Monday, March 3, 2014

Snarky Morning Recap

We have another snow day. We haven't even been plowed yet and it's 8:44am as I type this.
We had 2 cancellations call us last night because snow was on it's way today. 
I heard my hometown has hit the magic 124 inches this year in snow. So it could be worse I suppose. It just doesn't feel that way right now. 

Okay to my Joan Rivers imitation.....
The Oscars 2014.
You see I never saw Dallas Buyers Club because I have great disdain for Matthew McConaughey.  
I just didn't think I could get past the creep factor to get into the movie in the correct way so I didn't go. Apparently he was good because he won the Best Actor Oscar. 
Or was it that he just lost the most weight so they gave him the statue? 
Hollywood seems to do that. If a woman gains a boat load of weight and looks normal they give her an Oscar too. Funny really.
But last night while listening to his acceptance speech it made me dislike him even more if that is humanly possible.  I can't even watch the True Detective series on HBO because he's in it. And I love Woody Harrelson. Rick says its good but he too dislikes M.M. and wishes someone else was playing that role. 

The white dinner jackets tuxedo coats......
They remind me of a game I used to play as a little girl. It was called Mystery Date.
The so called "winner" was a young man dressed in the white tux jacket.
That is all I could see when I saw those men in those jackets, well and waiters.
For you young 'ens it was a game by Milton Bradley in the '60s. As a little girl I always liked the other guys better than the tux guy but I wasn't supposed to. I've always been a little left of center I guess.

Acceptance Speeches.
I thought that Lupita Nyong'o acceptance speech was perfect. Her dress perfection!  
I wish more would take a cue from her. Gratitude and class. Of course my husband had to ruin it by shouting, "Where are her breasts?" Idiot.

Jared Leto's was interesting and while I don't think those in the Ukraine or Venezuela were actually watching I thought the sentiment was nice.

Cate Blanchett - she disappointed me. I'm still reeling from it.  I need a moment.

Steve McQeen - I loved the jump of joy!! It felt real and honest and it was great.

Pink was fabulous. I love that girl.  There is nothing she can't do.
Pharrell, who I never knew until the Grammy's, wore another Dudley Do-Right hat only in black. I love his song Happy. I never knew that was him and honestly when I heard it the first time I thought it was Bruno. I know, old Margaret showing her age again.
Bette, well was Bette. Her voice is like butta.
Idina Menzel was as always wonderful. That song is stuck in my head and all the little girls of America.

The host....
I thought Ellen did alright. I didn't like the pizza shtick after awhile I thought it got old. 
I love the selfies.
But she made it more light hearted and moved along fairly quickly.

I admit that this is when twitter is fun. OMG the funny comments from some of the comedians I follow were a hoot. That kept me very entertained, more so than the actual show.
Kathleen Madigan kept referring to someone running out there to give Liza a bra and I hadn't seen her yet. I must have been on a different pre Oscar show but it made me change channels because Kathleen was making me crack up. 

I also will admit this year I didn't see a lot of the movies. 
12 years a slave was a book that I found difficult to read.
Is it white guilt as they say? 
In fact I stopped and had a friend tell me it was going to be alright for this man.
I just know that if that pain came through a book I could never watch it play out.
It angered me so. It pained me to my very core.
I knew I would never see a movie about this.
You see I watch movies like this in the past and I crumble. It lives with me for a very very long time. I couldn't. I'm a wuss.  Maybe that is why I like comedies so much.

My husband tells me that those things need to happen to a person like a bigot or white supremacist. But it doesn't happen that way and he always wonders why. 
I don't understand why, but I just can't watch that kind human suffering at the hands of another human. I have a difficult time with watching any injustice to humans and animals. 
I'm a big fat wuss.

Back to reality now - This Wuss is off to shovel some more. 


mama .bonnie said...

I didn't watch the award show, never do. Why? Because all it reminds me of is a popularity contest where it's not necessarily the best that wins, but the one that got the most votes for whatever reason ;o/

Carma Sez said...

the thing I am still reeling from is Liza Minelli's dress - the one that she did not wear a bra underneath :-O)) hideous. As far as Lupita's dress - yes, it was exquisite but I'm on Rick's side where I think if you are going to rock a dress like that - cleavage would be good.

Mike said...

I just looked at the weather and it looks like you are getting hammered right now. The sun finally came out here. Except for the sleet, the storm wasn't all that bad here.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Carma - oh I know. What is a woman over 60 doing going braless? idiot.
Fold those bad boys up into a bra woman!

Mike - oh we are getting hammered. From my desk it looks pretty. Dear Lord I must be delusional. I think it's time i had lunch. I must be losing it.

flask said...

were there oscars last night?

i remember the first oscar show i ever didn't care about- it was 1976 or something and people were talking about it like they were the nominees or like it mattered who won.

mft, whatever. hollywood makes movies. it loves to make shows congratulating itself on making movies because it;s so special.

and no, it is not white guilt that makes you not want to see that movie.

we SHOULD be thinking about slavery and its legacy, but each of us does not necessarily need to bombard our central nervous systems with it in brutal sensory detail.

if you don't need to be shocked into thinking about the terribleness of it in order to think about it carefully, you are excused from having to watch.

Ms. A said...

I wouldn't have watched any of it, but I was stuck at the hospital and that's what Michael had on. Wouldn't have been my choice. I do have one thing to say... what on earth was that horrible thing Whoopi had on??? (but I did like her socks)

Dame Nuisance said...

I watched the Fashion Police Oscars post-mortem. Joan had this to say about the blue streak in Liza's hair: It looks like a streak of Smurf sperm!

Loved your husband's comment re Lupita's (non-existent) breasts. I did not like her dress at all. Wrong color for her, wrong color for the event, and the plunging neckline that revealed a bony sternum - not attractive! But she gave a classy speech and I'm sure deserved the win. I haven't seen any of the nominated flicks and probably won't. Hollywood loves to nominate the opposite of feel-good movies and I don't watch movies that don't make me feel good. Call me a Philistine, I guess.

Mike said...

Hope you have a nice birthday tomorrow.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

thanks Mike - i had a great day!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

I think we had cartoon network on. I need to start being mean and taking over the TV.