Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Birthday Day.

Wow!  Yesterday was a crazy and fun day.

I am going to start with work. 
Rick "gave" me the day off for my birthday and it was wonderful.
I only worked yesterday until 11:00am, but boy, it sure was filled with some crazy people.   

I needed to speak with Rick pertaining to a scheduling issue. 
His very first appointment was an estimate only so I knew he was now heading to his next actual job so he would be in his vehicle and able to talk.  
I called and instead of hello he says, "I have a situation right now I"ll call you back."

Well let me tell you, that is not what a wife wants to here. A situation? Are you being held up? Have you had an accident? That was terribly ominous.  
He called me back about 15 minutes later to share what was going over in Alexandria.

He arrived to the home of his scheduled estimate and an elderly man was sitting on the pavement right below the bottom step of his home. Rick walked up to him and asked if he could help him up. The man said, "No, I think I broke something."  Rick said he would call 911 and get an ambulance there. The man fussed a bit and finally said okay. After the call was made Rick asked if he could go inside and get him a blanket and tell his wife what was going on. He apologized to Rick and went on to say, "Oh God she is going to bitch up a storm. You may not want to go in there."  Rick replied that he thought he was tough enough.

Rick went into the home and told his wife that he had fallen on the ice and that an ambulance was on its way. And boy did the anger and swear words fly out of this 85 year old bat.
She began calling him all kinds of names, "I told him not go out there the damn asshole" and on and on with like type phrases. Rick stood there in shock. Then she waves him on to the bathroom and says, "Well you're here, lets go look at the bathroom for the estimate. I'll wait with him for the ambulance in a minute."

Rick did the estimate with her. Then while she was getting on her coat Rick went outside to let the man know that his wife was getting her coat and would be coming with him.
He looked at Rick and said, "Oh God, I can't even run away" And they both laughed.

The poor man probably wanted to ride alone in peace in the ambulance and Rick had to go and tell his wife. Rick has no idea how long he had been out there but he is sure glad he arrived when he did. The man would probably rather freeze to death than listen to that woman go on and on.  I know I would.

Then I got a call from a woman who wanted to get information on costs, time lines and warranties and the like.  When I asked some questions she said, "I have no idea what it looks like"  
Now I'm thinking, you have no idea? it's your bathroom? I found this answer odd.  
I asked, "is this not your home?" 
She laughed and said, "It is for my tenant. She is still laughing a little bit and continues with, you have to understand that my tenant is special."

Okay now I'm thinking "special" like she rides the short bus. I didn't know why this woman would laugh about someone being mentally challenged but I figured just another nut job.
When I suggest us coming for an estimate since she can't answer most of my questions so that i can give her a quote she laughs and says it again, "My tenant is special" with the accent on the SPECIAL.
She is now REALLY laughing. She is laughing as she tells me that she will have to be at the condo because her tenant won't allow work men in her condo without someone being there. "She wants me to be there. She is convinced that all contractors will come into her home and go into her bedroom and smell her panties from her drawer."  This woman continues laughing and tells me, "You ought to see her no one wants to do this trust me! Oh my she is special"

Okay now I get what she meant by special. The woman wasn't mentally handicapped in the way I was thinking. I also now understood why this woman was laughing so much. 
Her tenant is just a nut job. Certifiably bat shit crazy for sure.
So we had to schedule this estimate on a date that this woman will be able to be at this condo so that Rick doesn't go in there and smell her panties. 

My friend Katie says we seem to attract bat shit crazy people. I don't agree.
I happen to think everybody is nuts. We deal with a lot of people on a daily basis so of course we see more of the nuts jobs than most. 
I talk to other contractors and their stories are the same.
I just have a blog and share them.

The rest of my day was very nice.
I went to lunch with a friend. 
It was a great Greek Restaurant and I had a bowl of soup that was so good I can't stop thinking about it. Couldn't pronounce it if my life depended on it but damn it was good.
Then we purused this little town and did some local shops and a cool old book store.

Then Rick and I went to dinner. Nothing fancy just somewhere so I wasn't cooking. 
And a good bottle of wine was shared. Great night.

Oh and my gift. I got exactly what I suspected, however, it was a different style.
He bought me a new watch. The one I have been wanting apparently was out of stock so he chose another style. I love it. I would never have bought this one but now that I have it I love it.

So great birthday all around. 
A lot of laughs, not much work, too much wine on a work night and I'm paying for it all today.


Ms. A said...

"HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!" Glad it was all good, including the gift!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Thanks Cora.

Mike said...

Hope you had a nice birthday yesterday.

regan said...

Happy Birthday, Peg! Glad it was a good one! AND with a great gift, too! Awesome! And was it, by any chance, Avgolemono Soup? (That's ahv-go-la-mon-o).....I used to make that all the time! Totally yummy chicken/rice/lemon soup. Or was it something else?

mama .bonnie said...

Happy birthday again!
I laugh at the part where you said your friend said you attract weird people. My brothers say the same thing about me! Seems like every time we go out, I have a story about some loony tune person. Case in point: once while in Key West, we came across a guy who had a sign around his neck that said that he would read for $. As we got closer I could hear him and he was reading porn! My brothers have said to this day they've never seen the guy but I've seen him twice! Then there was the time we saw the drag queen half dressed at the bank (was wearing the makeup and heals but wearing shorts and a tshirt).Yea, they never see them, but me, I can find them ;o)

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Oh Bonnie that is hysterical. The tranny he just couldn't fully commit.
I had to read this to rick. He said if the 4 of us went out together no telling what we would see. Oh, but the fun and laughter

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Regan - YES! that's the soup. OMG it was so good. And I assumed there was flour in it and I would pay for it due to gluten. But I didn't feel badly later so I think I got lucky or it didn't have flour. Either way I loved it.I told rick i'd like to go back and see if they would sell me a vat of it.

April said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Happy Birthday!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Oh and I forgot to comment on the old guy. That's SO my mother in law. Ugh! All she does is bitch bitch bitch. Poor father in law fell and broke his hip a couple years ago and it was all his fault for not picking up his feet like she told him to.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Oh my Julie! How can people be so damn mean? I don't get it. But if I had to live with that you betcha I would look forward to an ambulance ride that was nice and quiet too.