Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuesday Random Items

I am going north on Friday.
You know why that is wrong?
'Cause it will be 70 today and in the 60's on Friday.
When I go north they will tell me it's not cold, it's in the 30's and 40's.
HA! That is still colder than I want this time of year.

I have a great love of Zach Galifianakis. I find him so funny.
If you are unaware he has a show on Funny or Die that is called, Between Two Ferns.
Here is his latest.

For some reason it wouldn't allow me to put the video up here. It kept telling me the link was broken.

My dog's diet is harder on me than if I were dieting myself.
Honestly this dog is a food whore. Rick laughs because she is not bothering him.
After I give her dinner, she will come back to me like she needs seconds.
Stare all you want fatso I am not giving you more food. 
Then after the staring a hole through me, I get sad puppy eyes.
She is trying all her damn tricks including bringing me her bowl.
How she got it out of the holder I will never know. I didn't see her do this. But as I am doing dishes I look down and there she is dropping it at my feet.
I thought Rick was going to pee his pants he was laughing so hard.
"I think she's hungry Margaret."
Then he says to the dog, "Mommy is a mean mean woman Izzy. She doesn't love you so she is starving you."
Honestly I want to move out until she loses the weight.
Yesterday she ran so hard. One full hour of chuck it. Rick's arm was about to fall off.
Then Izzy got tired. She came out of the woods with the ball and ran past Rick and headed home. I think she was tired of exercising. Which probably made her hungry and I wouldn't give her a treat. Mean mean mommy.


Have you seen the previews to the movie Bad Words? Oh my, is it politically incorrect and bawdy. I am going to love it. I can't wait. I really enjoy Jason Bateman and I heard an interview with him this morning and I have been seeing the clips. It is definitely a hard R rating. Not for most of you. But my sick self will like this movie. I understand that there is a big emotional side too but I understand that you can't sell movies with that sadly as your focus. Show the dirty shit and it will get bums in the seats. Show the emotional stuff and the seats go empty. Either way this looks completely irreverent and not PC. So that means I will like it if it's also smart.  


My kitchen is just about finished. After we thought it was finished we decided to put the backsplash tiles behind the shelves. So Rick will probably do that this weekend while I'm up north visiting family. Pictures to follow next week.

Houses in the neighborhood are selling so fast it's amazing. 
3 1/2 blocks away a very nice couple with a blind dog are moving.
We saw them put up the sign and we four chatted a bit.
Izzy and this dog really like each other and it's so sweet how Izzy is with her.

Anyhoo, they told us they were putting their house on the market while their new home on a boat load of acreage is being built. We saw them 2 days later and they told us their house sold in 6 hours, yes only 6 hours, and $30K over asking.

Then yesterday a retired realtor who lives across the street from me was telling me that she just had lunch with an old co-worker who is a current realtor. She said the longest it is taking in our area is 5 days. Inventory is low and there are a lot of buyers. Bidding wars have begun. I wish we could sell now and not have to wait until next year. 
Damn this is great news though. Hope it lasts so we can sell quickly.


Jayne Martin said...

Damn! The Two Ferns video just kept buffering. Guess I need faster Internet. Can't wait for the Jason Bateman movie. My kind of trash, too. :) And hey-here's a great diet tip for your dog. Buy cans of string beans (French cut is best. They can eat all they want. Fills their tummies and no weight gain, no gas. My dog loves them.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Ah Jayne, that is her new diet. replacing a cup of food with a cup or more of green beans. I buy them at Costco - these huge cans and 6 at a time normally. And each time I have to hear, "wow you really like green beans don't you?" I used to explain, now I just say, yes we do.

April said...

Why do you have to wait until next year????

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Our house was under water. We are now over what they are selling for and we'd like it higher. Also we need to save some more due to the very bad last couple of years continuing to reach into our savings to eat. You know little things like that. :-) Ah, the life of the self employed.

bikinfool said...

By Friday it'll be just fine up here in the tundra. Temps will be cooler than you'd like, but the worst of the snow will be cleared up. Are you driving or flying?

Just to rub it in - it's 53 here right now, will drop to 3 by Thursday night then jump back to the 30's & 40's.
It's the Bi-polar vortex!

Mike said...

80 degrees today in St. Louis. I was out playing golf. It's supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Wow Mike - it was only 68 today but still better than what's it been.

bikin' fool - bi-polar vortex. Now that is funny! I'm driving and that is my biggest concern. Once I get through west virginia and southern PA it becomes flat again and that will help. I heard they are in for ice and 8-12 inches of snow and wind gusts.

mama .bonnie said...

The vet tells me my female lab is fat too. Daisy is the queen of the yoyo dieting. She gains 5 pounds, looses 5 pounds, gains 3 pounds, looses 4, back and forth like no tomorrow. I finally gave up and told the fam as long as no one feeds her people food she'll be ok. Now the yoyo dieting as stopped, and the vet things she looks great :o/

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Bonnie because rivk is the one who gives her cheese and let's her lick his fingers from the foam on his coffee I told on him :-) the vet told rick food is not love!
He's having a difficult time.

Ms. A said...

Maybe you should try giving Izzy some carrot sticks. A little crunch might tide her over.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Ms.A - she hates carrots, broccoli,and brussels sprouts. I keep trying things, cooked and raw. She loves beans and pure pumpkin which is great cuz that is what the vet recommends to use to replace a cup of food.