had an accident? That was terribly ominous.  
He called me back about 15 minutes later to share what was going over in Alexandria.

He arrived to the home of his scheduled estimate and an elderly man was sitting on the pavement right below the bottom step of his home. Rick walked up to him and asked if he could help him up. The man said, "No, I think I broke something."  Rick said he would call 911 and get an ambulance there. The man fussed a bit and finally said okay. After the call was made Rick asked if he could go inside and get him a blanket and tell his wife what was going on. He apologized to Rick and went on to say, "Oh God she is going to bitch up a storm. You may not want to go in there."  Rick replied that he thought he was tough enough.

Rick went into the home and told his wife that he had fallen on the ice and that an ambulance was on its way. And boy did the anger and swear words fly out of this 85 year old bat.
She began calling him all kinds of names, "I told him not go out there the damn asshole" and on and on with like type phrases. Rick stood there in shock. Then she waves him on to the bathroom and says, "Well you're here, lets go look at the bathroom for the estimate. I'll wait with him for the ambulance in a minute."

Rick did the estimate with her. Then while she was getting on her coat Rick went outside to let the man know that his wife was getting her coat and would be coming with him.
He looked at Rick and said, "Oh God, I can't even run away" And they both laughed.

The poor man probably wanted to ride alone in peace in the ambulance and Rick had to go and tell his wife. Rick has no idea how long he had been out there but he is sure glad he arrived when he did. The man would probably rather freeze to death than listen to that woman go on and on.  I know I would.

Then I got a call from a woman who wanted to get information on costs, time lines and warranties and the like.  When I asked some questions she said, "I have no idea what it looks like"  
Now I'm thinking, you have no idea? it's your bathroom? I found this answer odd.  
I asked, "is this not your home?" 
She laughed and said, "It is for my tenant. She is still laughing a little bit and continues with, you have to understand that my tenant is special."

Okay now I'm thinking "special" like she rides the short bus. I didn't know why this woman would laugh about someone being mentally challenged but I figured just another nut job.
When I suggest us coming for an estimate since she can't answer most of my questions so that i can give her a quote she laughs and says it again, "My tenant is special" with the accent on the SPECIAL.
She is now REALLY laughing. She is laughing as she tells me that she will have to be at the condo because her tenant won't allow work men in her condo without someone being there. "She wants me to be there. She is convinced that all contractors will come into her home and go into her bedroom and smell her panties from her drawer."  This woman continues laughing and tells me, "You ought to see her no one wants to do this trust me! Oh my she is special"

Okay now I get what she meant by special. The woman wasn't mentally handicapped in the way I was thinking. I also now understood why this woman was laughing so much. 
Her tenant is just a nut job. Certifiably bat shit crazy for sure.
So we had to schedule this estimate on a date that this woman will be able to be at this condo so that Rick doesn't go in there and smell her panties. 

My friend Katie says we seem to attract bat shit crazy people. I don't agree.
I happen to think everybody is nuts. We deal with a lot of people on a daily basis so of course we see more of the nuts jobs than most. 
I talk to other contractors and their stories are the same.
I just have a blog and share them.

The rest of my day was very nice.
I went to lunch with a friend. 
It was a great Greek Restaurant and I had a bowl of soup that was so good I can't stop thinking about it. Couldn't pronounce it if my life depended on it but damn it was good.
Then we purused this little town and did some local shops and a cool old book store.

Then Rick and I went to dinner. Nothing fancy just somewhere so I wasn't cooking. 
And a good bottle of wine was shared. Great night.

Oh and my gift. I got exactly what I suspected, however, it was a different style.
He bought me a new watch. The one I have been wanting apparently was out of stock so he chose another style. I love it. I would never have bought this one but now that I have it I love it.

So great birthday all around. 
A lot of laughs, not much work, too much wine on a work night and I'm paying for it all today.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Snarky Morning Recap

We have another snow day. We haven't even been plowed yet and it's 8:44am as I type this.
We had 2 cancellations call us last night because snow was on it's way today. 
I heard my hometown has hit the magic 124 inches this year in snow. So it could be worse I suppose. It just doesn't feel that way right now. 

Okay to my Joan Rivers imitation.....
The Oscars 2014.
You see I never saw Dallas Buyers Club because I have great disdain for Matthew McConaughey.  
I just didn't think I could get past the creep factor to get into the movie in the correct way so I didn't go. Apparently he was good because he won the Best Actor Oscar. 
Or was it that he just lost the most weight so they gave him the statue? 
Hollywood seems to do that. If a woman gains a boat load of weight and looks normal they give her an Oscar too. Funny really.
But last night while listening to his acceptance speech it made me dislike him even more if that is humanly possible.  I can't even watch the True Detective series on HBO because he's in it. And I love Woody Harrelson. Rick says its good but he too dislikes M.M. and wishes someone else was playing that role. 

The white dinner jackets tuxedo coats......
They remind me of a game I used to play as a little girl. It was called Mystery Date.
The so called "winner" was a young man dressed in the white tux jacket.
That is all I could see when I saw those men in those jackets, well and waiters.
For you young 'ens it was a game by Milton Bradley in the '60s. As a little girl I always liked the other guys better than the tux guy but I wasn't supposed to. I've always been a little left of center I guess.

Acceptance Speeches.
I thought that Lupita Nyong'o acceptance speech was perfect. Her dress perfection!  
I wish more would take a cue from her. Gratitude and class. Of course my husband had to ruin it by shouting, "Where are her breasts?" Idiot.

Jared Leto's was interesting and while I don't think those in the Ukraine or Venezuela were actually watching I thought the sentiment was nice.

Cate Blanchett - she disappointed me. I'm still reeling from it.  I need a moment.

Steve McQeen - I loved the jump of joy!! It felt real and honest and it was great.

Pink was fabulous. I love that girl.  There is nothing she can't do.
Pharrell, who I never knew until the Grammy's, wore another Dudley Do-Right hat only in black. I love his song Happy. I never knew that was him and honestly when I heard it the first time I thought it was Bruno. I know, old Margaret showing her age again.
Bette, well was Bette. Her voice is like butta.
Idina Menzel was as always wonderful. That song is stuck in my head and all the little girls of America.

The host....
I thought Ellen did alright. I didn't like the pizza shtick after awhile I thought it got old. 
I love the selfies.
But she made it more light hearted and moved along fairly quickly.

I admit that this is when twitter is fun. OMG the funny comments from some of the comedians I follow were a hoot. That kept me very entertained, more so than the actual show.
Kathleen Madigan kept referring to someone running out there to give Liza a bra and I hadn't seen her yet. I must have been on a different pre Oscar show but it made me change channels because Kathleen was making me crack up. 

I also will admit this year I didn't see a lot of the movies. 
12 years a slave was a book that I found difficult to read.
Is it white guilt as they say? 
In fact I stopped and had a friend tell me it was going to be alright for this man.
I just know that if that pain came through a book I could never watch it play out.
It angered me so. It pained me to my very core.
I knew I would never see a movie about this.
You see I watch movies like this in the past and I crumble. It lives with me for a very very long time. I couldn't. I'm a wuss.  Maybe that is why I like comedies so much.

My husband tells me that those things need to happen to a person like a bigot or white supremacist. But it doesn't happen that way and he always wonders why. 
I don't understand why, but I just can't watch that kind human suffering at the hands of another human. I have a difficult time with watching any injustice to humans and animals. 
I'm a big fat wuss.

Back to reality now - This Wuss is off to shovel some more.