Monday, December 16, 2013

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas To You All!

May you all have a wonderful holiday.

Be Back After the Holidays!

Holiday Party

Went to a holiday party Saturday.

Each couple had to bring 2 bottles of wine and an appetizer large enough to feed their number guests. They gave us the final rsvp number a few days before.

I don't like these kinds of parties to be honest.
I feel if you can't afford to have a party then don't have a party.
But I also know that's my problem not the rest of the worlds. It's just me.

So I made my appetizer and brought different dipping goodies for it.
We also brought our obligatory 2 bottles of wine.
We walked there which is a nice way to go to a Christmas party.

We were also invited to another same night. That one we go to every year.
(I only bring a hostess gift there, they don't ask us to feed their guests. )
We thought we'd stop in at the party where we had to bring everything and then hop over to the other soiree.

We were having a perfectly nice time at the first party so we stayed there.
Besides we brought some really fine wine and we wanted to drink some of it. 
The food was good Rick told me. I couldn't eat a damn thing due to all of it was encased in dough or it was pasta or it was crackers etc. Gluten be damned!!  But I drank!!

We left around 11:15p and as we began our walk home we could hear the other party.
But we just weren't up for walking over there. 
We got home, walked the dog and crawled into bed.

I in no way felt I had too much to drink. Neither did Rick.
We sat and chatted for a bit before falling asleep. We were just tired.

But Sunday morning we were dragging. Not like we were hung over, more like we were old and feeling this. Rick made a joke that this was past our bedtime.  Probably more the case.

Yesterday ended up being a day of lying on the sofa catching up on shows from the week. We even watched an old movie favorite of ours, Bandits. Love Billy Bob Thornton in that movie.

I managed to make a few different types of cookies for my UPS driver, doggy day care folks and the like. Rick tasted everything and then moaned he ate too much.
Silly man.

Today I must get all my gifts out in the mail.
The cost of shipping is just double what you pay. That is how I plan the whole damn holiday.
Since no one we buy gifts for live here we must figure shipping as well.
Shipping ain't cheap but we do find the US Postal service to work best for us.
Faster, cheaper and so far over the last couple of years it has been better for us than UPS.

For this holiday season we are keeping our local post office busy.
I'll probably bring them some cookies too.

I'm counting down the days until this holiday is over.
Is it December 26th yet?

Friday, December 13, 2013


I'm sure by now you have all heard about the 16 year old shit head named Ethan in Texas who was drunk driving and killed 4 people.
He was over 3x the legal limit of drunkenness.

But he was a white very wealthy kid in Texas. His father probably knew the damn judge.
Instead of any prison time he gets to go to a private rehab over looking the water.
The judge wanted to send him to rehab so he could develop into a productive citizen and not send him to jail.

His attorney put a psychologist on the stand who said this was "Affluenza."
This poor drunk kid didn't know right from wrong because he was rich.
He was blameless for driving drunk and causing the crash. 
This condition stems from having wealthy, privileged parents who never set limits for him.

Okay let me get this straight if you are a white rich kid you get off killing people because your parents didn't have the time to set limits for you. 
(Tell the Melendez Brothers that as they rot in jail)
The attorney and judge claim, "As a human being he knew no boundaries or right from wrong"

It is hard for my head not to explode as I type this.

So let's take that theory a bit further.
You live in Texas and you are a poor black kid. You parents work several jobs.
They don't have a lot of time to spend with their kid but for the opposite reason as the rich kid. He gets drunk with his friends and plows into several cars and kills everyone.  

What do you think the chances are that he gets off for "poorfluenza" ?
Do you think the jury and judge in Texas would let him off so that he could become a productive citizen as the judge stated was necessary?

Let's go a step further. It's a rich black kid and he did the same. Think he'd get off?
Sadly that affluenza wouldn't fly for this black kid and you damn well know it.
It's Texas for heaven's sake.

I would bet the farm that this kids parents paid off a lot of people.

The whole thing disgusts me.

When I was growing up I had more respectful fear of my father than any police officer etc.
If this happened to me being a white upper middle class kid my father would have let them throw the book at me. He would want me to learn a lesson. 

This kid learned a lesson all right - he can do whatever the @#$! he wants because he is white, rich, and lives in Texas where those 3 things are of utmost importance.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Another Snow Day and Flying Deer

You thought we only had flying monkeys land here in Loudoun County and then freeze on my patio. (wink wink....see yesterdays post)
Here is a sad true story of a flying deer.

A Snow day on my block

Note kids in pajama's. The young boy is shoving a carrot into the snowman's face.

 I chose this photo because the kids said they didn't want their pics online. 
How sophisticated kids are today or maybe I should say" have to be today."
They saw this pic and they were fine because you couldn't see their faces.

 I don't think he wanted a picture taken, ya think?

 One of Izzy's favorite ponds. She chased a herring here this morning. I thought she was going into the water and I panicked. She stopped up to her "ankle" area thank goodness.
(Sorry for the darkness of photo, didn't use the right settings for snow.)

 Melting Ice....just in time for the next round we're getting tomorrow. :-)

Just 'cause my girl is so damn cute. 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Frozen Monkeys

I took a quick phone photo of my winter patio view yesterday after noon.

We were having freezing rain and snow.  Izzy's stuffed monkey was frozen to the patio.
I posted this photo on facebook and it read:

The weather outside is frightful....LOOK, a frozen monkey just lying there on my patio.


Someone actually wrote a comment that read,  "FOR REAL???? A MONKEY?????"

OH MY GOD. I laughed out loud when I saw that. I showed Rick. 
He said, "who is this person?"
I explained who it was. Never even met her in person - long long story.
Anyway he said, can she really be that dumb? Ah, apparently so. 
I had to then share with her that this was indeed a stuffed monkey of my dog's. 
It was not a real monkey.
She then called me bananas, because she really thought I meant a monkey.

Well let me tell you how that had my husband going all day.
He would just say random shit all afternoon. 
He was in the kitchen and I was upstairs and I heard him yell, **"look out flying monkeys in northern Virginia!

Then just throughout the day random proclamations would be shouted.

**"They just fell out of the sky Margaret, they're on our patio!"

**"Random monkeys on patio in Loudoun County, news at 11."

**"Wild monkeys on the loose in on the look out.....freezing to concrete and decks."

**Squealing monkeys stuck to the ice careful driving."

He was making me laugh all day. He was just shouting random shit. 
None of it was funny alone but the thought that someone thought there were real monkeys on my patio was so damn funny to us. 

Now in our defense it could have been the couple of hot toddy's we had.
But even this morning it cracks me up.
Seriously how can someone believe me?

Friday, December 6, 2013

Gift Giving.

I know this isn't popular.
I know I will get comments where no one will agree with me.
So be it - it's my blog and I am sharing anyway.

I hate gift lists, wish lists and registry's

I know people who hate gift cards. If being honest, those I do not mind at all.
If someone loves nothing more than to get high end cooking items why not a gift card to William Sonoma? Yes, a gift would rank much higher but this is at least better than someone handing you a list of what they want you to buy them. You at least put some thought into what type of gift card and to what store they would like. But that said, try buying a gift is my point.

Wedding, shower and other registry's I find offensive.
I hear you scream, "But what do I buy them then if they don't tell me what they want?"
"I don't know them all that well." Then why the hell are you buying them something if you don't know them?

To me and my spouse the idea of gift lists and registry's is just asking for someone to buy you something. It is not a well thought out gesture for a friend, loved one or family member.
To me it just that - reading someones list who is basically saying to you,  buy me something!!
Look they bought me what I asked for! They can take direction.

An example of this I will use my grandmother and me. 
I know how much she liked to read and how much she loved her "good" chocolate.  
She loved soft things and silky things to wear. She loved to dress well, smell nice and always wore her lipstick. Even in the nursing home God love her.
She loved her chocolate so much she kept a "stash" in her bedroom closet. 
I remember a day she said to Rick as he was in the hall by her room, "psst, Rick c'mon in here." 
Rick never being one to walk away from a woman asking him to enter her bedroom he immediately went into her room. He found her sitting on the edge of her bed choosing a piece of chocolate from a beautiful ornate box. She slide the box off her lap and handed it to Rick, "Have a chocolate" He took one and she said, "I have some chocolate covered pretzels in the closet too. Would you get those for me?  Do you like chocolate covered pretzels?" 
Rick's eyes lit up and he did indeed fetch those for her.
He brought them back to the bed and she said, "Well have some of those too, they are so very good" They both just sat there and enjoyed their chocolates and gigged like little kids. 
I have to tell you that is such a big memory for Rick of his time with my Grandmother.  
They bonded over their love of very good chocolates and he knew her hiding place. He liked that he knew where she kept them and I hadn't up to that point.
Every once in a while Grandma would call one of us in there and she'd share from her "stash"

Now because my grandmother loved candy and reading I bought her things pertaining to that a good many times. Why not a reading light for her to read at night? Why not something yummy from her favorite Chocolatier? I didn't need a list. I didn't need her to tell me what she wanted. She loved soft things. So a cashmere sweater one year or a soft throw would make her happy. It was the thoughtfulness that went into a gift.  It was knowing her and thinking of what she might like or even need. Although my Grandmother didn't need anything. Her favorite perfume in a powder perhaps or anything silky. My goodness this woman would not wear flannel. She loved a silky nightgown. She got funny gifts too. My father bought her a basket for her walker. You know the kind you put on a bicycle. 
My mom sewed these ugly flowers on it. And they gave her that as a surprise gift.
That was funny. 
They attached that to her walker and she could throw in her book she was reading and head on into another room. It ended up being something she didn't even know she wanted. Then she couldn't live without it. That was a thoughtful gift not on any damn list. And besides she laughed so hard when she got it she about peed her pants.

Someone you barely know sends you a shower invitation. You know she is having her first baby. Why is that so hard to figure out what she would need? She needs everything.
I just recently had that situation for my neighbor. I said - Phooey to that damn 'buy me all this from my list" and I went rogue. 
I bought her all these things for safety. Plugs for the outlets. Soft and safety things for the harsh corner of her glass coffee table, safety latches for her cabinets. I bought her a tub/bath for the baby to bathe in along with bathing items of wash clothes, towels and an adorable towel that looks like a dog that wraps around the baby. Did she ask for any of them? NO.
In fact she laughed at me when she got them and said, "You have to put the baby in this and then put him in a tub to wash him?"  Guess she thought you just threw the infant in the tub. Oh Lordy. (I didn't have kids and I even knew that.)  So fast forward to several months after said baby and guess who is thanking me now? Yep, she really did. I even got stories and pictures. It's now a funny joke to she and her hubby that they didn't know. So now the 4 of us have had a good couple of laughs over this.

The same goes for a wedding registry. As Rick likes to say, "do they have a list of what we HAVE to buy them or can we buy them what we want?" Oh this topic fries his arse.
The most recent non family wedding we were invited to had a link to their requests for gifts. It listed nothing  under $150. Okay not a big deal but after I made my purchase I wondered if there were any folks who perhaps couldn't do a $200 gift?  So do they go rogue and wing it and buy something for only $50? Does that bride then scoff? If so where is her appreciation? Is she getting married for the jewelry and gifts or to share her union/love with family and friends?  That was rhetorical because sadly I know the answer on that one.

I just believe that gift giving should be done because you want to.
It should be done thoughtfully.
I think it should be done to say thank you, I love you, you mean a great deal to me etc.
Not because someone hands you a list of gifts they want you to buy them.

A retired woman who lives across the street from me was going on and on about how she loves Xmas. She said she loves to receive gifts. Well who doesn't? 
She had just decorated her house inside and out. I stood there listening to her and smiling and was attempting to share in her joy. I may not have that joy but I wasn't telling her that. 

She continued on and on about how she made a list of what she wanted and made copies and was giving it out to all people who she thinks may buy her a gift. She said I hate getting gifts I don't like or need. I asked, "Are they really that bad? Can you just take them back?"
She said, "But if they just buy me all the things I want then I don't have to?" 
I asked her about a gift she hated. She shared a story of her grandson that bought her a book she didn't like. She went on to tell me that he was so excited because he was so sure she would love it because  he remembered her talking about this author with his mom. It was the same author who wrote the books she read to her grandson or they read together when he was little. But now the author was doing grown up books.
She told me she never told him she took it back because it would hurt his feelings.  
Gee Ya think? You were smart enough to realize that yet you took it back anyway.
She said she bought something there that she wanted instead, not even a book.

Okay this is where I know it's just me 'cause my thought was, Then fuck you lady. Your grandson was excited because he thought you'd like it. So you didn't. It cost you nothing to thank him, hug him and put that fucking book on the damn shelf. It was a good memory for him, you reading to him. Maybe you could even try to read it. He's 14 for heaven's sake. You said he bought it with his own money. He tried to be thoughtful. Accept it in the way it was given. Soak that up most of all. Embrace the love. So what you don't think you'll like the book. But I said nothing and just stood there and smiled. My head was about to explode.

I know in my family we would have kept that damn book and not just me,  and it would be a joke years later. 
Once my sister who is now 40 bought me this horribly neon bright orange red sparkly nail polish. Not just sparkly but it had silver flecks in it. Very whorey, white trash. ..tee hee.
This was in the very early 80's. I had very short nails and didn't wear color - ever. 
Nor would I wear this color if I did wear color.  But I kept it. I kept if for 20 some yrs.  
Now we laugh about this because we see how funny this is. She was 5 or 6 at the time. My mom brought she and another sister to the dollar store for them to buy their gifts. They spent time looking at things and chose things that they thought were like the people they were buying for. All were a damn hoot. You saw their little minds working. 
The girls insisted that they could pick out their gifts to their sisters. My mom shared with me this trip to the store. She too found it funny and knew I was not about that neon orange red sparkly color.  My mom let them fly their freak flag for the gifts. My little sister loved the color so she thought I would too because it was pretty. She even said that to me when she gave it to me. She told me it was pretty like me.  Now, c'mon why wouldn't I keep it after that? 

No it wasn't on my list if I had had one. No it wasn't even something I would ever use. 
But it was thoughtful. She knew I loved pretty clothes, pretty makeup and I get how a little girl can go to this spot next. It was damn thoughtful.  Sure my mother knew damn well these were probably not suited for us. But this was how they saw us. I loved that damn ugly orange red nail polish for years. I finally threw it out after another move to another city and it was all hardened. But it made me smile. Ugly as hell but I loved it.

So remember this when you are gift giving or are accepting gifts this holiday season.
Try to think about the person. Don't just hand over a list and say, "This is what I want you to buy me. Give me your list" 
Allow someone to really buy you something they want to give you. 
Allow them the chance to say how much they think of you.
Embrace how they see you. 
Besides you may just get the gift you never knew you wanted. 
It may be just perfect, like my grandmother's walker basket and my nail polish.
My sister saw me loving neon sparkly orange red color on my short stubby nails. It still makes me laugh to this day. To me it was the most perfect thoughtful gift ever.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Stress & Obligation Month

Hi Kids.

I think I am taking a bit of a break from visiting you all here.
Not long...just a bit. Probably just a week or two.

You see for us the month of December is a month of  stress and obligation.

In fact I think the whole month should just change it's name to STRESS & OBLIGATION MONTH.

Money being what it is, or isn't, Stress & Obligation month gets a bit heavy around here.  
Hard to find the funny.

It has always felt like this for the two of us, however, we are living a new life as I have shared with you before. This just happens to make it all even worse.

So I'll be trolling your blogs and commenting, just not writing my own for a bit.

See ya'll soon.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Back to Work Monday

Yep, I'm still Sick. I'm so tired of being sick.
Because I am on Cipro and not getting a helluva lot better I called an ENT for an appointment. I see them on Wednesday.  My sinus's are still burning. 
I know, you didn't even ask and I shared. 
I just love spending $$$ on this stuff when I am knee deep in stress of Xmas.
I hate the holiday season with a passion. The stress and the money are a royal pain.

While I was lying on my sofa in my pj's, blowing my nose, coughing, wheezing, sneezing, feeling congested and all over awful I saw a few of items I am going to share.

1. I was watching a marathon of I LOVE LUCY. I adore that show. I have seen everyone of them millions of times each. But that doesn't stop me from watching them - ever. 
Lucy and Ethel were in the kitchen making butter and bread to show the men they could survive the "olden" days where the boys said they could do it better. While Lucy was making bread  she was transferring the dough as it would rise from one bowl to another larger bowl. These bowls were so nice. I have seen them at Williams Sonoma. They are so very expensive. I bet Lucy didn't know that she was holding what would one day would be considered a very high end bowl. My grandmother had a set of those bowls too. I so wish I had them today.

2. I read someone on facebook looking to her friends and readers to tell what they want to read on her blog. She had a survey for all to take to tell her what to write.  I used to read her blog before she stopped. I don't understand this survey. 
You see, I love ya'll but its my blog. I will write what I want to write about so while I'll miss you if you aren't interested so be it. Its my blog. I started to take the survey but found it too limited. I had to choose what topic I wanted to read. How about all of the above? I found this whole thing very odd. She shouldn't be limiting her imagination or her life to fit someone else's choices. 

3. Rick was on his tablet while I lay dripping from all holes in my head when he yelled, "OMG I THINK AMANDA IS PREGNANT. WHY WOULDN'T SHE TELL ME?"
(Amanda is his daughter)  I said, "What the hell are you talking about?" 
He tells me he is looking at her Amazon wish list trying to see what she'd like for Christmas. He says, "I saw a changing table on her list."
I sat up and said, "Let me see this."  Then I burst into uncontrollable laughter.
It read, "charging table" for your ipod, ipads, iphones, etc.  
OMG my husband makes fun of my hearing but honestly the dumb shit can't see now. 
No wonder he thinks I'm still cute.  Poor old man.

4. Lastly, while lying on the sofa I read a lot of blogs on my phone.
I don't have a tablet you see and I can't reach my PC in the office from my comfy spot on the sofa.   I used Rick's tablet last week and deleted his whole tablet and thankfully he had backup and spent 2 days putting that all back together. So I am no longer allowed to touch it. I don't think I blame him.  Anyway, while reading this I said out loud, "holy shit this is some sick shit"  Of course that makes my husband want to know all about what I am reading. I made him look at it because seriously this is sick shit.  The blog I read had a post about this story as well as the link, which I gladly share with you so you too can be grossed out.  This was by a so called artist from Melbourne Australia. How does one define art?
I don't think this is it. At least it isn't in my little world.

5. I got these new treats for Izzy. They are made in the USA and they are chicken jerky. The last ones were recalled due to dogs dying and they were made in China. Big deal that was all over the news. So when I saw these I grabbed them. They have smoked paprika in them and the smell is pretty strong. But I think Izzy had too many. I gave her one. Then Rick did and I didn't know it. Then I gave her another. Poor Izzy had smelly farts and then she got diarrhea. Oh my goodness she was running to the door constantly for a few hours. We had some left over diarrhea medication for her and immediately put it in some cheese to get it down her. Finally at 10pm she was settled down. This morning she was a bit slow moving. Rick was downstairs first and said, "She's not even eating this morning" 
I walked over to the island to make my coffee and I see Izzy's bowl on the island full of food. 
I say to Rick, "How do you expect her to eat her food  if you leave her bowl on the kitchen island?"
He begins to laugh. "OMG what the hell is wrong with me lately? I noticed she didn't go to her bowl and figured she wasn't feeling well."
So we started this morning off with a good laugh.
Rick has been dealing with his gout as I mentioned last week. 
Because of his gout he hasn't been drinking. 
I think his goofiness all week is due to the lack of alcohol. His poor body is all confused.