Monday, September 30, 2013

I'm back....YIPEE

Where is the world has Peg been?

Yep I went to my hometown of Erie PA as you can see by the photo.
My Dad's therapy is helping but this week we will learn if he will have the surgery or just a shot to help with the pain. The aqua therapy is actually helping but he is still in constant pain and he can't sit or lay and he just walks around the house in circles with his walker.
Dad is so tiny it freaks me out. This big robust man is tiny, frail and oh so skinny. He is down to 112lbs or less my Mom said. (Shit I want to be 112lbs!)
But he still likes his wine. He had wine all weekend. (the apple doesn't fall far from the tree here does it?)
He said wine was better than those damn pills they give him. So no matter how much pain he is in he refuses to take his vicodin. Not going to change the spots of a soon to be 86 year old. 
I figure if you live to that age you should be able to do what ever the hell you want. 
And we all know he sure does. 

My niece had homecoming while we were home and I cropped this pic of Dad and my step mom to not splash the date of my niece all over the internet since I didn't ask him. 
Dad is standing here without his walker. He doesn't look too badly here. His pants are so big on him and we teased him because somehow the old coot has lost his ass. So we were joking around with him about that. I told him it was no wonder he couldn't sit comfortably he has no ass for Pete's sake. He can still give as good as he gets. So that was fun. But he forgets so much and I try not to be saddened by it and just play along. He kept hugging me and kissing me and telling me he loves me. I asked him if he knew who I was and he slapped my arm and said, "yes you are my oldest pain in the ass" So he knew.  :-)

We had the most glorious weather up there. It was the same as down here which is very odd. We were expecting all the fall colors of deep red sugar maples etc. But it was green. Trust me folks when I tell you that is very odd for late September/October to be in the 70's and so green. Good for them. They will pay for it in snow soon enough. 

Rick and I went into my parents basement at 9am Saturday and didn't finish until 6ish.
Rick scraped the basement walls from peeling water sealant. Then dusted it all down.
Holy cobwebs. We swept that all up and then began the process of resealing. 
The fumes were killer!! We then proceeded to waterproof their basement. 
Rick never left until finished. I got to go upstairs and breath fresh air a few times and fetch him some water etc. The basement was so hot and humid. Their dehumidifier was broken. 
It was like the Amazon down there. I had water dripping down my head down my shirt. 
It was so much fun. I forgot my knee pads and Rick's wouldn't stay on me so I was kneeling on concrete and it was painful after a few hours. (I always get stuck doing the low areas 'cause I'm the short one) So then I just did it all while squatting  OMG. 
My inner thighs and ass cheeks are in pain!! It's like doing squats for 7 hours. 

My mom is a bit of a hoarder so we helped her purge all this stuff from the basement.
We have got to get them ready to down size. This house is over 3,000 sq ft. 
They do not need this big of a home yet they just won't sell.
My mom is only 71 but she is having a hard time keeping up with the house work. They have so many things falling apart. Rick worked on a few things. We need a month up there to get things going. 

My sister came and thankfully helped us help her purge. 
We had a pile for the City Mission to pick up. We had a pile to go to the curb.
Bed Frames/Headboards, toys and a pleathora of shit that she has saved. She had a whole lot of barbie dolls, bratz dolls, fisher price toys etc. She kept saying the girls may want these for their kids. By the girls she means her grandchildren. No. So since my niece was home from college for the weekend I brought her downstairs to dispel this notion from my mothers head.  
I held up the one box of fisher price "crap" and said, "Alex do you think you'll want these for your kids someday?"  She said, "NO, why? They will be so old, No."
I said then tell Grandma. Mom was coming around the corner and said, "Okay I heard her then give them to the city mission."  But it kills her to toss anything! 
She has hoarding tendencies in that basement!

She opened a cabinet that was downstairs and it had coats of my Grandmothers for heaven's sake. What the hell? My Grandmother died a very long time ago.  
When I said, "Why are you keeping these?" 
She responded with, "Well this cashmere coat is beautiful and I can't throw it out"
Okay then give it away. She tried it on instead. It was HUGE on her. I said, "put it in the pile, let it go."   But she didn't. She hung it back up. I told her we were going to have her on the show hoarders if she didn't stop this. She stuck her tongue out at me. 

She also had my cheer-leading letter jacket hung in that closest. OMG!
I graduated in 1974 and she still had that damn thing. I tried it on. 
Now that was depressing. I thought I was so fat back then.
They had to get me a special cheer-leading sweater and that so embarrassed me. 
Then I had to have the sweater made smaller in the body by the home ec teacher. 
I had my niece try the jacket on who is a size 6 and it was too small for her. 
My mother said, "See and you thought you were fat but it was only those damn boobs" 
That made me laugh. 
Yea, I wish as I was the size when I thought I was so fat. 
I threw away the jacket. Which of course made my mom squeal and her head almost exploded. 
She hates that I don't hold that kind of stuff in a strong sentimental way. 
I loved looking at it. It was a fun memory. But I have pictures and my memories of it all. 
I don't need the coat to add to more shit in my house. 
I am not exactly going to wear it for heaven's sake. 
So it will sit here until I die in the back of a closet for what reason?
I told her that my memories were enough and that when I can't remember them anymore I surely won't remember having this coat either if I see it. She was still  not happy with me.

Friday we arrived a bit earlier than anyone was home from work so we met our friend Katie at the beach and took a walk on a nature trail. 

I was so bummed that there were no colors so when I saw one I took a picture of it.
There are benches along the way. I imagine if you get tired and need to rest? Anyhoo, here is Rick being an a goof ball and making Katie laugh. There is another picture but I actually can't post it here. Bad Rick, dirty bad Rick.
This one made me laugh below. I was lagging behind and when we got to the water Katie was walking on rocks in the water. But it looks like she's a guy peeing doesn't it? I had to stop and capture that because I am just mean like that.
There was a sign that said, photo of lighthouse from waters edge. You could barely see it. The house is hidden. I used to tell my parents when I was little that I wanted to live there.
I have always loved this place. My father would tell me that I could only live there if I worked. That would never deter me. 

We met this couple with 3 dogs in the very first photo who live around here in Fairfax VA. 
The man was from my hometown as well. They were home visiting and enjoying the beach. We chatted how much we love this 11 miles of beach, trails and water and all there is to do. He loved that his dogs could swim.  I have wanted to leave my hometown since I was 7 years old but this place calms me. I so love it. Both Rick and I find solace and peace waves over us there. I find it sad that so many people who live there never go there and enjoy all it has to offer. 
We didn't chat with these folks below. They were brave and put their toes in the water. I was not that brave... only a hand.

This was by accident below but I think it shows that the water isn't gross like everyone thinks of when you tell them you are swimming in Lake Erie. Cold as hell right now but it's not as gross as most think.

This photo looks cold to me. You can just see it isn't summer any longer. 
70 degrees but a crispness in the air.

 One of the deserted beaches so it's a good place to end.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I need to vent and also give you one more observation that I did not list yesterday.

First up - Observation. 
Why is it that Oprah's hair gets larger and larger as she does?
Have you notice how big her hair is these days? 
And she is back to being large again too so just found that interesting.

Okay back to my favorite bitch - insurance.Health insurance to be exact.
I pay $330 a month for health care just for myself. 
Because I have hypothyroidism I have what is considered a pre existing condition. 
Lovely. Having a slow thyroid is equal to heart disease. Go figure.
So I pay more. I also pay more because I am in my 50's and they assume I will need other medications and have other ills at my age. I don't now but they assume I will. They are probably right.

I put my hip out which I have done a zillion times before. I go to the chiropractor without insurance and I pay $50.00 a visit.  But now I have insurance. Therein lies the problem. Insurance is now involved. I received my explanation of benefits form from my visit and I owe  more money than I can believe. 

I call the insurance company and they tell me that this is coded as an accident first of all. 
So now that means  if i have to go back there will be a pre-existing element. 
Then I ask why I am having all these charges when my plan states clearly that I get 3 visits for $35 each before it then goes toward my deductible and I pay the ole 70-30.

The insurance company tells me it was how it was "coded". 
It also states physical therapy as well as manipulation.
So I call the Dr.'s office. Well she tells me she shows it wasn't an accident on her paperwork so now we have a debate. Insurance company says one thing, doctors office says another.
I love being in the middle of this. 
The dr. office also tells me that the other charges that were on this list that were listed as physical therapy are the use of heat and the tens unit. 

I said to the young woman, "when I walked in you took my insurance card and called them about benefits. When I came out of the room you told me what I thought I already knew, that I got 3 visits for $35 copay and after that it went towards my major medical. 
So if you knew that why would you code it two ways? Coding it two ways has me charged more and it wouldn't be considered a visit only to a chiropractor? " 

She told me it was for the extras.  
I said, "I understand that but my question is if these are extra, you know they are considered extra by the insurance company why wouldn't you give me the option if I wanted them as the consumer? Now I am paying for things that really wouldn't have mattered to me and I could have made a good choice for me and my bottom line."  

She said, "We just don't do that."
I said, "why? why wouldn't you do that? Why wouldn't you provide that service? Or are you hiding this so people pay more through their insurance?"

I reminded her that when I had no insurance it only cost me $50 a visit.
So now because I have insurance I am getting hit with more charges. It seems like you can get more from the insurance company doing it this way. She says nothing. 

What would have cost me $150 for 3 visits now is $420.00 in charges.  
AND it is now considered an accident. 
So if I should go back, say next year, they won't pay for everything due to pre-existing. Aargh!

I did ask to cancel all my appointments because I can't afford to come back to them.

Now on to the next one. 
The 2nd Explanation Of Benefits (EOB) that I received showed my annual female exam as having a balance.  On my insurance plan I get one free annual visit a year. 
So why do I  have a charge?  I ask this question to the insurance company and they tell me it was coded as a medical visit not an annual exam. 
Jeez people can't anyone do their job correctly?  
So then I have to call the doctors office. Of course that gal isn't in the office so they took note and they say they will call the insurance company and get this straightened out.  I don't see that happening without more phones calls from me being involved. Trust me it is never that easy. 

So I spent hours on phone calls, on hold, waiting, talking and still being screwed.
But to all of them my time is not that important.
I wonder about the people who get these and pay no damn attention because they have the money and just pay everything. 
Saves a lot of damn time!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Observations of utterly no importance

I don't tweet. I follow a lot of folks though mostly comedians. 
I find them funny. Obviously.

Ron White, Kathleen Madigan & Lewis Black are some of my favorite comedians.
Kathleen Madigan just had a new show on Netflix. She makes me happy. 
She is sarcastic, smart and funny.  

I follow Kathleen and there have been times when I read something and just laughed out loud while no one is talking in our house. Rick will look at me like I've completely lost it.

But because I follow her I read where her newest special was on Netflix. I was thrilled.
I just find her so funny. She is one of a few female comedians that doesn't just make jokes about being fat or her boyfriends or that type of stuff. She is just funny! 

My husband and I were watching this the other night and he turned to me and said, "She reminds me of you"  I didn't ask why because I thought it may ruin the moment. 
I just said, "huh. thank you."  I don't see that but I wasn't pressing on more info. Thankfully as he said it he was walking to the bathroom so that was the end of that.

I have had this damn song running through my head for a week now. 
Ever get that? Irritating isn't it? 
There is a great song by Delbert McClinton that goes like this: "I used to worry 'bout rich and skinny 'til I wound up poor and fat."
Ya think it won't leave my head because that is my new theme song? 
That is what my life has become. :-(

I'm in a great mood right now for no apparent reason. I'm going home to visit family on Friday. Wanna bet that will change?

I have one sister who is difficult. I have another sister who is a mess. I have 2 sisters that are normal.  The difficult sister likes to be a victim. One day when things weren't going her way she told me, "you know my mother died."  My mouth literally was open and just stared at her. I finally said, "You do know she was my mother too right? You ass." and I walked away. She loves to be a victim and it's a comfortable place for her to live. Her mother dying is a card she likes to play when she behaves badly. Her reality and the rest of the worlds is so different. I don't wish to see her so if you are praying people a collective prayer to make her not be around would be so swell. And to quote Grandma I'm going to hell in a hand basket.....speaking of which -

This new pope is kind and open minded. Go figure. The rest of the Catholic Church and it's followers must be having their heads spin. Open minded? Kind? Not throwing stones? What religion is this?  Should be interesting to watch this unfold. My father has got to be in a full blown tizzy. Good thing he can't remember shit!!

Easy Restore is flying off the shelves. Seriously flying. 
We have been happy with the nice progression of the product. 
Last year we did some mass marketing to HOA's/Property Management companies. 
We knew they demanded their home owners to paint or get new shutters when they faded. We hoped that they in turn when they were writing letters to their homeowners of what needed done to be in accordance with their HOA rules they would recommend our product.  We have gotten an increase in orders everywhere across the country but weren't always sure that exact method was bringing it in since we had many marketing sources. 
It is more difficult to monitor this as well as we do our main business. 
Then suddenly this overwhelming rash of orders over the last quarter for our area.
Hardware stores were running out and ordering more cases than before. Online local orders were crazy high. We loved it but were wondering what had changed.
Today a woman who ordered a couple of boxes called the office for some information. I asked her how she heard of us and she told me it was her HOA/Property Management Company. She said they sent a letter saying this must be done and gave the name of the product to help and a link to the website.  We are happy about all this needless to say.


Friday, September 20, 2013

Please have some cheese with that whine...oh wait you're lactose intolerant eh?

I so wanted to share with you my dinner with the woman I told you all about last week.
But no matter how I try it just doesn't work.
I have had my husband and another friend laughing for a week now but you see you must hear it to do it justice.
I have to do the voice, the nasal whining accented voice in a rapid fire succession. 
She never comes up for air. It's fast talking at it's finest with that nasal old lady whine.
It just isn't good without it. 

Here is what a horrible person I am. 
While at the table in a nice restaurant listening to her tell the poor waitress her ills I was mesmerized yet all the while thinking, How the hell can I put this on my blog? I realize I can't.

I have thought about it, a lot, but can't figure it out.
I wish you could all come over so I can do the voice for you and make you laugh like my husband.

Here is one thing.
We went to a Mexican restaurant that night. Very authentic food, not taco bell food.
Everyone is Mexican who works there as well.
The owner will go around and speak to you at your table. 
He is so warm and kind but I only understand 1/2 of what he is saying. I smile a lot. 
No habla espanol senor.

Our waitress was lovely. She was attentive and was helpful in explaining to me what some things were.
I asked about a couple of things due to my gluten issue and she made great suggestions.
She got it.
The margarita's were kick ass yummy.

Now the woman who shall remain nameless holds up the drink menu and points to one of the various margaritas on the menu. She says to the sweet waitress who is not from America without ever taking a breath the following. .  You  must read this in a fast nasal whiny pace to get the real feeling here.
Is this good tequila? because I can't drink bad tequila or I'll get sick. Last time I got so sick it was horrible. And what about this one? What kind of sweet and sour mix do you use? I had one time some bad sweet and sour mix and it was like Drano   Oh my it was so horrible I couldn't finish it. I had to only drink water all night. That was a bad night. I don't want another bad night.  Oh I don't know which one to have. Do you know which one is good tequila and has a good mix? I don't want to take Zantac when I leave here. My son bought me 1100 and that was good, do you know if you have 1100? WAIT - what is this one? oh never mind, I just reread it. I don't want heartburn so what do you think I should drink? I am so stressed by this. Maybe I shouldn't drink anything and just have iced water. I don't want to be sick. Do you sell prilosec or anything in case this makes me ill?

The poor waitress who's English is so limited is smiling and looking like a deer in the headlights. 
She points to a drink and suggests this woman try this one it is very good and it is the most popular.
To which this woman responds, Well I will try it but if I get heartburn I will be up all night...and on and on.
The waitress walked away.  I was the only one who had to listen to the rest.

The menu was a nightmare for her. She chose this place and then likes nothing spicy or hot.
Who picks a mexican restaurant named T'quila and you don't like spicy food?
(I suggested another place - she choose this one for heaven's sake.)
"Oh I can't eat that it will kill me. I already took my lactose pill and this will have me up all night.  Can you really eat that Peggy? Doesn't that bother you? Don't you get sick or worse have it be hot in the morning? OMG I am dying here....."

I just listen to her go on and on in her nasal whine. She sounds to me like a stereotype, an old nebbish (sp?) ethnic woman of 80. For heaven's sake she is only 2 yrs older than me.

They made the house guacamole at our table in an authentic Mexican mortar.  
It was so damn good. We had to go with the no heat version of the house guacamole for her.
They brought me the pablano sauce that they would use on the side for myself.  
You see I had to listen to 20 minutes of why the house guacamole would be painful for her and how she would need prilosec or zantac or be up all night or whatever. All while the lovely waitress was preparing this at our table. The waitress continued to just smile. 
I would have loved to ear the tape playing in my waitress's head.  

Whiny Woman also acted like she has never been in public before. "Oh look how she does this with those two spoons so quickly. Oh my. They are doing this right at our table. 
Now are those big onions pieces because I don't like big onion pieces"....and off she goes.

She had enough ills to fill a medical journal in regards to eating. My heaven's you'd think she would have been a stick. But she was not.  Lactose intolerant, sugar, heartburn, indigestion etc.

I mention to her that I ordered it for an appetizer and she didn't have to eat it or she could get her own appetizer. Sadly she didn't shut up long enough to hear me. But God love her she ate it with abandon.

I had 2 margarita's and was considering a 3rd since this place was in our development and I could walk home if necessary. But she wanted to go home and that was even better to me.
I got home at 9:30p and walked my dog.  Rick was playing poker and he got in around 3am. 
I was up and asked how his night went. He came home $300 richer.  He asked about mine as he was putting his things on his dresser. 
I sat up in bed and said in my best nasal whiny rapid fire voice that I could muster, "It may have been good, I'm not sure, do you think it was good? Could you have had a better night? And oh my all those things were so spicy can you believe that at a Mexican Restaurant   All those margaritas sure packed a punch -  do you think they will give me heartburn?....I trailed off. He turned around so quickly laughing and looked at me and said, "What in the hell are you talking about?"  

So now every day one of us says something in that nasal whine and just crack up.
At least we amuse ourselves.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Movie Night

Last night I watched an old movie that I adore.
Reality sucks some days so a movie is in order.

Rick and I have seen this movie many times but it never fails to entertain us.
Why is it that you can laugh at the woman on screen doing the things your mother does that you don't find one bit funny? And the whole thing with the call waiting in the movie is my mom to the letter. (But I see the humor in that while it's happening to me.) My mom has issues with the phone all together. Once she and I were on the phone  & she actually said to me she had to go because it was my sister Stephanie on the other line and she was calling long distance. 
Apparently I wasn't calling long distance to her because I don't live as far away as my sister in Washington state.  I just laughed and said, "Okay your daughter in Virginia is hanging up now." (my mother lives in Pennsylvania) She just says, "okay dear" Ya gotta laugh.

I adore Albert Brooks and with the exception of the movie Drive I have seen all his movies.
My Grandmother and I used to watch Johnny Carson together and Albert was a frequent guest. My Grandmother would laugh along with me and then say, "I don't always get him Peggy"  I wanted to know why the hell she was laughing then but I never asked. She was laughing and enjoying herself who cares why, she just was.

If you have netflix, find it. It's worth it. I know, movies are subjective. 
Maybe you won't. At least I hope you'll enjoy. 
If you've got a mom like mine you can at least relate.
When she brings out the brick of cheese that she froze Rick and I lose it every damn time, that is so our mothers!

Rick and I made ourselves a drink, had the dog underfoot, got comfy on the sofa and watched this movie again. Here is the trailer.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Tired, just damn weary.

It's all wearing me down.
The cowboys and racists of this country are just wearing me down.

Today another nut job, or possible more than one, went on a rampage with their automatic weapons here in my area. Automatic weapons are legal in this cowboy country and these nut jobs shot a lot of innocent people while at work. 12 are dead thus far. Many more injured and some severely "they" say. 

A beautiful young man who was a college football player was in a bad car accident.
He barely got himself to a nearby home to ask for help. Of course the woman wouldn't let him in, he was black, so she called the cops. They came and shot him dead. Because he was black.

When will it all stop people?

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Obviously it's Immaturity.

A dear neighbor has asked me to join this club and that club with her.
She is a wonderful friend. She is retired and a bit more than a decade older than me.
I enjoy these events however I am normally the only person that isn't retired.
I find these people old. Not my neighbor though. She is fun, kind and oh so smart.
But she has all the time in the world to travel and play. She is single and retired.
I enjoy her company, the others not so much.

The other women at these events feel like Grandma or my mother to me. 
Their topics of conversation are old. They are frazzled and or frightened by everything. 
Why is it that someone of 35-55  is more interesting to me? 
I know, it's because I am immature.

I don't want to wear orthopedic or sensible shoes
I don't want to have a shampoo set
I don't want to only listen to elevator music
I don't want to eat dinner at 5p
I am not afraid of everything.
I am not into playing grandma games. 
My idea of fun is the same as when I was younger. (I'm just slower)

I like a lot about being my age. Aging isn't one of them I admit.
But the rest is okay with me. Except I would rather not spend time with a lot of people I meet my age because they are so much older than me. Rick and I have decided we are just damn immature. Because what else could it be?

I can't imagine them dancing to Shook Me All Night Long in the kitchen with their hubbies like I did the other night. AC/DC would probably send them over the edge. But that is the music I grew up with. Why wouldn't I still like it? Why must I be sedate now that I am older? Why must I be a blue haired lady and wear sensible shoes? I don't want to dress like I'm 25 because that is all kinds of wrong. It's just that I'm not that kind of old yet.
Any one get what the hell I mean here?

I'd rather spend time with someone 35 than 55 most days.
The whining I hear from these old people is mind numbing and not even funny.
This woman went on about having to wait 10 minutes for a table.
10 minutes people. That isn't much time at a busy restaurant.

 I said, "couldn't you just wait at the bar and have a glass of wine or your favorite beverage? When I've been there they have always been so nice and walk us to the bar area with tables etc and you can have a coffee if you don't drink"

"I shouldn't have to", she said in her bitchy sing songy voice. 

I said, "ah, but they have great cocktails there. Their house margarita is out of this world as are their cappuccinos." She made a sour face and turned her back to me.
Okay then -Nice talkin' to ya lady!

I was asked to join a red hat club by another woman at this club event- although I would only be allowed to wear Pink because I am not old enough to wear the red hats just yet. 
Dear Lord I will NEVER EVER join that crap even when I am old enough to wear the red hat. It's so incredibly queer, for lack of a better word, to me. 
I don't want to play canasta or talk about grand kids for hours on end. 
When I told her I wasn't the least bit interested she looked at me as though I had a 3rd eye.
She asked, "Really? You wouldn't? Well we do a lot of day trips and it's fun" 
I said, "I work during the day so I wouldn't be able to join you." 

But to be polite I continued conversation by asking, "What type of things do you ladies do and do you wear your hats all the time?" 
She said, "Oh yes, you must wear your hat at all events." 
I stifled laughter.
She then said, "We play bunco and we go to museums and we go antiquing"
Okay I don't know what the hell bunco is but I imagine this is like mahjong and canasta and all the other old lady games.  And while Rick and I enjoy going to the museums in the district we have been known to cap the day off at a great place for lunch or dinner with a few cocktails. (God I'm sounding like a drunk here) But something tells me with these old biddies it wouldn't be fun.

So another woman I met, who I might add is my age, asked me to go to dinner Saturday night. Rick is playing poker so I thought okay. 
When I met her at the fashion show she seemed normal. 
Then I spoke to her on the phone.  She too speaks "Whine"
We are meeting at a local place Saturday. She wants to eat at the early bird special time.
Oh brother. I tried talking her into at least an hour later and she said, "Oh no I can't eat that late I won't feel well"  I wanted to eat at 7p it's not that late.
Oiy Vay I'm having dinner with my Grandmother.

She told me not to be late because she is uncomfortable being alone in public.
I said, "You are single you must go in public all the time don't you? 
What do you mean exactly that you don't want to be alone in public."

She whined, "OMG I can't wait at a restaurant alone!!"
I asked if she ever went out to eat alone or the movies?
"Only a drive through and never ever a movie alone", she responded.
She asked me if I ever ate alone or went to movies alone..
OMG all the time I said. Sometimes going to the movie alone is best of all, don't have share popcorn, don't have to compromise on the movie you are going to.
When I traveled for work I went out to dinner alone all the time.
I met great and interesting people that way.
I told her the story of meeting this stranger in NYC and we went to a play together and all the exciting things that happened to us that evening. 
She said in her whinny nasal-y voice, "Oh that would be too scary. I would not leave my hotel room alone in NYC."
I said nothing. What the hell do I say? You big wimp you?  

Seriously if I were single I would do everything alone. I wouldn't be a hermit because I was alone. I'd be a hermit because I don't like people not because I am afraid to be out among them alone. What the hell kind of life would I have?
When I moved around in my career each city was new. I was always alone. I joined things and met people. How odd this all is to me. 

So now I am having dinner with a weak spineless whiner.
I am counting down the hours.
Thank God the new restaurant is in my development so I can have a couple of drinks and if necessary walk home!  I may have to turn on my record button on my phone so I have a transcript to come home and blog about.

She would die to know what we did at our house yesterday.
I made a bet with Rick last night when we saw Celine Dion on TV.
I was putting some alcohol away and I was holding the Cabo Wabo (tequila) when I said, "Hey, I bet she'll pound her chest."
He said, "I don't think she does that anymore."
"I'll bet ya - for each time she does it you have to have a shot of what I'm holding."
He looked over at me and saw the tequila and said, "You're on!"

She never hit her chest.
So I put it away.
I think these old biddies would be mortified of the old people in my house.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lip Update

Okay this doctor was all wrong.
He told me it was going to be very painful.
Gave me a script for Percocets as well as Motrin 800mg.

He told me that I was going to be in pain for a few days and it will swell and become very big.
He told me to keep icing it.

The truth? I got a headache and throbbing.
Pain? Real pain? No. I was numb when I left so I didn't feel much.
But I was anticipating pain because he kept referring to it.
I went and filled my Rx's only because he kept telling me this was going to be bad.
Bad is my shoulder pain. This was inconvenient and a nuisance. But not real pain.
Pain in my shoulder or my hip pain - that is real pain. 
This was throbbing and icky but not really what I would call pain.
Not pleasant but not my shoulder pain.  An inconvenience pain. 

So since I had Motrin in me I saw no need for the heavy duty stuff. 
The Motrin stopped the throbbing and the headache but didn't help me to eat.
Hell it even made my shoulder feel much better. Good side effect I'd say.
Eating was a real issue. But since coming home heavier after vacation I think this may have been a good thing.  I just sucked food and drink through a straw. And no alcohol. 
Yea, I was surprised too.  Just water, broth and I had a couple of grapes all cut up. 
Frozen of course. 

This morning my lip is barely swollen. I see it but I don't think anyone else would.
It is no longer throbbing and my head stopped hurting within 24 hrs. 
The stitches are a pain in the ass and it hurts a little bit, but as long as I don't try to eat or drink I am just fine. The doctor warned me he was keeping the stitches a bit long. 
I asked why and he said he has found if cut too short they come out. So yes, they will bother me he shared. And yes, he is right about that. They tickle and it only hurts to touch it, eat it or press a cup of anything against to try to drink.  
The overall  discomfort is not enough for me to take the drugs. 
I'll save those for the pain that as we know after 50 I will need them for something I'm sure of my damn shoulder. (did ya'll see Ricky Gervais on Letterman this week talking about his shoulder pain? OMG he was funny)

I'm sure the biopsy will tell me all is well too. I am not real concerned. 
The young woman assisting the doctor had to go over all the questions before they began. She kept asking me if I ever smoked. I said no. 
She stopped and looked at me so seriously and said, "NEVER, EVER?"
I said, "Well, I tried it in junior high but thought it was so gross so I can't call myself a smoker from having 1 cigarette if even that."
I said, " I smoked pot does that count?"  She said "NO! "
She asks again, "Really? you've never been a smoker? "

Now I was beginning to think that she thought this was from smoking or something and that is not even remotely what the doctor told me this was from.   So what the hell was with this line of questioning? Of course I ask her why she is asking me this. She said she thought this was smoke related. I said, " the doctor never mentioned that to me, more like something benign like the way my bite is making this happen"

When the doctor came back in I mention this to him. He gave her a look of "we'll talk later" and he said very emphatically to me, " No, this is not a !@#$!^%*", which I have no idea what that word meant and he went on to repeat what he thought this was. Whew. 
Sounds much better from him.  But I bet this young woman got a talking to after that. 
I kind of felt badly that I said anything to him after I saw the look he gave her.
Thankfully while she was holding sharp instruments she didn't hurt me.  I surely didn't want her to get in trouble I just wanted to be sure what he has been telling me was accurate and I didn't misunderstand anything. I was thinking this was no big deal and she made me think it was a damn big deal you know? 

Now after all of this I realize that Rick and I sure do kiss a lot. Can't kiss right now and even this morning he went to kiss me and I backed up and said, "NO my lip!"  We laughed. I told him to think of me as a kissing but you can do other things. That made him laugh. 

So as a diet, I don't recommend this. But to plump your lips it works.

Because my lip hurts

My lip may have nothing to do with typing but it's my excuse.
What a great diet this is. As I type this I had this surgery done 3 1/2 hrs ago.
I should have had more for breakfast than 2 cups of coffee and a banana.
I am hungry. I tried a few things. I ended up with sucking homemade soup through a straw.
I think dinner will be liquor through the straw.

When this was done the doctor said he would give me a script for pain meds.
I said, "really? I'm going to need pain medication for this?"
He didn't just say yes. He said, "Oh yea. You most certainly will!"

Gee that wasn't encouraging. So I got the script filled on the way home while I was still heavily medicated and numb. I should have taken it while I didn't need it.
Now it's throbbing and hurting like hell and I can't get this damn pill through a straw.
Ah, I'm tough and will suck it up with the help of that damn straw and possibly some grapes in a glass, if you know what I mean.

I also don't look good in orange as well as horizontal stripes.
Sarcasm. Because beating the hell out of people is illegal. :c('s photo.
I just loved this....

Sarcasm. Because beating the hell out of people is illegal. :c('s photo.
I just love the look of the dogs here.......

Sarcasm. Because beating the hell out of people is illegal. :c('s photo.
C'mon, both of these are very, very yummy.
Must admit I favor the baby...but to me they are both babies so you figure out who I'm talking about..

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

While I'm out....Enjoy.

This used to be one of my all time favorite talk shows.
I adore Bonnie Hunt! Talented and smart as a whip.
One of the movies she wrote and produced is one of my favorites as well.
Return To Me. 
Starring Minnie Driver and David Duchovny. 
Very Good movie if you've never seen it.
I think I've watched it a dozen or more times now.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Loose things rolling around in here.

A few loose things rolling around in my head.

I am trying very hard to not speak of Syria here....very hard.

I watched a couple of great old movies this weekend. God how I love old movies.
North by Northwest was a great movie. 
Today that would be called a chick flick because nothing really blows up and there is smart dialog. 
I saw Billy Crystal talking about his new book, Still Foolin' Em. 
Looks good. I can't believe he's 65. 
But then again I can't believe my age either.  
I would love to see his show on Broadway this year, 700 Sundays as it returns this November. Any of you see it?
Another thing I would like to do this year is go to Salamander Resort and Spa.
The smart as a whip woman who was the original owner of BET television has opened this beautiful resort and spa. 
I saw her last week on Bloomberg television being interviewed at this new resort.
I also remember when I moved to this area the Post had an article about her vision of this place. It is finally a reality as of the last week of August.  
It is in a beautiful area of Middleburg, but then most of Middleburg is beautiful.  
So I keep hinting to Rick a night out there sure would be fun. 
Okay my hints are more like clunks on his head.  I'll keep ya posted if we get to go.
I  am on day 3 of doing my first floor on my hands and knees. 
OH MY is this a royal pain.
You see I have engineered hardwoods on my floor. 
If they were able to be sanded I would just sand and re-stain them.
Faster and oh so much easier. I've done that at several homes before.
Sadly for me they are not solid hardwoods but engineered.
Engineered if you don't know is hardwood on top and it's thin and the rest of the wood is other stuff like particleboard looking stuff. Anyway, they are not fake wood like a pergo or another type of laminate  An engineered hardwood had to be used here because it goes over a concrete slab and you can't use regular hardwoods we were told on this.  Bottom line is these can not be sanded with any good outcome so you really have to care for them and can't make a mistake. I hate these floors with a passion!!
I was foolish to get a dark floor to begin with. 
I am not a fan of dark cabinets so having light cabinets I couldn't go light floor that would have been ugly. And of course I know dark espresso cabinets are in but they were also in in the 1970's. And that is what they remind me of, my childhood home, my issue not the beautiful espresso cabinets.
Dark floors shows every water spot, wet paws etc. (drool) And yes, I bought these floors before a dog was in my life. Just messy Marvin in my life, err Rick.

I wash these damn floors at the very least 2 times a week.
They were looking horrible so I bought a product that said they would renew the luster of the floors. (They are not high gloss type floors) 
I did the whole first floor with this stuff.  After it dried I saw it left a horrific film. 
So then I tried to remove it  - that made it worse. I started with my steam mop so just water. That didn't help. Water and vinegar made it so much worse.
Then one day I just used my swifter and the swifter spray stuff- that was the straw that broke the camels back.
They now were so streaked and icky looking like they were filthy but they weren't. 
A film and embedded prints all over the place. 
I hated when the sun was shining in my back wall of windows because it was then so obvious. 

On Saturday I told Rick as I pulled out the floor cleaner that I so hate this floor and "can you think of anything that will fix this mess?"
So Rick went to the hardware store also known as our garage. 
He came in with a big ass can of acetone. 
He took a clean paper towel and put some of this on an area of the floor that if completely ruined wouldn't be all that noticeable.  
Well it took forever but it worked!
YIPEE.  (This below made me think of Rick working with me on this floor.)

Sarcasm. Because beating the hell out of people is illegal. :c('s photo.

Then the next few times of you scrubbing with more acetone will clean it. 
But not the 2nd time - it can take 5 times or more. After the first swipe it because very sticky like a glue. Then you have to work to get that off. Then the film left behind.
It is a lot of elbow grease and time
A small 4 foot area can take 1 1/2 hours or more. 
I am doing my whole first floor. The first day Rick and I did this for 3 hours. 
Yesterday I did this for 1 hr but my knees were killing me and I had rug burn on my right knee. This was not a fun way to get a rug burn! 
And how does one get a rug burn when you are on concrete/hard wood floor?  
I tried wearing knee pads but they were rubber and it was melting off from the acetone. 
That was an entirely different mess to clean up.

The areas of the kitchen that are done look great. But I have a long way to go yet.
This may be another month. I don't always have 3-4 straight hours of time to do this without interruptions and I can't do this during work so it may be awhile but at least we found something that is taking this shit off!
Our doggie day care facility had an event at one of our development pools on Saturday.
I guess they had us use the little pool because it is the end of season at that pool.
I think the rest of the pools follow suit in closing the next week or so.

Izzy enjoyed the hell out of it and she was the only dog who would jump into the pool and didn't use the shallow end of the pool. But she kept looking for her doggie dock as a way to get out of the pool like this  picture of her using the doggie dock here.

So she figured out she had to swim to the shallow end. 
But there was an issue at the shallow end. 
It was a big ole beautiful Chesapeake/Labrador mix. This dog would steal her football out of her mouth each time she came through to the shallow end of the pool. 
Izzy doesn't fight her/him off but she is clearly not happy. 
Izzy also can't hold the football as well to play a tug of war with this dog since she lost one of her front canines. So she then will just swim this dog in circles, literal circles,  until this dog is so tired she gives it up. Izzy can out swim any dog or human and she did it to this one.  
Man it was so funny to watch. 
I wish I had filmed it because it was pretty damn funny to everyone watching.  

Izzy after that last circle swim just gave up going to the shallow end and having her ball stolen. I guess she figured out that dog wouldn't leave the shallow end so she would come to the side of the pool in the deep end to get out. 
Rick or I would lift her from her collar and she would grab the sides and pull herself up. 
(We humans were not allowed in the pool)

An hour of jumping non stop for her ball knocks our dog out so having wine and a movie that night for we mere mortals was wonderful. No pausing the movie so we could walk her.  
She was "dog" tired and slept all night.
I know bad parents. :-)
Like giving your kids benadryl to go to sleep. Yea, we're those kind of bad parents.

Yep, our girl is in here a couple of time.   She's the chubby brunette not me, Izzy.