Friday, March 14, 2014

Commercial I Hate

My husband was concerned about my lone trip north on icey roads.
My family was calling and it was getting ridiculous so I succumbed to everyone.
I am not going north today.
I will head up north in 2 weeks. 
I'm sure it will still be very cold by my standards but I'm going because the roads should be fine. God I hope so, it's spring for heaven's sake. Even though mother nature doesn't seem to agree I'm going with spring.

I have been seeing this commercial constantly and I want to scream when it comes on. Well, to be honest the first time I did.
I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. 
I yelled at my television like these dumb chirpies could hear me.
"Get a damn book, there is no glare you idiots!"

Yes you are correct I still read things the old fashioned way with the awesome smell of a book with paper pages, page numbers and print without a reason for glare. Imagine that.
I get why people like their technology...sort of.  
But why is it so difficult to read a book at the pool wearing your sunscreen, sunglasses and having the pool boy bring you a drink? 
Sounds pretty terrific to me, especially being in a bathing suit sitting by the pool right about now.  You know how warm that would be?  Aah, I wondered off there, thinking of sitting by the pool and sunscreen and not wearing jeans and then fleece pants over top of those.

In other events....
Last night around 10:30p Izzy and I went outside one final time. 
I paused my favorite show Parenthood and bundled up for her final trot outside to pee before bed. At this time of night there is no walk, we go to the corner and she walks over to the grassy mound in front of the woods and wetland area. No leash just me and Iz walking.  
(we don't often use a leash for walks anyway)
I had my head down but I looked over at her to my right and see her hackles go up and she froze. I looked up to see what she was looking at. I too froze. 
It was one big ass deer! Huge deer.

The deer was staring at us and then snorted. 
My big brave dog went behind me and then stuck her head between my legs to be able to see the deer. I laughed so hard that I forgot for a moment that the deer was there. I was looking at her peering between my legs and I just grabbed her face and rubbed her. 
Then I looked up and the deer was heading into the woods. Whew.
Guess she saw that Izzy was certainly not a threat.

Honestly that was one of the funniest things I've ever seen her do of late. 
I can pretty much be sure if someone broke into our home she'd do the same thing. 
My big brave Labrador Retriever.


regan said...

Too funny! We often joked that our two dogs would probably lick a burglar to death, after showing him where everything was, with tails wagging the whole time! protection there! Gotta love labs!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Regan - oh yea, they will love them to death but protection? not so much. Have a great weekend.

Mike said...

The only thing missing from that commerial to make it worse would be the two of them in a couple of bathtubs.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Oh Mike that's funny. If they continue to stay in separate tubs they will never need the medicine they are advertising.

Ms. A said...

Fine help she'd be, unless peeing on the intruder would do any good!

flask said...

fer whut it's worth, the roads here are kinda nasty.

the giant snow dump is followed by very much cold and then a little freezing rain and then some more brutal cold, which makes it very hard for road crews to keep things tidy plus there are idiots everywhere.

today at the mountain a bunch of us locals stood on a corner to laugh at a guy fishtail up the drive with his sporty low-profile tires on his little front-wheel drive car and THEN he didn't think he could get through the ski racks so he tried to turn around (!) in two lanes of one way so he could go wrong way but the UPS truck put a stop to that and we laughed so hard we all nearly peed ourselves.

short version: even if YOU'RE a good snow driver, idiots are everywhere.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

I was all for "no e-reader" and my plain old books from the library. Then my mom bought me one for Christmas. What's awesome about it? A touch and you have a new book. No going to the store etc. Totally the best part lol. Plus it has a light in it so you can read at night without turning on a light :)

Rusty is a big scaredy cat too lol.